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June 2015 I N T H I S P U B L I C AT I O N

Helicopter Industry
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Vladimir Orlov

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Irina Danenova HeliRussia-2015 Ansat
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Advertising manager
Marina Bulat HeliRussia - the largest international A report from Crocus- This year the holding group Russian Helicopters unveiled fur- Expo helicopter trade show to take place in Russia, always ther new helicopter technology at the LIMA-2015 Langkawi
takes place at the same time - the end of May, at Crocus- International Aerospace and Maritime Exhibition multi-pur-
Translator Expo. This is the show's eighth year in succession, like an pose helicopters for civil aviation. Amongst these helicopters
Moscow Translation Agency MTA, unchanging portent of the emergence of summer a new was a completely new model the Ansat light helicopter,
Inna Frolova, Translation Agency season, with new contracts and new win-win deals. which has now joined the ranks of fully-fledged club mem-
bers in the world of civil aviation.
Dmitri Kazachkov

Photos by
Dmitri Kazachkov, Dmitri Lifanov, Alan
Norris, Sergei Alexandrov, Michael
Bibichkov, by companies Eurocopter,
UTair Aviation, Russian Helicopters,
Vertical-T, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant,

Russian Helicopter Systems
Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk, 65-
66 km Moscow Ring Road, IEC
Crocus Expo. Pavilion 3, office
332, 143402

Tel. + 7 (495) 926-60-66

Le cinquantenaire de Ka-25 Helicopter of a special purpose
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L'hlicoptre Ka-25 construit l'Usine aronautique The Ka-32A11BC civilian helicopter with coaxial rotor con-
d'Oulan-Oude (UAO-O), l'hlicoptre Ka 25PL est devenu tinues to conquer
Helicopter Industry in Russia,
le premier hlicoptre assorti dun quipement radiolec- international markets. Built in Russia, by Kumertau Aircraft
tronique multifonctionnel comparable, par sa complexit, Production Enterprise (Kumapp), which is part of Russian
aux avions de chasse de cette poque-l. Grce son sys- Helicopters Holding Company, the helicopter is unequalled
Dear friends!
tme lectronique, Ka-25 pouvait tre oprationnel dans in many applications.
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n'importe quelles conditions climatiques. Cela est devenu
Industry in Russia (English ver-
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Marina Bulat SITDEF 2015 Mi-171A2: flight tests
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The magazine is published with fi-
nancial support of JSC Russian Reduktor-PM Chinese prospective heavy helicopter
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Results of the eighth helicopter exhibition in Moscow

HeliRussia-2015 new heights

HeliRussia - the largest international A report from Crocus-Expo
helicopter trade show to take place in
Russia, always takes place at the
same time - the end of May, at
Crocus-Expo. This is the show's
eighth year in succession, like an
unchanging portent of the emergence
of summer a new season, with new
contracts and new win-win deals.
Every year HeliRussia offers both its
guests and participants things that
are new, interesting, astounding... all
making for a truly festive feel.

2 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


The atmosphere and mood of HeliRussia-

2015 came as no disappointment after previ-
ous shows, and the visitors who gathered
were - in the words of the Deputy Head of
the Ministry of Transport, Mr Valery Okulov -
people who are nuts about aviation de-
signers and engineers. Because actually it's
only these special people who are capable
of seeing successful projects through suc-

The fair gathered 219 different companies

from eleven different countries, all offering
services in the construction, maintenance
and operation of helicopters, helicopter tech-
nologies, on-board and ground-based equip-
ment. The 12,230 square metres of
floorspace was used to display 16 heli-
copters and 5 gyrocopters, both
Russian- and foreign-made.
More than 500 Russian and
foreign journalists were ac-
credited for the event. Over
the three days of the fair
around eleven thousand visi-
tors attended, and forty-six
different events within the
Business Program of the Fair
took place. only mean that for- their plans to consider the idea of localisa-
eign visitors are tak- tion, and signing deals for strategic partner-
A Festival Of The Air ing a great interest in the ships. The market is very large and very
The officials who opened the fair at the Russian helicopter business, promising as you can all see for your-
Grand Opening Ceremony reminded visitors and want to initiate long-term joint projects. selves.
that the helicopter industry is a priority de- The Deputy Minister for Transport, Mr Valery
velopment segment for investors, and simi- Okulov commented on the intense pace of On its own level
larly for the Russian state. Russia is one of development in the helicopter industry. Against a background of declining economic
the world's foremost helicopter developers, There are a growing number of helicopter activity, and a degree of cut-back in some in-
and a trade fair of this kind only goes to parks, heli-dromes, and these need to be put dustrial sectors over the last year, HeliRus-
strengthen the already-current traditions of to fullest use. Our hope is that our cities will sia-2015 showed no signs of reduction in
high technology, financing, and safety the be buzzing with the constant sound of heli- size. Quite the opposite the number of com-
three pillars on which the industry stands. copters overhead. panies exhibiting, as well as the number of
Every year brings yet another unique devel- visitors to the show is up on last year's event.
opment, and this is the main achievement of These were sentiments developed by Deputy What can be concluded from the main devel-
the helicopter industry. Minister for Industry, Mr Andrei Boginsky. opmental trends in the helicopter industry to
A welcoming address was read at the Open- This is the largest helicopter fair in Europe, be seen at HeliRussia-2015? The main thing,
ing Ceremony, from the Head of the Russian packed full of innovative ideas that give of course is the development of Russian heli-
Presidential Administration, Mr Sergey Russian companies every opportunity, and copter technology, in which the world's lead-
Ivanov. Your visit firmly supports the posi- not only in the field of manufacturing. We are ing players are taking a greater and greater
tion of one of our foremost industries, which hoping that the future will see improved tech- involvement. These include helicopter manu-
is continuously developing and expanding. nology and joint development. European visi- facturers, and producers of components and
It's an industry which involves a growing tors might want to look at the current status fittings. The second point is the growing at-
number of participants and guests. This can of our industry, and perhaps maybe adjust tention and unfeigned interest in the industry 3

by the Russian state. The trade fair tradition- the Perm company Afalina, who attracted a
ally presented a joint exhibition from Ros- lot of attention and visitors, including poten-
technologia, and its twenty-two constituent tial partners.
companies - the holding "Helicopters of Rus-
sia", OAO "Rosoboronexport", JSC "Aviation The leading role
Equipment", JSC "Concern Radio-electronic The exhibition this year brought the attention
technology", JSC "Concern" Avionics " JSC of visitors to a wide range of new hardware
"Ramenskoye Component Design Com- being produced by both foreign and Russian
pany", OAO "Corporation" Fazotron NIIR ", helicopter producers. There was a record
JSC" Aeropribor-Sunrise ", JSC" meter ", number of new model launches such a
JSC" Techpribor "and others. The third con- large number of new models being presented
clusion is that HeliRussia is becoming a at one show had never been seen before.
venue for the demonstration of complex elec- New models from two of the industry's inter-
tronic equipment, and particularly for visuali- national giants were on show Agusta West-
sation displays. This demonstrates the land, and Bell Helicopters. There was also
technical advancement of new technlogies the unveiling of a high-speed helicopter being
with a mixed accent on the development of manufactured in Russia by Heliweil.
aircraft from the point of what is fitted inside
them. Fourthly, there has been a swift ex- Bell Helicopters unveiled their new Bell-505 of its AW189 helicopter, which is currently
pansion of corporations offering services re- for the first time in Russia a five-seater sin- undergoing certification in Russia. It received
lated to the helicopter industry. These gle-engined gas-turbine of the new genera- its EASA certificate in February 2014. The
include pilot training, craft rental, and char- tion, which made its maiden flight in Canada AW-189 is basically a new twin-engined heli-
ters, through to the development of helicop- in November 2014. Another new item on copter, with two GE CT7-2E1 engines and
ters by small independent design outfits. show was the VIP salon by Mecaer for the an overall weight of 8.3 tonnes. It's consid-
Alongside the array of commercial helicop- Bell-429 helicopter, and similarly the Bell- ered a low-priced multi-purpose helicopter to
ters on show at the show there were models 407GX. fit the needs of a growing market.
from fresh, new design companies such as Augusta Westland gave the Moscow launch Airbus Helicopters presented two helicopters

4 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


the H130 (formerly numbers the EC130 first to demonstrate a 2-seater superlight pur- There was also a new product unveiled in
T2), in a VIP configuration; and the H125 suit helicopter along the lines of the Afalina. the gyrocopter market the first example of
(formerly called the AS350 B3), a bestseller Russian domestic production, plus a raft of a gyrocopter produced under licence from
for Airbus Helicopters in Russia, as well as technological innovation has significantly op- the Italian manufacturers Claudio Pagotto,
the H160 model, which had originally been timised the cost per flying hour - which which was first presented at HeliRussia-2015
unveiled in March of 2015. makes this helicopter able to take on a wide by the Russian company Za Oblaka (Be-
A new helicopter from Russian producers range of different usage profiles. This is the yond The Clouds).
was presented by Heliweil, which was the result of dedicated work from a team of peo- This traditionally high-value show's main titu-
ple fanatically devoted to aviation. lar sponsor for HeliRussia - the state corpo-
ration Russian Helicopters - presented a
medical-application version of its Ansat heli-
copter, along with the Ka-226, and a VIP ver-
sion of the Mi-8.
Russian Helicopter Systems JSC VO pre-
sented a six-seater VIP cabin for the
AW109SP, as well as exhibiting a project for
expanding the helicopter infrastructure for
the Moscow Region.
As always, a good preponderance of Robin-
son helicopters was on show at the exhibi-
tion, amongst which was the new R66 model
with autopilot, presented by ZAO Aviamarket.
In all a total of five Russian-manufactured hel-
icopters were on view at the show: (Mi-8, Mi-
2, Ka-226, the Ansat, and the Afalina); 3
helicopters from AgustaWestland (AW 109
Grand New, AW 139, AW 189); 3 craft from
AirbusHelicopters (EC 130 T2, AS 350 B3, AS
350 B3E); 2 from Robinson Helicopters (R 66,
R 44); two helicopters from Bell Helicopter
(Bell 505, Bell 407GX) and one helicopter
from Belgian producers Dynali, the H2S.
The gyrocopters in the show were from Cav-
alon and Calidus, GYRO GT, GY- 5

This helicopter will be available to pur-

chasers by the end of 2015. It will mark a ju-
bilee twentieth helicopter of the Bell-429 to
be delivered to the region.
The signing of this contract was attended by
the President of the Textron Corporation, Mr
Scott Donnelly, along with Bell Helicopters
VP Patrick Moulay, the Head of Bell Helicop-
ROSPRINT, TANARG 912 and a ters received their full flightworthy documen- ters for Europe Mr Jakub Joba, and the CEO
StemmeS10 glider were also present in the tation in the Aviation Register of the Inter- of Jet Transfer, Mr Alexander Evdokimov.
exhibition hall. state Aviation Committee (IAC) and can now The helicopter is going to be supplied in a
The undisputed world leader in the field of be fully utilised in the civilian aviation sphere. corporate-ready format. The client has re-
aero-engines and space engines for civilian Earlier versions of these helicopters have quested that the cabin of the helicopter will
and military applications - the Safran group - been put into operation use by the Russian be fitted with a number of additional facilities
also took part in the show, represented the Ministry of Defence, the Russian Ministry of that increase passenger comfort and im-
companies Turbomeca, Microturbo and Emergency Services, the Russian Ministry of prove sound isolation said Mr Evdokimov
Sagem. JSC "United Engine Building Corpo- Internal Affais, the Federal Security Bureau, when outlining the features of the helicopter.
ration" was another exhibitor in the show. and other Russian state bodies. The tradi- A contract was signed for the delivery of
tional set-up of the Ansat, and the co-axial eight light helicopters from Airbus Helicop-
The big deals design of the Ka-226T each have their own ters, and an Agreement was made for a
The HeliRussia-2015 show hosted the official advantages to recommend them. They are servicing and dealership centre for Airbus
hand-over by AP MAK of the documents for multi-purpose helicopters capable of being Helicopters at the Istra Heliport.
the Ansat and Ka-226T helicopters. used for cargo or passenger transportation, Two new centres will join the network of Heli-
The new light civilian Ansat and Ka-226T as well as use within the emergency medical ports Russia, at Krasnodar and Tyumen. The
helicopters are developed by the Russian sphere. agreement for these centres was signed on
Helicopters Holding Corporation and State At the HeliRussia-2015 exhibition, the Bell the opening day of the HeliRussia-2015
Corporation Rostech, and were the first such Helicopters corporation and Jet Transfer show by the Deputy Chairman of the Board,
helicopters to appear in the world Russian signed a contract for the delivery of the new Nina Abulova, with the heads of the two new
commercial aviation. Both of these helicop- Bell-429 helicopter to Russia. centres. In Krasnodar the network will be

6 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


represented by the HeliCentre facility already

operating in the area. This centre will con-
tinue to be headed by the current general di-
rector, Mr Vasily Grekhov.

