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Legal Forms - Sample Form of Petition for Prohibition



PETITIONERS, by counsel, respectfully state that:

1. That the petitioner is of legal age, (state the capacity and residence of the petitioner, and of the
public and private respondents);

2. That (state the facts and circumstances under which the respondent-tribunal, board or officer,
exercising judicial functions, has acted without, or in excess of its jurisdiction, or with grave abuse of
discretion in the proceedings complained of);

3. That (state that there is no appeal from such act or any plain, speedy and adequate remedy in the
ordinary course of law);

4. That a certified true copy of the decision (or order) herein sought to be annulled is hereto attached
as Annex A, together with copies of all pleadings and documents relevant and pertinent thereto.

5. That (state the material dates showing when notice of judgment or final order or resolution subject
thereof was received, when a motion for new consideration, if any, was filed and when notice of the
denial thereof was received).

WHEREFORE, it is respectfully prayed, that pending the proceedings in the action, a preliminary
injunction be granted ordering the respondent _________ to desist and refrain from further
proceedings in the premises, and that after due notice and hearing, a Writ of Prohibition be issued
commanding the said respondent to desist absolutely and perpetually from further proceedings (in the
action or matter in question), with costs.

________ City, Philippines, this _____ day of _______2010.

Name _______________________________
Appointment No. _____________________
Roll of Attorney No. ___________________
PTR No.____, ____ (date and place of issue)
IBP No. ____, ____ (date of issue) (chapter)
Office Address________________________
Email Address ________________________
Contact No. __________________________
MCLE Compliance (or Exemption) No._____