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A beautiful home starts with you The PhILIPPINeS No.

1 hoMe MAGAZINe JUNe 2017 P250

i n c o r p o r at i n g CondoLiving

From affordable to opulent
great pieces to suit your
style and budget!

easy entertaining:
Simple setups for fancy meals

Local furniture, Global style:
Filipino furniture now

products were From small space to sprawling house:

loving right now! 5 lovely homes that are high on style
June 2017
4 Masthead 66 refreshiNG retreat
6 editors Note Passion and intention come together
in this beautiful garden
8 Find out what the latest ENtERtAINING
news and products are 72 crossiNG BouNdaries
A fascinating merge of traditional
tRENdS and modern set-ups
16 old is the New new 74 proveNcial ideals
17 MiNdful escapes Channel the idyllic charm
18 daBBle iN darK decor of the countryside
20 hot seat
21 coastal casual for suMMer SPIC ANd SPAN

76 sofa so Good
Keep your favorite
22 a piece of persoNality furniture in tiptop shape
Put your taste and style into 78 aNiMal affair
your living areas look How to maintain your home
when you have pets
28 carol pea-saNtos SPOtLIGht
Creating a grand masterpiece 80 art Gallery
for you to call home Bellas Artes Outpost
82 reastauraNt
CREAtIvE SPACE Mom & Tinas Bakery Caf
30 hoMe office 84 hotel
Meet Baguios first co-working space Azalea Hotel and Residences


32 local furNiture, 86 fuN aNd fittiNG furNiture 42
GloBal taste Find which furniture reflects
Filipino furniture in your homebody personality
the world market
hOMES 89 The latest happenings
36 a chaNGe of sceNery in the metro
Swapping palettes and pieces
brought this homes modern touch 91 dIRECtORY
42 calM after the storM
A new home filled with dESIGN CRUSh
furniture with a lot of sentiments 92 Style Connection
48 a hypheNated space
Building a second home with
more than one purpose
54 the filipiNo dreaM 23
A home fit for the Juan who made it
62 pivotal desiGN
Merging playful with practical
for healthy interactions

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The well-designed life

esign has always been something
close to my heart. The act of
making something out of nothing
awes me, and I find endless inspiration
from creating things or spaces that have
the potential to improve and change
peoples lives. It doesnt matter whether
its a well-made jacket, a beautiful font,
or an interesting roomanything that
touches you in some way is something to
be appreciated.
As such, I am fortunate enough to get a
preview of the latest furniture and accessories
before theyre released in the market. I am
given the chance to check out cutting edge
bathrooms and kitchen systems, I get to learn
about innovative construction methods, new
materials and building technologiesand
people let me poke, prod, tap, and touch
things to my hearts content. I also meet
designers, advertisers, and homeowners who
not only share their design philosophies and
preferences, but also a little bit of their lives
with me. Indeed, one of my favorite things
about working in a design magazine is
that I get to see and experience the best the
industry has to offer.
When I was younger, it was about
making sure we produced the best stories
or created the most stunning visuals. There
was always something we could do better.
We rolled up our sleeves, hunkered down,
and plowed through to the next deadline,
the next goal. And while all these still
matter to this day, what Ive learned is that
its not just about doing something well
its about doing something right.
Age and experience have given me our pages are items we would like to have
a new appreciation for both the value ourselves. The homes we feature range
and purpose of things. In this industry, from compact to sprawling, but they all
character and integrity matter as much share one thing in common: they are a
as talent and creativity. Ive realized that reflection of the people who live in them.
more than just having similar tastes or Designer, poet, and activist William
even sharing the same values, it is having Morris, who greatly influenced the Arts
empathy, respect and concern for others and Crafts movementessentially a
that create connections that last. Those are reaction against the decline in design
the things that teach us about gratitude, standards associated with large-scale
which in turn enables us to look past the manufacturing and mechanization
beauty of things to see what truly matters. in the mid 19th centuryonce said,
This is our annual Furniture Issue, and Have nothing in your house that you
in it we choose noteworthy pieces that are do not know to be useful, or believe to
both beautiful and have touched us in some be beautiful. So surround yourself with
way. Whether by calling our attention or what makes you happy, and find joy in Hazel Santos
tugging at our heartstrings, everything in the details! Editor in Chief


New, Now, Next

The latest news and products to watch out for

Aside from bringing in a splash of color
and adding texture to your kitchen,
backsplashes protect your walls from
food stains and are very easy to clean
and maintain. Stiles makes it even easier
by making these kitchen savers a breeze
to add your space. Literally translating
as stylish tile stickers, Stiles look and
function as conventional tiles, but are
installed by simply sticking them onto LEFT Stick on your
your walls. Visit <> for backsplash for only
more details. P110-120 per sheet

q living manila
Q Living Manila is a new brand from
the Primea Design Group. It is an
online sourcing guide for quality home
accessories and essentials, each handpicked
to match different design preferences. The
furnishings and dcors are sourced from
different Asian markets to give each home
some personality. At the moment, the
products are available online on different
social media pages. If you want interesting
pieces to style your home with, like Q Living ABOVE Get a good nights sleep with the
latest Dunlopillo mattress technology
ABOVE Celeste hanging Manila on Facebook or follow @qlivingmnl
lamps, P2625 each on Instagram.

varifOrm DeSign StUDiO With Dunlopillos new Cashmerian
Luxe, youre bound to tuck in earlier
Smart furniture is more than to enjoy its comfort. It integrates two
just about aesthetics, which is pioneer latex mattress technologies, the
why transformable pieces are Talasilver Latex to protect you from
becoming de rigueur in design. harmful bacteria, and the Talalay Latex
This is what Variform Design to relieve pressure.
Studio offers with its line of Beyond these features, the Cashmeria
smart and creative solutions that Luxe also has the Gel II for better
can work particularly well with body support, mixing both the resilient
smaller units, studio apartments, elastic gel with a soft top layer for extra
and micro homes. Variforms comfort. It also includes the revolutionary
furniture pieces are all locally-manufactured and ABOVE Balance work and rest with Thermic Silk Cashmere, which controls
tailored to the Filipino aesthetic, so youll feel this wooden Sartori Wall Bed, which temperature to keep users in comfort for
right at home. doubles as a workstation at home the whole night.



From mood setting to practical daily use,
Nothing says spring than the crisp and lighting can enhance the look of your
light palette of pastels. What better way to home in so many ways. The key is in
capture this than with Franzs 2017 15th knowing which lighting fixture will best
anniversary spring collection. Featuring an benefit your homeand having access
array of porcelain vases and sculptures, the to that particular product. This is what
collection takes inspiration from artistic Wilcon aims to deliver with Alphalux,
traditions of the East and West. True to the the lighting solutions brand that boasts
style that Franz has popularized, each piece an extensive product line and the latest in
features handcrafted three-dimensional energy-efficient lighting solutions.
details, artfully designed to follow the Among its product highlights are
strokes of Van Goghs techniques. Check dimmable lights, changing color bulbs,
out Franzs new collection in Rustans flood lights, pendant lamps, and wall light
branches nationwide. fixtures. Each product is modern, with
sleek curves and edges available in either
stark white or ebony black options. Style
your living area by showcasing the fixtures
as accents or hiding them in nooks for a
more dramatic effect. Alphalux products
are available at select Wilcon Depot stores

LEFT Alphalux offers a black or white

option, so your wall lamps can blend
in with your interiors TOP This LED
suspension light has a wide range of
sizes and wattage options to cater to
your lighting and power-saving needs
ABOVE The floral designs on the vases are
all you need to feel the spring time fever

More and more home brands are coming
to Manila, which means more options for
us interior design enthusiasts. Design Story
opens up shop in Uptown Place Mall BGC
with HAY and Stellar Works products. It
is a one-stop shop for furniture and home
accessories in a modern, minimalist style.
Both brands embody the style that comes
from simple yet functional design.
HAY is a Scandinavian brand in
Denmark known for its playfully yet sleek
modern pieces. The brand prices their
products as low as possible to make sure the
market gets to enjoy design in their homes,
be it a condo unit or a house. Meanwhile,
ABOVE Arrange your notes and
Stellar Works is known to collaborate reminders on this magnetic wall
with the best global designers to create organizer RIGHT A modern and
products that are comfortable and stylish, playful take on minimalist yet
but still timeless in design. Their lines have eclectic design, HAY and Stellar
furniture pieces with quality woodwork, Works is a one-stop shop for
the finest leather, and the best use of metals. great pieces


Zen Zest
With the increasingly stressful lifestyles smelling fresh. The elegant floral scent
of today, it is all the more important of peonies, irises and fiesta blossoms,
to let go of your worries when you on the other hand, keep your linen
get home after a long day. Aside from smelling freshly laundered. Citronella,
meditation and some activities designed lemongrass and eucalyptus keep pests
to relax your mind, another effective away, while a mixture of chocolate
way of releasing stress is through the cappuccino keeps your kitchen smelling
power of scents. The right one can ease yummy.
tension, energize the body and even Their air purifiers, meant for use
uplift the spirit. The Zen Zest Home with electric diffusers and humidifiers,
& Aromatherapy Collection features can provide up to five hours of sweet-
three room sprays (P300 for 250ml) that smelling bliss. With variants meant
deodorize kitchens, cabinets, and even for energizing, uplifting, and sleeping,
protects you and your loved ones from Zen Zest Home & Aromatherapy will
pesky mosquitoes. The Anti-tobacco surely bring some much-needed peace
variant is a mixture of cedar wood, into your favorite spaces. For inquiries,
bergamot, and pine to keep your home email <>.
RIGHT Bring in a spa vibe to your space with Zen Zests Home & Aromatherapy collection. From left:
electric diffuser (P1500), Fresh Lavender, and Eucalyptus and Mint fragrance oils (P500 each)

The largest appliance store in the country small appliances, computers, cameras
with over 90 branches nationwide, and mobile phones to meet your every
Abenson carries a comprehensive need. Their stores are easy to navigate
selection of appliances and consumer and helpful personnel ensure customers
brands under one roof. Aside from find what theyre looking for. To make
top-of-the-line TVs and entertainment your shopping experience even more
systems, refrigerators, ranges, and convenient, you can check out their pAnAsonic
washing machines, this industry online store for their list of products and
pioneer also carries a wide variety of ongoing promos at <>. In a tropical country such as ours, we are
either exposed to sudden downpours or
dizzying heat. Lately, excruciatingly hot
temperatures have made our days unbearable
especially during the summer months. Protect
your family and give them the comfort they
deserve with Panasonics premium line of air
conditioners. The Aero Series features a slim
design with sleek lines and curves, making it
the perfect home companion. It has flexible
aerowings that can direct and concentrate air
upwards for even and effective cooling. These
ingenious twin flaps can also angle downward
to deliver concentrated airflow to instantly
cool you down upon startup. Another model
is the Sky Series, which features the skywing
controlled by a multidirectional arm. With the
opening located at the top, this model directs
air to the ceiling, letting it spread on the surface
and down walls for all around coolness. For
more details, check out <>.

