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SuperNATURAL Piano ATL Ca en eee Oc) Roland raised the stage-piano bar with the RD-700NX. Today, the world-famous SuperNATURAL ‘sound and expression of the flagship RD is available at a lighter weight and more affordable price ... introducing the RD-300NX! This state-of-the-art stage piano boasts an advanced SuperNATURAL no sound engine, E. Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology, a newly developed Wory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement, a unique Sound Focus feature, and more. The RD-B0ONX's acousti-piano sounds are derived from Roland's acclaimed SuperNVATURAL Piano sound Super engine, With SuperNATURAL Piano technology, three : essential elements are dramatically improved — Piano velocity response, note decay, and key-range behavior — resulting in smooth, natural sound and response. For EP lovers, the RD-300NX contains an E. Piano based on SuperNATURAL technology that meticulously models classic ESTP era Wea vintage EPs. The newly developed Wvory Feel-G keyboard incorporates Roland's - most advanced sensor, escapement mechanism, and Ivory Feel features. The keyboard provides the superior touch and sensitivity of Roland's flagship keyboards, in a compact and lightweight design. : 2 great benefit for gigging musicians who want to travel light. The innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note willbe heard, even subtle pianissimo passages. Based on advanced phase-correction technology, this essential feature prevents the RD-300NX from getting lost in the mix, penetrating through walls of sound without compressing or coloring = the tone. Players can relax and play naturally, achieving presence onstage without sacrificing dynamics and sound quality. The popular One Touch Piano concept from previous RD-series pianos has been carried over the RD-300NX, providing instant access to bree essential piano and E. Piano sounds and setups with dedicated one-touch buttons. With enhanced parameter such as String Resonance, Duplex Pa Scale, and Hammer Noise editable via graphic LCD, the RD-300NX makes it fast and easy to create custom pianos. Cod Rear Pane! Digital Piano re] -SOONS Ts |: = FEMneeeeee [keyboard] 88 keys (Ivory Feel-G keyboard) [Sound Generator Section] mMaximum Polyphony 128 voices mParts Live Set (3 layers) + 16 parts mSound Generators (Conforms to General MIDI 2 System) SuperNATURAL Piano, SuperNATURAL (E Piano), PCM Sound Generator, GM2 ((or SMF Playback) miLive Sets Preset: 200, User: 60 mEMfecs Mull-Effects: 78 types, Reverb: 6 types, Chorus: 3 types, 8-band Compressor, 5-band Digital Equalizer, Sound Focus {SMF/Audlo File Player] MFile Format Standard MIDI Fle: format-01, Audio File: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear) {Other} mHRhythm Patterns 200 patterns mControllers LAYER LEVEL slider x 3, EQUALIZER knobs, Pitch Bend/Modulation lever, $1/S2 buttons (assignable) mDisplay 128 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlt) mConneetors OUTPUT jacks (LIMONO, R): 14-inch phone type, DAMPER Pedal jack, CONTROL Pedal jacks (FC1, FC2), MIDI connectors (IN, OUT), USB connectors (MIDI, MEMORY), PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone ‘ype, DC IN jack iPower Consumption 11 W mDimensions 1,438 (W) x 337 (D) x 141 (H) mm /'56-5/8 (W) x 19-5/16 (0) x 5-9/16 (H) inches ‘mWeight 175 kg/38 bs. 1002, mlncluded Accessories Owner's Manual, Damper Pedal (capable of continuous detection), AC Adaptor, Power Cord (for AC Adaptor) mOptions Keyboard Stand: KS-G8, Piano Pedal: RPU-3, Damper Pedal: DP-10, Pedal Switch: DP-2, Expression Pedal: EV-6! EV-7, USB CD Drive: CD-01A, USB Flash Memory * Use USB memory sod by Roland, We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used. Sra ry Danger Peel BipressionPeaal Pf uSB cD Ovve Po or ated Pied Eas Cera pits eee RAO-7OONx * AU (2 See ww ATOR ear LeU LE Cu OCMC CLL ar RoR a Ua Rs @ Hundreds of other sounds including 10 Virtual Ton Om CGR OT nna) TOU ec cy without compressing or coloring the sot for Stage Performance | ference steam ms ll i= Roland “pagtamtaltie me maramnoenota ——WE DESIGN THE FUTURE —— Roland Corporation inthe Unt States andlor ther cours, Visit us online at Printed in Japan Jan, 2011 RAN-4662 GR-GEN-SS AC-3