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October 7th Come out to

Horsin Around Tractor Supply at 5236
SW Topeka Blvd and
meet Ted and Lyn. Take a
OCTOBER 2017 ride on one of these lov-
ing, magnificent Belgian
501(c) (3) Public Charity horses from 10-2.
Horse & Donkey Rescue
October 8th, OPEN
The horses and donkeys have been rescued from slaughter, abuse, and/ HOUSE. 12-4 pm, horse
or neglect. Some have lost their homes by the death or illness of their rides, tours, fun. Meet
owners. Many are aged and will spend the rest of their years here. All and greet Fancy Pants
have been in rehab. Their stories are as unique as their personalities. Call and Libby, the adorable
for a time to visit. fillies born in May and
740 W 125 September.

Carbondale, KS 66414 October 21st, Pony Ex-

785-836-7443 (home) press Bicycle Gravel Ride
785-633-3318 (cell) 8 am to -? See info on
page 3.
October 22, 8-4 pm
Start by doing what is necessary, then do whats possible:
Mother Earth News Fair .
and suddenly you are doing the impossible See Lynn and Ted, res-
Francis of Assisi cued Belgians and hear
the stories of animal res-
Just as a comment, I do believe that Brenda and Cecil walk cue.
this path everyday. All we must do is help as we can and be-
October 29th at Trampa-
lieve in their ability and desires to make the horses that loosa from 2-4 for horse
come to the rescue, whole again. rides and pictures. B & C Equine Rescue.

We waited and waited and waited some more. I was waiting at home for a call that would alert us to the birth of
Fionas foal. Then September 10th around 9 pm this hopeful yet sobering message that Fiona was sweating and
walking in circles. There wasn't much time left for those that had predicted September 10th as the foal s birth
date. Guessing the date and time of Fionas foal had been a fun and an irritating activity because there just wasn't
any script to go by and Fiona wasn't saying a thing! Midnight came and went, then it was September 11th. I gave
in for the need of sleep and headed home leaving several of my volunteer friends to watch the delivery and excite-
ment. It wasn't very long when the ding on my phone told me there was some kind of news and yup, it was
Brenda, announcing LIBERTYS ( Libby) birth. A precious sorrel filly with a wide blaze and an endearing personali-
ty, a miracle for Fiona, Brenda and Cecil and all who learn her story come by and see her and check her out on
rescue and Bren- Meet Cooper!
das first picture..
Cooper is an owner surrendered horse. His boarding facility
was changed several months ago by the then owner. However
since it was the responsibility of the then owner to provide
feed and care, that did not happen. Cooper was abandoned
by his owner and left to fend for himself. The situation was
reported to the owner of the property and Brenda was con-
tacted. The property owner assumed responsibility and asked
if Brenda could adopt him. He is very thin, feet overgrown
and full of thrush, and lame.
He came to the rescue July 29th and is undergoing the care he
needs to recover. His feet have been trimmed and on Sunday,
Cooper a therapeutic massage from Cheryl Spade. That may seem a
Relaxing as he bit strange but watching Cooper relax and be able to put his
receives a ther- sore foot down was a convincing picture to this editor.
apeutic mas-
Cheryl K. Spade is from Lyndon, KS and has been a certi-
sage from Cher-
fied massage therapist for over 10 years. However, she
yl Spade on
recognized a need for therapeutic massage for our 4 leg-
July30, one day
ged friends and took extensive training to become certi-
after his rescue,
fied specializing in horses and dogs.
Contact info: 316-323-4842
FB CSpadeequinemassage

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