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Construction Lot Codes


(Incite & Primavera)


PRE Preliminary
SIES Site Establishment
TFN Temporary Fencing
SEDC Sedimentation Control
ACRO Access Roads/Tracks
WED Weed Eradication
DEMO Demolition
PAD Property Adjustments
DSH Dilapidation Surveys Housing
GTI Geotechnical Investigation
TRST Traffic Staging
TRCO Traffic Control
TRCP Traffic Control Plan Approval
CMDA Concrete Mix Design Approval
SWMA Site Won Material Stockpiles and Approvals
PCAD Pre-Construction Audits
SISU Site Investigation Surveys
POTH Potholing

UTS Utilities and Services

LOCS Locate Service
WAT New Water Services
ELE New Electricity Services
TEL New Telecommunication Services
SEW New Sewerage Services
GSS New Gas Services
IDC Conduits and Pits
WATR Relocate Water Services
ELER Relocate Electricity Services
TELR Relocate Telecommunication Services
SEWR Relocate Sewerage Services
GASR Relocate Gas Services

ENB Enabling Works

Installation of Draw Pits
IGST Installation of Temporary GST (Galvanised Steel Troughing)
IPGS Installation of Permanent GST (Galvanised Steel Troughing)
IBDR Installation of Buried Duct Route
OULX Open cut ULX
TBULX Thrust Bore ULX
ITPC Installation of Temporary Pipes/Conduits
IUCX Installation of UCX
ISCC Installation of signal and communication cables

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IECS Installation of electrical cables
ISTM Installation of Surveying Tape Marker

SSC Soft Soil Consolidation

DDSM Dry Deep Soil Mixing
WDSM Wet Deep Soil Mixing
SDC Dynamic Compaction
WKD Wick Drains
DSC Dry Stone Columns
CIC Concrete Injected Columns
GEO Geotechnical Instrumentation / Monitoring
LWF Light Weight Fill
DCCL Driven Concrete Columns
CSM Cutter Soil Mixing
FCR Four Corner Rolling

EWK Earthworks
CLG Clear and Grub
TPS Topsoil Stripping
CRS Crushing of site won materials
DAB Drilling and Blasting
FDTC Foundation Treatment Cutting
FDTE Foundation Treatment Embankment
CLR Contaminated Land Remediation
ASS Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment
CWP Construction Working Platforms
LES Low Embankment Strategy
SRP Surcharge Placement
SRR Surcharge Removal
CUT Earthworks Cut
CTF Cut to Fill Transition
EDFL Excavation Cut - Design Floor Level
RRF Rock Fill
EMG Embankment General Fill
EMS1 Embankment Structural Fill 1
EMS2 Embankment Structural Fill 2
EMCL Embankment Capping Layer
EMGW Gabion Wall
BAS Backfill
SCR Shotcreting
TMBT Trim Batters
SEMZ Select Material Zone
STBE Stabilisation of Earthwork

DRG Drainage
OPD Open Drains Vegetated
OPDC Open Drains Concrete Lined
WAQD Water Quality Device
DRMT Drainage Material
RCB Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert

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RPCU Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert
DCWU Drainage Concrete Works under 1.8m High
DCWA Drainage Concrete Works above 1.8m High
CEDR Cess Drains
SWD Swale Drains
PPH Pre-cast Pits / Headwalls
CSPH Cast in-situ Pit/Headwall
SSDR Sub-Surface Drains
TDR Trench Drains
TRK Trackwork
SPBL Supply Ballast
HASM Handle Artc Supplied Materials
IBBL Install Bottom Ballast
ISLR Install Sleepers and Rail
ITBL Install Top Ballast
TMRG Tamp and Regulate
WADJ Weld and Adjust
RSGN Railway Signage
TRMK Track Markers
RERF Remove Existing and Regrade Formation
INTO Install Turnouts

NWL Noise Wall

DRIP Driven Piles
BORP Bored Piles
BLID Blinding
IRCO Insitu Reinforced Concrete
PRCP Pre-Cast RC Panel Manufacture
STEE Steel Fabrication
STEE Steel Erection
INWC Install Noise Wall Concrete Panels
INWH Install Noise Wall - Hebel
HTREAT House Treatments
EMNW Earth Mound Noise Wall

RWL Retaining Walls

DRPI Driven Piles
BOPI Bored Piles
BLIN Blinding
INRC Insitu Reinforced Concrete
SHOT Shotcrete
STEF Steel Fabrication
STER Steel Erection
INPA Install Panels
CAPP Capping Beams
BOCU Box Culvert
RSW Reinforced Soil Walls
BLW Block Walls
PLW Piled Walls
RWF Retaining Wall Foundation and Footing

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BRG Bridges
DRPI Driven Piles
BOPI Bored Piles
CFA CFA Piling
INCO Insitu Concrete
PREC Pre-Cast Structural Concrete Manufacture Installation
PEDE Pedestals and Bearings
INST Installation of Steelwork
STEE Steel Fabrication (Steelwork)
BBGE Bridge Beam/Girder Erection
DECK Bridge Deck
EXJT Expansion Joints
PRDC Protective and Decorative Coating
APPR Approach Slab
COPI Column/Piers
HEAD Headstocks
BEPL Beams/Planks
BEJO Bearings/Joints
PARA Parapets
STWK Steelwork
ITS Installation of Throw Screens
FTBC Footpach and Barrier Construction
CTAC Cintec Anchor Intallation
BRDR Bridge Drainage

