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Manansala, Jenny A.


Friday (6:00-9:00PM)

October 13, 2017

The Generics Pharmacy

Company Profile

TGP started out as small pharmaceutical company in 1949. Acknowledging the dire need for
quality medicines but at affordable prices, the company focused on generic medicines to
provide the Filipino with a more affordable alternative. In 2001, the company ventured into
retail, starting only with a single outlet. As demand grew, the company decided to bring their
medicines more accessible to all the far reaches of the country through the FRANCHISING
business model. The historic year was 2007, starting with 20 outlets within Metro Manila.

Now as TGP, it revolutionized the entire Pharmaceutical healthcare industry and pharmaceutical
retail with its bold and different path for growth. Who would think that a pharmacy or a
drugstore with pure generic drugs rapidly take off? After the initial struggles and birth pains, the
healthcare landscape has embraced and accepted generic medicine as it has proven to be
effective and of high quality standards and yet, truly affordable for every Juan.

Now only on its 7th year in full pharmacy retail and franchising, TGP has dotted the entire
archipelago with more than strong 1700 outlets, making healthcare accessible to every Juan. As
expansion grew rapidly, so with the numerous awards and recognition TGP received from
various entrepreneurship, retail, franchising and marketing awards from various prestigious
retail, franchising, marketing, social entrepreneurship and management organizations. The most
recent award-the GAWAD GENERIC SUMMIT is made even more valuable by the fact that it was
conferred by our own Department of Health (DOH), in celebration of Philippines' 25th Generic
Summit celebrated last September 2013. This is solid proof that TGP is now well accepted and
trusted as source of quality and affordable generic medicines. The massive reach and
accessibility made TGP a friendly neighbor pharmacy outlet. TGP is now the largest retail
pharmacy chain in the country.

We carry on with the vision to hit 2000 strong outlets by 2017 where every Filipino will have
access to good health.

To be the drugstore of choice for safe, quality and affordable generic medicines through the
widest, most profitable franchise network nationwide; leveraging on complementary healthcare
services, integrated technology and processes, and the strength of our people and culture.


A Filipino Deserves Nothing Less for Less Cost

We understand the value of a healthy Filipino in making a happy home and in nation building.
Thus, we shall address the health needs of every Filipino by providing a complete range of safe,
quality, and cost-effective generic medicines and healthcare products and services. As we profit
from accomplishing this mission, we ensure our growth is shared among our franchisees,
partners, suppliers and employees.

Corporate Values:

T: Trustworthy

H: Honesty

E: Excellence

G: God-Centered

E: Effective

N: Nurturing

E: Ethical

R: Reliable

I: Inspiring

C: Committed

S: Socially Responsible

Organizational Chart with duties and responsibilities

Chairman: John Robinson Gokongwei -led retailer Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc.

Provides leadership and governance of the Board so as to create the conditions for overall
Boards and individual Directors effectiveness, and ensures that all key and appropriate issues
are discussed by the Board in a timely manner.
Establish good corporate governance practices and procedures and promotes the highest
standards of integrity, probity and corporate governance throughout the Group and particularly
at Board level.

Vice- Chairman: Benjamin Liuson, founder of the Generics Pharmacy

Maintains regular dialogue with the Chairman on important and strategic issues facing the
Group, and ensures bringing these issues to the Boards attention.

Leads the management to ensure effective working relationships with the Chairman and the
Board by meeting or communicating with the Chairman on a regular basis to review key
developments, issues, opportunities and concerns

Head of Operations: Emer Sanchez

Chairman: John Robinson
Responsible for the operation and management of the Pharmacy Department. In addition, the
incumbent will plan, organize and implement hospital pharmacy policies and procedures in
accordance with established policies of the hospital, in cooperation with other departments of
the hospital, and in accordance with accepted standards of good pharmacy practice.
Vice- Chairman: Benjamin
General Manager of TGP Pharma Inc.: Agnes Rafinan
She is a professional whose job description involves producing, preparing and compounding
prescriptions as demanded by a physician according to enacted practices of the profession, as
well as the policies and requirementsHead
of the
of hospital.
Operations: Emer
She has the role to manage and oversee technical and professional personnel and
subordinate supervisors in mixing various types of medicines.

General Manager: Agnes Rafinan