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Special Economic Zone


OVERVIEW INDONESIA National GDP Growth Projection

INDONESIA is primed for economic take off. With debt to GDP ratio is at low 27%. The
IMF forecasts the economy will expand to US$1.5 trillion by end-2015, while McKinsey
expects Indonesia to become the worlds 7th-largest economy by 2030. In 2013 The
ADB and The World Bank project Indonesias economy growth to increase from 6.3%
to 6.5, the largest in Southeast Asia. The IMF also projects Indonesia will be at the top
3 fastest economic growths among G20 countries.
International Credit Ratings: Indonesia Shares Investment Grade

May 2013 July 2013


Source: IMF


SEZ Mandalika has the status of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for agro
industry and ecotourism industry which was newly launched by Government
of Indonesia in 2014. It has benefits for investors in terms of fiscal and non-
fiscal incentives.
With the total area of 1,250 ha, it offers natural beauty, panoramic view, and
other tourism. SEZ Mandalika is located in Central of Lombok Regency, West
Nusa Tenggara Province. SEZ Mandalika is managed by Indonesia Tourism
Development Corporation (ITDC) PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia.

SEZ Mandalika Provincial Capital A. Kuta Transportation Hub

Sea Port B. The Gateway
Airport Country Road C. Quiet Gateway
D. The Culture Village

E. Family Zone
F. The Hill Tops
G. Golf Zone
H. The Heart
I. Eco Zone

J. Agro Zone
K. The Luxury Enclave


M. Seaside Town

Investment Options Stage 1 Stage 2

Stage 3
400 Ha 250 Ha
A. Agro tourism 600 Ha
Theme park
Residential plantation
Farming and harvest
Agro trial
B. Ecotourism
Mangrove tour
Natural flora
Eco trail
Eco lodge
Eco hotel and resort
1 Best Location
SEZ Mandalika is the special economic zone which is located near
Indonesia Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ALKI 2).
Located in Mandalika district which is connected with Lombok
International Airport.
Will have 20 minutes travel access from Bali, half an hour from Jakarta,
and 2 hours from Singapore.
It is strategically accessible to various cities Kalimantan, Sulawesi,
Maluku, Papua, Malaysia, and Philippines.

2 Investment Incentives
Fiscal Facilities Non-Fiscal Facilities

No. Incentives Treat in SEZ No. Incentives Treat in SEZ

Will be given for the business entity Permission to hire foreign workers who
1. Income Tax Allowance and individual who run business in SEZ have position as directors or managers.
Mandalika. Within the SEZ will be established:
Value-Added Tax (VAT) & 1. Wage council;
2. Exempted for taxable goods. 1. Employment
Luxury Sales Tax 2. Trade/Labor Unions to create
effective communication and
Postponement for import goods to SEZ
3. Import Duties harmonious industrial relation;
3. Tripartite cooperation institution.
Exempted for raw direct materials and
2. Immigration Easiness for foreign business people.
4. Excise supporting materials for production
purposes. Easiness to obtain land rights and land
5. Import Income Tax Not Levied acquisition;
3. Land
6. Tax Agency Incentives Not Levied Granted land rights for those who
already have land.
Reduction in compliance to the provision
7. Property Tax SEZ Mandalika will be a vital object
of law and regulation. 4. Security
(according to Indonesian polices policy)
Tax and local retribution reductions
Local Government
5. Commitment for SEZ administration's
3 Supporting Regional Infrastructure

Road Electricity
road development to Tanjung Aan with length of 4 Avaibility of electricity is supplied by PLN and KMPL
kilometers and width of 90 meters. Development with the capacity 30 MW and 50 MW. SEZ Mandalika
and broadening road of province from lombok will increase electricity power solar cell with capac-
international airport to district Mandalika. ity 15 MW.

Airport Water Supply

Expansion runaway lombok international airport Indonesian regional water utility company provides
throught the length of 250 meters. 60 liters per second. Current need of water supply
requires KMPL 200 liters per second.

Investment Commitment

PT MNC LAND Tbk engages in the development, construction and

Akuo Energy is Frances leading independent producer of
acquisition of properties and integrated resorts as well as property services. renewable energy. It is diversifying in technological terms,
It is committed to in the development of integrated tourist resorts by taking developing projects to generate power using the full spectrum
some initiatives to realize the development of Lido Lakes Resort and Theme of existing renewable energy sources, wind, solar, biomass and
hydro: rivers, seas, and oceans.
Park in Lido West Java, and Bali Nirwana Resort in Tanah Lot Bali.

Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

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