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Student-Teacher: Shaikha Salim

Date: 24.10.2017

Course: Fall 2017

Grade Level: KG1E

Subject: Math
Strand: Number 5
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
Student will be able to count from one to five
Student will be able to write number five
Student will be able to know who the number five looks like

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)

Group whole/ opining : computer, speaker, Enough resources for the student
Marker, projecter, board Check the internate
Check the projecter and the computer if they working or
Activity 1: White papers in long wavy shape (cuted not
already to save time), markers or pencile and glue.

Activity 2: White papers in hand shape (cuted Key vocabulary

already to save time) ,pencils, glue, stick. Numbers
Activity 3: Puzzle paper, markers, colors. Ducks
Closing: marker and whiteboard Puzzle

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

The student will be siting in the circle area in circle shape ; but if thiers no space they will sit in two lines

I will tell the student that I will ably a video about the five lettel ducks and they have to sing and count with
me and with the song
I will ably the video for the students and we will sing and will do the movement with the song.
Time: 15min

five littel ducks. (2016). Retrieved from Youtube:

Then I will show them the hand with the number 5 and ask them how many fingers in one hand do we have
and they will start to count their hand fingers.
Then I will ask 3 to 5 students to come and try to write the number 5 in the board

Then I will ask the student by names to move to the tables to do the activities we have
( I will divide them into 3 groups because the classroom only have 3 group table)

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher) Jellyfish acitivty

First I will describe for them what we should do and what animal we have to do.
Then I will give each student white paper cuted in wavy long shape like the jellyfish legs and they have
to draw 5 pontis.
Then we will stick it under the jellyfish face.

Independent Experience (finger hand)

The student will have the paper cuted in the hand shape.
The student have to count the fingers and write the number from 1 to five in each finger
And in the middle of the hand they have to write number 5

Then, they will paste the hand in the stick

( I will make an example befor the lesson to show them an example to follow when they are doing the
Time: 15min

Independent Experience (number 5 puzzle)


The student will have the puzzle empty

Each student will have one area of the puzzle and they have to write number 5 or draw five things then
when they finish they will make the puzzle as group.

I will explane for them what they have to do and how they will make the puzzle at the end
Students will be free to color the puzzle piece they have.

Also, I can save the puzzle in the playing area for letting them try to solve the puzzle when they have
the center time. + I have to laminator it to not damage in the future.
Time: 15 min

We will back to the circle area and talk about what we did in the center area

And review what we did.


Ask some students to come and write the number 5.

Focusing in the student who dont know how to write well.