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Aarcweld ey Mintselin Labatt 130i-S/200i-S Inverter ADVANTAGE v Sm powerful 5.0Kg-arcweld 1301S 8.3Kg-aroweld 2001S d lightweight yet V Two unique Units Different outputs, performance and features ‘itany customer requirements ¥ Robust design Robust, Metal housing and contol buttons to withstand tough environmental conditions V Intelligent protection ‘Overvottage Low-volage ‘Over-curent V Auto Adaptive Arc Force Fora stable ars with low spatter levels as standard on the 130/-S and 200-5 ¥ Built in “Hot Start” For excellent are striking, standard on the 430-8 and 20015 V Meets IEC 60974-1 BUILT FOR THE JOB Sa ome V Thermally protected The arcweld® 130/-S & 2001-S inverter machines are For longer ie intended to be used for light to medium duty welding poe echo applications. They are an ideal choice for maintenance, pads? small repairs & general fabrication. Both machines are designed to be used with 6013 & 7018" type electrodes up ¥ Easy to set Output Control to 4.0mm in diameter. v Ready to Weld with accessories The arcweld® 130i-S & 200i-S are very compact, lightweight ‘Aeessorieshpower cord incuded and come with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. Accessories are included, so the machines are ready to weld out of the box. aroweld 200: only PROCESSES * Stick UNIT INCLUDES b +3 meter input cable without plug +3 meter ground cable with work clamp +3 meter welding cable with electrode holder THE WELDING EXPERTS* Aarcweld 130i-S/200i-S Inverter By Lincoln Electric TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Product ame | Product weight | Binonsions | Protection umber | Primer votaoe | Sim |"iS™ | sewao mm | nation ise | Compliance reels TaOrs | ReO0-T | BaOUTOROR Ow | Twa | —Sa_| BooOORn | —_WaISTF | osvaTEA arcwela? 20018 | 00-1] zzovrorsvev-1on | 16a | 93 aTonazmaan | Waisir | 1 sore WELDING OUTPUT Product Ne Current Rated Output (40°C) Rated Output (25°C) a aa Duty Cycle Duty Cycle arewaiaT30rS | __T0008 EL TAG 20%, AG HOH arewela" 200-8 [52008 200A 815%, 110A @ OOH 200K @ 0%, 150A @ OE ACCESSORIES ProductName [Wem Number | Description K68100-10-3M | Ground cable assembly, 10mm 3M, 200A, K68107-10-9M | Welding cable assembly, 1omnr, 3M, 200A KG9100-76-3M | Ground cable assombly, Emm 3M, 300A, KGST07-16-3M | Wolding cable assembly, Tamm’, 3M, 300A areweld® 13015 arewald® 200-5 ‘aroweld? 1301-8 areweld® 200/S ACCESSORIES So Etecvode Type Rute, Basic, Combine Eiecvode @ (mm) 25,82 25,32, 40 Welding Capacity (mm) 60 120 Performance Hot star ° . [Anistck . . [arc force . ° See Machine & Machine & ‘ Accessories ‘Accessories LINCOLN ELECTRIC THE WELDING EXPERTS” CEOIR.EN osri2