ABOVE Panasonics premium air

ABOVE Find everything you need to furnish your home, from conditioners are perfect for beating the
furniture to appliances, at Abenson stores located nationwide summer heat in style


The first beauty product from the British look isnt the only thing that makes this
technology company known for their a true product of the future. The Dyson
silent vacuum cleaners and blade-less hair dryer uses the same air-multiplying
electric fans, the Dyson Supersonic Hair technology found in the companys cult
Dryer will be your new best friend. vaccum cleaners. It also has a heat control
Its design is sleek and minimal unlike feature, to ensure that your hair will not
other hair dryers in the market, but the be burned and exposed to heat damage.

ABOVE The Dyson digital motor V9 spins at up to 110,000

times a minute, with one inaudible frequency

Everyone has a favorite spot in the
homeand the best way to own it is
to have a chair specific to the territory.
Living Divani offers outstanding seating
options that put design and versatility at
the heart of its collection. Its pieces are
crafted by renowned personalities and
design studios abroad.
Flow is a rocking chair that comes
with a stainless steel frame and fabric
or hide upholstery, customizable either
indoor or outdoor use. The Mini
Tombolo, also meant as an occasional
chair for either your living area or
outdoor patio, comes with an intricately
designed back and armrest, making it
perfect as a bold additon to any space
despite its neutral finish.
For those who prefer divan-type
seating, Piero Lissonis Lipp Dormeuse
provides the perfect balance between
modern and classic with its tufted backrest
and steel elements. Check out the rest of
LEFT This divan is made to look regal with a modern twist ABOVE Living Divanis collection at Kuysens
Find the right niche for these uniquely crafted ocassional chairs showroom in Greenbelt, Makati.


Old is the New New

Space Encounters embraces everything dapper
Written by Patricia herbolario | Photographed by Floyd jhocson oF studio 100

heres something charming and
telling about the way digital
natives embrace and welcome the
old, and chase after the past. Perhaps its
in the rusty details or the classic vibe of
the piece, but one thing is for sure, Space
Encounters is in love with all things
vintage and dapper.
To call their renovated showroom
new wouldnt be the right term as the
space has turned into an homage to old
design. Think of Corinthian columns,
tufted couches, and highly detailed French
trimmings. Despite these being archaic
design elements, the space is anything but
dated. Alongside their renovation is a new
collection of vintage-inspired pieces thatll
make your home romantically charming
or handsomely dapper.
One of our top picks from their shop
this month? This table lamp made from
a repurposed vintage camera! Its a bright
idea to place pieces like this in your space
to add a bit of eclectic style to any room.
Upcycling vintage pieces is everything
right now and it goes beyond being a
trend because its a small thing we can do
in helping out the environment.

Space Encounters latest bright idea

is this vintage side lamp at P8500

Mindful Escapes
Scavolini kitchens show the beauty of simplicity
Written by hazel santos | Photo courtesy of scavolini

ith todays fastpaced lifestyles, for the next day. Designed by the Japanese
escapism has become a byword studio Nendo headed by Oki Sato,
in design. More and more Scavolinis Ki kitchen takes inspiration
people seek refuge from digital distractions from simplicity coupled with the element
and stressful environments that have of surprise. The word ki in Japanese can
become the norm. We all want spaces that either mean bowl or wood, and the spaces
encourage mindfulness and relaxation, were designed to reflect both in terms of
free from unnecessary details and aesthetics and functionality. Good design ABOVE Distilled down to what is essential,
ornamentation. Clean, minimalist interiors is in the details, and the refined simplicity the Ki kitchen features useful containers
provide a sense of calm, giving us a chance of this kitchen ensures both ease of use and on clean, linear shelving with decorative
to slow down and recharge to prepare us beauty for its users. melamine finishes reminiscent of wood


Balance the manly

combination of wood
and dark tones with
the right accessories

Dabble in Dark Decor

Balance a rich palette with neutral furniture
Written by gel g. galang | Photo courtesy of habitat

ark interiors are tricky, but if done trick is in finding the right balance between a with a bluish Irina recycled paper shade, some
well, can give your home the right dark background and everything set against soothing greens, and even a delicate choice
amount of style and drama. A dark it. Habitats Rina three-door sideboard in of artwork to bring in a cool vibe into your
wall is a bold move away from typical neutrals, walnut finish is a great choice for a cool, dark home. Check out more accessories and design
but also limits the kind of furniture, texture, space. Balance this with the right choice of inspirations from Habitats main showroom at
and even lighting options at your disposal. The accessoriesa Sindri terrazzo lamp base the Abenson, Bonifacio Global City.


Hot Seat
Be vivacious without being too extra
Produced by Patricia herbolario | Photographed by william ong

ed is making a comeback this year, viable option for you. Seen here in scarlet
with the vibrant hue finding its from Natuzzi available at Wilcon Depot,
way onto furniture and accessories. incorporating red into your space shouldnt
While most wont be comfortable using be scary. A red couch is the right about of
such an erresting color in their space, there daring if you want your space to be eclectic
are many ways to incorporate this standout and glossy without going overboard. Your
shade in your home. couch may become the centerpiece of an area,
For those who want to take that small but you can balance it out with warm wood
leap with this bold color, red seating is a accents and some black and silver pieces.

Red couch from Natuzzi (P72,980), all furniture

and accessories available at Wilcon

Coastal Casual
for Summer Bring the beach to your backyard
Written by gel g. galang | Photo courtesy of Pottery barn

o time for last-minute beach accessories. Melamine dishes are fast
getaways? Create your own seaside becoming an outdoor favorite due to the
haven right in your own home wide range of styles and colors available.
with Pottery Barns summer collection. Theyre an easy way to go all out outside
Elevate casual outdoor dining with without worrying about breaking some
the Indio Collection, and enjoy your plates. Add charm with artfully modeled
meals in style with the extending dining coral resin table toppers, and its as if CLOCKWISE FROM TOP This outdoor
table and side chairs. Just whip out some youre already by the shore. furniture collection is perfect for
cool drinks and sunscreen, and chill out Check out Pottery Barn branches beachside parties with its chic casual
in your own backyard. at Central Square in Bonifacio High design Bring in the sea with some resin
Infuse the bright colors of a beach Street Central and Estancia at Capitol coral accessories Make a splash at your
party with a collection of practical Commons. next party with colorful dinnerware


A Piece of Personality
Infuse your livng area with your personal style
Written by gel g. galang | Styled by michelle calma | Photographed by william ong

nspired living is all about making a space your own. Feel at home by translating
your sense of style and habit into your living space. Whether its your love for
art, passion for tradition, or penchant for essentials, putting your personality into
every accessory and piece is a great way to say welcome home.

Transform your living space into your own canvas and unleash your inner creative
A splash of color works when you ground it with a neutral anchor. 1 Heim Tucuman patchwork sofa (P42,295)
2 Handwoven pillow (P405) 3 Car pillow (P525) 4 Bike pillow (P472.50) 5 Giant teacup (P909) 6 Round glass (P215)
7 Frigg center glass table (P13,615) 8 Cassey ottoman (P8399), all from Wilcon Depot

3 4
1 2

COSMO ChIC Metallic hues give a modern
Embody the visual drama of art deco with a bold twist to this glamorous shade.
statement that mirrors your cosmopolitan taste IOPA metallic lampshade in copper
(P7500) and Elite table lamp base in
white (P1750), both from Habitat
Bathe your indoors in a sea of light. Fish
votive holder (P1199), from Wilcon Depot

Light up in style with an

intricate piece. Gold lantern
(P999), from Wilcon Depot

Lounge during the weekends on this

bold armchair. Pescate armchair in
black (P59,800), from Habitat
Use decadent details in your living
space. Scala end table (P30,068),
and Gold metal console table
(P10,899), from Wilcon Depot

Comfort can still be glam with the right sofa.

Natuzzi leather sofa (P113,232), from Wilcon Depot


3 4

Reel in the natural wanderer in you by bringing wooden
elements and floral accents indoors

Wooden elements combined with a rough marble backdrop

and a palette of greens will bring an outdoor ambiance to your
space. 1 Fargo sofa in forest green Napoli fabric 2 Murcia coffee
table in walnut with a brushed steel base 3 Como bookcase 4
Crane floor lamp in black (prices upon request), all from BoConcept

Have a knack for collecting knickknacks?
Indulge your hobby in an eclectic display
Let soothing scents waft
around your home. Scented
oil burner (P499.75), from
Wilcon Depot

Turn travel pangs into souvenirs

with pillows that match your
wanderlust. Arrow pillowcase (P99),
from SM Home and Winter throw
pillow (P465), from Wilcon Depot
Do away with table accents because the design is in
the details. Console table (P6999), from Wilcon Depot

Set off a soft glow with

a sturdy light source.
Zara taupe table lamp
(P799.75), from SM Home

Opt for a piece that Show your individual style with unique prints.
combines form with Paisley chair (P9099), from Wilcon Depot
function. Temara
ceramic stool (P3199),
from Wilcon Depot

Add texture with

patterned pieces.
Imari ceramic vase
(P1350), Ganhattan
marble candleholder
(P1295), and Even
tealight holder (495),
all from Habitat

Let lines, edges, and solid hues speak of your design flairno trinkets and frills necessary!

Sleek lines and simple shapes provide the perfect backdrop for accent pieces. 1 Istra sofa in
silver gray Napoli fabric with steel base 2 Occa coffee table in black and aluminum legs 3 Factory
pendant light in black metal and red fabric cable, (prices upon request), all from BoConcept

Jazz up a modern space with classic and traditional pieces Enliven a boring corner with stylish
details. Paisley candle holders
(P1445 each), from Wilcon Depot
Make a statement with a singular
piece. Marble design wall clock
(P599.75), from SM Home
Break neutrals with soft gold
highlights. Elvis triple candle
holder (P1995), from Habitat

Put a classy
spin on classic
patterns. Area
rug (P18,000),
from SM Home

Sink into this easy chair and escape

with your favorite book. Marakesh
chair (P23,499), from Wilcon Depot

Clear clutter away with chic storage. Angie Create interesting textures with geometric shapes.
studded drawer (P13,699), from Wilcon Depot Area rug (P18,000), from SM Home


The designer incorporated the owners love of art and

Kenneth Cobonpue furniture in this modern tropical home

Carol A
ny creative individual will say that home. Everything elsethe color palette,
the best kind of client is the one the design style, and even the placement
that gives you free rein with your of accessories and furnitureshould

Pea -
design. Its like having a blank canvas to follow that intense feeling instead of the
play with, more so if the budget is also not other way around.
a restriction. This is why Carol always insists on
For interior designer Carol Pea- seeing her clients old things, especially
Santos, this is far from the case. If those that they find sentiment in. My

anything, what she wants is for her favorite clients are the ones who have
creativity to be wrapped around tightly favorite things that they want to use in
and in sync with her clients personalities. the new home, she says, Ayoko yung
Her philosophy is to always anchor bibili lang ng bago lahat kasi para siyang
her design around the homeowners showroom.
Creating a grand masterpiece tastes and lifestyle. She relates this same Still, even though she can adapt her
for you to call home experience as in creating art. For her, art style to her clients tastes, Carol admits
Written by gel g. galang | Photos courtesy of is something that moves one so much that her style is still minimalist, preferring
William ong and carol pea-santos that one feels compelled to put it in ones clean lines to opulent interiors.