The American helicopter manufacturer Bell

Helicopters has, for the first time in its his-
tory, agreed to the assembly of its helicop-
ters at a Russian-located facility. During the
Exhibition the company signed the relevant
licensing agreement with Urals Civilian Avia-
tion Plant (UZGA) from Ekaterinburg. The
latest modification of the Bell-407GXP model
has been selected for production within Rus-
sia. It's a new milestone in the development
of the Russian aviation industry said Mr
Artur Shtankov, the Chairman of the Board at
UZGA. Mr Shtankov emphasised that all of
the helicopters produced will have Russian
certification. The first three are already
scheduled to be assembled in Ekaterinburg
this year, and will be used for the relevant
certification as soon as they are manufac-
tured. UZGA are hoping that these three will
be bought by the Federal Air Transport
agency for use by flying schools. The licence
agreement puts no limit on the number of
helicopters which can be produced. UZGA is
already an experienced player in localised 7

ment for the Ka-62 helicopter, and a vision

system and the latest Avrora-3 visualisation
The Avrora-3 visualisation system was given
an official presentation on the first day of the
show, which put the system through its
paces as a simulator for showing all kinds of
spaces outside the simulator cabin. One spe-
cific feature of the latest system is a combi-
nation of realistic images with very detailed
scenes plus a simulation of real light. This is
achieved by using models from physically
actual lighting models. Currently the data-
base of this system includes around 30 world
airports, including airports in Russia and

KRET once again exhibited at the HeliRussia

exhibition as a single unified structure. The
company used its display stands at the exhi-
production of foreign aircraft. Their produc- Russia by UTAir and Airbus Helicopters Vos- bition to demonstrate the full range of its
tion facilities have already been used to tok of a network of authorised servicing cen- technical solution achievements across the
manufacture drone aircraft for Israel, and tres and distributors for MRO services and entire spectrum of the helicopter industry. 15
flight trainers for the Austrian firm Diamond spare parts. different companies of the KRET group were
Aircraft. exhibiting this years, showing visitors their
The HeliRussia-2015 exhibition provided the Fit it out cutting-edge developments in the field of
venue for an extension of the four-way Visitors to the exhibition were able to find out avionics for helicopters.
agreement between Airbus Helicopters, Air- more about the latest in navigational equip- The Technodynamics corporation used the
bus Helicopters Vostok, Flight Staff Training ment, ground services, radio-localised con- Exhibition to give demonstrations by its spe-
Centre NP and UTAir airlines, for training trol, and the fitting out of helicopter stations. cialist staff for the creation of a series of syn-
both pilots and engineering and maintenance During the exhibition Transas Aviation (TAV) chronous frequency instability generators.
personnel. In addition to this, the parties to demonstrated solutions for the helicopter in- The Technodynamics stand featured a
the Agreement approved the operation in dustry including an on-board set-up of equip- model of the GSP-90/120 synchronous gen-

8 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


erator. Although it was originally planned that

this equipment would be fitted to the pro-
jected MS-21 aircraft, the staff at Technody-
namics remain confident that a 60 kW
generator has the potential to be utilised in
Russian helicopters, including the projected
Russo-Chinese collaboration on the ANL
Heavy Lifter. The principle application of
the equipment from Technodynamics is the
idea of not needing a constant-speed hy-
draulic drive. A rectifier device can instead
replace it, as a small electronic unit.

The Italian corporation AeroSekur specialise

in life-saving equipment for the aviation in-
dustry. At the Exhibition they demonstrated a
new means of escape from a helicopter dur-
ing a forced water landing. In principle this
system is based on a system of ballonets,
which can keep the damaged helicopter
afloat, and a liferaft which is incorporated into
the helicopter's fuselage. In addition to this
the company displayed protective fuel tanks
which can help to equalise things during the
carrying of extreme loads. The company also
displayed a program for the servicing of its
own equipment, including a plan for training
technical personnel. Currently AeroSekur's
equipment only comes fitted on foreign-man-
ufactured helicopters, Their largest clients are
Agusta Westland and Airbus Helicopters.
Among the mass-produced helicopters fitted
with this equipment are the AW 109, AW 139,
AW189 and H175. No Russian helicopters
are currently fitted with AeroSekur equip-
ment. Due to its participation in the Exhibtion,
AeroSekur gained interest from Russian
manufacturers and operators in the products
it manufactures. A number of contracts were
signed for the delivery of equipment to Russ-
ian customers.

The Business Program

The Business Program of the HeliRussia-
2015 event attracted more than 600 repre-
sentatives from more than 130 different
Russian and foreign companies.
Under the umbrella of the exhibition there
were also conferences, round tables and
seminars on such topics as Design For Avi-
ation; Air Ambulance Aviation in Russia &
Medical Evacuations; The Helicopter Mar- 9

professional from the Russian Ministry of

Health, the MDV, health protection bodies
from the Russian Regions, health centres,
emergency healthcare bodies, and scientists
from university medical departments.
It goes without saying that a great deal of at-
tention was devoted to the round table dis-
cussion Heliports for the City of Moscow
and the Ways they should be used. This dis-
cussion was dedicated to the implementation
of the state program for the City of Moscow,
Development of the Moscow Transport Sys-
tem for 2012-2016, as well as the stipula-
tions in the sub-program Development of
New Means Of Transport as far as it refers
to helicopter transport. On part of this suc-
cessful program was the experience gained
by State Corporation Russian Helicopter
Systems in resolving the administrative and
operational needs of the city, and implemen-
ket as it is now, and in the future, Future Over the three days the participants and tation of the aviation side of using the
Transport yesterday, today, and tomor- guests of the international forum discussed Moscow-City quayside, and the helicopter
row; Meteorological flights and landing fa- many issues and came to joint conclusions deck at the Moscow House of Music.
cilities; Safety for helicopter services in the on topics such as methodology and the struc-
Energy sector; The possibilities for TCO ture of processes for design in Light Aviation. Everyone wants to fly
for helicopter technology and the facilities of- It's worth repeating that helicopter technol-
fered by repair and maintenance facilities of During the Design For Aviation Forum ogy today is in great demand - and this de-
Russian Helicopters; A new version of there was a round table discussion dedicated mand is only going to rise. If a helicopter
Section 8 of the Air Code Legal regulation to issues of design (creating shapes, style, club fifteen years ago might have seemed
of air operations; The Patent Company and parts) of cabins and elements of the the dream, or at best the exotic hobby of a
and Aviation or how to protect your inven- fuselage of different craft; and a conference bunch of playboys, today the numbers of
tion; Hitting high efficiency targets by entitled Modernisation of air technology such clubs all over Russia are counted in
using LA to optimise servicing operations, meeting standard needs, or optimising re- hundreds, and continue to rise. Experts be-
use of storage facilities and parts turnover; sources?; a master-class on the design and lieve that the no drop in activity in so-called
Modernisation of air technology meeting colour options of helicopter fuselages. light aviation is apparent. Quite the reverse
standard needs, or optimising resources?; Over 21st and 22nd May there was an inter- interest is rising, along with demand for train-
Computer modeling for vibro-acoustics in disciplinary practical scientific conference ing, for helicopter tours, for leasing, and for
aircraft and helicopter building. The optimisa- held, entitled Air Ambulance Aviation in helicopter rental.
tion of building the body of a helicopter on Russia & Medical Evacuations. The organ- Today it's become popular to quote popular
the basis of vibro-acoustic analysis, as well isers of this conference were the Association wisdom about the two-sided nature of the cri-
as other events. of the Helicopter Industry, and JSC Mobile sis, as reflected in Chinese hieoroglyphs
Medicine, with the active participation of the one side means danger, while the opposite
This year was the first time that a new topic State Organisation 'The Russia-Wide Centre side means new opportunities. It certainly
was discussed - Design for Aviation. This for Medical Disaster Protection of the Russ- seems that the domestic market for helicop-
was an international forum held with the sup- ian Health Ministry, the NII Pirogov State ters in Russia (and for industry generally),
port of Russian Helicopters and the Union of Centre for Children's Surgery of the Russian the latter part of this Ancient Chinese Wis-
Russian Designers, which brought together Health Ministry, with the support of the Min- dom seems truer than ever.
professionals from the spheres of aviation, istry of Trade & Industry of Russia, and the
transport and industrial design, engineering Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Text compiled and written by
companies, design bureaux and representa- A round table discussion entitled Modern Maria Scherbakova
tives of both Russian and foreign manufac- Technologies of Medical Air Evacuation Translated by
turers. Staff Training was attended by leaders and Neil McGowan

10 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


iHeliport for iPad

Available on the
New model
App Store
specifications 11
European companies are seeking opportunities to explore new partnership channels with Russian counterparts

Russian Hour at the Paris Air Show:

International collaboration of Russian
aircraft manufacturers.
Suppliers and finalists
OEM & Suppliers Russian capabilities
for global benefits

16th July, 3:15 to 6 pm

(Hall 2 and Cocktail Space No 2)

The Russian Helicopter Industry Associa- This year our Russian Hour makes its dbut When we bear global trends in mind, it's
tion along with the Russian Exhibition Sys- at the Paris Air Show. vital for market players to find new opportu-
tems corporation have established the fine nities for collaboration.
tradition of holding a conference titled The international aviation industry is develop- Today Russia is making firm strides in the
Russian Hour at the annual American ing higher and higher requirements for pro- sphere of international collaboration. Key
Heli-Expo exhibition. It's an event at which duction, development companies and production for the civil aviation market are
current issues of international collaboration manufacturers, which increases the complex- being developed in close cooperation with
in the Russian aviation industry are dis- ity of the supply chain, and raises the level of international partners. Russian industry is
cussed, and has been held since 2009. technological, financial and project risks. represented at all tiers of supply and

12 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


throughout the value chain. Corporations

are actively building European standards
into their designs, into the standards of their
manufacturing processes and into their The Event Program
quality control systems.

