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2017-2018 Y12 - Unit 60 & 1 Interactive Media (MM)

Week Beginning
M4 W1 Th3 Th4 F1 F2
25/9/17 4 Submit work (1hr) Task 3 Software Skills Software Skills

Intro to Assets Collection Start New Diary Director

Assignment 3 Practice
Task 3 Director Practice
Ass 3 Brief Session
Assets Collection Session Review Review
Similarity Report After learning a I continued
Examples bit about the
Session Review the two-part
software and lesson looking
Setting of 3
Milestones Today I begun was able to and creating
asset collecting, finish the task the button
Session Review I was able to within the first assets.
collect all of the hour and a half.
I have now images, image
saved all of my buttons, videos,
image assets music and
with in my backgrounds.
folders that I
have set out.

2/10/17 5 Task 3 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5

Assets Create & Test Create & Test Create & Test Create & Test Create & Test
Collection Finish
Session Review Milestone Session Review Session Review Milestone
Evidence Report
I have begun on Session Review I managed to At the end of Session
Session my diary, testing complete the this lesson I was Review
I managed to
Review table and whole of the able to
complete the At the end of
project, but adventure complete the
I spent this whole of the this lesson I
more category as well whole product
lesson going adventure was able to
importantly I as the content and now I just
back and category as well complete the
was able to page, milestone need to update
collecting the as the content whole product
complete my has been my diary while
links where I page, milestone and now I just
opening page. completed as the memories
found all of has been need to
well as two are still fresh in
the assets. completed as update my
tests. my brain.
well as two diary while the
tests. memories are
still fresh in
my brain.

Mile stone is

9/10/17 6 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 4 & 5 Task 7 Task 7

Create & Test Create & Test Create & Test Create & Test Design Evaluation
Session Questionnaire
Milestone Session Review Task 6 DEADLINE ASS 3
Collect Peer
Session Review Work with the Publish & Report Feedback Festival
I was able to
make some product has
With my Similarity
upgrades to product, finished and Screen Shots Start Evaluation Report
the project; complete I now waiting for
Session Review Session Review Session
overall I cant worked on other aspects to
see any other other sheets of do. Publish & Peers are now
aspect for work that Report has been reviewing my Feedback was
improvement needed to be done and now product and I very helpful
so I am going done for the waiting for my am waiting for and useful for
to move onto course. peers to review. feedback myself to
other work for develop on,
the time Mile stone is
now the work
being. complete.
needs handing