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Simply Foods Products Presentation

Simply Foods
a. Edible flowers-
1.Nasturtium Yellow- Nasturtium K

Info :
Nasturtiums give a peppery punch similar to watercress in salads and pasta
dishes, the flowers are edible and add a hit of color and flavor.
ulticolour Nasturtiums- Nasturtiums
Nasturtiums packed
2.Nasturtium leaves- Nasturtium

Nasturtium leaves are also edible and can be used
stuffed with schrimps .
3.Borage Purple-Borage

Borage flower and leaves taste like
The flowers can be used in fresh
salads and as decorative in several
Borage White-rage
Borages packed
4.Borage leaves- Borage
Simply Foods Delicatessen Products-
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1.Parsley Root-
Parsley Root Info:
Parsley root tastes like common parsley and celery.
Its leaves look like common parsley.

Nutritional Benefits:
Flavonoids in which some are anti-oxidants that
neutralize free-radicals
Diuretic and stimulator of the kidneys
Anti-inflammatory properties
Histamine inhibitors
Great source of vitamin A
Parsley contains three times the amount of vitamin C
as oranges do
Properties that freshen breath.
Parsnip info:
Parsnips are closely related to carrot family of vegetables.
They have a white-creamy skin and a strong anise flavour.

Nutritional Benefits:
Parsnip contains more sugar than carrots. Its sweet root is rich in several health-benefiting
phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Contains many poly-acetylene anti-oxidants
Studies from scientists have found that these compounds have anti-inflammatory, anti-
fungal, and anti-cancer function and offer protection from colon cancer and acute
lymphoblastic leukemia
Fresh roots are also good in vitamin C and other vitamins( vitamin B-6,K,E etc )
In addition, it also has healthy levels of minerals like iron, calcium, copper, potassium,
manganese and phosphorus.

Info:It has water bubbles all over and

a slightly salty taste.It combines well
with sea food and it is also great for
4.Iceherb lossom-
5.Baby Eggplant- Baby
7.Baby Peppers- Baby

They are 1-2 inches in diameter, and can be used stuffed
with cheese, yogurt etc.
Skin color varies : red, yellow and green.
Baby Peppers- Baby
Baby Peppers- Baby
8.Jalapeno Peppers-X

2-3 inches in diameter.
Very hot little peppers.

Mizuna has a mild peppery flavor, slightly spicy. It is also used in stir-
fries, soups , cooked with meat and fresh salads .
10.Pak Choi-

Chinese cabbage. It is basically a small plant which grows upright from the ground
with smooth white romaine lettuce like stalks, which spread at the end to fine, glossy
green, oval or round leaves. Full grown-up plant may reach about 12-18 inches in

Most commonly, the plant's leaf stalks are cooked with sugar and used in
pies. It can be also used to make jams , tarts, bread, muffins , pickles and
Rhubarb leaves contain poisonous substances and cant be used in cooking.
12.Butter Spinach-

Small leaves,3-5 inches inches in diameter .
Melts like butter in the mouth when chewed .
Rich in iron. Used in salads.
13.Mustard leaves-

Info: originated in the Himalayan area of India and have been eaten for some 5,000
years. They are used in many different cuisines, from Chinese to South American and
have notable nutritional credentials - vitamins A,C, K and E, folic acid, manganese and
even cholesterol lowering properties. They have a strong spicy taste.
Mustard leaves-
14.Cultivated Rocket-

It adds an aromatic, peppery flavor to any salad or
garnish ,milder than its wild form.
15.Rucola(wild rocket)-( )

Rucola is the wild form of Rocket and has a stronger flavour than the
cultivated variety, ideal for salads and garnish.
16.Rocket red-

Red rocket doent remind rockets taste at all.
It has a mild mustard flavor.
Great for salads and garnish as the previous
17.Kritamos(Crithmum Maritimum )-

Kritamos grows on rocks at the beaches.It absorbs saltness from
the sea.Rich in vitamin C, also diuretic and antimicrobial.It is
used in salads and its also great for pickles.

When it grows it becomes a small size bush. It has a salty taste.
Perfect as sea food garnish.

It is very low in calories and fats; nonetheless, it is rich in dietary fiber,
vitamins A-C, B-complex vitamins and minerals.
Fresh leaves contain more omega-3 fatty acids than ANY OTHER leafy
vegetable plant.

The leaves can grow up to 12 inches and have a mild onion flavor.
Unlike regular onions, no large bulb forms underground.
Its usually chopped in salads.

Watercress contains significant amounts of iron, calcium , iodine,
and folic acid, in addition to vitamins A and C.
It has a mild peppery taste , great for salads and sandwiches.

nfo:It has a salty taste.Goes well

with sea food.Used as a garnish.
23.Tomatillos -
c. Aromatic Plants-

1.Lemon grass

The leaves and stems of lemon grass can be used fresh or dried
for their distinct lemon flavor . is commonly not eaten raw. Pieces
of lemongrass are added to a dish to give it a fresh bite. It also
makes a wonderful ingredient for hot teas.
Lemon grass
2.Stevia -

Stevia is probably best known as a source of natural sweeteners , with zero
calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. Especially popular
as a sweetener for coffees and teas, Stevia can also be used in cooking and
3.Sage(Salvia officinalis)-

Sage has a strong scent and taste.
It is ideal for making tea.

Lavender is an aromatic, tonic herb with a sweet scent. It
relaxes spasms, benefits the digestion, stimulates peripheral
circulation. It is anti-septic and has an anti-depressant effect.

Info: Tarragon is rich in minerals and vitamin. It is

used in sauces, vinaigrettes, mustards and teas.
8.Basil Red-
9.Basil Lime- lime
10.Basil Tai-B
11.Basil Baby-B Baby
13.Thyme Lime- lime

Info: Thyme lime has bigger, greener leaves than Thyme and also a lime
16.Melissa officinalis-M

Info: Melissa claims to have antibacterial and antiviral

compounds. The herb is also believed to be a mild calming
agent , reducing stress and promoting sleep.
17.Lemon Verbena-
Info :
Lemon verbena leaves are used to add a
lemon flavor to many dishes and sauces .
Its a very aromatic plant.