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Tradition and modernity

Ramanujan married to a keralite Syrian Christian and settled in Chicago always

presents a blend of tradition and modernity.

In the love poem for a wife 1, poet grieves about not knowing her wife before

marriage, missing her childhood and same feels his wife. Knowing each other

before marriage is not a tradition of Indian society, but a thing of modernity.

Poet wife suddenly become interested in her husband past during a cousin

reunion, among brandy fumes, cashews. The setting is also modern.

Not sharing of childhood upsets the poet but he does not provide a modern

solution for it.

Instead of advocating for love marriage he goes to the customs of traditional

Hindus, where child are betroth before birth and later the marriage takes place.

In this way only a couple can share each other childhood.

Ramanujan poetry is all about fusion of modernity and tradition. They are not in

conflict with each other rather blends well to presents the soothing image of daily

life and human relations.