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A thought for today

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the
rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers
Navigate Kashmirs Choppy Waters
Without a coherent Kashmir strategy, the only option left is security forces versus the rest

Yes Your Honour Kapil Sibal trouble and the rest wish to embrace is a
statement far removed from reality. The
To navigate choppy somewhat weak suggestion at with-
waters requires courage. drawal of the Armed Forces (Special
Supreme Court initiates self-reform and The navigator must be
astute enough to recog-
Powers) Act, 1958 on an experimental
basis, has also not fructified. PDP is now
opens collegium decisions to public gaze nise the strength of going through an existential crisis with
the undercurrent. In its fast waning popularity. Disconnect

he Supreme Court collegium has met the clamour for Jammu & Kashmir choppy waters are with the people of Kashmir is palpable.
transparency in judicial appointments, by electing to make getting turbulent and the undercurrent The latest controversy, through a
public its decisions and rationale behind the elevation of judges is gaining strength. public interest litigation, regarding
New Delhi is in denial, blaming our attempts to abrogate Article 35A of the
to SC and high courts. It is a proud moment in Indias democratic Indian Constitution has drawn battle
bte noire Pakistan for all disturbances
evolution. The collegiums recommendations to elevate six candidates in the Valley. The result: diminishing lines. Both PDP and National Conference
to Madras high court and three to Kerala high court, while finding elbow room for negotiating a peaceful see this as an attempt to attack the unique
four candidates unsuitable for Madras high court, are now open resolution to spiralling disenchantment identity of Kashmir, the antithesis of
for perusal on the SC website. It is a landmark resolution because with New Delhis policy or lack of it. Kashmiriyat. It is viewed as an attempt
even those among the legal fraternity and general public who First, the undercurrent. It gained to change the demographics of Kashmir.
strength in the aftermath of Burhan Both people in the Valley and political
were uncomfortable with the (failed) executive attempt to seize analysts view New Delhis sincerity
Wanis death on July 8, 2016. What followed
primacy in judicial appointments through the National Judicial was an upsurge of emotion manifesting with scepticism.
Appointments Commission Act, were equally unhappy about a itself in violent protests. Imposition of There is no cohesive policy of the
number of questionable collegium decisions. curfew fell by the wayside. Curbs on Union qua Kashmir. There is a complete
The collegium has now answered its movement, internet bans and occasional disconnect between PMO, ministry of
supporters and critics in equal measure suspension of mobile services did not home affairs, RSS with its embedded
help in dousing the flames. network, and the views of security forces.
by demonstrating the capacity for That the credibility of New Delhi is
Fuel for these protests was the result
self-reform. The uploaded matter reveals of pent up anger against a dysfunctional at its nadir is reflected by the turnout of
sitting SC judges who earlier served coalition, representing perhaps the voters in the recent by-election to the
in Madras and Kerala high courts most opportunistic alliance of two Modis words that neither bullets nor Srinagar Lok Sabha seat. A bare turnout
evaluating candidates, a Judgment dissonant ideologies. What brought abuse is going to resolve issues in Kashmir of 6% is in stark contrast to the substantial
Committee appraisal of the quality them together was lust for power and a when he addressed the nation in his 2017 That the credibility of New voter turnout of 66% in 2014 assembly
of their judgments, and Intelligence charismatic leader who provided a Independence Day speech are true. This Delhi is at its nadir is reflected elections. The voter has spoken through
tenuous link to an unstable marriage. sentiment lacked conviction. Bullets the ballot. The graph of confidence in
Bureau reports on their integrity. In These two strange bedfellows know accompanied by abuse was evidenced in
by the turnout of voters in the democracy is on a constant descent in
making the recommendations public, that a divorce is inevitable. People of action in Kashmir through 2016. recent by-election to the the Valley. That should worry us.
great care has also been taken to strike the Valley knew they had been taken The flourish of words must be accom- Srinagar Lok Sabha seat In the 90s militants disturbed life in
a balance between transparency and privacy. for a ride. No sincere attempt was made panied by sincere action on the ground. the Valley; in 2017 large crowds along with
