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USB connectivity guide

USB connectivity for the

ADVC Controller Range

Scope of this document

This document describes installing the applicable drivers necessary
for WSOS communication to ADVC Controllers via USB.
This document is copyright and is provided solely for the use of the
purchaser. It is not to be copied in any way, nor its contents
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The advisory procedures and information contained within this
document have been compiled as a guide to the safe and effective
operation of products supplied by Schneider Electric Recloser
It has been prepared in conjunction with references from sub-
assembly suppliers and the collective experience of the
In-service conditions for use of the products may vary between
customers and end-users. Consequently, this document is offered
as a guide only. It should be used in conjunction with the customers
own safety procedures, maintenance program, engineering
judgment and training qualifications.
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1 Introduction Note:
Do not connect the controller
A USB port is available on the ADVC Controller Range.
to the PC until the USB driver
The USB port is intended for direct connection of an
installation is complete.
ADVC Controller to a personal computer. Drivers that
are required by the Windows operating system are
included in WSOS5. The drivers are automatically
installed during the WSOS5 installation.

1.1 Compatibility
USB support is available in ADVC Controllers with a
firmware version A44-09.01 or later.
WSOS5 version 5.3.00 or later includes the Windows
drivers required for USB communications.
USB connectivity is available on:
Controller: ADVC Controller ULTRA
and COMPACT models,
Firmware: Version A44-09.01 or later, and
WSOS5: Version 5.3.00 or later.

1.2 USB cable required Note:

The following USB cable is required: The USB cable is an optional
USB Type A (M), USB Type B (M) connector(s) accessory and is not included
with all controllers.

2 What you need to do

This document will guide you through the following:
Installing WSOS5 Version 5.3.00 or later. These versions of WSOS5 include the USB drivers.
Connecting the ADVC Controller via USB.
In WSOS5 creating your switchgear device files.

3 USB driver installation

Quick start More information Illustrations

The USB drivers are installed

as standard during the normal
WSOS5 installation. At the
1. Install WSOS5 end of the installation, the
(Version 5.3.00+) user may be asked to confirm
2. Follow the the installation of the drivers.
instructions. It is necessary to select the
3. Select Continue Continue Anyway button
Anyway if when this occurs. It may be
prompted. necessary to acknowledge a
second driver by selecting
Continue Anyway a second

USB Connectivity Guide (ADVC2-1186) Page 2 Schneider Electric

4 Connecting the ADVC controller via USB
Quick start More information Illustrations

Connect the controller to a

USB port using the correct
type of USB cable. The
Found New Hardware
Wizard window will appear.
1. Connect the
The drivers were installed
controller via USB.
during the WSOS5
2. Select No, not
installation. A connection to
this time.
the Windows Update website
3. Click Next>.
is therefore not required.
Select the No, not this time
option and continue to the
next step by clicking on the
Next button.

Use the automatic driver

installation feature in
Windows to find and apply the
driver to the USB port being
used. When in future you
connected the controller to a
4. Select Install the
different USB port, you may
be prompted to go through
these steps again.
5. Click Next>.
Note the drivers are located
in C:\Program Files\WSOS\
USB (1C54) and
C:\Program Files\WSOS\
USB (1EAC) if manual
installation is preferred.

In some instances you may

be prompted once again to
acknowledge the installation
6. Click on Continue of the driver. It is necessary to
Anyway. select Continue Anyway. If
7. Installation is this option is not selected the
complete, click on driver will not load and USB
the Finish connectivity will not be
button. possible.
This completes the installation
of the USB driver and the
hardware is ready to use.

USB Connectivity Guide (ADVC2-1186) Page 3 Schneider Electric

5 Creating a switchgear device
The New Switchgear Wizard will guide you through the process of creating a new switchgear file. To Open the New
Switchgear Wizard, select File > New from the menu.
The New Switchgear Wizard will be launched. The Wizard will allow the user to create the new switchgear
Automatically or Manually. This document describes the Automatic Creation method.

Quick start Illustrations

1. Run the WSOS5 application.

2. Select the File > New menu to start the New
Switchgear Wizard.
3. Enter a Name of the switchgear. It must be unique
and be no longer than 29 characters.
4. Select Automatic Creation.
5. Select the USB communication option
6. Click the Next> button.

7. A window displaying the PCOM serial number of

the ADVC Controllers connected to the PC via USB
will be displayed. (The serial number is printed on
the circuit board, above the USB port)
8. Select the PCOM serial number and then click the
"OK" button. WSOS will go online with the selected
controller and will automatically create the
Switchgear File.

9. Use WSOS5 to manage your controller settings.

USB Connectivity Guide (ADVC2-1186) Page 4 Schneider Electric