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lncle>11ur 1
A666, Djakarta

lb! lekiga bgktt Ordored the lfurder of the Seven Cale)

'"3'11 and All leactloprx Offyer1, 'lb! CD
l[cni!!d to Supply Ar!! and !!ynltlpn. etc. for
30.009 r90p1.
la1ad on fact, lt can be told at pre1ant that the Geatapu/KI
eou, n&iDMrecl and arrang.. in Peking wt.thin the fr....,ork of
the world revolutloa advocated by feldng, a a project which l alven
the hiabet priorlcy by Chairman Nao, ill order to cr..ta a con-ml1t
world orlentecl to hldng.

atlOll of 0'1 own fine r-,

To cou.-ta th Getapu/Kl couf a ftrat 1tep la the r ..11-
be ht.Hlf bee... lt active architect
and lt wa1 be ld.9Mlf vbo claclded September 30, 1965, ae the data to
launch the adventure, ta order that the national de7 of the vouldba
lndGDetian feopl' 1.epubllc of th Chine would fall on October l,
th utlenal day of the en.. I t a110 he vbo order9d the era
of tile aeven (ale) g....ral1 and all reactionary officera of the Arllad
rercaa, ln order to atr:lka terror amoaa the people, vbo finally would
parrot alMI 1vrreDder tbailulelva1 to c~ni
.,., cloae vae the contact between Aidlt aDd hie lord ln feldng
. ., vltneed by 1ecrat telagr- report 1ent by A:ldit durina urlir
day of tha coup, vhtch totally failed, becawaa it w.1 cru1hed by the
ADIM fore and th proarive, revolutionary people.

Ai4lt Yllted the Cft for eight clay, and durlna thl time, he,
. . . . other thing, heltl talka thr.. tlM vlth Nao. They tll.mcwaaad
profoundly the tar-plan for the recomtruction of lndoaa1la la the
future. Aldit auggaated that tba poat of the lrel.dent abould be alvea
to a .... eutide the party after the coup, eva though Sukarno abould
also lta r _ ... , vbl.l Aidlt ht.aalf would hold th real power in bl
capecicy a1 th lriM IU.Dlatar.

o l'H-tmaa, abald.QS hu haa4, Nids nit. l utterly tmpoa1ibla.

lvarytblna la thl world bould .,. al an appropriate title, o that
it la p l - t to the ..r.. 'l'hlaga which are not pluNnt to the r
MDMt -caed. Toa JOUraelf maat bee~ the frutdallt. la thll -J,
all or4era IMI ne MD ba iued noothly."

iltllt ..u. "lut I . . afrat that the ArMCl roree will DOt Hey.
l'bl will 1'rlna about diffloultt"

l'aa-tuaa Niels "Don't be afraid. Act acccmliag to . , wl..,.,

... albd.Mte all ructleMry eentor offteara 1uch ae .. utt.on, 'lani IMI

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Lthority NND '7'2 CJ1
UMCLAS~UUD IDcloaura 1
A666, Djakarta

lubarto iD oae etrolua. !be Ara.I rorcee vt.11 thell become like
4raaon without: head. !hey vtll certaWy yield to you."

Aldle ld: "To eU.ainate all r ..etlcmary foe offl

care vt.11 likely ...a ti.. era agat.ut nveral hundreda of th-. "

llao 1 ...tU111, laughf.Da Widely, id: "What do thu aeveral

hUDdreda people ...of Upoa arrival ln orth Sheul, l, iD ana
atroke, elaaghtar.. Z0,000 caclr and aoldier of the IVth hoot
ae4l AJ:mf Coaaequmitly, th9r vaa 110 rebelltoa cluriq hard yr
afterwrd aDll tbl va breught about 1ty all .-ople
With bakJ t.deolO&J.
Aid:l.t, miliDg, Aid& "mow can ve afford auch a lofty act of
'l'e-tung, al ..tltng, ulda "'!bough you have ao oppor
tUDlty to lauabter 20,000 people, you .uat at laaat murder all
ructloaary aeaerala, and you mut clo it impruelvely. !he latantlon
l llOt only to take revenge agalnat them, but aleo to etrlb terror
in tho who are till living, ao that they dare not oppo
ccnmml-. "

ildlt regard . .o' -thod too bareh. Reverthel becauae

Mao !ee-tmag llluatrated everythiag eimple, Aidlt'a Mlf-coafldeace
t.ncreaeed. After he left Hao, he went to vi.alt Lo Jut Cbiing to
dlua the upply of arm with him.

