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I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep

regards to my HOD Maj. Gen NILENDRA KUMAR for his exemplary
guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement throughout the course
of this thesis.
I also take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude to my
professor Sir Ashwini Pant , for his cordial support, valuable
information and guidance, which helped me in completing this task
through various stages.

Lastly, I thank almighty, my parents, friends and all those who have
helped me for their constant encouragement without which this
assignment would not be possible.
How i look at it -

Till recently, the meaning of NGO for me meant nothing more than a
'Non governmental organisation' used as a machinery for development
and upgrowth everywhere , until i actually joined the NGO called
'Bustee Local Committe and Social Wefare Centre' an organisation
committed to Human Development, for my internship,duration being
23rd-1st December.
I had always thought there is no point for an internship just for a week,
but this one changed the entire way i had been looking at life till now. I
shall now detail how.

This committee where i interned, deals with alot of projects classified as:
Charitable orientation, Service orientation, Participatory orientation,
Empowering orientation.

I was made to chose what topic should i explore, and i, without second
thoughts chose to deal with projects and events under Child Line.
CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) is the nodal agency of the Union
Ministry of Women and Child Development acting as the parent
organisation for setting up, managing and monitoring the CHILDLINE
1098 service all over the country.
The issues that are broadly dealt are -
1.Abuse & Violence
3.Child Labour
4.Conflict with Law
5.Child Marriage
6.Child Sexual Abuse
7.Without Parental Care
8.Street Children
9.Birth Registration
10.Armed Conflicts
12.Drug Abuse
13.Girld Child
15.Missing Children
The work i did-

Day 1- The first day at the Committee office, i was introduced to the
staff and thereby the concerned staff detailed me about the concerned
projects and events undergoing, respectively. I was introduced to the
concept of CHILDLINE organisation. Briefed about how the
organisation works and what i learned was that CHILDLINE 1098
service is a 24 hour free emergency phone outreach service for children
in need of care and protection. CIF undertakes replication of
CHILDLINE, networking and facilitation, training, research and
documentation, and Communications and Strategic Initiatives both at the
national and international level.
I was elucidated about the story of a girl aged 15, how she was almost
given into prostitution and how a single phonecall to the organisation
saved her life from turning into unimaginable life of disgust.
And that is when i knew, this is something that has already intrigued me.

Day 2 and 3 -
An arrangement called 'Happy Wheel' that happens every Tuesday in
which a team of 4-5 members decides to visit the defined jurisdiction by
the transport provided by CHILDLINE in order to make the outreach as
expansive as possible. The goal is to inform every person found in the
way, about CHILDLINE, and tell them, if ever they happen to be a
bystander of child abuse of any sorts around him, and communicate
about the most widespread Children's phone emergency outreach service
(1098) for children in need of care and protection.
So, this is what i did, i visited a number of Police Station, BNR Railway
Residency, Local Schools, Shops, Religious gatherings, and many such
places in the confined jurisdiction along with other team members,
distributed the booklet which contained more such information, spoke to
them in the language they understood and reached about 150 people in
two day whose detail was taken in the form which goes in for track
records. It was observed by me and i was rather taken by surprise to see
reactions of a lot of people, some thought that we were just another to
company asking for their details to pester them, some congratulated us
about the effort we were taking, while most of the reactions were found
to be blank.
But i sure hope it reached out to atleast 1 out of 10 and affected the same
way it did, to me.

Day 4 and 5
A case was dealt with under SL No.- BLC CL 59,
A child called Mehboob Alam aged 17, during outreach told us about
rehabilitation for education and treatment as he was physically
challanged. We made home visit and during the discussion with his
parents, mother informed that their residence is on the third floor of the
buliding hence it becomes extremely difficult for the child to move, also
the father's financial condition was too meagre for a fruitseller.
The child was taken under instant Medical and Educational support
Day 6
Assistance on the case of a new born baby ( boy) dealt under SL NO-
BLC CL 21.
A call was received from one Mr. Shambhu of CINE URBAN UNIT [
another wing of a CHILDLINE Org] for the rescue of a one day old
baby. We rushed to the hospital and took the baby in our possession
from Budge Budge Tadanta Kandra as per the verbal order of CWC
[Child Welfare Committee]
The infant was handed over to Indian Society for Sponsorship and
Adoption [ISSA] Home, by the order of chairperson of CWC, 24
Parganas, for care and protection.
Day 7
I did the internal work in the committee as it was my last day, sorted
files and alligned the informations gathered during outreach and
prepared a register that will later be continued in my next visit to the
committee as a team member next time.
The world that we see from outside seems very colorful and lustrous to
us and we have always been unaware or rather ungrateful of the
blessings that we always have.
But on looking so close and deep to things i had been unaware of, for all
these years, i have realized that there is a lot more to life than just
getting good degrees and earning good digits.
I may be a succesful lawyer in near future, but what is more important is
if i can be a succesful person or not, and success of a person majorly
depends on how he contributes in the welfare of persons that surround
him, the society.
I being a part of the youth driven society, it was staggeringly defeating
to see the corruption and mercilessness these kids at this age is being
shown to and what they have to go through.
Traficking, child labour, drug use, girl child being put to prostitution,
missing children, these are the issues that have become a daily read in
the newspaper, if one looks closely to the saturation of the corruption
taking place, and believes in being even a small part to contribute in
ablolishing these wretchedness, the corruption level in India will be seen
to soon wither away. That's a promise.