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Armando Castro

Foshay Learning Center

Los Angeles , CA 90007

To whom it may concern,

It would be a great interest applying to a position in your organization. I am confident in

my skills to fulfill any task that you, the organization, would put me through due to the

experience, focusness, and knowledge I posses. I am open to new skill learning, negotiations,

collaborations, and grow as a noble worker.

A smidge of my skills would be knowing how to determine which ideas to use in a certain

situation. An example would be when looking at a computer program or installing a new ceiling

in a house, I would be able to determine certain types of areas where possible errors may

occur. I would also consider myself a great negotiator by continuously consulting with a team I

would be set with and collaborating on designs, resources, and etc. I am quick to learn and

catch on with anything skills necessary to complete certain tasks needed to be done.


Armando Castro