Designers should know their clients habits down to the very last detail.
Get to know what they need and incorporate it in your design

Design in such a way that the clients will be able to maintain their house.
Never forget storage!

Treat your designs like theyre tailored for that client alone. Its like a
painting that you pick out yourself because it moved youeach part of
the house should make the homeowners feel relaxed and at home, like
its meant for them

TOP LEFT A condominium in

Wack-Wack, Greenhills that
takes after its owners old
U.K. home with its warm feel

ABOVE This open kitchen

serves as the stage to an
audience in the 16- to
20-seater dining area for a
family that loves to host parties

LEFT Cleverly using greige

creates a blend of warm
and cool tones that go
perfectly well with a classic
French minimalist style

I could probably do maximalist and experience and expertise in fine arts and
classic interiors, but Ill have a very design. Her distinct style is apparent in
difficult time, she says, and it will be how she transforms art pieces in her clients
very restrained. homes. Her favorite tools are hidden trick
This follows her designers code doors, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that
of putting function and flow above can hide entire areas of the house, and the IDr. CAROL PEA - SAntOS
all else. Carol showcases her talent by use of textures in surprising ways. CONTACT <>
incorporating a lot of storage into a space. For Carol, design is more than just EDUCATION Masters Degree in Fine
Another signature of hers is how she a layout created to incorporate the basic Arts and Design, Philippine Womens
fits pieces of furniture and accessories parts of a home. She sees each project University (2015), Dean of Academic
together, like a puzzle to create an artfully- for what they are. This is what makes a Affairs in PSID-AHLEN for the 4-year
crafted space. clients home an investmentyou spent a Interior Design course
Because of that, she has developed lot, so youd want a great-looking home OTHER PROJECTS Commercial
several techniques that let her create thats also functional. Its the interior projects with Bargos, Sea & Learn
a sensible and practical layout, while designers job to make sure that they get Development Center, & medical clinic
marrying it with artistry. This reflects her this done. in St. Lukes Hospital in BGC


Check out Baguios first
co-working space
Produced by patricia herbolario
Photographed by mark jacob of studio 100

one are the days when BGC and This is my retirement project. I thought it
Makati were the only creative hubs was a good idea to provide a place in Baguio
in the country. Filipino freelance where people could work online and focus,
creatives are taking over the world one with free-flowing coffee and a sense of
client at a time and chances are, youll find community, he shares.
them humbly working away in a coffeeshop Unlike most of the co-working spaces
or a co-working spot. In Baguio, you just in Manila, the interiors of Calle Uno takes
ABOVE A space perfect for any old soul,
might see some of the young creatives at after its historic structure. Instead of a
Calle Uno features vintage accessories
Calle Uno, the citys first co-working space. modern building, I decided it would be co-workers can play around with
The street where the house is located cool to do it in an old house with lots of
is called First Road. Given the Spanish- space and history. I settled on a 1,000sqm TOP Not taking away from the spaces
American architecture of the house, it was property built in the 1950s, Ace adds. He original form, Calle Uno further
natural progression to call it Calle Uno, and his wife spearheaded the design of the accentuates the homey vibe by putting in
Ace Estrada, founder and owner, explains. interiors, which are reminiscent of coming wooden furniture and mid-century pieces

ABOVE A stage of wooden pallets is
utilized for giving talks, seminars, or
general idea sharing

LEFT The owner has a book-exchange with

his personal collection. Just bring a book
he hasnt read yet and pick one from his
personal collection

RIGHT Spaces in Calle Uno are rentable on

a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Fun fact
for the workaholics out there: Calle Uno is
open 24/7!

BELOW Want a break? Theres a food

home to your grandparents house that is park in the property with old Volkswagens
full of love. The moment you come in, you repurposed as the food trucks
are greeted with an expanse of beautiful
pinewood walls and floors. People work
on long trestle tables made of beautifully
polished pine, Ace says.
All the antiques in the home are pieces
the guests can tinker around with. There are
several areas for collaboration in the house,
each rentable individually or for a group.
They even have cubicles for when you need
to take a call or a snooze. Since work-life
balance is everthing for yuppies, what better
place to work than in a home.


Local Furniture,
Global Taste
Filipino artistry in the world market
Written by LLoyd CapiLit LLaga | Photo courtesy of phiLux and prizmiC & briLL

Prizmic & Brills Kipling desk is a testament to

how versatile Filipino designers can be
n the 16th century, cabinetmakers through new processes, techniques and conceptualization and execution, creating
from Spain traveled to the Philippines applications. Abaca is turned into fabric a worldwide marketplace with an infinite
to take advantage of the abundant with lovely texture and translucence, number of options available to the public.
hardwood found in the country. Filipino paper is used to create interesting ceiling The industry in general is very
craftsmen learned to carve intricate treatments, even local katsa is used on promising, especially with producers
designs on various wood surfaces like seating or storage in place of leather or finally seeing the potential of the local
doors and other church fixtures. This led suede to adapt to our humid climate. market, whose taste, awareness and
to the birth of modern Filipino furniture. Some designers and manufacturers spending power are at their prime. In
are also repurposing old furniture and the past 10 years, export has steadily
Our Innate Talents giving them new life by reworking them grown at an average of 11%, while the
through good design and modification. number of highly skilled craftsmen and
Philippine houses of old are typically Even the common batibot chair is infrastructure continues to increase. Due
associated with the bahay na bato, where modernized through new joinery, to inexpensive labor costs and materials
adaptive architecture is more observable. construction and the creative use of color. and the remarkable creativity of local
While European aesthetics may be applied, Filipino furniture makers are mixing and minds, the Philippines no doubt ranks
the functionality of the structure is adjusted matching materials and techniques in as one of the best makers of high quality
to the prevailing climate and environmental innovative ways, showing the world that furniture and home dcor.
conditions. Examples of these modifications while times may have changed, their gift The local market may only be now
are the ventanillas (windows) or media aguas of creating beauty still remains true to realizing the hidden treasure that is local
(an awning or canopy over a window) seen this day. furniture, but with availability, continued
in old Filipino homes. creativity, and consistency in production,
These adaptations may also be seen in A New Hope more Filipinos will realize that well-made
furniture. In the sala mayor (main living and competitively priced options are readily
area) where guests are usually entertained, Technology has changed how we live available to them. Some advantages of
the impressive craftsmanship of our people and see the world, allowing designers to sourcing and buying locally are promoting
is evident in intricate capiz chandeliers, access trends, technology and knowledge sustainability, self-sufficiency and job
marble tables, and traditional woven with the touch of a button. The advent of creation. Once the Filipino starts realizing
seating made from rattan. Bastoneros (cane social media has also opened up a whole the value of our own, the rest of the world
or hat stands), desks, and mementos of the universe of fresh approaches to design will followlocal will become global.
homeowners were displayed in the foyer.
In more affluent households, the dining
LEFT More and more
rooms had tables often made from whole designers and brands
slabs of timber, and paired with enough are putting their own
wooden chairs to accommodate an army. take on Filipino furniture
Bedrooms were filled with four-poster (buffet table from Philux)
beds, cabinets, chests, and dressers that
were masterfully carved or inlaid with BELOW Handwoven and
bone or mother of pearl. brown toned pieces are
Local furniture of the past featured usual prospect details
ornate accents and patterns, with dark for Filipino design (sofa
varnish inspired by their counterparts from Philux)
thousands of miles away. The differences,
however, can be seen in the use of imagery
and materials. Rattan, abaca, and capiz
were widely available and utilized, as were
images of rural landscapes, and native flora
and fauna. These adaptations showcase
the artistry and skill of our ancestors,
and provide inspiration to designers and
furniture makers today.

Trends in Design
Creativity and sustainability are artistically
displayed through the use of modern
materials to create furniture, accessories,
and furnishings. On the other hand,
traditional materials are given new life

For its second volume, MyHome Inspiring Interiors
takes you inside the different abodes that best define
the Filipino homes of today.
Own a copy of this limited edition coffee table book,
now available in all leading bookstores nationwide.

@ My H o me Ma g

At , we always say its the people who live in
it that spell the difference between owning a house and
having a home. Your space isnt just defined by the four
walls that enclose it, but also by the things inside that give
it meaning. This month, we bring you five lovely homes that
range from a compact space in the metro to a sprawling
house in the suburbs, all filled with pieces lovingly chosen
by both homeowners and designers who have put their
hearts into creating spaces that are both beautiful and
livable. We also have a charming garden that will surely
inspire you to go green. Read on and have fun!


A Change
of Scenery
Swapping palettes and pieces brought in warm and modern touches to this home
Written by Gel G. GalanG | Photographed by william onG

THIS PAGE The designer brought warmth into the home with the smart use of wooden elements.
This buffet table is the centerpiece that grounds the different textures and materials in this corner

OPPOSITE PAGE Jacy matched her signature neutral gray palette with wood accents and
frames for the backbone of this modern home. They really left the style up to me, she says
t was supposed to be a simple repaint overhaul for their 30-year-old home in the unit in Tagaytay. Jacy shares that she was
project of the homes exteriors. The South instead. They were quite happy with given a blank canvas to work with, but since
goal was just to refresh its traditional the plans and workmanship, which enticed her style and the homeowners tastes were a
style to make it more contemporary, with them to renovate, says interior designer perfect match, they immediately tapped her
no plans of touching the roof or landscape Jacy Medina. They probably felt that we for this homes facelift.
to avoid a big expense. were a good team, and since gagastos din She already had a good feel of our taste
After a few brainstorming sessions with naman, might as well do it for everything. after working on our condo unit, says the
their designer and contractor however, Previously, the couple entrusted Jacy to man of the house. We also gave Jacy a lot of
the homeowners were inspired to do an design their one-bedroom condominium latitude in designing both projects.

LEFT Coming from the living areas gray
tones, the clean lines and edges of this
dining set provide an easy transition for
the eyes from dining to kitchen area

ABOVE The kitchen was left untouched

during renovation because the homeowners
appeciated its simple modular look

For the second time, Jacy was given free for a warm gray sofa, a fabric-covered easy man of the house loves his basketball games
rein to do a similar design execution chair, and a wood-and-glass coffee table and prefers watching them with the sliding
to modernize the home. Part of the all set on a patterned rug. Each element glass doors shut, the right temperature set
homeowners enthusiasm for undergoing in the living space has its own appeal, tied up to chill, feet propped up on the La-Z Boy,
a bigger renovation project was thanks together by the neutral palette dotted with and lights dimmed for perfect viewing.
to Jacys drafted designs. Her neutral cool greens and well-chosen accents pieces. I would always find him there. I think
palette with scores of gray and surprise Jacys preference for grays is a personal it became his favorite area in the house,
pops of color, simple furniture styles choice, but the homeowners treated it as says Jacy. Further into the entertaining
and a penchant for working in natural professional gospel. She smiles, recalling area is the powder room for guests. Jacys
elements of wood and glass won over the that her clients were enticed by the neutral modern style also incorporates greens into
homeowners in a heartbeat. tone so much so that they even decided the mix. In this case, plants were used as a
This resulted in an overhaul that to do away with the beige-tinged marble corner accent and in prints to brighten up
brought in a refreshing air of newness into flooring for an industrial finish that the bare walls.
the home, one that erased past trends and complements the new palette. Not everything on the main floor got
years of wear-and-tear from the interiors. To the right is the man of the houses updated though, but more for practicalitys
The foyer was a balance of basic pieces and main request, a TV area that would make sake rather than a design decision. The
two large, colorful paintings that serve as a any sports-enthusiast proud. Apart from TV room still houses a lot of their old
nice and welcoming surprise. the cozy atmosphere, theres even a rowing furniture, including the butaka chair that
Going into the living room to the left, machine that looked more like an intricate has been in the homeowners family as far
old mismatched sofa pieces were traded off instrument than exercise equipment. The back as they can remember.

