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Biography of


By : Nanda Mellenia Amin

Prof. DR (HC). Ing. Dr. Sc. Mult.
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was born in Pare
Pare, South Sulawesi, in June 25th 1936. He is
the forth child from eight siblings of the
couple Alwi bdul Jalil Habibie and RA. Tuti
Marini Puspowardojo. Habibie and his wife,
Hasri Ainun Habibie was blessed with two sons,
Ilham Akbar and Thareq Kemal. He trough his
childhood life in Pare Pare, South Sulawesi.
He really likes reading and horsing. But he had
lost his father on September 3rd 1950 because
of heart attack.
Then, he moved to Bandung with his mother
and his siblings and continued his school at
Gouverments Middlebare School. After graduating
high school in 1954, he entered ITB (Institut
Teknologi Bandung), but before he finished his
college, he received scholarship from Minister
of Education to continued his college in
Germany. He choosed Faculty of Aerospace
Engineering with specialization construction
plane in Rhein Westfalen Aachen Techische
Hochschule (RWTH). He filled his holiday in his
college life to study and find working
He got his Diploma Ing, from Technische
Hochschule, German in 1960. And then he
register to work at the firm Talbot, a railroad
industry Germany. And then he continued his
studies for a doctorate in Technische
Hochschule Die Facultaet Fuer Maschinenwesen
Aachean. In 1962, he married to his wife, and
bring her to German. He must go through
difficult life to downsize his economics need.
BJ Habibie found a formula named Habibies
Factor because it can calculate the
propagation of cracks or krack random atoms in
aircraft. Then in 1967, he became Professor of
honor (Guru Besat) at the Institute of
Technology Bandung (ITB). Then he worked in the
aircraft industry leading MBB Gmbh, Germany.
Before he was called by President Suharto to
return to Indonesia.
In Indonesia, Habibie 20 years served as
Minister of State for Research and Technology /
Head of BPPT, led the 10 SOEs Strategic
Industries, chosen by MPR to became Vice
President of Indonesia, and was sworn by Chief
Justice to became President of Indonesia after
Suharto. Suharto handed over the presidency
title to Habibie based on Article 8 of the UUD
1945 until he forced to step down from his
position as a result of the East Timor
referendum to chose independence. His
accountability speech rejected by MPR. then
he's back to being an ordinary citizen, also
back to Germany.
On May 22, 2010, Hasri Ainun Habibie,
Habibie's wife, died in hospital Ludwig
Maximilians Universitat, Klinikum, Munich,
Germany. She died on Saturday at 17.30 local
time or 22:30 pm. This becomes a very deep
sorrow for the former President Habibie and the
Indonesian People who feel lost. For Habibie,
Ainun is everything. Ainun are his eyes to see.
Ainun Habibie is everything, fillers love in
his life. But every story has a final, every
dream has a limit.