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Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family

wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to learn by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then was slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he, having retired in 2007, has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

Saptarishi Nadi – Chart 6

Gemini Ascendant By Yenbeeyes, India

Copy Editor: Bhaskaran Natesan

Manuscript Supplied By: Upendra


S aptarishi Nadi is one of the greatest works by which one can learn what & maybe how the Rishis predict on a

chart. For more than a century astrologers throughout the world have wanted this nadi especially. The charts in these nadis need to

become a classroom discussion in various

institutions, forums & teachers should take

a shot at trying to derive how and why a

prediction was given by the Rishi. Until this is done by institutions & you individually,

this rare opportunity of learning will be lost. What is also to be learnt is that at times there are multiple opinions among the Rishis yet they respect each other. Of course the most important thing that can be learnt

is the effect of Karma which is the reason of


1. பாிதிேசய் ேகால தாகப் பங்குேம ேதள தாக மதிஅாி ராகு மானில் மால்கு ம் ெபண்ணில் சதிெசய் ம் ேக வண் ஜன்ம ம் ைண யாக இ நவக் ேகாள்கள் நின்றால் இயம் ர் பலைனத் தாேன.

Please tell the results of a horoscope where Sun and Mars are in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, Moon in Leo, Rahu in Capricorn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in Virgo and Ascendant falls in Gemini.















Sun Mercury Saturn Mars Jupiter Venus 2. கு னி ெசால்

2. கு னி ெசால் கின்றார் ேகாைதேய ஆண்பால் ஜன்மம்

மில்லம் கீழ்ேமல் தி வாச ெமமனின் பார்ைவ

ெப வயி றப்பன் கீழ்ப்பால் ேபசிேனாந் தடாக ண்

உைரக்கிேறாந் தக்ஷி ணத்தில் ஓைட ம் வயல்க ண்ேட.

2. Agasthya Rishi says: Oh! Woman! This is a male birth. His house will be

in a road running east to west and the main door will be towards south (Yama’s sight). On the eastern side, a temple for the big bellied Lord Ganesha and a pond. We say that on the southern side there is a brook and cultivable lands.

3. தந்தி ஞ் சந்தி ஈசன் சா ண் ேமற்கில் தங்கும்

ந்திய தடாகஞ் ேசாைல ெமாழிகிேறாஞ் சம ர் தன்னில்

எந்ைதேய மா ாில்லம் எய் வா னிவேன என்ேறாங்

கந்தைனப் ெபற்ற மாேத கழாிேனாம் ேம ங் ேகேள.


On the western side, another Ganesha temple, a junction of four lanes, a

Shiva temple and a Chamundeswari temple. With a grove and a big pond and

in such a balanced place, the native was born in his mother’s house. Oh! Mother of Lord Subramanya! We will tell, listen.

Yenbeeyes Notes: Chamundi is a form of Shakthi, the consort of Lord Shiva. It is mentioned in the Puranas, when the Mother Chamundeshwari killed the wicked buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura. It is believed that the fierce war between Mother and the demon took place in different places like the Vindhyas etc., and finally Mahisha was killed on the hills where the present day temple is situated in Mysore. The Mother is also known as Mahishasura Mardhini.

4. இன்னவன் ஜனன ேயாகம் எழில்ெப ந் தந்ைத ேயாகம் மன்னிய அன்ைன ேயாகம் வ ம் த்திர களத்திர ேயாகந் தன்னிேல ன்பின் ஜன்மஞ் சாந்தி ம் இந் ல் தன்னில் அன்ைனேய ெசால் கின்ேறாம் அம்பிைக யாேள ேகளாய்.

4. Oh! Mother! In this treatise we say about the native’s birth fortunes, the

beautiful father’s fortunes, mother’s fortunes, coming wife and children’s

fortunes, his previous birth, next birth, remedies and all, listen.

5. இன்னவன் ஜனன இ ப்பிடம் அதற்கு இ நாழி க ைக ரத்தில் மன்னிய தந்ைத ஊெரன ெமாழிவர் வடகீழ்ப்பால் தங்கி ெமன்ேறாம் அன்னவன் தந்ைத குணங்கைளச் ெசால்ேவன் அழ்குளான் சிவந்தி ெமய்யன் உன்னத கத்தில் வ ளனா வன் உைரக்கிேறாங் காமைன ெயாத்தன்.

