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Exercise 1

Look at the picture. Write the or in the gaps. Colour the picture:

We are at _________ home. It is _________ winter.

It is _________ Christmas.
A big Christmas tree is in the middle of _____ room.
_______ Christmas Tree is decorated with little angels,
globes and candies. _______globes are blue, yellow, red
and orange and _______ candies are red and white.
There is a star on top of the Christmas Tree. _______ star
is yellow.
There are presents under _____ Tree. _______ little
purple present is for _____ dog and _______ big blue
present is for me.
_______dad is in _____ house, but he is not in ____
______ mom is in the room. She has got a big pink box.
Is ______ big box for me too?

Exercise 2
Choose the right answer:

1. _______Germany is one of _______most beautiful countries in Europe.

a.-/the b.the/the
1. Is _______cinema on_______right or on _______left?
a.the/-/- b.the/the/the
2. _______pupils in _______our class are _______smartest.
a.The/-/the b.The/the/the
3. Paul plays_______ football at _______ stadium on _______ Saturday.
a.-/the/- b.the/the/-
4. _______theatre is on _______right side of _______street.
a.-/the/- b.The/the/the
5. _______History book and _______ Maths copybooks are in _______schoolbag.
a.The/the/the b.-/-/the
6. At _______ night _______monkeys sleep in _______trees.

a.-/-/- b.the/the/the
Solutions E1: -,-,-, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, -, the, the, -, the
Solutions E2: 1a, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5b, 6a, 7a