The model for the Russian aviation industry

means that local manufacturing suppliers 15:15 -15:35 Welcome address from the Deputy Ministry for Trade & Industry of the Russian
are oriented towards global markets, inte- Federation, Mr A Boginsky
grated into international chains of suppliers,
take part in risk-sharing programs, and have 15:35 -15:40 Welcome address from the President of the Paris Air Show, Monsieur Emeric
introduced best international practice in d'Arcimoles
their design and manufacturing processes.
The Government, in its turn should direct its 15:40 -15:55 The Development of Suppliers to the Aviation Industry international collabora-
efforts into multi-directional support for ini- tion. Mr A Boginsky (Russian Ministry of Trade & Industry), Mr M Grigoriev, Mr K Tikhomirov
tiatives on the international market. (Strategy Partners Group)

15:55 -16:17 The business of successful international collaboration, with the participation of
the Skolkovo Foundation, and prospects for its expansion into companies in the aviation man-
The Organisers: ufacturing industry (The Skolkovo Foundation)
Russian Exhibition Systems, Russian Ma-
chines with the support of the Trade & In- 16:17 -16:25 Possibilities for State Corporation Russian Helicopters to participate in OEM
dustry Ministry of the Russian Federation. production chains (Russian Helicopters)
General sponsor State Corporation Russ-
ian Helicopters. 16:25 -16:32 Presentation of promising projects for international collaboration with OAK
Event Concept
Russian aviation industry companies have 16:32 -16:40 Presentation of promising projects for international collaboration with Russian
consolidated to present proposals to inter- Machines (Mr D Rodin, Aviation Development Director, Russian Machines)
national OEM companies who are inter-
ested in working with Russian companies, 16:40 -16:47 State Corporation Russian Helicopters within the system of international collab-
under the umbrella of the Le Bourget Air oration involving the development and modernisation of helicopter equipment. (Mr D Al-
Show abuzhev, Program Development Director, State Corporation Russian Helicopters)

The Aims of the Event 16:47 -17:00 Inter-Cluster Collaboration in the spheres of Innovation and Retraining Staff Mr
1. To incept the cooperation of Russian A Kobenko, Deputy Chair of Government, Minister for Economic Development, Investment &
aviation industry companies in accor- Trade for Samara Region.
dance with the principles of developing
supplies, with the proposals of the Strat- 17:00 -17:10 Experience in aviation industry joint production ventures in Russia (Agusta-
egy Partners Group. Westland, t.b.c)
2. To enable contracting for Russian avi-
ation industry companies. 17:10 -17:30 Presentation of promising projects for collaboration with Russian companies
by three companies who are members of GIFAS
The Sphere of Activity of the Event
The possibilities of localising production, in- 17:30 -18:00 Buffet
troduction into the supply chain, the locali-
sation of foreign suppliers within Russian
markets, localisation within outsourcing pro- The working language for the event will be English. There is no facility for simultaneous
grams, and cooperation in innovation. translation in the venue. 13
A helicopter which has extraordinary commercial potential

Ahead of its time,
and ready to go

This year the holding group Russian Helicopters unveiled further new helicopter technology at the LIMA-2015 Langkawi International
Aerospace and Maritime Exhibition multi-purpose helicopters for civil aviation. Amongst these helicopters was a completely new model
the Ansat light helicopter, which has now joined the ranks of fully-fledged club members in the world of civil aviation. It's a helicopter which
has the most spacious goods/passenger capacity in its class and can be configured both as a passenger helicopter (including a VIP set-
up) or for freight traffic, or additionally for search-and-rescue or medical evacuation applications.

14 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


One step forwards is a step into precedent for certifying such an advanced
the future helicopter anywhere in the world, nor any in-
The name 'Ansat' means simple in Tatar - ternational certification body anywhere which
the regional language where the Ansat is had the right or ability to do it. The Ansat helicopter
produced. Its development can be traced
back to 1993, when a regional aviation de- Even so, the installation of the hydro-me-
now finally available for
sign bureau was set up at the instigation of chanical control system didn't affect the un- use over a wide range
Deputy Director, Mr V.B.Kartashov. The bu- laden weight of the helicopter, nor did it
reau's work took shape in 1994, when it cause any changes to its performance speci-
of different applications,
began developing twin-engine domestic fications. as well as being fitted
light helicopters with a 1300kg payload ca-
pacity that conformed to FAR-29 interna- Expert opinion agrees that the modernised
and certified to be used
tional aviation standards. Development of Ansat possesses a wide raft of technical ad- for both regular and
the new helicopter involved the Kazan Avia- vantages over other similar helicopters in its
tion Institute, NPP Avikon, and Aerome- class it's reliable and simple to operate;
charter passenger
chanica JSC. By 1997 KVZ Kazan can be used safely in a wide range of cli- flights
Helicopter Factory had received certification matic conditions and temperature ranges;
for the development and production of a and does not require hangar storage. Poten-
light version, leading to the appearance of a tial customers not only from Russia, but
prototype of the helicopter which was pre- from a wide number of countries in Asia and
viewed before the general public at the Latin America are happy to purchase the quirement. The Russian Ministry of Defence
MAKS-97 Air Show. model as equipped with hydro-mechanical has been actively purchasing Ansats for heli-
steering. copter training and military flight training cen-
The initial version produced by KVZ was an tres, and they cannot heap sufficient praise
Ansat equipped with a cutting-edge fly-by- As far as an Ansat equipped with a fly-by- on this model. In addition to this the Kazan
wire control system (the KSU-A). It was a wire navigational and control system is con- Helicopter Factory is working on a further
control system that proved to be vastly cerned, it's a version which has been taken modification of the Ansat which will feature
ahead of its time, and no other helicopter up enthusiastically for military applications, KSU-A fly-by-wire control systems alongside
with a similar control system has ever been where the civil aviation certification isn't a re- extended flight operation specifications.
produced since.

However, in order to receive certification as a

civil aviation helicopter for passenger use,
the new model needed to pass a rigorous
test-flight certificate program for its class of
use. Yet it turned out that no previous heli-
copter of this class and specification had
ever received such certification. The Interna-
tional Aviation Committee of inspection sim-
ply had no criteria for running test flights for a
helicopter of this specification.

As a work-around for this unexpected situa-

tion, the designers were compelled to rethink
the helicopter with a more conventional
hydro-mechanical control system. It was,
perhaps, the first example in Russian history
when developers were forced into making
modifications to their designs that replaced
the latest innovations in their standard model
with outdated technology. However, it wasn't
purely a Russian problem there was no

With a full 3300 kg

takeoff weight, the
cargo configuration of
the Ansat is capable of
carrying a 1300kg
payload for a distance
of up to 520 km, at a
speed of up to 240km/h
a task it would
complete in just 3 hours
and 20 minutes

Whitney turboshaft engines with 630hp, with

an electronic digital engine control system
(FADEC). This system ensures take-off con-
tinuation even if one of the engines fails dur-
ing the process.

With a full 3300 kg takeoff weight, the cargo

configuration of the Ansat is capable of car-
Simplicity is no worse than thievery Replacement of sleeve parts can be carried rying a 1300kg payload for a distance of up
In fact, this so-called simple helicopter is a out without needing to go to a service centre, to 520 kilometres, at a speed of up to
long way from simple in reality. Just consider based on gathering objective information of 240km/h a task it would complete in just 3
that for the first time in the history of helicop- the system. The hingeless torsion sleeve de- hours and 20 minutes. Range and flight du-
ter manufacture, a craft in this class is certi- sign was first developed in Russia, and of- ration depend on altitude, weather condi-
fied to carry up to ten passengers. One of fers huge prospect for further development. tions, air speed and the weight of the cargo.
these passenger seats is next to the pilot, on The fly-by-wire control system was also first The craft has a service ceiling of 5500-6000
the left with a further nine passenger seats developed in Russia specifically for the metres, dependent on take-off weight, with a
in the main payload cabin. Passenger ac- Ansat. The reliability of this control system is hover ceiling of 1800-2700m. The radius of
cess is via four different doors two in the ensured quadruple reserve digital and ana- operations for the search-and-rescue config-
pilot's cabin, and four in the payload cabin. logue calculators with double-reserve inde- uration, in which flight would proceed at the
There's also a hatch in the rear section of the pendent power supplies. There are dual fastest possible speeds, extends to 190-210
fuselage where luggage, or a stretcher, can hydraulic boosters for operative systems, kilometres. The repositioning range for the
be loaded. which are fixed to the casing of the central empty helicopter would be 620 kilometres.
gearbox, and immediately alter the position The helicopter could deliver a payload of
The Ansat's main rotor hub is hingeless and of the swash plate. 1650kg over a distance of 100 kilometres.
'maintenance-free'. Hinges have instead Usage of additional exterior fuel tanks would
been replaced with a flexible fibreglass tor- Aside all this, the Ansat is fitted with a brand- significantly extend the range and flight-dura-
sion beam. A four-way sleeve incorporates new flight navigation system which provides tion specifications of the craft.
two intersecting beams, with two blades con- for flight in either automatic or manual-con-
necting to each of them. The hingeless sus- trol mode, in light or heavy weather condi- Available, and in demand
pension system provides for both extended tions and also for total independence The work done by developers in getting a
controllability and handling, and for reducing during flight preparation, and during servicing civilian version of the Ansat into production
the cost and weight of the unit too which of the helicopter. didn't keep buyers waiting long. By late-2014
makes for significantly lower operating costs. Kazan Helicopter Factory received certifica-
The Ansat is fitted with two PW 207K Pratt & tion for the passenger model of the Ansat.

16 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015

By December 2014 a further category certifi-
cate confirmed that the standard design of
the helicopter met civil aviation regulations,
including the changes made by the alter-
ations in the steering mechanism. In prac-
tice the passenger model of the helicopter
deploys an advanced control system (SUU)
and features a 3600kg take-off weight,
equipped with the full configuration for pas-
senger flights. These improvements enable
improved flight handling capabilities for the
helicopter, making it an even more desirable
buy on the competitive international markets.
To sum up Russia now has two different
craft within the multi-purpose light helicopter
category, the Ansat, and the Ka-226, which
are effectively in competition with each
other. Without hurting each other's chances,
these two models are capable of fulfilling
Russia's entire niche demand for light multi-
purpose helicopters. The Ka-226 offers ex-
cellent altitude performance they have no
rival in mountain areas. To put it simply, it's
a helicopter with all the advantages of a co-
axial design. The Ansat can carry larger
passenger numbers, and the single-rotor de-
sign is perfect for transport use.

Comparing them with western-made competi-

tors, the Ansat goes head-to-head with the
Bell-429, the EC-135 and EC-145, and the
AW-109. Price is going to be a winning factor,
alongside the fact that Russian-made heli-
copters are optimised for Russian operational
conditions and usage standards. No-one will
deny that the western-made helicopters are
good but they need complex and exacting
servicing. The Ansat positions itself as an in-
expensive way into the air without preten-
sions, simple, and with low running costs.

We can sign-out by mentioning that mass

production and the beginning of commercial
deliveries of the Ansat are scheduled for this
year. Potential purchasers of the civilian ver-
sion are already involved in negotiations.
The commercial prospects for the Ansat
seem excellent not only for the Russian do-
mestic market, but for the aerospace industry
all over the world.