Father’s Characteristics

5. His father’s place is at a distance of 48 minutes walk from the place

where the native was born and brought up and that place will be in the northeastern side. We will tell about his father’s characteristics. Will be handsome; has reddish body; in the eminent face, there will be some mark on his face; handsome and beautiful like Kamadeva. (Note: Kamadeva is the Hindu God of love. He is represented as young handsome man)

Note: The distance is stated as “iru Nazhigai” meaning “two ghatis”. One day (earlier considered as sunrise to sunrise, now normally taken as 24 hours) = 60 Ghati 1 Ghati = 24 minutes so that 60 ghatis will make 60 X 24 = 1440 minutes or 24 hours. Since it is mentioned as two nazhigais, the equivalent is 48 minutes.

6. கல்விமான் ஊக வானாங் கனத்தவர் ேநச மாவன் இல்ைலெயன் ைரக்க மாட்டான் எதிாிைய வசியஞ் ெசய்வன் ெசால் ேம ேநர்ைம ள்ேளான் சுக ள்ளான் மர்ம ள்ளான் நல்லவ னாகி வாழ்வன் நாற்கா வி த்தி உள்ளான்.

6. Educated person; capable of arriving at conclusions; friendly to elder

people; will never say no to those asking for alms; will charm the enemies; straightforwardness in words; comfortable man; has secrets; will live as a good man; has increase in cattle.


7. கி ஷிகள் ெசய்வா னாவன் கண்ணிய ைடய னாவன் தி மகள் வாச ள்ளான் ெசய்நிலஞ் ேசர்ப்பா னாகும் விைரவினில் நடக்க வல்லன் வி ம் வான் சுகி சிப் க் கரமதில் கமல ேரைக காலாள்க ைடய னாேம.

Kamala Rekha

7. Will be doing agriculture; respectable man; Lakshmi will reside in his

house; will increase fertile lands; capable of walking fast; likes to eat good food sumptously; hand has got line of lotus; has servants.

8. உண் யில் உைறப்பி ச்ைச உ தியா மனத்த னாவன்

அண் ேனார்க் குதவி ெசய்வன் அதிகமாய்ச் ெசல ள்ளான் குண் ணி மனத்த னாவன் குலத் ேளார் ெமச்ச வாழ்வன்

பண் பண் டார ள்ளான் பாைவயர் ேமாக வானாம்.

8. Interested in pungent tasty items in food; has steady mind; will assist

those who approach him; has more expenses; has a talebearer mind (i.e. has malicious intelligence); will live praised by his community men; has cart and carriages and treasure store houses; has lust towards woman.

Father’s Siblings

9. இவ ைடத் ைணவர் தம்ைம இயம் ேவாம் ஆண்பால் காேணாம்

அவனியில் கன்னி ரண் அைறகிேறாந் தீர்க்க மாகப்

பவ ள குணத்தா க்குப் பால ஞ் ேஜஷ்ட னாகக்

கவனமாய் உதிப்பா னாகுங் காத ேம ங் ேகேள.

9. We will tell about his siblings. No brothers; two sisters will be there

with long life to such a characteristic person; the native will be born as the eldest. Oh! Lover of Lord Shiva! Listen.

10. ஜாதகன் நிறங் குணத்ைதச் சாற் ேவாஞ் சிவந்த ேமனி

ேகாதிலாச் சமேத கத்தன் கூ வான் கட் வார்த்ைத

ேமதினில் ள்ளான் வித்ைதக ளதிகங் கூர்வன்

வான் சுபங்கள் தா ம் உ திவான் வ ைம இல்லான்.

Native’s Characteristics 10.We will tell about the native’s color and character. Has reddish body; has flawless proportional body; talks using fabricated words; is famous in the world; will learn many skills; will tell positive & comforting words; strong minded person; has no poverty.

11. பதமான நைட ள்ளான் பால்பாக்ய வி த்தி ெசய்வன்

மதி தல் ஸ்திாீகள் ேமாகன் வாக்குகள் ப ள்ளான்

நித ேம சீல னாவன் நிமலன்ேமல் பக்தி ண்பன்

நதிபல தீர்த்தந் ேதாய்வன் நவதானிய வி த்தி ெசய்வன்.