The frames of the sliding doors were changed from
aluminum to wood to give the home a warmer feel

The homeowners also kept the modular sleeping quarters and a play-and-study
kitchen as is, its reddish brown countertops area. To display his shared love for sports,
and cupboards offering a stark, old home the sons only request was the two framed
contrast to the new modern vibe. Its almost jerseys hung on either side of his bed.
like a nice throwback within the house in Just like his parents, the youngest had
terms of style. To ensure that it still blends left the design details to Jacy, offering quiet
in with the grand design, Jacy provided a smiles and nods for the furniture and
gradual transition with the clean lines of accessories she chose, especially when she
the new dining set, which marries gray presented him with the bike display for his
fabrics with wooden frames to set up a nice wall. He liked it even if he doesnt really
transition from the modern living space to ride the bike, she says.
the warm kitchen without breaking the The master bedroom was also laid out
design. This is further complemented to incorporate a kitchenette in the room.
by the wooden console set in the open They prefer having coffee when they
space beside the dining area. The console wake up, so I wanted to give the room
serves as the base for metallic trinkets a hotel feelthus the built-in bed and
Jacys take on a muted gray palette for cabinetry, explains Jacy.
this cornerand a good contrast to the
modern print above it.
The second floor was renovated
into two furnished rooms, one for their
youngest son and the master bedroom.
On the right is the sons room, an old
partition taken down to combine two RIGHT Guests can freshen up in the simple
rooms for better circulation and additional yet sleek powder room. Framed prints and
space. This expanded the room to include touches of green enliven the space


The bedrooms woodsy

vibe is completed by a
natural curtain of leaves
and branches from the
towering trees outside
the glass windows

This addition gave a modern vibe to the

otherwise very earthy feel of the master
bedroom. Opting for brown hues, wood
panels, and potted plant accents, the
bedrooms woodsy vibe is completed by a
natural curtain of leaves and branches from
the towering trees outside the glass windows.
It has ample space, its comfortable,
complete, and visually pleasant, says the
master of the house of his favorite retreat.
The master bedroom has everything
that he needs, with a big bathroom and
balcony passage hidden smartly by a long
panel behind the bed. A small countertop RIGHT This makeshift
lines the wall by the entrance, doubling as office also doubles as a
a makeshift office and display shelf for his display shelf to showcase
the homeowners
trophies and trinkets.
prized golf trophy
From the photos, its hard to imagine
that this house is over 30 years old. But ABOVE The son personalized
more than its modern appeal, what the his walls with his old
homeowners appreciate most is the warm jerseys, while trinkets of
feeling brought in by the design, giving past accomplishments
their space the familiar feeling of home. hang neatly on a hatstand

The master bedroom meets all the couples needsfrom the kitchenette to easily brew fresh
morning coffee, to the balcony that leads to the terrace for a breath of fresh air


Calm After
the Storm
A new home filled with furniture with a lot of sentiments
Written by patricia herbolario | Photographed by eD simon of stuDio 100

he concept of houses is simple. immediately took refuge on the second ABOVE A custom wooden cabinet hides
They are residential structures floor. Luckily, no one was harmed, but a the air-conditioning unit. On top of it is
that shelter and protect us from number of their paintings and furniture the BenCab painting a guard had saved
the perils of the outside world, may it were damaged beyond repair. Among the when the Dee familys first home was
be man-made or natural. Sometimes, possible victims of the flood? A BenCab submerged by a typhoon OPPOSITE
however, the structure fails us not due to painting one of the guards had to swim PAGE The airy living room was given
an oriental and bohemian touch that
its weakness but due to the strength of the through the waters to save.
contrasts with the stark lines of the stairs
calamity. In 2008, tropical storm Frank After Frank, the Dee family decided and the rest of the houses structure. The
submerged the Dee family home in it was time to invest on another home, main anchor piece in the living room is
murky and muddy water. In just a matter one on a hill at the highest point of a from OMO by Milo Naval, while the lights
of minutes, the whole ground floor of subdivision in Iloilo. Needless to say, they hanging on top is a mix from Illuminati
the house was destroyed. The family were traumatized. Technique and Azcor


The foyer is the designers and Mrs. Dees favorite spot in the
home. The heirloom piece, a four-poster bed converted into a
day bed, is now the clients favorite meditation spot
three bathrooms, a gym, home office, a
sprawling garden, and two kitchens due to
the familys passion for cooking. One of Mr.
and Mrs. Dees children is a professional
chef, while another is into baking. Isabella
adds that Mrs. Dee was very hands on as a
client. Mr. Dee on the other hand, was also
active on the project, but in a different way.
He handled all of the expenses to give his
family a better and well-curated home, and
left the nitty-gritty of design to his wife, son,
and Isabella.
Mrs. Dee personally requested me to
keep as much of her pieces from her old
house as much as possible, the designer
says. Isabella took it upon herself to restore
and refurnish some the furniture that
was salvaged. While the house is 100%
new, 70% of the items inside are from the
old house. With the architect advocating
modern design and the client/architects
mom being an avid fan of antiques, the
ABOVE The master bath has a With the perfect lot secured, the Dee space is a tug-and-pull between old and
hotel-like feel with his and hers sinks. family contacted family friend and new. This was what actually made the
An indoor waterfall with a Buddha
interior designer Isabella Robles Go and house really interesting, adds the designer
is placed in the area to calm the
homeowners down after a busy and
her team, Living Innovations Designs The collection of old furniture, which
stressful day Unlimited to create their new home. includes vintage tropical, and Filipino
Alongside Isabella was the owners son, pieces, gave the home a style that mimics
TOP The master bedroom takes over Paolo Valencia, as the architect. contemporary design with modern
the second floor with a contemporary With their house spanning to about sensibilities. This resulted in a very
Asian treatment 1000sqm, the home has three bedrooms, eclectic, bohemian space. Working on a


modern house is like painting on a clean

canvas, adds Isabella. She points out that
the process was exciting because it was a
matter of marrying old pieces with Paolos
modern structure. The structure of the
home welcomes a lot of natural light in
with its vast and full-spread windows; it
is also light and airy with its high ceilings.
This close collaboration during
construction allowed Isabella and Mrs.
Dee to form good friendship. Both of
them love the foyer. When I said I was
going to put the heirloom four-poster bed
in the foyer, she was very hesitant. Im glad
she trusted me and that foyer has now
becomes her meditation area. I converted
it as a daybed and the view from the bed
facing the garden is just spectacular. It is
also a statement piece right upon entry,
the designer explains.
With the family about to make the
move, it was clear that the new house
is now their home. Their paintings,
furniture, and family are safe on this challengeand were not talking about
castle on top of a hill. They have retained a construction curve ball or a supplier
the old home due to its close vicinity to mishap. Her clients were hit by separation
ABOVE In the lanai, the owners can enjoy a
the city, mainly for when their kids have anxiety upon leaving their old home. serene view of their garden
something to do in town. Then again, moving on from your first is
With the new home up and ready for never easy, but one must always remember TOP One of the bedrooms is adorned with a
occupancy, Isabella faces an interesting that better things always lie ahead. floral accent wall and a matching lounge sofa

Working on a modern house is like
painting on a clean canvas

With the architect being the owners son, the homes modern cuts and sharp lines are made extra special

A Hyphenated
Space Building a second home with a second purpose
Written by Gel G. GalanG | Art directed by Hazel SantoS
Photographed by william onG

hether its the traffic or the call The changes began right at the doorstep. BELOW Lining the walls of
of business districts in the metro, Originally, guests were greeted by the the living area are storage
theres now a booming trend of refrigerator upon entering the unit. Nicky nooks and display shelves,
having a second home thats closer to where felt that this invaded the privacy almost acting as both practical
all the action is. Even more appealing is the immediately, and instinct dictated that it and aesthetic additions
idea of investing on this trend and letting was better to put a screen divider and a
others experience the convenience, sans the shoe cabinet in the style of modern Asian
use of colors, textures,
worry of everything else. homes. This smartly hid the relocated sink and innovative furniture
This is what homeowner couple Jhun area, and refocused the eyes towards the makes the living area an
and Melinda Tandoc had in mind when main dining space. eye-catching explosion of
they bought and renovated their two- True to the homeowners request, good design. The living area
bedroom condominium in Bonifacio Nicky made smart use of the space by is intimate but it also stands
Global City. Instead of having a second working with even smarter furniture. out, says the designer
home for themselves, the business-minded
couple wanted to hit two birds with one
stone. They wanted to have a second home
for their occasional visits to Manila, and
invest in real estate.
Bahrain has become their familys
primary home due to Jhuns work as a
professional mechanical engineer, but with
the Philippines still close to their hearts,
the couple decided to build this temporary
shelter. They tapped interior designer
Nicky Jardenil to manage and oversee the
design and renovation of their space.
Nicky was entrusted with the entire
project following his work on the familys
first condominium in Malate almost a
decade ago. Knowing his contemporary
style, which also matched the owners
preference, they let him make the major
decisions. Their only directive was to
maximize the space without tearing down
the bedroom walls.
The interior designer saw this as a
challenge, but one that he was eager to
accept. At around 50sqm, the unit wasnt
the biggest to play around with. Nickys
flexibility and ingenuity in applying the
basics of design made it easier to introduce
a better flow in the layout.


