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The motivation in investigating said company was its way of attracting customers, its style
and form of Marketing; the modality of rapport before a society as selective as that of
Arequipa. One of the key factors for the success of this company is the welcoming treatment
of the caretakers

Vision of the Company

Each store is part of a community, and we take our responsibility as good neighbors
seriously. We want to be welcome wherever we do business. We are able to contribute
positively because we work to achieve a union between partners,

Mission of the Company

At Starbucks our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit: one person, one cup of
coffee and one community at a time. We have always believed in doing business differently
and responsibly.

Type of customer targeted by the Product

Coffee lovers.
Functional people.
Modern and sociable people.
International audience.
People with medium to high incomes.

Direction or philosophy of the Company

One of the main strategies of the company worldwide is the image of the company, they
seek to capture all types of market, realizing a zero segmentation approach, in which
everyone can consume their products without barriers of price and place.

Customer orientation, Starbucks is directly evoked and customer oriented because

it depends on its existence since it is a company dedicated to marketing products derived
from coffee and other consumer products. In addition, its point of demand is for the quality
of care it offers and for the quality of the products it sells.

Image of Brand, careful to the detail and with actions of marketing directed always
to generate "sympathy toward the mark" on the part of the consumer. An example of this
policy is the acquisition of their last partner, which in addition to the product itself, bottled
water, served to carry out a campaign of solidarity where a% of the sale of each bottle of
water is dedicated to humanitarian works.
These factors make the brand an exceptional standard that causes, according to the studies
that have, that its clients spend from average to nine times more time than the five minutes
of rigor that are needed to have a coffee.
Development of New Markets, attracting from the public of greater purchasing
power willing to pay a coffee above the price of the competition, to the youngest public or
even the one that does not drink coffee with the incorporation of its last services.

Dedication to the protection of the environment, within which corresponds to

the protection of the environment Starbucks is dedicated to reducing energy consumption
through the use of Leeds; in terms of the use of water uses pools by jets as this helps to
rationalize the use of water which is the liquid element that uses the most. Use of recyclable
and ecological glasses.
One of the innovations that Starbucks is implementing in other countries to reduce the use
of recyclable cups is to give discounts on the products it sells if they bring their own
containers for the sale of coffee or other products for sale. It should be noted that the
premises that Starbucks has are designed with materials almost properly ecological. That's
where Starbucks is committed to protecting the environment.

Variables of the micro-environment that benefit the product.

a) Suppliers: It has an adequate management of purchases. But Starbucks itself is its own
supplier of the coffee beans that it uses since it prepares coffee growers to provide them
with technical guidance to obtain a grain of coffee quality, until the end of the process of
toasting and packing Final product.
b) Intermediaries: It only has intermediaries for what is the storage of the coffee beans
purchased with the company RANSA.
c) Workers: Every worker working at Starbucks is qualified to provide quality care and
elaboration of the products that he offers for sale.
d) Customer: Direct purchase channel. The customer approaches the store.
e) Competition:
Brand competition:
No height competition in Peru.
Product competition:
Juan Valdez (Few local), even expansion.
Coffee Valenzuela
Competence of needs:
Sofa Caf (Caf - Restaurant - Bar)
f) Substitutes: Relatively high since there are shops that offer beverages such as cold
drinks, tea and milk.
Crepes & Waffles
Dunkin Donuts
Marketing strategies
Research problem
The problem of this research was to identify, through a study, the type of people that make
use of coffee shops, as well as the quality of service when consuming the products of said
In this study it was determined how the customer stays connected emotionally influencing
the purchase decision, in turn it was analyzed if the Starbucks customers finally identify with
the brand.
Research objectives
a) Determine the degree of customer satisfaction, based on the attitudes that customers
present, and the tastes they have at the time of placing their order.
b) Based on the personality of the brand, identify what is the perception that customers have
to Starbucks, about its services and products they offer.
Development of research plan
For the development of the Investigation, information was obtained from clients surveyed,
aged between 15 and 45 years or more. This survey was applied in the Moll Aventura Plaza
Shopping Center and its surroundings. We also observed the behavior and attitude of
customers, to explore the different groups of people that make up the Starbucks market.
Implementation of the research plan
a) The sample that was the objective of this investigation was of young people and adults
between 15 and 45 years of age, who, regardless of gender, male or female, anyone who
was in the C.C. Moll Aventura Plaza and surroundings were equally likely to be surveyed,
so there is no list of names.
b) In addition the sample covered only people who were in C.C. Mall Aventura Plaza and
around the Starbucks.
c) The sample size was 500 people who were in C.C. Mall Aventura Plaza and around
d) The instrument used to collect data from this research was the SURVEY.
e) The survey was applied on a personal basis in place and directly. The time I took the
collection was 3 days, on different dates.
Consumer behavior
Characteristics that affect behavior
a) Cultural factors that influence the purchase decision.
Peru itself will not be a country with coffee culture if we compare, for example, with
Colombia, but thanks to the arrival of Starbucks to Peru, customers have already more often
used this habit of consuming good coffee and distinguish it by brands, becoming experts in
the field.
b) Social factors that influence the purchase decision.
Starbucks as a brand has a very good reference as a place to go to buy a good coffee and
enjoying it in a good atmosphere that could be bought in the living room of your house.
c) Also, it is not a place where older people go, also a strong congruence of young people
go to Starbucks to enjoy their products, taking photos and uploading them to Social
Networks where they show that they are having a good time, and making it more publicity
to the local of the good site that is.
c) Personal factors that influence the purchase decision.
It is frequent to observe more a public of the sector A and B + by our premises, by their
lifestyle and / or lifestyle, their occupations and the own concept to local and Brand.
That does not mean that other sectors do not frequent our premises, thanks to the standard
prices that we offer also, these customers also prefer to spend a good moment of relaxation
in our facilities by their personal decision and confidence to our premises.
d) Psychological factors that influence the purchase decision.
As a good belief and attitude, coffee takes our morning sleep, and better if it's a good
Starbucks coffee in the morning.
The great majority have that need to consume coffee to start the day, and with our expansion
of premises, there should already be one very close to your home.
And do not forget that with visiting once, you'll want to go back again, to enjoy a good coffee
in a comfortable environment where you can relax.