Those aspiring for public office cannot be immune to scrutiny and to implement the common minimum In the eyes of protesters Insaniyat Kashmir space to move towards political the young, including girls, took to the
programme of the alliance. The pent up (humanity) was dealt a deathly blow and engagement. Calling for a beef ban, streets. The home ministers September vi-
dissemination of their official record. In the long run such transpa- doing away with a separate flag, floating sit to Srinagar was an exercise in futility.
anger needed a catalyst to conflagrate. Jamhuriat (democracy) was betrayed.
rency without breaching privacy norms will ensure that only the best Wanis death provided it. In the absence of Insaniyat and Jamhuri- concepts like a separate Sainik colony, a Talk of a political or a permanent
candidates apply for judicial positions. Of course the pivotal moment Those who were ardent PDP support- at, Kashmiriyat was not given a chance. separate colony for Kashmiri Pandits, solution without a roadmap is meaning-
that precipitated this reform was Justice Jayant Patels resignation ers felt orphaned. There was no one to It may well be that young protesters may well evoke nationalist sentiments, less. New Delhi has hardly any options
from Karnataka high court, when he found he was to be transferred articulate their feelings. The forces of con- were misguided by divisive elements. but it made the Kashmiris insecure. left. Hurriyat itself is marginalised.
to Allahabad high court. Patel was at the cusp of being named Acting frontation collaborated with the enemy. But the art of politics is to manoeuvre BJP also jettisoned an essential The upsurge in Kashmir is leaderless.
Matters got much worse when security acceptability, unless you wish confron- element of the agenda of alliance with PDP is part of the establishment. Other
Chief Justice of Karnataka high court and just months away from PDP which was committed to a sustained mainstream political parties are viewed
forces used previously unsuccessful tation. The all party delegation to
retirement when he was unceremoniously transferred. Lawyers in crowd control measures. Bullets led to Srinagar in August 2016 saw obdurate dialogue with both Hurriyat and Pakistan. with suspicion.
Karnataka, Gujarat and Delhi protested the transfer. heavy casualties, especially in the south. separatists refusing to meet them, and This along with the controversy over There is hardly any space left for a
Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra deserves unstinting praise for Later, pellets from shotguns killed some the delegations recommendation that Article 370 and targeting sloganeering meaningful dialogue. The undercurrent
responding constructively to the protests. No less significant is the but maimed and blinded hundreds for government talk to all stakeholders in Kashmiri students in the rest of India continues to gain strength. The other
riveting irony that the collegiums biggest critic was an insider and life. The alienation was complete. the Valley fell on deaf ears. has vitiated the atmosphere. option is: security forces versus the rest.
New Delhi must realise that neither In fact, we have seen no attempt by Chief minister Mehbooba Muftis That is a truly worrisome option.
member: Justice J Chelameswar. Many judges before Patel had found rhetoric nor mouthing platitudes is utterances have also not helped matters.
the Modi government, since it came to The writer is a Congress leader and former
their paths blocked by inscrutable collegium decisions. More trans- going to help. Prime Minister Narendra power in 2014, to give the people of That only 5% of Kashmiris foment Union minister
parency will now beget more merit. Forging ahead with the overhaul
the Centre must finalise the long-delayed Memorandum of Procedure
and help fill the 387 vacancies in 24 high courts expeditiously.
India can help the world eliminate TB ... India playing a huge
Boys In Blue part in global health club by producing drugs and vaccines
Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Director- doubt as the number two. I would do my What ails Indias public healthcare? commitment.
Their maiden entry in a FIFA World Cup General (DG) of the Indian Council of best in that post. The position will give We have a wide spectrum of public Nobody believed that India could
Medical Research (ICMR) and secretary, me an opportunity to do a lot of good for healthcare facilities. This extends from eradicate polio, but we did it. TB equally
raises hopes for Indian football department of health research, is the global health. some of the southern states which looks like a big challenge. But every-
first Indian to be appointed to the India has a big role in global have done extremely well to a large thing is being laid out for eliminating