Dmitry Gnatenko
Les hlicoptres russes avec le succs reviennent sur les marchs habituels de l'poque de l'URSS

Russian Helicopters a montr une

production prometteuse au Prou
La holding a prsent de nouveaux modles et des modles de srie lexposition militaire SITDEF 2015

Russian Helicopters a particip au Ve Salon Ka-3211BC et une des nouveauts les plus plus prometteurs pour les hlicoptres de
international des Technologies pour la attendues : le futur hlicoptre polyvalent i- fabrication russe. En tout, il y est exploit
Dfense et la Scurit des civils et pour la 1712. Conjointement avec Rosoboronex- plus de 400 appareils. En 2013, il a t
Prvention des Catastrophes Naturels SIT- port, la holding a fait la dmonstration des conclu des contrats pour la livraison de
DEF 2015 qui a eu lieu du 14 au 17 mai modles de lhlicoptre de reconnaissance plus de 40 hlicoptres dans cette rgion.
Lima, au Prou. et dattaque K-52 Alligator et du plus Ces contrats devraient permettre den livrer
grand hlicoptre au monde : le i-26. jusquen 2016, a indiqu le directeur
La holding a prsent aux oprateurs gnral de Russian Helicopters, Alexandre
dAmrique Latine lhlicoptre polyvalent LAmrique Latine est un des marchs les Mikheev.

18 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


Le directeur de la holding a not que la so- ing ont fait une prsentation de cet hlicop- Ensemble avec Rosoboronexport la holding
cit livre principalement dans les pays tre lors de lexposition et ils ont expliqu a prsent lhlicoptre de reconnaissance
dAmrique Latine des segments moyens et ses capacits lors de la ralisation dopra- et dattaque Ka-52 Alligator. Cet hlicop-
lourds qui sont les plus rentables tions de sauvetage et du transport de tre est prvu pour dtruire les chars, les
conomiquement. chargements spciaux. vhicules blinds et non blinds, des cibles
Les visiteurs de lexposition ont pu gale- ariennes et les troupes au sol, pour raliser
Les hlicoptres -32A11BC sont trs con- ment dcouvrir plus en dtail le futur i- des missions de reconnaissance, etc. Le -
nus des oprateurs latino-americains. Au 1712 polyvalent combinant lexprience 52 Alligator satisfait toutes les exigences
Prou, en Colombie, au Brsil et au Chili, ils unique dutilisation des hlicoptres de type et les particularits de lAmrique Latine. Il
sont utiliss avec succs dans la lutte contre i-8/17 dans toutes les rgions du monde et convient parfaitement pour les rgions mon-
les incendies, lors de travaux de construction dans les rsolutions dingnierie et de con- tagneuses o il peut tre trs utile dans des
et de montage et lors du transport de struction modernes. Les technologies et les oprations contre des units irrgulires.
chargements sur point d'accroche externe. matriaux la pointe ont t utiliss lors de
Le K-3211 possde la meilleure capac- sa construction. Russian Helicopters a com- Au stand de Rosoboronexport, fut prsent
it de charge de sa classe et une excellente menc les essais en vol de cette nouveaut une maquette du Mi-26 et de sa version
manuvrabilit. Les spcialistes de la hold- en novembre 2014. modernise i-262 : le plus grand hlicop-

Les forces armes du Prou ont acquis huit hlicoptres russes (six Mi-171Sh et deux Mi-35P) 19

LAmrique Latine est un des marchs

les plus prometteurs pour les
hlicoptres de fabrication russe,
il y est exploit en tout plus
de 400 appareils

tre jamais construit en srie au monde. Il

est utilis pour raliser des oprations de
transport et de sauvetage complexes et Le premier Salon international des Technolo- de terre avec le soutien du prsident, du gou-
grande chelle. gies pour la Dfense et la Scurit des civiles vernement et du Ministre de la Dfense du
et pour la Prvention des Catastrophes Na- Prou. Lexposition attire chaque anne envi-
De plus, il a t prvu de raliser des ngo- turels SITDEF a eu lieu en 2007 dans la capi- ron 40000 visiteurs de tout le continent. Les
ciations avec les reprsentants des forces tale Lima sur le site de l'Etat-major de larme dlgus de plus de 30 pays y participent.
armes des pays de la rgion pour promou-
voir les hlicoptres militaires Mi-35M et Mi-
171Sh. Il a dj t ralis un contrat de
livraison dun nouveau lot dhlicoptres mili-
taires de transport Mi-171Sh au Ministre de
la Dfense du Prou. Selon les clauses du
contrat conclu en dcembre 2013, il sera
livr au Prou avant fin 2015 plus de 24 hli-
coptres. Ce contrat a t le plus important
dans lhistoire moderne de la coopration
militaire et technique entre la Russie et le
Prou, ainsi que sur le march mondial des
hlicoptres militaires de transport.

Durant lexposition les spcialistes de la

holding ont organis des rencontres avec
des partenaires trangers et ont discut des
questions de maintenance globale du
matriel russe.
Dans l'immdiat sur le march local il y aura une nouvelle gnration des hlicoptres russes

20 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


Interview de Victor Kladov,

chef du dpartement de la coopration
internationale de la socit Rostec

Un hlicoptre sur cinq en Amrique latine est de fabrication russe

L'application de sanctions a oblig les so-

cits russes renforcer leur collaboration
avec les pays d'Amrique latine : le
Venezuela, le Brsil, le Chili, le Prou. Victor
Kladov, chef du dpartement de la coopra-
tion internationale de la socit Rostec, a
racont, dans une interview au journal Kom-
mersant, ce que cette entreprise nationale
peut offrir cette rgion.

La recrudescence d'activit avec

l'Amrique latine est-elle lie
l'aggravation des relations avec l'Europe
de l'ouest?

Je tiens dire tout de suite que nous n'avons

pas dcouvert l'Amrique du sud, nous y
sommes depuis longtemps installs: Rostec
possde des reprsentations qui travaillent
efficacement dans sept pays de cette partie
du monde. Par exemple, prs de 20 % du
march des hlicoptres des pays au sud du
Rio Grande (Mexique) sont de production
russe. Malheureusement nous ne dtenons
pour l'instant que 2 % des hlicoptres civils.
Mais nous tentons de corriger cette ten- Cette collaboration ne concerne que pour les annes venir. L'quipe russe a
dance, nous menons une large campagne l'aviation? gagn le rallye Paris-Dakar trois annes de
de marketing. L'un des rsultats dj obtenu suite au volant de cette marque. Cela permet
est la livraison d'hlicoptres Kamov Ka-32 Non, l'aviation n'est qu'un des secteurs. En nos partenaires potentiels d'apprcier
au Brsil. Pour le moment, ils ne sont que plus des avions et hlicoptres, nous pro- pleinement la qualit et la fiabilit de nos
deux, mais leur quantit va augmenter dans mouvons activement l'automobile, nous camions, sans autre publicit. Nous avons
l'avenir. En outre, nous effectuons actuelle- dveloppons nos relations dans le domaine avec la socit brsilienne Marcopolo une
ment la promotion des hlicoptres usage nergtique et dans bien d'autres branches entreprise mixte qui produit des autobus de
multiple Kamov Ka-226T et Kazan Ansat encore. Par exemple, notre prsence sur le taille moyenne. De plus, la socit VSMPO-
ainsi que de la plateforme universelle dou- march dans cette rgion, au niveau des au- AVISMA fournit la socit brsilienne Em-
ble usage Ka-62. tomobiles Kamaz, est value 700 engins braer la totalit de ses besoins en titane. 21

La dmonstration de l'quipement de l'hlicoptre Mi-171Sh

Nous effectuons actuellement au Brsil la T-55, des moyens de lutte antiarienne, des partenariat industriel et technologique. Par
promotion des hlicoptres usage multiple systmes d'artillerie, etc. Une partie impor- exemple, lors de l'exposition en Indonsie,
Kamov Ka-226T et Kazan Ansat ainsi que de tante de cette production est jusqu' main- aussi bien le prsident que les membres du
la plateforme universelle double usage Ka- tenant en service et a besoin d'tre rpare gouvernement ont dit avoir l'intention de fab-
62. ou modernise. Les nouveaux achats aussi riquer eux-mmes cette production. Nous y
sont prometteurs : les Pruviens savent que sommes prts depuis longtemps, nous
Quels sont les projets les plus promet- nos hlicoptres sont fiables, simples pi- avons prvu plusieurs modles de collabora-
teurs? loter et faciles d'entretien, ils les connais- tion et proposons nos partenaires plus
sent bien. Alors pourquoi changer de qu'une production finie mais aussi des solu-
La construction de ports marins mobiles, la fournisseur ? tions complexes proposant une localisation
construction de centrales lectriques mar- de la production.
motrices, caractristiques de la longue zone Les socits russes n'ont-elles pas peur
ctire du Chili et du Brsil. Je souligne de transmettre leur technologie? Jusqu'o tes-vous prts cooprer?
aussi l'intrt port par le Prou l'gard de
notre production. Depuis 1973, ce pays Les clients tentent actuellement de passer Autant que possible. Nous nous basons sur
nous a achet beaucoup de matriel mili- des achats simples au transfert d'une partie les besoins de nos partenaires. Le gouverne-
taire : des avions Soukho Su-17, Soukho des processus de production sur leur terri- ment de chaque pays fixe toujours des
Su-25 et Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-29, des toire. Si vous voulez, c'est la marche du critres offset diffrents. On peut con-
avions de transport militaires, plus de 100 temps. Si vous me demandez ce qu'est Ros- struire un centre de service technique,
hlicoptres de type Mi, des chars T-54 et tec ce niveau, je vous dirais que c'est un comme cela a t le cas au Brsil avec les

22 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


hlicoptres d'attaque capacit de trans-

port Mi-35M, on peut transmettre la technolo-
gie. Le Brsil lui-mme avec l'acquisition de
nos complexes de missiles et de canons
anti-ariens Pantsir S-1 peut demander din-
staller ce systme sur ses chssis, ou peut
vouloir fabriquer lui-mme certains lments
du complexe... Nous sommes prts tudier
toutes ces possibilits.

Vous ne craignez pas une fuite de vos


Il faut garder la tte froide et comprendre ce

qu'on peut transmettre ou pas. Si ce transfert
ne porte pas atteinte l'conomie et la scu-
rit de la Russie, alors c'est possible. Si un ressentent peu les effets. Le Venezuela con- manire de l'Union sovitique, ils sont main-
tel risque existe, alors personne ne donnera nait pourtant quelques problmes. tenant assez rares. Mais, le Venezuela a ef-
une telle autorisation. fectivement obtenu un crdit de commerce
Alors on ne va pas leur accorder de extrieur d'un montant de 4 milliards de dol-
Nos partenaires latino-amricains n'ont crdits l'achat? lars.
pas de problmes financiers?
L'accord ou le refus de crdit est une dci- L'Argentine est-elle aussi intresse par
La garantie financire est toujours une ques- sion prsidentielle qui prend en compte notre production?
tion de ngociation et pas seulement pour divers aspects gopolitiques, conomiques
cette partie du monde. Je ne pense pas que et technologiques. Le style Allez, hop, on Ils utilisent avec succs plusieurs hlicop-
l'Amrique latine souffre de la crise leur fait crdit ! ne convient pas ici. La tres Mi-171E. S'ils en demandent d'autres,
conomique, au contraire, ces pays en Russie n'a jamais distribu les crdits la nous leur les fourniront avec joie. 23

24 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015

Ka-32A11BC 25
Reduktor-PM became a key element of modernization

Ansat transmission units

to be tested in Perm

26 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


Over a year before the creation of the

Russian Competency Centre for the build-
ing and testing of helicopter gearboxes
and transmission units, two mechanical
energy-saving sealed units test units, for
testing the equipment produced by the
Centre have been developed in Perm - to
test the transmission units of Ansat heli-

The Russian Helicopters Holding is continu-

ing its modernisation program. The result is
the creation of three Competency Centres
for producing magnesium castings, based at
AAK Progress JSC VO; for the mechanical
production of parts, based at KVZ JSC VO;
and for the development and production of
systems and transmission units, and test
units based Reduktor-PM JSC VO. The lat-
ter is the largest Russian centre for the man-
ufacture of helicopter gearbox systems,
including testing units. This centre will be
able to produce the number of gearboxes the
helicopter manufacturing plant will need to
meet its strategic development targets for the
expansion of the helicopter industry as
planned by the Oboronprom military produc-
tion corporation.