The dining table seats four people at
the get-go, but a more forward-thinking
approach led him to use an extending
tabletop, which could add two more
guests in case a family of four with close
friends becomes the next tenant.
The wall parallel to the dining table
is more than just a nice divider between
the hidden pantry and the dining area
its a storage space for more kitchenware.
This wall had actually been the biggest
renovation execution, as Nicky and his
team had to tear down the thicker portion
that ate into the space for the dining area.
The wall left little space to move around
in the dining area, so we moved it further
back to give way to a more breathable
living and dining space, says Nicky,
I incorporated many transformable
furniture since storage is a problem we this his favorite area, giving it the playful
wanted solved. nickname of a hyphenated space.
Even the living areas nooks and main I call it as such because of its multiple LEFT Smart furniture makes use
pieces are a storage seekers wish come usesI needed to come up with the least of space wisely. In this case, the
true. The coffee table opens up into a number of furnishings so it can function entertainment area transforms
storage-slash-extra working table for a efficiently, he says. The entertainment into a work station with an
young professional tenant. Guests wont center was custom-built to the wall so it easy pull of a folding table
even have to squeeze themselves into the can be transformed into a workstation for
ideally four-seater couch, because two work, and an easy TV area for play. ABOVE This sofa is just the first of
the ingenious highlights for this room,
more can sit comfortably on the cushioned More than the multi-purpose furniture,
as it doubles into an extra bed
bench next to it. Nicky also made good use of placement,
An extra room on the left is a cross color choices, and basic design techniques OPPOSITE PAGE Never forget to make
between an entertaining area and a smaller to enliven the space. Much of the wall room for guestsa saying taken almost
bedroom. One will encounter a simple by the entrance had been converted into literally for this transforming dining
sofa at first glance, but it transforms into mirror slabs, broken only by squares with area, which extends to accommodate
a comfortable sofa bed. Nicky considers potted plants to double as accents. two more for special gatherings


Each room has

its own texture,
playing with a
palette of green,
blue, and yellow
for a more
cohesive appeal

The palette he chose was simple but robust

with solids complementing textures.
Accent walls have always been Nickys
favorite, but he knew how to walk the line
between harmony and overdesign. units as a good investment and second
Each room has its own texture, home, the idea of living in an intimate
playing with a palette of green, blue, and but smartly designed space is something
yellow for a more cohesive appeal. Of that they look forward to when they do
course, he didnt forget his neutrals either, decide to stay longer in the country. We
which he made good use of in the master come home to the Philippines only once
bedroom. Nicky knows his way around or twice a year, says Jhun, But this unit
condominium units and how to make will definitely be our residence in the city
each area compact yet functional. once we finally stay here for good.
ABOVE The master bedroom is quite
It was a practical approach that still For now, the Tandocs will let other
spacious, accommodating its own work desk
aimed to cater to the clients needs on space people enjoy the space together with on the side and a big wardrobe cabinet
and function, shares the designer. While the perks that its coveted location offers.
Jhun, Melinda, and their 5-year-old son Their only hope is that the tenants would OPPOSITE PAGE Nicky smartly used
spend a short amount of time in the unit appreciate the design principles and neutrals by creating an accent wall for
during quick visits to the Philippines, thought that went into it, and see the the room. He didnt forget basic storage
they were all praises for the outcome. ingenuity of the design in a unit with either with the pullout drawers at the
Like most young families who see condo more than one purpose. bottom of the bed


The Filipino
Dream A home fit for the Juan who made it
Photographed by GREG MAYO

veryone loves a rags to riches story.
The fascination of overcoming
all odds, circumstances, and
challenges is the hero story we all aspire
for. They are stories of strength, optimism,
perseverance, and hope.
When Don was in the sixth grade,
he bought some chickens and pigs, and
aimed for something larger. He didnt
finish high school or go to college, but he
founded and owns Cledhon Enterprices
Coproration, a successful seven-tier
company that has businesses in everything
from livestock to trucking and even taxi
operations. Upon first meeting him, you
wouldnt even expect that he owns a huge
company. He is laid-back, humble, and
has no sense of arrogance following him
around despite his success.
He shares that the climb to where he
is now was obviously not done overnight,
Lahat ng pagsubok dumating sa akin,
he adds while offering us chicharon,
yet another one of his products. From
handling the pig foot and mouth disease
in the 90s to taking risks on expanding
his business, he has been through it all.


Julia add a tropical and Filipino
touch to the homes foyer

OPPOSITE PAGE The living room is a

testament to the best of Filipino design
with BenCab pillows, Kenneth Copunpues
Bloom chair, Vito Selmas Geo table, and
Ito Kishs Basilisa stool. A Fitz Herrera
painting also hangs on the wall with a Rolli
Closa wooden floor lamp on the side

At the age of 16, he was already working
and building his empire while other kids
were still concerned with homework or
their love lives. Malaking sakrepisyo yun,
kailangan matibay ka, he shares.
Initially living in a home close to their
farm, Don and his wife Claire are now the
owners of a three-level complex designed
and created by siblings Jaime and Jesy
Cruz, who have decided to create their
own firm, Alero Design Studio. Jamie was
in charge of the overall architecture and
Jesy took care of the interiors.
Since the client didnt really know what
he wanted to create upon buying the lot,
the home grew vertically. Looking like
a grand mansion or hotel on the outside,
the three-storey structure strategically
caters to several functions. Each storey has
its own story: the ground floor functions
as the company headquarters; above,
spanning 400sqm is the family room. The
topmost level is currently a multipurpose
hall waiting to become a floor for Dons
motorbike collection. Don consulted a
different architect before Jaime and Jesy
took over. This meant a years worth of
design revisions and another year for
construction. In charge of the construction
was the Cruz familys construction
company, MSC Construction.
As for site visits, the siblings were more
than eager to check up on the property
because the project is just a block or two
away from their home. They had several
revisions to the initial design to cater to
the familys overall convenience.

TOP Topped off with the contrast of warm

wood and cold copper, the dining area is
a sight to see. The giant wooden mirror is
by Rolli Closa, a local furniture maker who
also made the round wooden balls and
wooden floor lamp in the living room

LEFT The TV room is given a pop of color

through the rugs that Jesy purchased
abroad. He adds that he opted for carpets
in the main areas of the home because
they double as subtle artworks in a space

An oversized headboard was created for the homeowner due to his
height, and to give a contemporary feel to the hotel-like master bedroom

ABOVE The master bedroom

has its own living area spruced
up with colorful accessories

LEFT The master bath is complete

with a walk-in closet and vanity, to
accomodate the wifes collection of
bags, shoes, and other fashion items

The first sketches of the rooms were boxy such a way that the familys privacy and logo which is basically a wheel of different
and edgy, so Jesy decided to soften the safety are still held at a premium. colors, each color representing one business
design by curving some walls and creating When asked about any client specifics, the company has. Jesy shares that this
some round columns over square ones. Jesy points out that there werent a lot. might have been one of the most colourful
Since the family consists of four kids, the The overall design and the structure was projects he has ever handled due to the
duo also added separate bathrooms to handed over to the siblings care. Jesy clients request. Ironically, Jesy has partial
avoid shower queus. pulled out some previous projects from his color blindness, something that has never
Since the structure doubles as an office, portfolio and asked the client which ones hindered him from creating amazing
Jaime and Jesy also made sure to provide a appealed to him. The client only requested and show-stopping designs. As for the
series of passages around the property in that the home be inspired by their company design style, one can consider it a modern

Filipino look. The vibe and ambiance
are contemporary, but the furniture and
accessories are mostly from local brands
and craftsmen. Familiar brand such as
Philux, Triboa Bay, and some Bulacan
artists are scattered in the home from the
bedrooms to the living areas. Jesy took the
clients on a shopping trip, allowing them
to pick the main anchor pieces. Since it
is the familys first home, there was no
financial constraint in mind so Jesy and
Jaime got to work on the skys the limit
budget. One couldnt help but think
that the home can double as a gallery of
the Philippines finest. The design duo
perfectly communicated where modern
Filipino design is and where it is headed.
At the moment, the 40 year old owner
is cherishing every moment he has with
his family. If hes not tending to work
on the first floor or spending some
family time in his mansion, he can be
seen around off-road tracks with a dirt
motorcycle in hand and a helmet on.
Some people would say that filling a
home with this much designer pieces can
make a space feel like a showroomstiff,
cold, and impersonal.

Ironically, Jesy has partial color

blindness, something that has never
hindered him from creating amazing and
show-stopping design
LEFT With the family expecting another baby on the way, the only
boys bedroom was converted to include an additional bed

ABOVE Each of the childrens rooms are decorated with their favorite
colors. In one of the daughters rooms, a bright green is used as the main
accent color. In case the children grow up to have different tasks, all the
family has to do is change the beddings and some of the accessories


However, one must remember that what ABOVE In the future, the family will transfer to another house and
truly makes a house a home is the family convert this one into a fully functioning office for their company
that lives in it. Being able to have a roof
over your head with your hard earned OPPOSITE PAGE On the top floor, the multipurpose hall has an area with a
money is a blessing on its own. Having a lounge where the family and their guests can enjoy the cool provincial breeze.
well-appointed home is just a plus and, to The couple even purchased a sungka board for their children to play with
have a beautiful family with you in that
well-appointed home is everything.
While it was a big sacrifice to have an
unconventional childhood where he had
to work and till the years away, but Don
can be proud of one thing: he can give
his children the childhood he never had. One couldnt help but think that the
Indeed, Don, Claire, and their children
will be able to create great memories in home can double as a gallery of the
the home Jaime and Jesy created for them.
Philippines finest


Pivotal Design
Merging the playful with the practical fosters healthier human interactions
Written by Roumel Itum | Photographed by ed sImon of studIo 100

esign professionals like architects
and interior designers play
master over various elements and
their many permutations to put together
a space that is more than just cozy and
visually appealing. Aside from the unified
interplay of colors, textures, and prints,
each room must also effectively serve the
needs of the inhabitants. While there are
many challenges in achieving this end
result, nothing is more stimulating than
being given only a few square meters to
work within this case, 36 total to be
exact, of loft-type orientation.
When architects Paulo Angeles and
Kathrina Mitra of Angeles Architectural
Studio met with the homeowners of
this condominium unit, they were
struck by the forward qualities of the
couple. Immediately, we wanted to do
something modern and fresh to mirror
their personalities. Nothing too elaborate
or fancy since the space is very compact,
says Paulo. My partner and I had to come
up with other means of incorporating style
details that would not take up space and
still foster a very homey vibe, he continues.
The quadrilateral-cut unit features
an open plan-layout where the guests are
given a view of the entire first level upon
entry. The kitchen essentials, including
the stove and the refrigerator, are situated
on the left, occupying both sides of the
compact sink. On one side, a glass window
is dressed with a panel of horizontal
blinds to allow the homeowners to control
the flow of light into the interiors.

LEFT The living area is made calm and collected

with components that are a nod to nature. The
modern appearance of the furniture pieces is
beautifully offset by the addition of organic

Three identical black pendant lights hang
from the ceiling and provide an modern
charm to the corner. For the most part of
designing this condo unit, we had a few
key pieces custom built to perfectly fit the
area and the theme. Thorough sourcing
for items was another very integral task
as we had to work with a very limited
budget, says Kathrina. Not only that,
we also had to seek approval remotely
because the owners werent present during
the entire period of the construction, she
A bespoke built-in workstation done
in melamine laminate takes the far end
of the room, equipped with a pair of Instead of a center table, another pair of
ottomans upholstered in deep brown ottomans takes the center area. These
crushed velvet. ottomans are used as additional seats for the
To save up on precious space, the dining area when the owners have guests ABOVE With its neutral color scheme
counter also doubles as a dining area that over, says Kathrina. A nature-inspired rug punctuated with details in black, this
overlooks the burgeoning business district. with simple prints centers the entire setting corner becomes a study in contemporary
allure. The space is made more efficient
The entire unit is teeming with multi- and ties everything together.
with the addition of three hanging lamps
purpose pieces so we could maximize the Paulo and Kathrina decided to have an for working late at night
space, says Paulo. Apart from having accent wall instead of additional display
many uses, we also made sure that these key items to keep the spaces uncluttered feel. LEFT A simple arrangement of white tea
pieces are visually appealing to anchor the When working with a very compact roses softens the forward appeal of this
spaces, he continues. The adjacent living space, anything you add, no matter how corner. Instead of the usual plain wall
area features a sofa bed, replacing the usual small, makes the composition a little treatments, a muted gold wallpaper with
couch for added accommodation for guests. heavier, so we opted to create a focal floral prints adds a dose of personality


point using the wall, says Kathrina. The rectangular motif continues in to the a shower curtain, which pops out amidst
We thought that white walls would be bedroom with a queen-sized bed with the neutral tiles and other implements.
a tad too boring, and this muted gold wooden frame, and is made more inviting Designing compact spaces may
wallpaper with floral patterns instantly with the combination of off-white and present a lot of challenges from the onset
injects an element of fun and lights up Tiffany blue beddings. To soften the since one is given a limited canvas to work
the room, she shares. composition, two identical frames with on, but as this home proves, it can result
The stairway leading to the private a floral theme were mounted on top of in something that is oozing with style and
areas was also given a dose of personality the headboard. A pair of low stools in plenty of personality. Small spaces allow
with wall treatments. White vertical the same finish as the bed frame takes designers to extend their limits, and bank
stripes that run from the steps up to both side of the bed that also functions on the clever use of simplicity to make
ceiling direct the eyes upwards and break as night tables. Meanwhile, the bathroom every part of the design serve its purpose
the monotony of the light gray walls. takes on more colors through the use of and create healthier interactions.

