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Eclipse ShortCuts /eclipse-shortcuts/

By Admin 05/08/2013

Hi Folks,

These are the most common Eclipse shortcuts used in the industries

Ctrl+shift+O Managing Packages.Used to import/unimport necessary/unneccessary classes

Ctrl+/ Use to comment/uncomment the current line.Single line comment

Ctrl+shift+/ Used to comment the selected text.Multiline comments

Ctrl+shift+\ Used to uncomment the Multiline comments.Select the commented text first

Ctrl+T Place the cursor on Interface/Class name first. It gives the list of child classes

Alt+Shift+J Place the cursor inside Method/class.Prepares the javadoc for the classes/methods

Ctrl+W Close the current Editor

Ctrl+Shift+W Close All Opened Editor

Ctrl+space Autocomplete/assist

Sysout+ctrl+space System.out.println

Ctrl + D Delete Current Line

Ctrl + L Goto Line Number

Ctrl+Shift+P Goto Matching Braces

Ctrl+O Quick Out Line

F3 Select the method that is called.Press F3 will take you to the method defination

Ctrl+Shift+G Put the cursor on className/Method Name first.It will show all the references of that
class/Method.Find who has called that method

Ctrl+Shift+R Used to Search for any resources like .java,.jsp within the workspace

Double click Will highlight the whole area covered by the {


Alt+Shift+S,R Generate getters/Setters

Alt+Shift+X Run As

Alt+Shift+D Debug As

Ctrl+Q Goto Last Edited Place

Ctrl+I Indent the current/selected Line

Alt+Shift+R Rename a class/variable and refactor it.Changes are affected to all the occurance

Ctrl+Shift+down Move to next methods/variables


Ctrl+Shift+up Move to previous methods/variables


Ctrl+E Open Editor with all resources of the package

Alt+Shift+W Open the Code in Navigator or other Explorer

Alt+Shift+M Select the block of code and press this shortcut.Will form another method
containing that selected code.Helps to break the big method into smaller chunks

Alt+Shift+C Change method signature and refactor it.All the references will be updated

Ctrl+Shift+L List all the shortcuts

Alt+up /Down Moves the selected code up or down


Ctrl + Alt + H Place the cursor at the method name,shows the whole hierarchy of method call