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The State Pollution Control
Board will, frame new
guidelines keeping in view the
nature of effluents, consistent
within the frame work of
Central Pollution Control Act.
The production, supply and
distribution of certain
commodities come under the
High national regulation purview of the Essential
(labour, tenant laws and Commodities Act, 1955.
enterprise regulation) as well These commodities include
as international health and food grains, oilseeds, cotton
safety standards impact on and woollen textiles, jute, and
the nature of business. coal, among others.
There is a very large amount Under the Act, the central
of regulation of agricultural government may control the
enterprises - particularly price at which any essential
small and emerging. This commodity is traded.
can have both positive and Agricultural markets in the
negative impacts on South state are regulated by
Africas economy. Agricultural Produce
There is a huge uncertainty Marketing Committee (APMC)
over bio-fuel legislation. New laws.
legislation governing the Under these state Acts,
water environment and farmers are required to sell
giving effect to the cabinet - their produce at state-owned
adopted National Water mandis. The Indian food
Resource Strategy Version 2 processing industry is
(Water Amendment Bill and regulated by Food Safety and
Revision of the Pricing Standard Act (FSSA) which
Strategy for Water Use govern the aspects of
Charges in terms of the sanitation, licensing and other
National Water Act, 1998. necessary permits that are
required to start up and run a
food business.
Foreign Direct Investment is
permissible for all the
processed food products
under 100% automatic routes,
subject to applicable
laws/regulations/securities and
other conditions.

Animal Ethics focuses on the
use of animals, the intensive
production of meat and
poultry, extensive production
of feedstuffs for animals, and
impacts on the environment
due to intensive production.
Food Safety is an issue
because of modern food
In South Africa the situation
is very different, although
processing- marketing chains
this has not been reported, it
that expose consumers to
appears that besides
chemical additives, microbial
Organic and fair trade which
pathogens and other human
are anyway poorly
health concerns. Inspection
implemented, and there are
and transparency in how food
few products with ethical
is produced is included here.
certification used.
International Trade is a
Low income consumers
question of fairness in how
who are focused on eking
rules are set, who sets the
value out of their
rules and who benefits versus
expenditure, will Cleary not
those who are pushed out of
be influenced by these
the market.
certifications, so they can
Areas of concern include
only be expected to have
chemical residues on food,
any impact in the higher
pesticide exposure on
income sector.
workers, wasteful use of soil
and water resources, and
untargeted yet obvious
impacts on the natural
ecosystem and wildlife.
Food Security is essential
question deals with hunger
and how to provide sufficient
food for all.