ur under-17 team created history on Friday when it became
second highest position at the World healthcare. How can India help number of emerging states TB, if that plan can be imple-
the first ever Indian football team to participate in any FIFA which have a lot of catching up
Health Organization (WHO) in in creating a good healthcare mented. I see no difficulty.
World Cup. India went down fighting 3-0 against USA in the Geneva. Known in particular for her facility for the world? to do. I think the basic issue WHO can bring countries
opening game and the team can hold its head high for putting up a work on tuberculosis, Swaminathan India is already playing a huge has been lack of prioritisation. together to provide technical
brave performance. Of course 46,000 odd enthusiastic spectators will be taking over her new role as part in the global health club by Now there is widespread assistance wherever needed.
gave their full support to the boys in blue despite USA easily being deputy DG, Programmes, at WHO within way of producing drugs and vaccines. I recognition that health has to You have advocated
the better of the two teams. The team led by skipper Amarjit Singh a few weeks. She spoke to Rohit E David think over 50-60% of generic drugs be very high on the priority list of universal health coverage. Can you
on the challenges facing the worlds and vaccines across the world are any government central expound a bit more on what you
Kiyam has made a good start in the tournament. They should or state. The situation is
apex health body, the problems in Indian now supplied from India. Thats mean by that?
maintain momentum as they face another tough opponent, Colombia, healthcare and Indias role in the global a huge contribution as well as changing now. Universal health coverage is the
at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium today. health architecture: a responsibility. How can WHO biggest goal of WHO. To take a country
India defended well initially. But inexperi- Now, we can also help India eliminate like India, and many others which are
ence showed towards the end of the first half What are some of the challenges deliver in other areas in tuberculosis? probably in a worse situation, and provide
when Jitendra Singh tripped Josh Sargent in front of you as WHO deputy DG? healthcare, especially in In fact, India health coverage to them is the aim. This
First of all, the responsibility is innovation of affordable and can help the world will mean starting from physical infra-
resulting in a penalty for USA. Sargent coolly eliminate tuberculo-
huge. The work which WHOs DG has cost effective technology structure in remote areas, human re-
slotted the ball home proving why Bundesliga given me as deputy DG, Programmes, whether thats diagnostic sis. Most of the worlds sources both in remote and urban areas,
side Werder Bremen have already signed him means working across divisions of or devices. We can serve TB patients are from health financing and ensuring health
from next year when he turns 18. In the end, WHO. My job will be to achieve the goals Indian healthcare but also the India. We have got every- insurance. The goal is to provide universal
India did have some positives with goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh he has laid out. I see it as a wonderful world. I think India has a thing it takes to develop healthcare to everyone in the world.
Moirangthems heroics and the likes of Komal Thatal and opportunity. I think I will be able to bring huge potential to come up with new tools, strategies to WHO has 60% employees who are
people together, synergise them and vaccines much before anyone control and eliminate TB. women in its wings. Do you feel that
Ninthoinganba Meetei grabbing eyeballs with their attacking play. We have got the basic research
focus on some high impact programmes. else in the world. Sometimes gender bias has been broken in the
A reduced catchment area for budding footballers is reflected in You are the daughter of MS we do need partnerships. and development (R&D), worlds apex health organisation?
the current under-17 team, dominated by players from Manipur. Swaminathan, the father of Indias The rotavirus vaccine patients whom we It is a very strong message. Women
But the launches of Indian Super League in 2014 and Premier Futsal Green Revolution. Will you also was in partnership can do clinical in leadership positions can make a
last year have helped in reviving popularity and bringing more usher in a revolution at WHO? with many diffe- trials on, fund- difference in global health. Lets see. It is
professionalism into the sport across the country. A sustained WHO is a huge organisation and I rent agencies and ing and a very exciting beginning. A couple of
will be playing an important role no groups. political years in the job will show.
and inspired performance by the boys in blue will act as a catalyst
for more grassroots programmes, better infrastructure and
investment in the sport. The team has two more games in Group A dilbert Sacredspace
against Colombia and twice champions Ghana to help unlock the
true potential of Indian football. What Is Love?
Love is not a thing to
Honey Honey Love is not a thing to feel.
Love is not a thing to give
Honeypreet Insaan was once her papas angel, and receive.
now shes the angel of TV channels Love is a thing only to become
And eternally be.