Russian Helicopters has

embarked on a program
of Import Replacement
for helicopter parts and
systems used in
Russian manufacturing
Alexander Kuklin, NC machine operator, participant of the WorldSkills Hi-Tech championship

Lessons learned valuable since the customers for the new program for the Ka-62 until recently, and
Having learned from the setbacks which the helicopters might not only be foreign corpo- secondly with a major innovation program
Russian helicopter business encountered rations, but similarly organisations within the in which the development of the helicopter
during the procedures in getting certification Russian State network. deployed advanced technologies ahead of
for the Ka-62, this comprehensive approach Deputy Production CEO for the Russian Heli- both domestic and international standards in
will make significant improvements in effi- copters Holding, Mr Andrei Shibitov draws helicopter manufacture.
ciently replacing imported units in the Russ- the connection with certification delays firstly Regrettably, it might be that we didn't
ian production-line. This is especially with the previously poor quality management completely factor in the risk element when 27

Russian Helicopters
Holding is also
building an
complex in Perm,
including both test
units and assembly

Production of the Ka-62 is scheduled to take

place in close collaboration with European
partners. In particular, the engines and fuel
system come from France (from Turbomeca
and Zodiac Aerospace), while the gear sys-
tem and transmission are Austrian (from the
Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG corporation).
Nevertheless, given the current sanctions
policies implemented by western nations
against Russia, Russian Helicopters has em-
barked on a program of Import Replacement
for helicopter parts and systems used in
Russian manufacturing. One part of this
strategy is the creation of the Centre at Re-
duktor-PM JSC VO's facilities. Here they
have already built two sealed mechanical en-
ergy-saving test units for testing the trans-
mission units to be built for Ansat

No-exception priorities
One of these two units is designed to test the
tail transmission units for the Ansat, while the
other tests the main VR-23 gear system and
its SV-23 connecting shaft. The equipment
was launched in the presence of the Presi-
Ivan Kalmykov, serviceman of NC machine, participant of the WorldSkills Hi-Tech championship dent of the Russian Helicopters Holding, Mr
Mikhail Rybakov, along with the Directors of
Reduktor-PM, experts from the Kazan Heli-
evaluating the innovation technologies in emphasise that this was all connected to copter Plant, and representatives of KAM-
this craft Mr Shibitov admitted. Our de- the innovative technology built into the Engineering, which is the main contractor for
signers, we could say, caught up with inter- craft which inevitably needs a bit of time the project. The first series of tests on these
national experience with this design in a to accommodate it. And we are not alone new test units was successfully completed
single leap which placed the bar very in this. OKB Kamov have had similar expe- on 15th May.
high. This, of course, brought a level of rience with both production and, to a great
risk into the program, and that put us be- extent, with the supply of equipment from Alongside rolling-out the latest helicopter
hind schedule by a year-and-a-half. But I suppliers. models, our Holding is actively modernising

28 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


the power of our production facilities ex- sealed test units, the company's Director the testing units themselves.
plained Mr Alexander Mikheev, the CEO of stressed. This fact enables us to predict The upshot of all of the above is that Russia
Russian Helicopters, when commenting on that a fully-fledged testing facility base will be has now completed the main needs for the
the launch of the new equipment at the set up here in Perm in the near future, for development and construction of completely
Perm plant. both production-line and prototype helicopter Russian-manufactured helicopter engines
The Holding's CEO said that the modernisa- transmission systems. Currently there is no and control systems. One example is the
tions going on with the Ansat helicopter such facility at any helicopter manufacturing creation near St Petersburg of a new design-
would also be seen in its models for the civil company in Russia said Mr Semikopenko. and-production complex at which the entire
aviation market. Russian Helicopters are production cycle for helicopter engines is
confident that the all-purpose version of this In addition to the test units for Ansat helicop- carried out from design through to produc-
craft will be taken up enthusiastically, both in ter transmissions, the Reduktor-PM plant has tion-line manufacture and in-operation serv-
Russia and abroad since the demand for a also set up mechanically sealed test units for icing and support. Their plans for 2015
helicopter of this kind is extremely high. the transmission units of the 8M Mi-8/17 heli- include building 120 helicopter engines, ris-
copters, and for the tail section transmission ing in the next years to an overall output ex-
A very effective sealed movie-camera unit is and beveled gearings of the Mi-28H Night pectancy of 500 engines per year. Similar
installed in the test units for the Ansat trans- Hunter helicopters. figures are forecast for helicopter control sys-
mission, there are modern measuring and tems and engines.
control devices, and a special automated The Russian Helicopters Holding is also
control system. The investment costs in this building an assembly-testing complex in The two mechanically sealed energy-saving
project have run to 134 million roubles com- Perm, including both test units and assembly test units built for testing Ansat helicopters,
mented Mr Nikolai Semikopenko, the Manag- areas. The building of this modern manufac- which have been set-up and launched at the
ing Director of Reduktor-PM. We've set up a turing facility began in September 2014, and Perm plant of Reduktor-PM are the next logi-
modern testing facility it's one of the top pri- covers a ground area of around 20,000 cal step for the Russian helicopter business
ority developments in our business. square metres. Construction is due to be in completing its operations and bringing its
It's possible to assert today that Reduktor- completed in December 2016. The overall in- production up to the needs of a world market.
PM has fully acquired the competencies re- vestment in this project runs to 2 billion rou-
quired for the design and manufacture of bles, including the costs involved in creating Andrey Vezhnovets 29
En 10 ans on produisait 250 hlicoptres Ka-25 des diverses modifications

Il y a 50 ans que le premier

hlicoptre de srie Ka-25 s'est
envol dans
le ciel

30 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


L'hlicoptre Ka-25 construit l'Usine aronautique

d'Oulan-Oude (UAO-O), l'hlicoptre Ka-25PL est de-
venu le premier hlicoptre assorti dun quipement
radiolectronique multifonctionnel comparable, par sa
complexit, aux avions de chasse de cette poque-l.
Grce son systme lectronique, Ka-25 pouvait tre
oprationnel dans n'importe quelles conditions clima-
tiques. Cela est devenu une caractristique partic-
ulire des hlicoptres de marque Ka.

Vol autonome Jusqu Paris

Ses hautes qualits de vol ont permis la
version passagers de l'hlicoptre Ka-25K
pilot par E. Laryushin, le 12 mai 1967 s'est
envol pour Paris o il sest illustr au
27me Salon international de l'aronautique
et de l'espace de Paris - Le Bourget.

Ka-25 a t conu pour le transport des pas-

sagers et des chargements, pour l'utilisation
en qualit de grue, pour le transport sanitaire
et le secourisme . La vitesse de croisire de
cet hlicoptre tait gale 220 km/h et la
distance franchissable tait de 650 kilo-
mtres avec une charge utile de 7300 kilo- d'hlicop-
grammes. Dans la soute, on y pouvait tres. Le fait est L'hlicoptre Ka-25PL anti-sous-marin sur le pont du croiseur Kiev
installer jusqu' 12 passagers. que c'est le point fi-
anale de lexprimenta-
Au Bourget, tout le monde a aim la grue tion pour le lancement de
volante: les spectateurs aussi bien que les l'exploitation des hlicoptres ro-
spcialistes. Les revues d'aviation soulig- tors coaxiaux. C'est pourquoi leur
naient surtout que le Bureau d'tudes dveloppement se droulait non seulement
Kamov a russi rsoudre le problme des du simple au compliqu mais aussi du petit au
doublets d'hlices, puisqu'on a construit un grand, dont un exemple est l'histoire des hli-
tel hlicoptre lourd. En effet, Ka-25 pouvait coptres Kamov. Larrangement de l'hlicop- -25, c'est le premier
transporter, l'aide d'un ancrage externe, tre naval sur la base de Ka-25, a t integr vhicule volant de
des charges jusqu' 2 tonnes de poids en les dans les modles ultrieurs d'hlicoptres
posant prcisment au bon endroit. pour les applications maritimes. combat embarquable
C'est en 1956 que les constructeurs du Bu- en URSS, et son
Du petit au grand reau dtudes exprimental N. I. Kamov ont
Ka-25 excellait dans plusieurs domaines. Il a commenc la cration d'un hlicoptre naval apparition a permis
t le premier hlicoptre vraiment anti-sous- de nouvelle gnration capable de rsoudre de crer de nouvaux
marin, le premier hlicoptre qui avait t ini- les problmes de lutte anti-sous-marine, de
tialement labor pour le combat et pas tout reconnaissance et la rprage de cible. La types de navires et
simplement y adapt. -25, c'est le premier dcision de dveloppement de l'hlicoptre de commencer
vhicule volant de combat embarquable en Ka-25 a t prise le 20 fvrier 1958. A ce
URSS, et son apparition a permis de crer de moment, on a labor certains exigences rsoudre un nombre
nouvaux types de navires et de commencer pour les hlicoptre navals en tenant compte de problmes navals.
rsoudre un nombre de problmes navals. En de la spcificit des rsolutions des prob-
mme temps, -25 est un vhicule labo- lmes de lutte anti-sous-marine: configura-
ration par tape de l'industrie sovitique tion coaxiale d'hlices, deux moteurs, 31