ABOVE Straightforward and unsullied, the bedroom is stripped down to the essentials for a more restful sleep

OppOsiTE pAgE A small kitchen requires lots of creative storage solutions. To maximize the space, overhead
cabinets done in melamine laminates were installed to heighten efficiency

Small spaces allow designers to extend their limits and bank

on the clever use of simplicity to make every part of the design
serve its purpose and create healthier interactions


Passion and intention come together in this beautiful garden
Written by hazel santos | Photographed by william ong

Azure skies provide the perfect backdrop to the sprawling garden located at the back of the property. A
compact cabana located at the end of the pool provides the perfect resting spot after a cool dip


s we go through life, we all get
to that point where we dream of
having the perfect home. The goal
is always to have a place done according to
our tastes, with rooms that are functional
and livable, and filled with things that
hold meaning for us. This ideal extends
to the outdoors, as wellthe views we
see, the areas where we spend time with
family and friends, even the little corners
we seek to find some quiet from daily life.
After all, it is all these things and more
that come together to create that special
quality that makes a space truly our own.
In the course of planning, designing, and
building, we enlist people of different
talents and abilities to help us achieve the
space we aspire for.
For landscape architects Lou Licerio
and Althea Esteban of landscape design
firm Prasinos, client satisfaction is just as
important as exercising their creativity.
Some of our clients are upfront and have
a clear picture of what they need. Others
require more help in communicating
what they want. We take pleasure in
helping them find their words, shares
Thea. Their client Marisol Ramirez
laid out straightforward guidelines for
the garden that she wanted: everything
must be simple, safe, and sustainable.
Successfully built spaces are a collaborative
team effort, leading Lou and Thea to
take note of her tasteful suggestions and
coordinate between the contractor and
various suppliers to create a space that has
become the perfect escape.
We find out what our clients value
most, and design with their requirements
and personalities in mind. Presenting
several options or multiple schemes with
general design solutions are unnecessary
when you can put together a design tailor-
made for your client, she explains. As such,
they designed a refreshing outdoor space
that caters to a variety of outdoor activities.
The clients house is situated in the
portion of the property closer to the
street. Sprawling in nature, it belies the
sizeable area hidden behind it. The pool
was already built when the designers
came in, so they added composite wood own creative expression as well, Thea
decking adjacent to the lawn to function continues, Overall, it was a balance of both
as a platform for parties, a lounge area participation and trust. While their client
for sunbeds, or as a general area for was very clear about keeping the landscape ABOVE The wide steps leading down to
activities such as yoga or cross-training. simple, Thea also knew better than to offer the pool are given an attractive break by
Ms. Marisol walked me through her just basic design solutions. She requested date palms and select planting, seemingly
design inspirations and generously order and neatness, but not in a way that giving visitors a preview of what to expect
gave me free rein in developing my was contrived or overly modern. in this lovely outdoor area

In the duration of this project, I learned long end of the pool is a lanai, connected to
that understated luxury is her direct the other areas of the house by pathways ABOVE The designers provided a number
translation of simplicity, she says. The and decking for easy access. Thea notes of outdoor areas throughout the garden
clients aesthetic was something Thea had that the key to planting design isnt in the to address the different needs of its users
little experience with, as her expertise is number of species used in a space, but in the TOP LEFT Accent chairs in the same blue
in large-scale projects such as resorts and way textures, colors, and plant hierarchy as the pool coupled with plush white
subdivision parks that entail minimum work harmoniously together. They lined cushions create interest in this corner.
detailing with maximum impact. the perimeter with palms and calathea to A bar area is located behind the built-
However, she took it as a challenge to draw attention to the pools inviting color, in seating LEFT These step pads were
originally used in the lawn areas to link
exercise her eye for detail, scale, and and added accents with golden miagos,
different spaces together, but they were
proportion, and backed her design kamuning, and selloum. The client also uneven, slippery, and irregularly spaced. We
solutions with a lot of research. requested for existing plants to be reused reused some near the childrens outdoor
The garden is laid out simply, with the in the new design, so the designers utilized lanai, but we relocated most to provide for
pool occupying a large part of the area. A the existing eugenias, maki, and rhapis, maintenance access and designed them
small cabana with a sitting area and bar is among others, and massed them in other with even and minimal slab distances to suit
located towards the short end. Opposite the parts of the garden. the users natural stride, Thea explains


The greenery wraps around the house,

with additional decks and sitting areas
scattered throughout the space. An
advantage of the property is its location
adjacent to an easement, which the
designers utilized to create a concept of
borrowed scenery. The presence of fully-
grown trees serves as a visual extension of
the garden. We didnt need to add a lot
of trees because the existing ones in the
vicinity provide the perfect amount of
shade and privacy, shares Thea.
With the designers putting their
clients needs first, they were able to create
a garden that is not only beautiful, but
responsive to the needs of its users as well.
When intention is combined with passion,
building dream homesor in this case,
dream gardensbecomes easy.

RIGHT Verdant greens punctuated by

bright flowers beautifully frame the facade
of this lovely home

ABOVE Our client likes bougainvillea, and

it was her preference that we only use the
hot pink variety. We used it to highlight
entrances and archways to add contrast
and charm to the openness of the garden,
shares Thea


Modern and traditional get a stylish
makeover with these chic setups
Written by roumel itum | Photos courtesy of eD SimoN oF StuDio 100

heres a renewed fascination for combining the old and new
for inspired urban living. The appeal of gorgeous contrasts
of structured and freeform design gives your table setting a
middle ground that satisfies and exemplifies both tastes.

Create a strong style by delivering a balance of both worldspair unfussy edges and neutral hues
79with surprising elements with pops of color for a stronger statement!
Style within the rules, but dont be afraid to bend or break a little to show your unique taste.
Combine textures and finishes that reflect your own take on classic and contemporary. Tie
them together with one unifying element, to have a setup thats cool but still collected.

Break the monotony of neutrals with cheery

hues. Blue bamboo and lacquer bowls (P480/
small, P880/large)
Keep it clean and crisp
Open shelves are the best choice for with edgy details.
making your essentials part of the (Clockwise from left)
display. Filo Element open shelves Fitzroy table napkins
(P62,800), (from top shelf) Ribbon mini (P295/each), Eyja cone
lamp in Noire (P5950), Mirra fruit bowl candle sticks (P995/
in chrome finish (P1195), Geode black medium, P895/small), and
object (P1995), Deli breakfast smoothie Fauborg Bistro cutlery
mugs (P280/piece), Ferm medium (P2995/set of 24)
glass storage (P690) , Extract large
black coffee maker (P1295), and Taidu
espresso cup and saucer (P495/set)
Transform beautiful cookware
into table displays. Teira Cocotte
cookware with spatula (P5595)

Stock up on wineand include

the spirits in your grand design!
Edgar dessert trolley (P19,800),
Clusaz double-wall champagne
bucket in chrome finish (P5995),
Clusaz cocktail shaker (P980), Ground your setup with
Hamburg champagne flutes basic pieces. Aio dinner
(P2995/set of 4), and Gio clear plate (P995) and Clusaz steel
stackable carafe (P1890) charger plate (P895)

Heighten the modern vibe with

straightforward silhouettes. Braxton
white dining chair (P8950) and El oval
table in walnut (P55,800)

All products available at Habitat


Channeling the idyllic charm of the countryside
Written by roumel itum | Photos courtesy of eD SimoN oF StuDio 100

rustic style dining area remains a favorite
because of its warm and welcoming appeal.
Set your table with influences of picturesque
outdoors and a lush countryside, as you treat your guests
to a fitting feast for all senses.

79Achieve an authentic country feel by incorporating charming pieces into your table setting
Country living is all about quiet and tranquilitythis is why natural elements
shine the most. Give your dining room a cozy feel with wooden furniture, textured
surfaces, and decorative prints to infuse a touch of the familiar into your space.

Create a lovely backdrop for

your setting. Frame (495.75)

Use textured vases as casual

country accents. Audrey
vases (P999.75 each)

Collect your childhood

knickknacks for a nostalgic
nook. Frudent four-level
display rack (P4995)
Combine printed dinnerware reminiscent of old
kitchens. (CLockwise from left) Amefa Premier cutlery
(P5999.75/set of 16), Clayton printed dinnerware
Add an element of surprise to (P1799.75/set of 10), and Gingham serving dish (P399.75)
your tabletop. Wrought iron
apple and pear (P899.75 each)
Mix up your tables homey appeal with an interesting
surface finish. Hogie table (P10,950/six-seater dining set)

Set the mood for intimate homemade meals. Ginger

and Tea Candles (P299.75/medium, P229.75/small), and
The Candle Company iron candlesnuffer (P679.75)

Have padded seats for those after-dinner

conversations. Laura dining chair (P14,950/dining All products available
table set with four chairs) at SM HOME


Leather is a great upholstery option as it ages well and is perfect for the
local climate. Keep it in good condition to keep it from drying or cracking
Sofa So Good
Keep your favorite furniture in tiptop shape
Written by Hazel santos | Photos courtesy of GReG MaYo, HeIMa, and HabItat

he sofa is one of the most used arms or legs are usually of aluminum or
furniture pieces in any household. stainless steel. Simply wipe these areas
As the centerpiece in the living down with a damp cloth and immediately
room, it is one of the first things guests follow through with a dry one. Water can
see when they enter your home. Whether rust metal pieces, so drying is important.
located in public areas or the more private Plastic furniture can simply be cleaned with
spaces in your house, the sofa deserves a solution of water and mild soap. Just make
proper care and maintenance, as your sure they are rinsed and dried thoroughly to
family will use it for many years to come. avoid leaving any sticky films.
Depending on its shape, configuration,
5 Sofas are relatively easy to maintain,
material, and style, this versatile piece can
set the tone of a room and also determine unless they are made from a delicate or
the functionality of a space so take your special material. For these, you can always
time and carefully consider your choice ofcheck cleaning labels or manufacturer
seating before making your purchase. instructions. If there are stains you cant
remove yourself, consider professional ABOVE Light colored sofas require
1 Upholstered sofas require regular help. There are many companies today proper maintenance to keep them in
plumping to maintain their shape. This that provide this service. their original shade (sofa from Heima)
isnt rocket science, so any time an area
seems sunken or misshapen, simply give These large pieces of furniture arent as BELOW Fabric sofas are best cleaned with
it a few pats (or punches) to smoothen easily replaced as pillows or accessories, so soft, regular brushing (sofa from Habitat)
it back to its original shape. Plumping before buying one, consider your cleaning
pushes air back into the filling, keeping or maintenance habits, and how you
your seating in good shape. Cushions and your family will use them. Follow
and pillows should be plumped as well, these simple tips to keep them in great
and rotated to minimize wear and tear. condition.

