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1 Jobs
Complete the crossword with the names of people who do these jobs. Look at
Picture Dictionary P12 in your dictionary to help you.


2 3 4

6 7

9 10

11 12





1 a man who helps to catch criminals DOWN
3 a person who looks after your teeth 1 a person who paints houses or walls
5 a person who cares for people when they are 2 a person who looks after sick animals
sick or hurt 4 a person who works in a shop (4, 9)
6 a person who teaches in a school 7 a person who cooks in a hotel or restaurant
9 a woman who works in business 8 a person who decides how to punish
13 a person who represents somebody in a somebody in a court of law
court of law 10 a man who brings you food and drink in a
14 a person who makes things from wood restaurant
15 a person who puts in and repairs water pipes 11 a person who owns or looks after a farm
and toilets 12 a person who people go to when they are ill
16 a person who flies a plane

8 PHOTOCOPIABLE Oxford University Press

2 Talking about jobs and work.
Use your dictionary to check that you understand the meaning of these words:

overtime retire candidates CV promoted apply for

full-time company resign commute salary get the sack

When you __________________________________ a job, you usually have to provide a __________________________________, where you give

details of your qualifications and experience. The most suitable __________________________________ will then be offered an

interview. The job may be part-time or __________________________________, and sometimes you have to do

__________________________________, when you work extra hours. If you do not live near your place of work, you will have

to __________________________________, which can be stressful and tiring.

You will receive your wages every week, or your ____________ every month, and if you work hard you may

get __________________________________, when you will earn more money and have more responsibility. However, if you do

your work badly you may __________________________________. If you dont like the job, you can __________________________________, but if

things go well you can work with the same __________________________________ until you are in your sixties and then


3 Getting a job
You see this job advertisement in your college:


Part-time position, evenings and
weekends only
Pay according to age and experience
Call Sam on 450783
for more information

You call the number to get some more information. Here are some of the questions
that you ask Sam, and that he asks you. Can you put one word in each gap to complete
the questions?

experience uniform hours interview qualifications earn

You ask Sam: Sam asks you:

1 What ____________________________would I work? 4 Do you have any __________?
I need somebody to work on Saturdays, as A little. I helped my father in his shop during
well as two evenings a week. the holidays.
2 How much would I ____________________________? 5 What __________ do you have?
You would start at 6.50 an hour. I am studying for a degree in Mathematics.
3 Would I have to wear a ____________________________? 6 Can you come in tomorrow for an __________?
Yes, we will provide clothes for you to wear. Of course, what time would you like to see me?

PHOTOCOPIABLE Oxford University Press 9