Lo Jul Chila& uU1 "Dont WW&). l ha

ordered the hpart
w t of Geaeral .U---.ta t tart tlw dlepatch of arm and auppll
for J0,000 people. 'l'h aru will have arrived vlien you retura to

After preparattou ware de with all partlu concerned, Aldl.t

fl back to Djakarta to draw up bu plan. lecau Aidlt often WeDt
to the c:a. thl ilt drew ao attentloll. It wa o maru80Uble,
that lukano weuld auapect that hi ccmradea in feldq would plot
agalut hl couatry and life.
~ORrd the lliddle of leptaber, 1965, after Aidlt had had
...ttaa HVrl time wltb Uatuna and Dud, the vay t lllitiat
the - - . .~. lt - htuq vbo -...t limlaat th
--1 ., u~artaa thm aad ...rdariq them oaa b7 - . . Aldit
pw pecial :lla8tructlma8 that the - - r e hould be correct and
faataatt.a, becauH ucordlaa to Cbat.naa ..... ta thU 1 the
''meat.a rill be iDttfdated. lual appolotecl to elbd.aat
lukarDo. Aa . , _ tbe coup tarted, lukarno ..aat 1te per....i.ct to
ao to tbe ..lill Air .... , ... be mut lte utalDM there. Vhethar
be voal be kill.. aecretly or deU.v.r. . to tbe
publt. trial ..,_... the at.tuatlon.
for hi

lnclour 1
A666 Djakarta
a 3
Several day aftezvarda. Un.tung wldenly NV Aidlt. . . aaids
"It t1 reported that the aenerala will likely aot be ln one place
before September 30. 1965. l it foaalble to wait until the parade
ill tbei /amt Day of OCtober 5, 1965T So that aoHdy will ucape."

Aldlt aaids "!he firat plan vaa to wait until Armed fore
Day. ..t
ia taking. I agreed with Com:ade Hao vith reaard to the ttma.
namelJ the night of lept_.,.r 30. 1965. The nat day, October l,
1965, vill be atipalated a
the uv Rational Day. lecauae tba Cft'
tlonal Day al80 fall Oil thl uy, he regarded the ate abaolute.
Let - ellcl hill a telqr- to 4laou thla tter with bill. . . tbell
aent aecret telegraa to hldna.
Upon the receipt of tba telegr- at the lecretarlat of the
Co larty in the Cft, Teng lstao Hng bt.aelf 1-dlately took
it to Hao Tae-tuna, and keel for bia reply.

Shaking hi head llao Mids "lend 1-df.ately a tlgr- to

Aldlt follavas '!'ha time 8Wlt not be altered no -tter what cir
cumtance: the actlm muat be taken ill the nlght of lept..-r 30.'"

Teng . .tao ftaa Nldl "We are very far away fraa tbe action.
Aldf.t i on the apot, .ad he aeea the a:ltuation more clearly. It i
ltetter to take bl vin.

~ina ht. arma from aide to llao r .... tuag Ntd: "Thia
l not a correct &o utter. ID every action, we muat act.
nil the aact alacNlpbere i under wy. Don t waver. If you can
alter a date one. 7ou _,alter lt for the aecond time. If you
alter t.t for the third t1-. nothing will happen. Let - tell you.
la 111 ~hood. I - t an old n isa .,. Yilla lurina hi youth,
be waaa welllulon thief iD W.langtan. Ba waa killed in digiag
a hole. .. could -ka a bola. Ba eoul.t k a hole ill any kind of
wall, whether tt we
of bricka or atone, aad be could enter
houe within tbe ~im it take you to WRlk oae hundred tepa.

lelaa blpr....
Tena ..tao ling Hide "Bow faat hi haDll are~"
. .or-tuna Nida "'rbat - taught a great DUlllber of hie pupil. Ila
uld that nery pupil . u t make a hole, but he dared not ater the
bcMwa. Dae tMCbn' pu.a~ hf.a ill, and in thi way ha forced to
10 f.D. If a papll dare aot enter for tbe f lrat tt..a, h will naver
eater a .h ouM throuab a hole, and be vill He:_. an unuHful individual."

. , _ ..tao Pina lanpacl aml ida "rbu. i peraitent

te fUla Aldit tato tM hole."

. . . '1..-tuq Nida "Indeed. I ahall pU8h bill 1D veb-wntly,

. . t:bat be caa enter. After the failure of th Kl rebellioa in
lncloure 1
A666, Djakarta
f age 4
dtua in 1948, Aldlt replaced 8jarlfu4din, aa benorable ,.rty leader
vbo vaa killed. lflthla the lat 1.5 yean, the treagth of the
farty baa f.ncreaaed rapidly. the perty baa DOW thr.. 111111on -mel:'a.
larrina our Mm rarty and that of the usa, t.he RI bu the great..t
ntnber of
have the
a t ........
u not wn real trmgth. One muat
of atnggle. or aample, the .Japaaeae Conmmiat
tarty baa not 111 nmhera, but it recent perfcmMDC.. aurpriecl the
world. !be fl! u unable t do that."
Sld.llngly Ieng tao liDa aalch "!he atruag1e of the .fa,.
Com-eniat tartJ . ~11 aa our N,..ial tblnga. Vltbout the ,
thing ........ and aol to flmca their operatiou, the Ja,.aue
Ca rniat farty could aever do anything. N

Hao lae-tuaa anwe.ta "lleverthl ~ Japan- Co mSat

tarty l al" aa,.ble. lf there i enough SOIMIY. lt nuat be ....
appropriately.. Ve11 thea. lead tm1dlatel1 Che teleanm u Aldlt.
In other -ttera, l nay yield to bill, but ta thla natt be cut
follaw - the time w t be the aight f le~ 'U' JO, 1965. !ht.
caDDOt be altered iD wbatner circ.-Ulaeu."