2 Keep your seating clean. Remove dirt

and debris by hand or with a soft brush.
Fabric upholstery will benefit from gentle
brushing to remove pressure marks and
keep the pile high. Leather sofas can also be
cleaned with a duster. Vacuuming every so
often is ideal, just be sure to set your cleaner
on a low setting. Deal with liquid spills
immediately to keep them from staining
permanently. Make sure to test these
cleaners on inconspicuous areas first.

3 If youre on the more traditional side and

your seating is made from wood, simply
wipe it down with a soft, damp (never wet)
cloth. Use polishes and cleaners sparingly,
and make sure to check their labels for
proper use. Protect wooden seats from
liquids, moisture, heat or direct sunlight,
and extreme changes in temperature,
which can crack or dry wood.

4 Most sofas are made with a combination

of a soft material with metal accents. Metal


Animal Affair
How to maintain your home when you have pets
Written by Hazel santos | Photos courtesy of West elM, stocksnap, and greg Mayo

mans character can be judged whatsoever). Bite marks from dogs can at a specific time and place with patience,
by how he treats animals, and also be a problem, especially if they are practice, and positive reinforcement.
as most pet parents know, all young or teething. Call out unwanted
animals deserve to be loved and cared behavior immediately so your pet learns Washable items. Sheets, rugs, towels,
for as much as any member of the family. not to destroy or chew on things, or and most fabrics and coverings can be
Before deciding to have any animal in simply provide chew bones and toys for hand-washed or thrown in the washing
your home, make sure you have the time, them to play with. Praise good behavior machine. Just make sure to check care
space, and resources to ensure all its to reinforce it. Bad behavior is usually instructions beforehand to avoid damaging
needs are met. Pets arent just there for caused by stress or boredom, so make sure anything. To get rid of stubborn pet-
our amusement; they are living creatures you are aware of what the problem is so stains or odors, add baking soda to your
that have the right to live comfortable and you can address it properly. detergent, then wash and dry as usual.
happy lives just like any human being.
All of us want to live in a clean and Flooring. Rugs or carpets may be cleaned Provide sleeping and eating areas,
beautiful environment, and much as we with a vacuum. Go over all areas twice to and a bathroom for your furry
want to have pristine spaces and furniture make sure pet fur is properly removed. friends. Doggie beds, boxes, or crates
in perfect condition, there are always Hardwood and engineered wood floors covered with an old towel or piece of
challenges to living with pets. Here are can be dry mopped. Ceramic or non- cloth will give your pet a place to call its
some tips to ensure that both you and porous natural stone tiles can simply be own. Designate spots for eating/drinking
your pet are happy at home. washed. If your pet soils an area, clean it and going to the bathroom, and make
immediately and disinfect it (there are a sure they are away from each other.
Furniture Care. Consider what type of lot of natural options available that dont Get to know your pets, allot time for
furniture you buy when you have pets in pose a danger to pets) before wiping and them, and feed them properly. Provide
your home. Leather furniture is ideal if you drying off. Never use vinegar to clean an routine, discipline accordingly, and
have dogs; it is not advisable for those with area as the strong smell can encourage consult your neighborhood veterinarian
cats, as their claws can easily leave holes your pet to mark the area again. Most when needed. Never subject animals to
and scratch marks. Suede or microfiber animals will continue to urinate in a spot stressful conditions or situations. It is both
covered pieces are a more prudent choice. where their scent lingers. Litter boxes, a privilege and a responsibility to care for
As with most furry animals, hair and pet puppy pads, and even newspapers are animals, so give them the love they deserve.
dander will always be a potential problem advisable to have on hand, but you can
because they cling to most surfaces. If any also housetrain and teach your pets to go
Remember: adopt, dont shop!
member of your family has asthma or any
respiratory condition, this might pose a
problem. If you have fabric-upholstered
pieces, there are different methods to
remove hair from surfaces.
Lint removers are a great option if
your pet sheds a lot. If you have time (and
patience), a roll of tape is a cheap, albeit
time-consuming, option. Another way to
remove fur from fabric is to dampen rubber
gloves and run them over the area. Static
electricity will do the work, and all you
need to do is wash it off when its covered
with fur. For those of you who have wood
furniture, simply wipe down with a damp
cloth for easy cleaning. Just make sure you
dry any excessively wet surface after.
Protect furniture legs from scratches
by providing scratching posts for cats, or
temporarily wrapping a leg or surface
with foil (remember that cats should ABOVE Provide a healthy living environment where your pet can eat, play, and rest in comfort
never be de-clawed, for any reason OPPOSITE PAGE Keep your family and furry friends happy while maintaining your personal style


Bellas Artes
Engaging art in an engaging space
Written by gel g. galang
Photos courtesy of bellas artes outpost

f there was ever a destination for de Acuzar. This leads to an interesting
experimental and educational art in layout where visitors emerge right in the
the Philippines, it would be the quaint middle of the gallery surrounded by art
little space Bellas Artes Outpost. Opened on all sides. WE DESIGNs Mark Wilson ABOVE The Reading Room is a hidden
early this 2017 in Karrivin Plaza in Makati, conceptualized this as a contrast between gem of colors, separating it from
the Outpost continually showcases the the dark corridor and the bright expanse the monochrome of The Outpost.
works of Bataan craftsmen as well as other of the room. The floor tiles are an homage to the
worksmanship of Las Casas, where
up-and-coming artists in the Manila scene. Another major highlight is the salon,
the cement tiles originated from
Its easy to see the Outpost as an artistic which becomes a space for discussion
space in itself. The 300sqm space is situated through a series of workshops and TOP Polish artist Pawel Althamers
on the second floor, but visitors will enter talks. The salon also houses the library, Nazareno: Quiapo Constellations
through the narrow foyer. The hallway is which boasts several book donations and exhibit showed the cultural diversity
patterned with custom-made cement tiles publications about art and design, all free that occurs during the procession of
from workshops at Las Casas Filipinas to be read and used by visitors. the Black Nazarene every January 9th

This space is also where Bataan craftsmanship Previously, Bellas Artes became the
shines, as everythingfrom the sofas down venue for artists work, and also a number
to the floor tileswas hand-crafted and of events aimed at expanding cultural
made in Bataan workshops. diversity and exploration through various
Through the space, we establish a talks. Among these are the series of
connection between our projects and the programs that celebrated the Quiapo
audience by featuring artwork made by community through talks with different
our artists in residence during their stay creatives, as well as a childrens workshop
in Bataan, says founder Jam Acuzar. in collaboration with the Association of
The Outpost is the artistic venue thats Pinoy Printmakers.
part of the Bellas Artes Projects. Jam had There are a lot of exhibitions coming to
founded this non-profit organization the Outpost. Both local and international
in Manila back in 2013. The Outpost artists will take over the art space. Alfredo
is slated to hold four exhibitions a year and Isabel Aquilizan, Cian Dayrit, and
and offer a free public program and a American artist Bruce Conner are set to
reading room open to individuals who have their works displayed soon.
want to get inspired by different crafts.

Through the space, we

establish a connection
between our projects
and the audience
THIS PAGE Pawel Althamer partnered with a team
of 17 Filipino artists and art students to create the
Quiapo Constellations, a series of social sculptures
that makes use of casting for the works of art.
Althamer chose the Black Nazarene procession
to depict the coming together of different groups
of people for their own miracle. The many faces in
the Constellations comprise of casts from both the
visitors and the artists who worked on the project


Mom & Tinas

Bakery Caf
Family favorites become cult classics in this homey caf
Written by PATRICIA HERBOLARIO | Art directed by STEPHAnIE CASTAEdA | Photographed by FLOYd JHOCSOn OF STUdIO 100

veryones go-to place for sweet treats
like cakes, cupcakes, and other
pastries just recently opened their
fifth shop in Greenhills. Mom & Tinas has
definitely gone a long way from a made-
to-order service into a full-blown brand.
Moms grandson and Tinas nephew,
Emilio Esguerra, explains that Mom
and Tina were always into baking, and
they initially started selling cakes upon
request. When Tina was still a young
girl, she would watch and assist her mom
bake. Come high school, she would sell
homemade brownies to her friends. Food
was really Tita Tinas life, Emilio shares.
With a growing following, Mom &
Tinas decided to open up a small pastry
counter with 10 different kinds of pastries.
With people buying them, adding coffee
to pair with the pastries was inevitable.
They soon turned into a three-table coffee
shop, and it just organically grew into
what it is today.
The whole bakery chain that started
with only Mom and Tina baking now
has 150 employees, and is handled and
managed by Mom & Tinas grandchildren,
nieces and nephews.

Only the best family

dishes make it to
the menu, assuring
diners a mouth-
savoring feast

LEFT The new branch takes after Mom &

Tinas signature country-style interiors,
similar in style to all of the owners houses

From the perspective of a regular customer,
the menu looks like a mix of comfort food
from Filipino and Western origins. For the
people behind the shop though, its a list of
family favorites that they eat during clan
gatherings. The food is stuff we grew up
with, so who better to check the quality
than the people actually who grew up with
it? adds Emilio. Only the best family
dishes make it to the menu, assuring diners
a mouth-savoring feast.
From their family to yours, Mom &
Tinas not only offers family favorites on
their menu, they also offer a chance for
you and your family to spend time over a
delightful meal.

