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Subject: Postdoc or research position

Dear Uwe Bovensiepen,

At the advice of a friend from the mathematics department, Prof. Dr. Mircea Birsan, I would like
to express my interest in a postdoctoral position or a research position at your department.

I finished in February 2016 my doctoral thesis entitled Advanced materials with biomedical
applications which is focused on synthesis and characterization of ferrite nanoparticles covered
with different polymers for magnetic hyperthermia or biosensors. A summary of my PhD thesis I
will send you in attachment.

As noted in my curriculum vitae, before joining Professor Iacomi group at University

Alexandru Ioan Cuza from Iasi - Romania (
fields-of-expertise_l156_p0.html), I worked for a few years with magnetic micro and

My researches were directed toward synthesis, characterization and functionalization of

magnetic and metallic nanoparticles covered with different polymers for biomedical applications.
Also I synthesized some synthetic and biopolymers for artificial skin and biosensors. As a
doctoral student at Faculty of Physics from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania,
I have synthesized many types of magnetic nanoparticles such as cobalt, nickel, magnesium
ferrite and magnetite for technological and biomedical applications. These nanoparticles were
biocompatibilized with natural and synthetic polymers such as dextran, polyvinylalcohol,
polymethylmetacrylate and so on for magnetic hyperthermia, contrast agents for biomedical
imaging and biosensors.

Beyond my research successes (including six papers to date and others in preparation) I have
been fortunate to obtain important teaching experiences at Faculty of Physics and Sanitary
School Grigore Ghica-Voda in Iasi, Romania.

At the Faculty of physics I worked on following issues:

- electric and dielectric measurements of materials with Precision Impedance Spectrometer;
- magnetic measurements of materials with Electron Paramagnetic Spectroscopy method;
- structural analysis of materials by X-ray diffractometry;
- depositing thin films by spin-coating technique;
- measuring rheological properties of materials;
- utilization of chemical co-precipitation method or sol-gel with auto-combustion method for
synthesis of nanostructured materials and biomaterials.

As my curriculum vitae indicates I worked with students in the laboratory of Experimental

Methods for Characterization of Materials at Faculty of Physics and I teach the course of
Biophysics and Medical Imaging at Sanitary School.

I am looking forward to receive a reply from you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Prof.Dr. Gigel Nedelcu

(0040) 742-872871 (mobile)