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Scene Lesson Relation of the scene to the

1. A japanes approached an Specialization The Japanese managers insi

d instructed a fellow Ameri st in cross-training in job fu
can worker that the proper nctions for all employees. F
way to weld a car's underbo or them, there is only one w
dy is to do it here, here, her ay to run the factory which
e and here. is through following a syste
m or process on how you sh
ould do things. But the Am
erican workers want special
ized jobs that fit their perso
nal skills. They want to do t
hings in their on way than f
ollowing a system or proces
s. Specialized skills comple
te mobility that characterizi
ng the American labor mark

2.There is a scene that depi Quality based strategies Strategy that focuses on qua
cts that the Japanese are sati lity is all phases of an organ
sfied to the product if its zer ization.
o defect different than the A Pursuit of such a strategy is
mericans thinking of "good rooted in a number of factor
enough." s.
-Trying to overcome a poor
quality reputation
-Desire to maintain a qualit
y image
-A part of a cost reduction s
Japanese workers are very c
oncerned with the quality of
the product by which they i
nitiate to product a zero-def
ect products.

3. Japanese install video mo Motion study Motion srudy is a systemati

nitors in the American facto c study of the human motio
ry to ensure close monitorin ns used to perform an opera
g of behavior and how they tion. The japanese have dev
do their work. eloped work methods and f
ollows "process" in doing a
particular job it is to avoid e
rrors or defects in the produ
ct.The japanese installed ca
meras to monitor the move
ments of American workers

4. The union agrees not to s Incentive plan success/Com American workers appear t
trike and works towards a J pensation heoughout the film to be m
otivated by financial incenti
apanese standard monthly o ve and individual awards.
utput of 15000 cars in order Mof the workers are motiva
to restore their wages. ted through compensation a
nd having
incentives. In the movie it s
how well the Americans are
motivated through addition
al pay off unlike for the Jap
anese worker they work for
the sake of the company an
d Kazihiro mentioned "Whe
n production is down, Japan
ese worker stays longer," th
ey work without overtime p
ay ,setting motivations extri
nsic (financially)and instrin
sic (affliation) to workers ar
e important to keep the prod
uctivity of the business. To
obtain maximum benefit for
an incentive plan , it should
Accurate, easy to apply, co
nsistent,easy to understand
and fair.

5.U.S. Automoile company Location: identifying a com The community sets it hope
in Pennyslvania experiencin munity to the Japanese to save thei
g closire at a time of econo r work through a buy out of
mic crisis. The local auto w an automobile company. O
orkers union leader Hunt St ne the important factors to b
ephenson visits Assan Moto e considered businesses dec
rs to propose a buy out. ide on its location is it to lo
ok on the quality of life of t
he community and attitude
of the workers nonetheless
come from the community.

6. Kazihiro complain to Hu Ethics Japanese and Americans ha

nt, "I do not understand Am ve different views in regard
erican workers. They come s of "work value". Ethics is
five minutes late, leave two important in business, it is n
minutes early, stay home w ot just only to be applied in
hen sick, put themselves ah company but also on how th
ead of the company. e employees should act or b
ehave in their work and co
mply with the company's po