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Week 1

April 17, 2017 April 21, 2017

Plant Tour and Orientation

On the first day of internship, the trainee was given a plant tour first thing in the
morning by the owner of the company. Some of the areas visited included Printing,
Converting, Lamination, Film Blowing, the Warehouse, and Ink Making.

The trainee was then accompanied to the Human Resources Department for a
more detailed orientation about the company. Things that were discussed included the
Company Profile, Company History, the Organizational Chart, and the Products and
Services rendered by the company. Following that, the trainee was briefed about the
safety regulations inside the plant, which involves the proper practices needed to be
observed whenever inside the plant and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Later that day, the trainee was brought to the Ink Making Department, where she was
assigned to work.

The next day, the trainee was given an introduction about ink making by Mr. Go.
The topics discussed were: Rotogravure Inks, Composition of Printing Inks, the
Manufacturing Process and Quality Tests for Inks. She was also given a tour at the Ink
Making Area for her to have a more concrete understanding of how inks are
During the first week, she was taught by Mr. Pacamarra how to test the fineness
of grind of inks using a grind gauge. There is a different standard for white inks and
colored inks. She was also taught how to make a drawdown, which is essential in testing
the performance of the ink on the substrate and the drying characteristics of the ink.

The trainee also learned the process of testing incoming raw materials, e.g. resins
and pigments. A standard and a sample ink is prepared. Then, both of the inks are used,
side by side, to make a drawdown. Ultimately, the purpose is to see whether or not the
incoming pigment/resin produces an ink comparable to the standard.

Noted by:

Joselito Miguel
Ink Making Department Senior Supervisor