dispositifs de maintenance flot dans le cas 30 constructeurs de diverses spcialisa- iaris avec la production des ailes d'hlice
d'un amerrissage de sauvetage. L'hlicop- tions. L'exprience de la collaboration avec entirement mtalliques d'aprs une tech-
tre est ralis d'aprs le schma de deux les collgues de la construction en srie n'a nologie originale qui est utilise dans la pro-
hlices tripales contrarotatifs. Pour la dispo- pas t inutile: les savoirs acquis ont pos duction jusqu'ici.
sition du navire dans l'hangar et sa trans- les fondements pour le dveloppement
portation sur les lvateurs, on pouvait ultrieur de la technologie de la production Autonomie en toutes intempries
replier les ailes l'aide d'un mcanisme des modules, des systmes et des hlicop- On a produit Ka-25 jusqu'au milieu des an-
distance. tres en gnral, pour amlioration qualita- nes 1970. Lappareil a t modernis plus
tive de la documentation de conception. dune fois au cours de son exploitation. De
Le 26 avril 1961 l'exemplaire prototype de 1965 1974, l'usine a produit et envoy aux
Ka-25 s'est lev dans les airs (il figurait La production de Ka-25 est devenue une troupes de l'aviation de la Marine Militaire
dans les documents comme l'objet D). continuation logique de la production d'hli- 250 hlicoptres -25PL, -25Ts, -
coptres UAO-O: auparavant, l'usine avait 25PS, -25BT. Un grand nombre de modifi-
Ka-25 - innovation dans la production produit Ka-15 et Ka-18 destins l'aviation cations a contribu l'augmentation de
Comme il n'y avait pas d'alternative, la dci- de la Marine Militaire. Une mcanique de la l'efficacit des fonctions de combat et de
sion sur la production en srie de l'hlicoptre colonne des hlices complique, des assem- dfense des dispositifs de forces maritimes.
a t prise au stade initial des tudes. Cette blages colls dans les ailes, de la protection Dans les annes 1965-1973 ont a fabriqu
mission a t assigne l'quipe de l'Usine anticorrosive de tous les ensembles, de lap- dans la ville d'Oulan-Oude 460 hlicoptres
aronautique d'Oulan-Oude qui aujourd'hui plication des plastiques renfort de verre, avec 18 modifications diffrentes. Ils ont t
fait partie du groupe Russian Helicopters . dun grand nombre des dispositions ra- modifis pas une fois au cours de leur ex-
diolectroniques, exigeaient une technologie ploitation. Ka-25 a t export en Bulgarie,
Ce qui est particulier, c'est que l'organisation nouvelle et de qualit et un travail prpara- au Vietnam, en Inde, en Syrie, en Ex-
de la collaboration entre les constructeurs et toire bien srieux. On a cr de nouveaux Yougoslavie.
les producteurs tait rvolutionnaire pour laboratoires, un complexe radiotechnique,
beaucoup. Ainsi, on a organis UAO-O un dpartement des tudes de contruction Les appareils voilure tournante munies
une mission reprsentative du constructeur en srie. En mme temps, on s'est famil- dun matriel spcialise ont t utiliss en
gnral du Bureau dtudes exprimental. 1967-1968 pendant les recherches des ap-
Pendant les deux premires annes, a pareils spatiaux chou dans l'ocan In-
partir de 1961, il y avait UAO-O dien (programme Ellipse). A la
d'une manire permanente 20 fin des annes 1960 et 1970,

L'exemple le plus connu de l'application de Ka-25 le nettoyage du canal de Suez des mines aprs les guerres arabo-israliennes est devenu

32 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


on a ralis un programme analogique sous de trouver dans n'importe quelles conditions par rapport l'axe de poulie de l'hlicoptre.
le nom de Selenga. Les bonnes proprits climatiques et par ses propres moyens un Le chssis d'atterrissage est tetrasupport,
de Ka-25 comme dragueurs de mines ont endroit convenable et datterrir sans aide fixe. Pour lamerrissage de secours, on in-
t dmontres en 1974 lors du dminage quelconque). stallait des ballonnets pneumatiques sur les
du canal de Suez. Pendant la navigation en jambes d'atterrissage (ils ont t dmonts
hiver 1978-1979, pour la premire fois dans Les pilotes aimaient Ka-25 pour son facilit au milieux des annes soixante-dix). Le
l'histoire de la conqute de l'Arctique l'hli- de pilotage, sa capacit de manuvre, sa propulseur est compos de 2 turbomoteurs
coptre Ka-25 muni d'un radar de vision et commodit ainsi que son abondant instru- turbine libre TURBOMOTEUR-3 et un rduc-
d'un horizon artificiel a pris part dans la con- ments de bord. Les pilotes remarquaient teur satellites quatre tages RW-3F (
duite des navires le long de la Route mar- surtout que les manettes et les boutons de partir de 1974 TURBOMOTEUR-3 et RW-
itime du Nord dans les conditions de nuit mise en marche de plusieurs systmes se 3F), situs dans la gondole commune du
arctique. Un groupe de 12 personnes assur- trouaient sur les manches de commande et moteur dans la partie haute du fuselage.
ait une navigation 24 heures sur 24 ans les qu'on pouvait mener tout le vol sans d- Pour la premire fois dans l'histoire nationale
mers de l' Ocan glacial faisant des investi- tacher les mains. La configuration coaxiale a de la construction des hlicoptres, le
gations des glaces maritimes l'aide de Ka- assur l'hlicoptre une belle capacit de propulseur a t muni d'un systme automa-
25. L'hlicoptre tait bas sur le bateau manuvre. tique capable de maintenir la frquence con-
brise-glace atomique Sibrie. Dans les stante des hlices et l'indice des modes du
conditions extrmes de la nuit arctique, Ka-25 est un hlicoptre avec des hlices moteur. Le carburant en rserve se trouvait
quand l'intensit du vent se montait 35 d'une configuration coaxiale. Les hlices en 8 rservoires souples. On a prvu aussi
mtres par seconde, et la temprature de sont tripales, contrarotatifs, avec un systme la possibilit d'installer 2 rservoires
l'aire descendait jusqu' 50 degrs du froid lectro-hydraulique de repliage au repos. Le essence de rserve en dehors sur les bords.
d'aprs l'chelle Celsius, l'hlicoptre volait fuselage est entirement mtallique (D16T), Dans l'avant du fuselage, il y a la cabine de
5-6 heures par jour en altitude de 15-20 de type poutre-limon. Pour assurer la stabil- pilotage quip deux siges. Dans le com-
mtres. D'aprs l'Hros de l'Union sovi- it en profondeur et dans la direction, on a partiment gnral un spcialiste du matriel
tique, laviateur d'essai de l'URSS, Nikolay install une queue empenne avec les anti-sous-marin pouvait s'installer ou 12 pas-
Bezdetniy, aprs plus de 200 heures de vol, drives hautes et basses et deux flasques sagers sur les siges rabattement.
l'hlicoptre a montr 'une autonomie com- munies des gouvernails tournants. Les
plte en toutes intempries (une capacit flasques sont installes sous un angle de 15 Nikolai Korobov 33
Le holding Russian Helicopters reviennent au sujet des hlicoptres rapides

Laboratoire volant pour

l'hlicoptre grande vitesse en
dveloppement Le premier vol pourrait avoir lieu au dbut de 2016

Le premier laboratoire volant dans le cadre Shibitov, le 12 mai lors de la confrence de ne nous obtiendrons un laboratoire volant
du programme de dveloppement de l'hli- presse consacre l'exposition HeliRussia qui doit faire ncessairement une vrification
coptre grande vitesse (DHGV) sera cr 2015. au sol. Si tout se passe bien, nous envis-
avant la fin de cette anne, le premier vol ageons le premier vol de ce laboratoire au
pourrait avoir lieu en 2016. Cela a t Nous avons commenc la construction du premier trimestre de l'an 2016" a annonc
dclar par le vice directeur gnral de la laboratoire volant. Ce projet est en cours de Andrey Shibitov.
holding Russian Helicopters, Andrey ralisation et je crois que vers la fin de l'an-

34 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


Le laboratoire volant permetra d'essayer les tester, lors de vols rels, les moteurs, les in-
moteurs, les instruments de bord et d'autres struments de bord et d'autres composantes
lments de l'hlicoptre dans les conditions de l'hlicoptre.
de vol rel.
Une rentabilit leve, cest le plus
Le vice directeur gnral de Russian Heli- important
copters a expliqu aussi qu'aprs trois an- Retour en 2012, au salon aronautique de
nes de travaux dans le cadre du Farnborough, Dmitry Petrov, Directeur
programme de dveloppement de l'hlicop- Gnral de la holding Russian Helicopters
tre grande vitesse on a compris qu'il faut , a parl de la fin de la phase d'tudes
diviser ce travail en deux parties : une partie prliminaires sur le programme de
consacre la recherche pour atteindre les dveoppement de l'hlicoptre grande
grandes vitesses (360-400 kilomtres par vitesse (DHGV). Ainsi, le critre le plus im-
heure la premire tape, 400-450 km par portant sur lequel on a mis laccent lors du
heure et plus la deuxime tape) et une dveloppement de ce nouvel hlicoptre de
autre commerciale qui utilisera les informa- pointe, a t le rendement lev de l'ex-
tions dj acquises et en mme temps ploitation de l'hlicoptre. Nous sommes
rpondra au exigences du march. convaincus que le principal avantage concur-
rentiel de toute technologie dans le monde
D'aprs les mots d'Andrey Shibitov, l'analyse moderne est son rendement conomique,
des exigences des exploitants a montr que a t-il dclar. L'intervention d'Andrey Chibitov la confrence
c'est le cot d'exploitations qui est prioritaire de presse dans l'agence d'information Interfax
pour eux et non la vitesse. Il a remarqu que
dj l'tape de thorisation, le cot de lap-
pareil atteignant une vitesse maximale de
360 kilomtres par heure est lev.
la Russie etait prte sonnes; lquipage est compos de deux pi-
octroyer plus de 7 lotes et du personnel navigant ( en cas de
C'est pourquoi nous avons fait ce d- transport de passagers); la charge maximale
coupage: on ralise un programme de cra-
milliards roubles pour la interne est de 3500 kg; la charge maximale
tion d'un hlicoptre moyen commercial de cration d'un nouvel de levage est de 4000 kg; la charge
classe 10+ (d'aprs le poids au dcollage)
qui va comprendre tout ce que nous avons
hlicoptre grande moyenne de levage est de 2500 kg; la dis-
tance franchissable avec une charge
dj fait en ce qui concerne lappareil vitesse moyenne de levage est de 900 km. La
grande vitesse; et on continue les travaux vitesse de croisire maximale est de 340
dvous l'obtention des vitesses de la pre- 360 km / h ( de 25 30% plus leve que
mire tape, 360 kilomtres par heure, dans ses homologues modernes); le cot dex-
les cadres du large programme Vitesse, a Un modle futur dhlicoptre moyen ( PSV), ploitation est de 20 25% infrieure par rap-
expliqu Andrey Shibitov. dernire nouveaut de la holding, a t mon- port leurs pairs.
tr publiquement pour la premire fois au
Il a t dclar auparavant que la Russie salon aronautique en 2012. Appel Les paramtres du moteur sont les suiv-
etait prte octroyer plus de 7 milliards rou- RACHEL ( de langlais Russian Advanced antes: un turbomoteur turbine libre con-
bles pour la cration d'un nouvel hlicoptre Commercial Helicopter: Hlicoptre com- struction modulaire avec une puissance
grande vitesse. Au mois de janvier 2014 le mercial Russe Perfectionn ). dpendante de la modification, avant et
directeur excutif de Klimov, Alexandre Vata- Les exigences scientifiques et techniques, aprs, avec les conditions H = 0, V = 0: le
gin, a inform qu'on planifiait de crer le pre- qui font suite aux travaux de recherche sur la rgime moteur est de 2,5 tour/minutes soit
mier prototype d'un moteur de dernire cration et la mise en service en 2020 de 3000 ch ; au dcollage, il est 2800 ch ; en
gnration pour le DHGV en 2015. l'hlicoptre, ont les caracteristiques suiv- continu il atteint la valeur maximale de 2200
antes: une masse maximale au dcollage de ch. Le rgime de croisire est de 2000 ch. La
Le dveloppement de l'hlicoptre grande 10600 kg ; une modification la base - multi- consommation de carburant quand il atteint
vitesse est une sorte de tendance dans lin- fonctionnelle et convertible (passagers et sa vitesse de croisire est de 230 g / ch.h.
dustrie mondiale de la construction d'hlicop- fret); la capacit en passagers est de 21 per- La masse conformment aux normes
tres. Un Laboratoire volant permet de 35

sions proposes. MIL sest concentre sur la Pour la premire fois, le konzern, a prsenter
Chibitov a remarqu conception des rotors simples, classiques B- sa dernire srie des instruments de bord
que dj l'tape de 37, mais Kamov sattelera la fabrication lanne dernire l'Exposition Internationale
dun laboratoire volant pour tester les des Industrie des hlicoptres HeliRussia-
thorisation, le cot de paramtres techniques de lhlicoptre 2014. Il a t conu dans le cadre de
lappareil atteignant une Grande Vitesse avec rotor contrarotatif . lamloration de lavionique. Cela perrmettra
Lhlicoptre polyvalent commercial B-37, d'amliorer la scurit, rduire le cot de
vitesse maximale de RACHEL, sera conu avec une masse de fabrication de l'avion, ainsi que de renforcer
360 kilomtres par dcollage de 10-12 tonnes, proche du Mi-8 la capacit d'intgrer toutes les units de la

heure est lev (Mi-17) trs populaire sur le march.