PCC Precast Concrete

MGA Manufacturing of Arch Units
MGP Manufacturing of Girders / Planks
MPA Manufactuing of Parapets
MSS Fabrication of Structural Steel
FMSI Fabrication of Minor Steel Items (Bridge Furniture)
SHP Sheet Piling
RKA Rock Anchors
SCP Screw Piles
DPP Driven Prestressed Concrete Piles
DHP Driven H Section Steel Piles
BCPP Bored Cast in Place Concrete Piles - Permanent Casing
BCCT Bored Cast in Place Concrete Piles Temporary Casing
CWKU Concrete Works under 1.8m High
CWKA Concrete Works above 1.8m High
CWBC Concrete Works Balanced Cantilever
PTT Post Tensioning
IBBE Installation of Bridge Bearings and Mortar Pads
EPJ Installation of Expansion Joints
EAU Erection of Arch Units
EGP Erection of Girders / Planks
EOPP Erection of Precast Parapets
ISCP Insitu Concrete Parapets
ESS Erection of Structural Steel
BDR Installation of Bridge Drainage
IBR Installation of Barrier Rails

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ITS Installation of Throw Screens
PPJS Parapet Joint Sealing
IBPP Installation of Batter Protection Panels
BFAS Backfill Around Structures
VFIN Voids Forms Installation
INST Precast Concrete Install
COMA Precast Concrete Manufacture
BEMA Beam Manufacture
PAMA Parapet Manufacture

LSC Landscaping
SDC Seed Collection
PLP Plant Propagation
LSP Landscaping and Planting
BRG Bush Regeneration
HYDM Hydromulching
HYDS Hydroseeding
ISRC Insitu Reinforced Concrete

FEN Fencing
VTFC Vortok Fencing
WFC Works fencing
PRPT Property Fencing
MPFE Manproof Fencing
SPFE Stock Proof Fencing
EHUF Enhanced Urban Fencing
PLFC Palisade Fencing

LGT Lighting
ELP Erection of Street Light Poles and Luminaries
IDC Installation of Conduits
CBP Cable Pulling
TLFF Traffic Light Foundations and Footings

MEC Mechanical
IJTF Installation of Jet Fans
ISPP Installation of Sump Pumps
MCOM Commissioning

TUN Tunneling
BRIW Barrette Infill Works
PBLI Placement of Blinding
BFAT Backfill Around Tunnel
EALP Erection of Alpolic
IT IS Installation of Tunnel Instrumentation
DIAW Diaphragm Walls
CBAR Central Barrettes
PDIW Preparation of Diaphragm Walls
FSPS Fabrication of Steel Pipe Struts
ESPS Erection of Steel Pipe Struts
IABD Installation of Architectural Board
CWTN Concrete Works Tunnel

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ECTN Excavation Cut - Tunnel
ECTR Excavation Cut - Tunnel Ramp
ECTS Excavation Cut - Tunnel Sump
WAPR Installation of Tunnel Waterproofing
VMTH Installation of Vermitex TH
GCJC Grouting Concrete Joints and Cracks
FUKO Fuko Injection

BWK Building Works

BDPI Bored Piles
ISRC Insitu Reinforced Concrete
BKBL Brickwork and Blockwork
SSMF Structural Steel Manufacture
SSER Structural Steel erection
SIRF Supply and Install Roofing
PLMB Plumbing
INCL Internal Cladding
EXCL External Cladding
DRWW Doors and Windows
FLRG Flooring
JNRY Joinery
HVCE HVACE(External Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
HVCI HVACI(Internal Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
FFCL Furniture,Fitout and Clean
LTBG Lighting Building
INHR Install Hand Rail

STC Station Platform Civils

CONC Concrete
PLCW Platform Civil Works

STO Station Overhead Concourse Footbrodge/Staircase

PILG Piling
CONC Concrete
STST Structural Steel
FEBR Foundation, Excavation & Backfill
MTWK Metalwork
GLZG Glazing
FNSH Finishes
RARP Roofing & Roof Plumbing

STL Station - Lifts

STRS Structural Steel
FEEB Foundation, Excavation & Backfill
GLZG Glazing
FNSH Finishes
RRPL Roofing & Roof Plumbing

STC Station - Carparks

PAVE Pavement
FINS Finishes
DRNG Drainage

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SIG Signalling & Comms
SUSC Supply Signal Cable
ERSC Erection of Structures and Components
ICAW Install Cables and Wiring
ISGE Install Signalling Equipment
PULX Permanent ULX's
PGST Permanent GST
PESI Power Equipment Supplyand Install
SIGR Signalling Removals

OHW Overhead Wiring

ROWS Remove OHW Structures
ROWF Remove OHW Footings
DRPI Driven Piles
INRC Insitu Reinforced Concrete
ERSC Erection of Structures and Components
IOWC Install Overhead wiring and cables
IOWE Install OHWS Equipment
OHWC OHW Commissioning

HV high Voltage Electrical

CABS Cable Supply
PMEN Padmount Enclosure
PDSI Padmount Substation Installation
HVTI HV Transformer installation

LV Low Voltage Electrical

LVTI LV Transformer installation
LVCI LV Cable Installation

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