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Electrical/GETCO/10012012 Dt: 10th Jan 2012


The Managing Director

Sardar Patel Vidyut Bhavan
Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation. Limited
Race coarse Road
Vadodara- 390007

Subject : Single Summation Metering for our 220KV Lines.

Dear Sir

We have two nos. of 220 KV lines from Dahej 220 KV Substation feeding our plant &
two separate ABT Compliant Energy meters are installed at two different locations at our
end. We intend to install common single summation metering system for both 220KV
Lines at your Dahej Substation so as to get the advantage of monitoring of all electrical
parameters at one place.

You are requested to give the approval for the same.

Thanking You,

Best Regards,

V V Thakur
VP (Electrical & Automation)
Hindalco Industries Limited
Unit : Birla Copper