La version passagers de l'hlicoptre sera
modification complexe des hlicoptres et
pas seulement au DHGV.
quip d'un salon confortable pour 21-24 Le concepte est construit sur le principe de
personnes. On projte de crer des versions la planche de bord tout cran. Il utilise l'indi-
spcialises: recherche et sauvetage, de pa- cateur multifonctions LCD grand format
GOST 17106-90 nexcde pas les 240 kg et trouillage et mdicale. Ainsi le futur Mi-37 est haute rsolution. Ainsi, elle facilite le travail
laspiration de lair par le moteur est de 0,2 conu pour remplacer les hlicoptres Mi-8 des pilotes et le processus de familiarisation
kg / s. (Mi-17) et conjoitement avec le lourd Mi-38, il avec le vol, le pilotage, les instruments
renforcera moyen terme la position de la mtorologiques et autres informations
Deux objectifs atteindre holding Russian Helicopters sur les ncessaires. Les instruments du konzern
Pendant la phase initiale ces bureaux d'- marchs traditionnels. Technologie radiolectronique ( KRET ) four-
tudes du programme DHGV de Russian nit un pilotage dans toutes les conditions de
Helicopters ont remport le concours sur Un poste de pilotage planche de bord visibilit.
les travaux l'hlicoptre Grande Vitesse: tout cran
SA MIL dnomm M.L. Mil a propos le pro- La dernire srie des instruments de bord Le complexe est quip d'une technologie de
jet du Mi-X1 Grande Vitesse et SA Kamov (EIS) l'hlicoptre de pointe dveloppe par pilotage unique avec la technologie Synthetic
celui du vhicule rotor contrarotatif rigides Oulianovsk Instrument Design Bureau Vision - lcranisation des informations de
Ka-92. (OIDB) faisant partie du konzern Technolo- navigation en image de synthse sur une
gie radiolectronique (KRET). En 2013 Ou- mme surface. Le systme informe
Les travaux des deux bureaux d'tudes ont lianovsk Instrument Design Bureau a mis en l'quipage quant aux contraintes opra-
t apprcis par la holding. Par con- uvre une partie du travail de recherche tionnelles, les menaces externes, les dan-
squent, il a t dcid de poursuivre la Travail prliminaire de la conception du gers prs du sol et les obstacles proches
recherche sur deux fronts, en tenant compte DHGV. Exprimentation d'un laboratoire comme loigns.
des caractristiques de chacune des ver- volant (DHGV). Herman Spirin

36 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015 37
In the midst of tests of the new helicopter

Successfully conclude flight tests

on the Mi-171A2
The Mi-171A2 flying laboratory has concluded The report compiled based on the results of soon be incorporated into this flight test pro-
the second phase of preliminary flight tests. A the preliminary flight tests was in line with the gramme.
total of 67 ground runs and 72 flights were car- positive reviews provided by test pilots. The Unlike the flying laboratory, the first and sec-
ried out at the flight test centre at Mil Moscow tests confirmed the helicopter's aircraft per- ond Mi-171A2 prototypes are equipped with
Helicopter Plant, a Russian Helicopters enter- formance characteristics met those specified a integrated digital KBO-17 avionics suite de-
prise (part of State Corporation Rostec). in the design documentation. veloped by Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bu-
reau (part of Radioelectronic Technologies).
During phase one, 43 flights were conducted Currently the flying laboratory is being re- This system is built to a 'glass cockpit' design
on the helicopter, which was kitted out with equipped for tethered ground testing the and makes it possible to cut crew numbers to
its rotor system comprising modified compo- helicopter will be installed on-site after the two people. The KBO-17 suite makes it pos-
nents the new main polymer composite Mi-38 concludes relay testing. This phase of sible to carry out flights day and night in reg-
main rotor blades and X-shaped tail rotor. tests will focus on the rotor transmission and ular and difficult weather conditions
The second phase of tests saw the installa- control mechanisms, establishing whether delivering a qualitatively new level of crew
tion of VK-2500PS-03 engines and BARK- they meet flight regulation AP-29. performance. This equipment meets the lat-
6V7S digital regulation and control systems, est requirements relating to communications,
a modified stabiliser and antitorque. The The first prototype of the Mi-171A2 will simul- navigation, and control. Thanks to the on-
tests were designed to review the VK- taneously undergo preliminary tests, with 42 board controls monitoring the condition of the
2500PS-03 engines, stabiliser, antitorque, out of 178 flights already concluded. The helicopter's various systems and compo-
and main rotor with a view to carrying out ad- second prototype of the Mi-171A2 is cur- nents, the helicopter can be operated in line
ditional certification testing on the Mi-171A2. rently undergoing final preparations and will with its technical condition.

38 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


KBO-17 has four liquid crystal displays measuring 6x8 inches that display flight and navigational information

Incorporating the best features provide a 10% directional control margin. One of the most important tasks when creat-
The new helicopter have a wide variety of KBO-17 onboard equipment from Ulyanovsk ing or modifying a new helicopter is reducing
technological innovations intended to signifi- Instrument Design, a company owned by Avi- operating costs and extending the useful lives
cantly expand its scope of use and, of apriborostroyeniye, was installed on the Mi- of the airframe, assemblies, systems and
course, enhance its safety. Nearly all of the 171A2. The KBO-17 has four liquid crystal components. Our engineers did outstanding
major assemblies will be affectedfirst and displays measuring 6x8 inches that display work in this regard. As for reducing the cost of
foremost, the engine. flight and navigational information and data operation, we intend to achieve this through
from the on-board systems. The central 15- several major innovations. This will involve re-
The Mi-171A2, like its subsequent modifica- inch display shows data from the 24-hour sur- considering the required amount and fre-
tions will be equipped with two VK-2500 PS- veillance system, which covers the front and quency of maintenance work, modifying the
03 turboshaft engines with anti-surge lower hemispheres of the helicopter. The new design and optimizing repair and maintenance
protection, which are clearly better than the complex also has a PCV-171A four-channel procedures. By taking this approach, we can
TV3-117VM engines installed on the Mi- digital autopilot, modern means of communi- reduce the number of man-hours needed for
8/17.This modification of the VK-2500 engine cation and GLONASS/GPS navigation. We maintenance to 8-10 compared with 20 today,
is also highly autonomous, allowing for en- plan to equip the Mi-171A2 with laser radar i.e., by more than half.
gine startup at altitudes of up to 6000 m. that detects wires with a diameter of 5 mm at
Significant changes were made to the design a distance of 1,000 meters, which will signifi- The era of the legendary Mi-8/17 series of
and manufacture of the propulsion system. cantly enhance flight safety at low altitudes. helicopters not only is not fading, but is, on
Its modernization increased the thrust of the Another important detail is that the new elec- the contrary, reopening with new vigor. With
main rotor and the cruising speed while ex- tronics make the cabin more comfortable. the upcoming launch of the Mi-171A2, Rus-
tending the useful life of the rotor blades. When its -50 C outside, the climate control sias helicopter industry will gain even more
Technologies relating to the manufacture of system maintains a temperature of +15 in- clout on the world market. And that launch is
the blades of the propulsion system that side. And when its +40 outside, the temper- just around the corner. The first deliveries of
have already been proven on the Mi-38 have ature is 22 inside. Mi-171A2 helicopters are planned for early
been introduced. An X-shaped tail rotor will 2017. The military modification of the Mi-
also be installed on the helicopter. Finally, the new 24-hour on-board equipment 171A2 may be built in late 2017 or early
will eventually be able to allow the creation of 2018.
All these innovations will extend the life of the search and rescue and military versions of
individual elements by a factor of 2-3 and the Mi-171A2. Dmitry Gnatenko 39
The Chinese manufacturers of helicopters are aimed exchange of experience

Russian Helicopters
and the Chinese corporation AVIC have
signed an agreement
The partners have agreed to develop
together an prospective heavy

40 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


The holding Russian Helicopters and the facturing, said Alexander Mikheev, CEO of copter was reached in July of 2014. Back
Aviation Industry Corporation of China Russian Helicopters. then, the discussions were for a craft with a
(AVIC) have signed a framework agree- payload of up to 15 tonnes.
ment for the joint development of a
prospective heavy helicopter. The two It was thought that the new helicopter would
sides will cooperate in the development This helicopter will be be a major modernisation of the existing Mi-
and preparation for the mass- produc- 26, which was launched back in the 1980s.
tion of the Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) specially developed for However, according to the CEO of Russian
aircraft. the Chinese market, to Helicopters Mr Alexander Mikheev, This is
going to be an entirely new craft. This heli-
The document was signed in the Kremlin carry out the range of copter will be specially developed for the
during a meeting between Russian President missions which has Chinese market, to carry out the range of
Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jin- missions which has been determined by a
ping. Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Russian been determined by a number of governmental ministries in China.
Helicopters, and Lin Tszomin, Chairman of number of The foremost ministry amongst these is the
the Board of Directors of AVIC, signed the Emergency Services ministry, said Mr
agreement. governmental ministries Mikheev.
in China
Manufacturing a jointly developed heavy heli-
copter in China is one of the major tasks for
Russian-Chinese cooperation in the aviation
sector. The signing of the agreement signals
the start of practical work on the project. Lin Tszomin, Chairman of the Board of Di-
rectors of AVIC Corporation, recalled that the
According to experts, the demand in China legendary Mi-26 has provided crucial serv-
for helicopters through 2040 exceeds 200. ices in many emergency situations. The Mi-
According to plans, the takeoff weight of AHL 26TS played an important role in responding
will be about 38 tons, with a maximum pay- to the fallout of serious earthquakes in
load inside the cabin of 10 tons and an exter- Sichuan Province in 2008 and 2013.
nal load of 15 tons. The helicopter will be
equipped for around the clock operation in I am confident that our cooperation with New Chinese military transport
hot climates, in the highlands, and in all Russian Helicopters in creating this prospec- helicopter Z-18
weather conditions. It will be able to perform tive heavy helicopter will be productive and
a variety of tasks, including those related to will have a positive impact on the develop-
transport, evacuation, firefighting, and many ment of the Chinese helicopter industry,
others. said the representative of the Chinese corpo-
The helicopter market in China is one of the The operational ceiling, it seems, is one of
fastest growing in the world, and we are in- As of now, Russian Helicopters and AVIC the deciding factors for the new helicopter.
terested in establishing a long-term and com- have finalized all technical requirements and And it certainly seems that in domestically-
prehensive strategic relationship with China are continuing to work on an agreement for produced Chinese helicopters, the maximum
the appearance of the prospective heavy hel- operable altitude is heavily prioritised. At the
Notably, the idea of developing a prospective icopter. Agreements with general contractors end of December 2014 there were a techni-
heavy helicopter has been supported by the for the project should be signed this year. cal demonstrations of a modification of an
governments of the two states. AVIC multi-function civilian helicopter, the
Negotiations for the Heavy Lifter have AC-313 Avicopter (originally launched under
The helicopter market in China is one of the gone on for seven years the Z-8F-18A model number) which saw its
fastest growing in the world, and we are in- Russian Helicopters and Avicopter have maiden flight for the CAIG corporation in
terested in establishing a long-term and com- been involved in negotiations about the proj- 2010; and of the military Z-18 helicopter
prehensive strategic relationship with China ect for the Avicopter Advanced Heavy Lifter (whose prototype is badged Z-18A). The
for the development of mutually beneficial since 2008. Similarly, a preliminary agree- technical specs of the Z-18 remain under
cooperation in the field of helicopter manu- ment for the joint development of this heli- wraps, but its AC-313 base model is fitted 41

with three PT6B-67A Pratt & Whitney en-

The Mi-26TC helicopter is above The Three Pagodas of gines, producing a maximum speed of 335
Chongsheng Temple, Yunnan province, China kilometres per hour, with a maximum range
of 900 kilometres, and a cabin payload of ei-
ther 4 tonnes, or 27 people.

