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Elements of Design Voice Craftsmanship Viewer Reception

Excellent Planned carefully, made several Artists intent comes through Artwork was beautifully and Viewer is wowed or amazed;
sketches, and showed an very clearly in the piece patiently done; it was as good as wants to spend time viewing piece
awareness of the element and through original or unusual hard work could make it. Piece is and is excited to converse about
principles of design. Judicious connections and ideas. Artist polished the piece with artist.
selection of colour scheme. can clearly articulate meaning
Space used effectively. and personal connection
Very Good Some evidence of planning. At Artists intent is evident in With a little more effort, the Viewer is impressed; wants to ask
least one element is effective. piece, though connections and work could have been questions about piece and is
Purposeful selection of colour ideas might be less original. outstanding. Lacks finishing interested in artists
scheme. Space is used efficiently. Artist can convey personal touches, but some polish is interpretation.
meaning of piece on a basic evident.
Satisfactory Little evidence of planning. Artists intent is confusing in Piece shows adequate Viewer is unimpressed; can
Elements of design present at a piece, with connections and craftsmanship. Some aspects of appreciate the work that went into
satisfactory level. ideas that show more evidence the piece might be unfinished or the piece, but is less interested in
Straightforward selection of of outside than artists own unpolished. the piece on an aesthetic level.
colour scheme. Inefficient use of creativity. Artist has difficulty in
space. expressing personal meaning of
Developing No evidence of planning. Little Artists intent is virtually Piece shows little evidence of Viewer is confused or apathetic;
evidence of any understanding of absent, with connections and craftsmanship. Many aspects of piece does not invite viewer to
elements of design. Poor ideas that are largely taken piece are unfinished or enjoy it
selection of colour scheme. Lack from outside influences. Artists unpolished.
of understanding of space. cannot express personal
meaning of piece.

Alexandra Hunter