ABOVE How can you walk out without getting a take home box of Mom & Tinas cupcakes? Theres
some sugar-free options in there, too! RIGHT The first branches had furniture from the owners old
house in Baguio. The new ones take their cue from the familys preference for country design


LEFT US Beef Tapa

(P325) BELOW
Fried Chicken and
Waffles (P355) with
Cappucino (P90)

ABOVE Seafood Basil Pesto (P370)

TOP RIGHT Paella Valenciana (P340)
and Blue Lemonade (P60) RIGHT
Assorted cupcakes (P65-85 each)


Azalea Hotel
and Residences
Check-in at the holiday haven
Produced by patricia herbolario | Photographed by mark jacob of studio 100

hroughout the years, Baguio modern hotel with services that show off
has grown from a tight-knit signature Filipino hospitality.
neighbourhood into a hustling and Located in a city that celebrates the
bustling city. Known as the Philippines largest flower festival in the Philippines
summer capital, Baguio is no stranger to every February, the hotel is named after
guests from all parts of the country, all of a flower, too. The hotel is sophisticated
whom want a breath of its pine-scented and willing to spoil its guests. This has
breezes. While allotting a weekend trip managed to get it a 4-star accreditation
up North is easy, deciding on where to for a hotel and serviced apartment, the
stay can be a problem especially during the only one in Northern Luzon to have this
ABOVE To say that the main lobby has
peak season. distinction. Aside from its services, it is
a high ceiling is an understatement,
Tucked inside one of Baguios busy one of the few hotels in the North that it is further accentuated by wooden
streets is Azalea Hotel and Residences. promotes accessible tourism. This means azaleas trailing up the wall. The
A relatively new hotel compared to that the structure and services in the hotel hotels design combines a log cabin
other competitors in the area, Azalea is a are PWD-friendly. feel with contemporary design

Unlike most hotels, Azaleas room cuts ABOVE Leave the windows
are more spacious, with the initial plan of open and let the cool Baguio
it solely to be a serviced apartment. breeze in your room, minimal
The rooms are spacious with industrial to no air-conditioning needed!
bathrooms and fully functioning
kitchens. While cooking might not be RIGHT The hotel also
at the top of your list while on vacation, functions as serviced
just imagine running down to the local apartments, complete with
market, getting the freshest produce, and cooking pans and utensils
being able to cook and enjoy it right away. should you want to indulge in
cooking your own dinner
They also have a Vacation Club
wherein lifetime membership is BELOW Enjoy breakfast
extendable to other Azalea Hotels in or dinner at the hotels
the country. So start your vacation now restaurant, Tradisyon. They
and have a luxe and sophisticated stay have themed buffets from
at an accessible price in this stylish yet Tuscan Saturdays to Mexican
welcoming hotel. Wednesdays


LEFT Sinigang na Hipon

and Crispy Pata ABOVE
Strawberry cake RIGHT
Garden Strawberry Salad


Fun and Fitting

What furniture piece are you?
Produced by Patricia Herbolario
Photos courtesy of crate aND barrel, rocHe boboiS, aND Habitat

urniture pieces help complete our homes. They serve different purposes
and functions in our space, and in a sense, reflect human characteristics.
A closet can be that friend who has a lot of secrets, a side table can be your
dependable best friend, and a study table can be that smart know-it-all cousin of
yours. Take this test to find out which furniture piece you are!

Where you do spend most Your friends would

of your time at home? describe you as
A. The living room, A. A generally chill type of person
bonding with my family B. The life of any party
B. The kitchen where C. The quiet one
all the food is D. Full of hopes and dreams
C. The lanai, so I can
feel the cool breeze Whats on your
D. The bedroom, with playlist right now?
some tea and a book
A. Some indie folk or alternative
During the weekend, B. Upbeat and fun tunes
what do you usually do? C. Slow jazz and my
crime series OST
A. Catch up on my favorite series D. Relaxing rain sounds
and maybe squeeze in a movie and beach waves
B. Fixing up a barbeque
for a family reunion The design style that
C. Reading a book or a magazine speaks to you the most is:
D. Catching up on sleep so I can
face the busy week ahead A. Industrial concrete and pipes
lure me in all the time
What type of home B. A modern French baroque
do you live in? C. Something minimalist
and Scandinavian
A. A family home thats been D. Eclectic and unique for me
around for generations
B. In a subdivision with
my friendly neighbors
C. In a cozy condo unit
D. A quaint house I can proudly
call my dream home

Mostly As: Couch
You are a chill and laid back personality
who just goes with the flow, a homebody
that lets people come as they are. Just like a
couch, people feel comfortable around you
and are drawn into your cool aura. Friends
and family love you because they can
always expect good vibes from you. You
do love your shows and generally taking it
slow on a weekend, but you are no couch
potato. Youre just as hardworking as the
next person, just not that stiff and uptight
about getting your tasks and goals done.
Osaka sofa, available at MOs Design
Mostly Bs: Dining Table
Whine-wine night? Poached eggs brunch stories to match. Very much like the dining
party? A margarita merienda? You dont table, you bring people together and make
need an occasion to throw a party. You love sure everyone enjoys your company and
to entertain in your home and your friends you enjoy theirs. You can be fun and festive
love being guests because you are one of the and your group of friends can always rely
best hosts out there. Not only do you serve on you to put a smile on their faces despite
amazing hors doeuvres, you also make sure an unfortunate event. Teak reclaimed wood
you have the best dinner topics and vacation dining table, available at Crate & Barrel

Mostly Cs: Armchair

You appreciate having people around but an armchair, you only open up to a select
to be perfectly honest, youd rather be few. Youd rather have one-on-one dates
alone. Youre an introvert at heart, but that with your closest friends than go to a huge
doesnt mean you hate talking and making party with them. You are naturally shy,
a connection with others. You simply work but once you find a friend who gets you,
and function better on your own and opening up is easy. Maison Lacroix Armchair
theres nothing wrong with that. Just like available at Roche Bobois

Mostly Ds: Bed

The bed is a unique furniture piece because
it is where we spend most of our time. You
have a lot of dreams and you are doing
everything you can to make them real.
Ambition is your middle name and while
some people might say that your head is up
in the clouds, you know that your dreams
arent just dreams but plans. The bed is
the furniture piece for sleeping, relaxing,
and despite the fact that youre always out
there chasing your dreams, you do take a
snooze every now and then because you
value sleep and good health. GCoup Bed,
available at Poltrona Frau

For Your
A beautiful home starts with you

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or 15 off on a
% Tel

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P2,148 for a 12-issue subscription, and P1,074 for a
6-issue subscription)

Please send accomplished form to

#13 Economia Road Calle Industria,
Bagumbayan Libis, Quezon City.
For inquiries, contact
Landline: (63 2) 234-9967
Sun Mobile: (63) 932-8777-492 or
Smart Mobile: (63) 999-8847107.
You may also e-mail us at

Building for Better S CG has been in the business of

cement production and development
following the King of Thailands

Beyond 100 Years

mandate back in 1913. To celebrate over
100 years of innovation, SCG recently held
a series of renovations and the construction
SCG promotes the green concept in the workplace of the SCG 100th Year Building, also
known as the Green Building.
During a regional press tour last May
2 to 4, SCG showcased the grounds of its
headquarters in Siam, Bangkok. Three
head office buildings, all of which are
almost 30 years old, were renovated to
achieve a Platinum LEED (Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design
for Existing Building Operation and
Maintenance) certification.
The highlight was the Green
Building, which is a sustainable structure
with technologies for energy and water
conservation, the promotion of green
activities through bikes and eco cars, and
the use of solar panels for electricity.
Beyond its green movement, the 100th
Year Building becomes as a landmark
in design with its free-flowing wave-like
ABOVE The SCG 100th Year Building is an example of the companys drive towards form to signify the changing landscape
eco-friendly solutions ingrained into their office design and innovative culture of the country.

SCGs Tech for S

CGs grand showcase at the Architect
17 offered a glimpse of what an
ideal home should be. Held at the

the Ideal Home

ASEANs largest building expo at Muang
Tong Thani, Bangkok from May 2 to 7,
SCGs booth displayed the technologies for
home exteriors and interiors.
Creating technologies for a safe and efficient home SCGs Living Tech showcase has
been under development for over a year.
This philosophy offers innovation geared
towards enhancing three areas of living
qualities: comfortable home experience
in terms of temperature, ventilation, and
air flow, safety and wellness solutions,
and energy-saving technology for reduced
footprint and efficient materials.
The displays went beyond roofing
and cement solutions. Spearheaded by
Innovation and Technology director Sanit
Kessuwan, SCG also showed advancements
in elderly care, colored cement options,
screen systems, tiles and sanitary wares,
ABOVE At the Architect17, Sanit
and 3D cement printing.
Kessuwan presents a sample cement sofa
using SCGs 3D cement technology
For now, the technologies are under
constant improvement, with the goal of
RIGHT SCGs roofing solutions show tailoring the technologies to the needs of
an innovative design and good use of each partner country for a future built on
alternative materials ideal homes.


French Entrance
Gautier celebrates its 1st year in Manila
enowned French furniture brand
Gautier entered the Philippine
market last year, and to mark this
milestone, the brand gathered friends
from the French community, local
interior designers, lifestyle bloggers, and
members of the press at their showroom
in Shangri-la The Fort, Bonifacio Global
City. Alongside the one year anniversary
celebration is the launch of their latest
Gautier is known for exemplary
French-made furniture for living and
dining areas, and adult and childrens
bedrooms. The brand boasts of
carrying wooden products sourced from
sustainable forests in France. Their latest
collection features bedroom fixtures
with an emphasis on vertical lines and
additional storage. Our top pick is the
Symphonie collection, inspired by the
sleek lines of contemporary architecture.
The collection maximizes space by
having additional underbed storage and
matching side cabinets. The collection
comes in two finishes: white lacquered
ABOVE Gautiers Single Bed with bed-end storage and tall chest from the Graphic series finish and natural oak.

Bonifcaio Global City, Taguig. Through BELOW Ginggay Hontiveros, GoNegosyo
GoNegosyos Kapatid Village project, PSR Agripreneurship - Eastern Visayas,
Wilcon Depot and Manny O group was Sulu; Mark Andrew Y. Belo, Wilcon Depot

able to donate P6 million each to help Chief Financial Officer; Wiliam T. Belo,
Wilcon Depot Founder and Chairman; Joey
build a total of 80 homes in the said
A. Concepcion III, GoNegosyo Founder
village. The Kapatid Village is located in and Chairman and Presidential Adviser
Maimbung and Talipao, Sulu City. The for Entrepreneurship; Manny H. Osmea,
Wilcon Depot and Manny donation is expected to result into new Manny O Group Chairman; Tony P. Meloto,
O Group Donates to homes that maginalized and unfortunate Gawad Kalinga Chairman; and Jong
Kapatid Village families can move into for a bettre future. Sepulvida, Manny O Group COO

Many of us take our homes for granted.

Its the place we crash in after a long day
and a place we leave during the start of
a new one. While some of us fail to see
the luxury of simply having a roof on our
heads, other people dont even have one to
come home to.
Wilcon Depot is one of countrys top
home improvement and construction
suppliers. They have materials to make
your grand dream home come true and
now, theyre making someone elses hope
for havign a simple home turn into a
reality. Alongside Manny O Group,
Wilcon Depot got a chance to give back
last May 7, 2017 at the Ibiza Beach Club in



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Mos Design Phone: (0917) 795 5503 / (02) 866 4598 39th St. Bonifacio Global City
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Unit 901, Quadrant 5, Bonifacio Ma. Czarina Althea Esteban
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SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City
Phone (02) 633 5024
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Email <>
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Style Connection
The Bridge table is this seasons most versatile piece
Written by hazel santos | Photo courtesy of calligaris

ith marble making a Bridge features smoked gray glass sides
huge comeback this year, paired with a ceramic glass top. Clients
were loving the simple can choose from white marble, black
yet incredibly sleek Bridge table from marble, and onyx options to complement
Calligaris. Designed in-house by their spaces. This table is simple enough to
Calligaris Studio, it features a bridge be matched with your existing furniture,
shape, hence its name. The brand is and its neutral finish is great for showing
known globally for combining artisanal off your favorite accessories.
craftsmanship with a decidedly modern Calligaris is located at the Mezzanine
aesthetic, producing high quality pieces of the Clipp Center, 11th Avenue cor.
that are incredibly stylish. Available as 39th Street, BGC, Taguig. For more
a console and in two coffee table sizes, information, call (02) 869 1059.

ABOVE Sexy and streamlined, the Bridge table comes in a variety of finishes to suit your personal style