The weight for an external payload can be up

to 5,000 kilograms. It's been previously re-
ported in the Chinese media that the AC-313
has successfully completed flights at alti-
tudes of 8000 metres. The Russian side has
amassed extensive experience in this side of
things, which clearly augurs well for the suc-
cessful joint development of a heavyweight
helicopter. If we consider the experience
clocked-up during the creation of the Mi-26,
which is allegedly the archetype for the
ANL's design, then even before its mass de-
ployment in the Russian Armed Forces,
Aeroflot notched up a string of world records
using them. For example, on 4th February
1982, a crew captained by Flight Trainer
G.V. Alferov led a flight which succeeded in
carrying a 25-tonne payload to an altitude of
4060 metres, along with the helicopter's own
take-off weight of 56768.8 kilograms thus
setting a new world record.

In addition to this the upgraded version of the

Mi-26T, the Mi-26T2, differs from the stan-
dard model in that it requires a lower crewing
norm, with just two crew instead of the previ-
ous five. This kind of approach ticks yet an-
other of China's preference boxes when
developing a new heavyweight helicopter.

An interesting nuance concerning the power

source of the new heavyweight helicopter
was dropped by Russian Deputy Prime Minis-
ter Dmitry Rogozin. According to the Deputy
Prime Minister, the engine will be made in
the Russian Federation. The prototype for
such an engine could be that used for the
Irkut MC-21aircraft (aka Yak-242). The Ros-
tech United Aero-Engines Corporation let it
be known, in the light of this, that an analysis
was carried out on behalf of Russian Helicop-
ters in late 2014 concerning the viability of
developing a helicopter version of the PD-
12V engine, which powers the MC-21.

Herman Spirin

42 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015

The Professional Expo in China Aviation Industry with the Longest History.

An Ideal Platform for Launching Latest Technology and Products

in Chinese Aviation Market.
Concurrently held with
China International Aviation Science & Technology Conference 2015(2nd Event)
China International Aviation Safety Conference 2015

Organizer Strategic Associated Media WWW.BEIJINGAVIATION.COM 43
Email: ;
The Ka-32A11BC civilian helicopter with coaxial rotor continues to conquer international markets

Helicopter of a special purpose

44 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


The 51th Paris Air Show will be held this large ammunition depot south of Sydney.
year, and one of the themes will be firefight- The multipurpose Ka-32A11BC civilian heli-
ing aircraft. This is the field in which Russian copter with coaxial rotor continues to con-
pilots have a wealth of experience. Further- quer international markets. Built in the
more, Russia makes unique aviation equip- Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, by
ment for fighting fires. Kumertau Aircraft Production Enterprise
One of the participants, and the symbol of the (Kumapp), which is part of Russian Helicop-
program, was the Ka-32A11BC helicopter. ters Holding Company, the helicopter is un-
The Ka-32A11BC has already earned a solid equalled in many applications. In addition to
reputation from its use in more than 30 coun- transportation and patrolling, it can be used
tries. A total of 188 helicopters of this type are for search and rescue missions, as a flying
in operation worldwide. The Ka-32A11BC crane for very complex erection work, and is
meets the AP-29 requirements. It was certified one of the best fire helicopters in the world.
by the European Aviation Safety Agency
(EASA) in 2009, and was certified for use in
Australia in December 2012. This gives the The Ka-32A11BC is
green light for Russian Helicopters to enter the
Australian market, which is in urgent need of highly configurable with
The Paris Air Show at Le Bourget has been such equipment. Australia is the driest conti- more than 40 different
a key air show for the global aerospace in- nent and suffers devastating fires on a regular
dustry for many years. Its one of the top basis. For example, fires ravaged the states of options available, including
venues for the worlds leading aircraft manu- Victoria and New South Wales in early 2013, Bambi-Bucket and Simplex
facturing corporations and their customers to destroying dozens of houses and damaging
meet. The Russian aviation industry has the famous Siding Spring Observatory, which fire-fighting systems of
been amazing the sophisticated crowds at Le houses Australias largest telescope. The fires various capacities
Bourget for decades. even drew near to a military base containing a 45

The crew of the Ka-32 helicopter carries out mission for suppression of forest fire

and rescue operations. In the early 2000s, standard AP-29, Western standards such as
Kumapp in Kumertau developed a horizontal FAR 29, and is EASA certified. Compliance
A contract for 20 telescoping water cannon for the Ka-32 se- with Western standards means that it is mar-
helicopters for Sino- ries that can shoot a stream of water about ketable anywhere.
40 meters. The first production Ka-32 heli-
Russian Helicopter copter with a water cannon of this type was International certification is also conducive to
Technology Company delivered to South Korea in November 2005. design improvements. Many significant design
changes have been made since the helicopter
was signed in 2011, and With every new mission, pilots learn more was certified in the West. It now has an inno-
now the first two about the unique capabilities of the Ka- vative bicameral PC-60F booster, an im-
32A11BC helicopter. For example, it can put proved control and hydraulics system and
helicopters are out fires in dense urban areas that are out of improved propulsion systems (including the
operating successfully the reach of fire trucks, as was demonstrated fuel system, fire protection, APU and gear-
at the Moscow City Complex where, in April box). The instrument panel, autopilot and
in China 2012, one was used to put out a fire that had alarm system have been refined. The compo-
engulfed over 300 square meters of a sky- sition of airborne equipment has been
The Ka-32A11BC has demonstrated unsur- scraper at a height of 67 floors (270 meters). changed, a number of additional bench and
passed capabilities in firefighting, especially Its no exaggeration when the companys en- flight tests have been performed, and the doc-
in mountainous areas and densely-built gineers claim that the Russian-built umentation has been completely revamped.
urban environments at the level of the top 32A11BC fire helicopter with horizontal water
floors of high-rise buildings. The Ka- cannon can extinguish a fire even higher up, As a result, the helicopter was certified for
32A11BC is highly configurable with more such as in the upper floors of the Burj Khali- use in Canada in 1998. The certificate was
than 40 different options available, including fain in Dubai, which is 828 meters tall and amended to allow the conveyance of public
Bambi-Bucket and Simplex fire-fighting sys- has 163 floors. officials in 2006. Certification for use in Mex-
tems of various capacities, water cannons for Today, more than 140 Ka-32A11BC helicop- ico was obtained in 2005, followed by Chile
horizontal fire-fighting, turret water cannons ters are being used in more than 30 coun- and South Korea in 2007, and Japan, China
and stowable lifting cabins for transportation tries. The Ka-32A11BC meets the Russian and Indonesia in 2008. The European

46 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015


EASA.IM.R.133 certificate was obtained in

2009. Since 2011, the helicopter has been
certified for use in Brazil and India.

The first production Ka-32 helicopter was

built in 1980, and the current model, greatly
improved after all these years, is operated on
many continents, in all climates and in a vari-
ety of capacities. Ken Hopu, President of
Vancouver Island Helicopters Logging
(VIHL), whose company once acquired two
of them and has substantial experience
using them, says frankly, We use both the
Ka-32 and S-61 models and have found the
Ka-32 to be more productive. It can carry
more than the S-61, is more stable, can turn
around faster when bringing down a load,
Ka-32A11BC of the Japanese company Akagi Helicopter
and is powerful enough to lift its rated load
on a hook vertically.
equipment in disaster mitigation situations. Authority (CASA) at a ceremony during the
His assessment is in line with the ever grow- The Ka-32A11BC is used in Spain in fire- Avalon Airshow 2013. The Ka-32A11BC
ing popularity of the Ka-32A11BC. The num- fighting and search-and-rescue missions. completed certification procedures in Aus-
ber of orders for the helicopter is on the rise. In the last some years in commercial history tralia at the end of 2012. The certificate
In March 2011, one Ka-32A11BC was deliv- of the Ka-32A11BC helicopter there were at means that Australian helicopter operators
ered to Brazil with an option to buy two more once some important events. can now deploy the Ka-32A11BC as a
machines. In Brazil, the Ka-32A11BC is cur- Russian Helicopters announced that the search-and-rescue and fire-fighting helicop-
rently one of the few helicopters that is ma- Kamov Ka-32A11BC firefighting helicopter ter, as well as using it to carry loads on an
neuverable enough to drop water along was officially awarded its certificate of airwor- external sling and for construction work.
winding edges of fires and transport heavy thiness by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety The Korea Forest Service has formally 47

opened a new service and maintenance cen-

tre for Ka-32 Corporation Rostec at the be-
ginning of 2014. Representatives of Russian
Helicopters took part in the opening cere-
mony for the centre, which will promote the
use of Ka-32 helicopters in the Republic of
Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific
region and reduce waiting times for mainte-
nance and repair of these helicopters.
The Ka-32 service and maintenance centre
is located in a new multi-purpose complex
that also houses the headquarters of the
Korea Forest Service. The centre can serv-
ice all types of Ka-32 helicopters in use in
the region. Previously these functions were
outsourced to Korean company LGI, one of
Russian Helicopters key partners in the re-
gion. The LGI service centre will continue to

Russian Helicopters has delivered two multi-

role commercial Ka-32A11BC helicop-
ters to Sino-Russian Helicopter
Technology Company, based in
Qingdao, China.
The helicopters will be operated
for commercial purposes by
Citic General Aviation. A con-
tract for 20 helicopters for
Sino-Russian Helicopter
Technology Company was
signed in 2011, and the first
two helicopters have already
been delivered in 2014 and
are now operating successfully
in China. Another four helicop-
ters were delivered at the begin-
ning of 2015 under the contract.
The fleet of Ka-32A11BCs in China
is expanding rapidly as demand in-
creases. Earlier this year a Ka-32A11BC
belonging to the Chinese State Oceanic Ad-
ministration was at the center of global
media attention as it played a key role in res-
cuing passengers from the Academician
Shokalsky research vessel after the ship be-
came trapped in Antarctic sea ice.
Beyond a doubt, the Ka-32A11BC is an ex-
cellent Russian-made multi-purpose helicop-
ter and a significant export product that is
popular worldwide.
Dmitry Gnatenko

48 helicopter industry magazine / june, 2015