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Arthurian Legend:

Geoffrey of Monmouth
Historia regum Britanniae (113538) - The History of the Kings of Britain
Troubadours and Minstrels of Medieval Era fueled the Romantic legend of King Arthur
King Edward I used the legend to authenticate his claim to the thrones of England & Wales
Loyalty, Honor, Valor, Chivalry, Honesty ideals
Merlin with supernatural powers
Uther Pendragon father of King Arthur
Igraine mother of King Arthur
Guinevere, often written as Guenevere or Gwenevere, is, in Arthurian legend, the wife of King
Morgause, Elaine and Morgan le Fay Arthurs half-sisters
Sir Ector - sometimes Hector, Antor, or Ectorius, is adoptive father of King Arthur in the
Arthurian legend.
Kay foster brother of King Arthur
Lady of the Lake (Vivien) gave King Arthur the Excalibur. She raised Lancelot after the death of
his father. Stepmother of Lancelot
What inscriptions were written on each side of the Excalibur?
o Take me
o Cast me away
Sir Gawain known as the most trustworthy friend of King Arthur. Many stories also associated him
closely with the Sun so that his strength waxed and waned as the Sun rose and set.
Battle of Camlann - is reputed to have been the final battle of King Arthur, in which he either
died or was fatally wounded, fighting either with or against Mordred who is also said to have
Mordred - According to the majority of texts, he is Arthur's bastard son by his half-sister
Morgause, the wife of King Lot.
Gorlois - Duke of Cornwall, is the husband of Igraine prior to Uther Pendragon. He is the father
of Morgan le Fay, Morgause, and Elaine.
How did Igraine beget Arthur? King Uther Pendragon falls in love with her and attempts to force
his attentions on her at his court. She informs her husband, who departs with her to Cornwall
without asking leave. This sudden departure gives Uther Pendragon an excuse to make war on
Gorlois. Gorlois conducts the war from the castle of Dimilioc but places his wife in safety in the
castle of Tintagel. Disguised as Gorlois by Merlin, Uther Pendragon is able to enter Tintagel to
satisfy his lust. He manages to rape Igraine by deceit - she believes that she is lying with her
husband and becomes pregnant with Arthur. Her husband Gorlois dies in battle that same
Le Morte d'Arthur written by Thomas Malory and published by William Caxton in 1485
Pentecostal Oath - The Pentecostal Oath was an oath which the Knights of King Arthur's Round
Table swore, according to Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur. It embodied the code of
King Leodegrance - is the father of Queen Guinevere in Arthurian legend. Gave the round table
as a wedding gift
Round Table - was round instead of rectangular. This meant that everyone who sat around it
was seen as trust worthy and equal. In different stories, there are different numbers of
knights, ranging from 12 to more than 150.
Galahad Arthurs most revered knight. But in earlier stories - Percival