For over a month now, police in several states have been like Sri Chinmoy
bees in search of honey. When the queen bee of the Dera Sacha
Sauda finally surfaced it wasnt for the folks in khaki but for

Eco-Philosophy For Revival Of The Planet

the folks in the studio. TV channels sang Honey Honey in an
endless refrain. Channels that call themselves sabse tez readied
themselves for a Honeymoon. In the era of Breaking News,
every channel became insane about Ms Insaan because the only thing that
mattered was who would be the first to broadcast her honeyed words. Vir Singh Our educational programmes have Conscientiousness about such of the status quo, which always is
After all in a news cycle dominated by murder, stampedes and a tanking focussed on exploitative technologies values in integrated value education undermining its own existence.
and irrational management. The only would be instrumental in developing a Education can change the destiny of

economy, Honeypreet provided some momentarily sweet consolation. None of ight education could set out
the TV channels thought of escorting Honeypreet to the police, hopeful that conditions to shape social realities, socioeconomic goal our conventional more diverse, more beautiful, vibrant, the new civilisation only if it can be
she would bring in TRP gold. Perhaps her every move in jail will be monitored construct new realities, new education visualises is to create affluence coherent and sustainable world. transformed to a system that can put
by channels who want to be love charged by the adopted daughter of the Baba isms, new processes and eventually, as a basic indicator of higher standard Education is a pivotal means to youth and others in touch with the real
whose favourite song is Love Charger. construct a new world. The first role of of living. And the result? A dying planet reshape humanity and the world. But world. Ecological reconstruction sho-
The Baba was once on song but is now convicted for being in the wrong. education is to infuse values in indi- and threats to our own survival. conventional education has been one of uld be at the heart of our education
As Gurmeet Ram Rahims daughter, masseuse and companion, viduals and change their inner selves. The education system, therefore, the primary forces that has brought the system. Eco-philosophy, or ecological
Honeypreets relationship with her papaji is so close that shes Values that an individual inculcates and must assign to itself the task of reviving world to the brink of destruction. A new philosophy, guides us to progress to an
certainly not singing Papa Dont Preach. Not that Gurmeet was much incubates, influence and modify his role our dying planet. Education-fed civilisation needs new edu- Ecological Age.
of a spiritual preacher anyway, considering that his devotees became in society, for society. What the new energies need to be channelled cation. Our current education Eco-philosophy is about a new shape
so violent and unruly after his arrest that over 40 were killed in the rioting. world would be like would depend on the to tasks leading to protection, pattern does not teach us how of life, dignity of life and work, and
Honey appeared before the public for the first time when she was seen in the quality of education a society practices. preservation, and augmentation to be human; it only teaches us about responsibility for our environ-
helicopter with Ram Rahim after his conviction, showing that shes accustomed There are four major dimensions of of the biospheres resources. how to be a consumer. Plato ment, society and the whole world. It
to flying high with Daddy Cool. human development, namely, intellec- Revival of the planet is an said, The direction in which could help future generations speak
Honeypreets original name was Priyanka Taneja who abandoned her tual, physical, ethical and aesthetic. urgent imperative. education sets a man will with the voice of eco-wisdom and
mundane 11-year-old marriage for a star-spangled life with her papa. As dads Education must seek to nurture, refine Ecological-spiritual values determine his future life. eco-values. Eco-philosophy would be of
darling she entered a starry cosmos, dreamt of becoming an angel on screen and fully develop these dimensions of ought to be an essential Ultimately all systems of enormous help to change the patterns of
and singing jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. However, her dreams of becoming a holistic human development. ingredient of contemporary the education and philosophy are our behaviour towards nature, develop
movie star have now come crashing to the ground after Ram Rahim went
from super hit baba to mega flop rapist. Indians are notoriously susceptible to
Clearly, thus far, education has not
helped us establish a healthy relation-
education. Ecological-spiritual
development should be treated speaking about how to be human, not
how to be a consumer, says
alternative, holistic ways of living, and
bring the world to a state of ecological
godmen even though so many are Baba black sheep. But this didnt matter to ship with nature. Disharmonious as the fifth dimension of educa- tree eco-philosopher Skolimowski. renaissance. If this can be achieved,
Honeypreet because she was busy celebrating Fathers Day. relationship with fellow human beings, tion. Right from the primary level to He further suggests, We must not then there is hope yet, that we can,
Honeypreets life has lessons for those trying to take the stairway to heaven with society and with nature also higher education level ecological- misread our mandate: we are here to together, heal the planet and enable
because sometimes someone who looks like a god is neither Ram nor Rahim. In emanates much from our imbalanced spiritual values should be essentially lead our young to be deservedly human conditions that are more conducive to a
the end it turns out to be all about the money, Honey. relationship with nature. integrated with education programmes. and not to manipulate them for the sake harmonious lifestyle.