11. Will walk properly 1 ; will increase the yield of milk; will get infatuated

towards beautiful ladies; words will have effect; has consistent good manners; will be devoted to God; will take bath in many sacred rivers; will increase the

cultivation of nine type of grains (the nine grains called “Nava Dhanyam” are

1 Copy Editor raised point that the word nadai should be interpretated as ‘Balanced in his conduct. The reply of Yenbeeyes is ‘The word ‘nadai’ has got 2 meanings – pace, gait or the manner of walking and the next is conduct, behavior. ‘Padam’ means consistency or fitness or a proper temperament. What the rishi exactly means? May be about his conduct – I feel this can be changed as suggested’. The views of both are given.

wheat, paddy, red gram, green gram, ground nut, beans, sesame, black gram and gram (called as wild gram – a grain of light black color).

12. ேசாைலகள் ெசய்வன் ன்மார்க்கங் ெகாஞ்சம் உள்ளான் ஆலமாம் பைகவ க்கு அேனகபாக் கிய ஞ் ேசர்ப்பன் ஞாலேமல் தாைத ேபால நாயகன் வாழ்வா னாகுஞ் சாலேவ தரள தந்தந் தனேரைக கரத்தி ள்ளான்.

12. Will create groves and wells; has a little wickedness; will be like a poison to enemies; will accumulate lot of fortune; will live with dignity like his father in the earth; has well lined teeth like pearls; has wealth line in his hand.

13. ஏ கள் வி த்தி ெசய்வன் இவன்பந் ேமலாய் வாழ்வன் சீாிேயார்க் குதவி ெசய்வன் ேதக ம் அதிக உஷ்ணம் ேதாிேனார் வழிையச் ெசால்வன் சில்லைரப் த்தி உள்ளான் மா கைனப் ெபற்ற அம்பிைக யாேள ேகளாய்.

13. Has growth in agriculture; He will live higher than his relations; will help those in trouble; will have lot of heat in the body; will talk like an experienced man; but is a little mean minded; Oh! Parvati, Mother of the six headed Lord Subramanya!

14. இவ ைடத் ைணவர் தம்ைம இயம் ேவாம் ஆண்பா ெலான் அவனியில் கன்னி ரண் அைறகிேறாந் தீர்க்க மாக நவனியில் மற்ற ெவல்லாம் நசித்தி ெமன் ெசான்ேனாஞ் சிவனிட பாகத் தாேள ெசப் ேவாம் ேம ங் ேகேள.

Native’s Siblings 14.We will tell about his siblings. We say confidently that he will have one brother and two sisters and will have long life. Others will die; Oh! The left side of Shiva! Listen, we tell further.

Yenbeeyes Notes: Here the rishi calls Parvati as the left half of Shiva because Shiva is also called as Artha Nareeswara meaning half woman. Legend has it that Shiva has given his left side to Parvati

Native’s Marriage & Wife

15. ஜாதகன் மணத்தின் காலஞ் சாற் ேவாம் பதிேன ழாண் ல் ேமதினில் ெதன்ேமல் திக்கில் வித்தகி மா வர்க்கம் ேகாதிலா வ வா ளாகுங் கூ ேவா மவள் தன் ேசதி ேசாதி மி நி றத்தாள் சுக ளாள் அன்ன மீவள்.

15. We will tell about the time of marriage of the native. At the age of seventeen, from his mother side relation, from the southwest direction, his blemishless wife will come. We will tell her history. She will be of double color; has comforts; will offer food to the poor.

Yenbeeyes Notes: Marriage has happened when the native was of 17 years. As per verse 45, Venus dasa was running at the time of birth and the balance period is given as 2 years – 6 months and 10 days. Hence at the time of marriage Moon dasa will be running. Moon as 2 nd Lord (addition to family) placed in 3 rd house (Dharma of marriage as it is 9 th from 7 th ) was instrumental in bringing about the marriage. Also Moon is placed in the 12th house of bed comforts from Karaka Venus. The Antar dasa running must be of Venus which will begin from 16 years 4 months and 10 days and will last till 18 years and 10 days. Venus as karaka for marriage placed in the 4 th house of family along with Jupiter and Lagna Lord has materialized the event. As per Krushna’s Upachaya theory, marriage normally happens in the antar dasa of the 4 th lord or the 12 th lord or a planet placed in either of these houses having more Bhinna Ashtakavarga points. In this case it is not possible to calculate the Bhinna Ashtakavarga as other birth details are not known. However, we find that the 12 th Lord Venus has brought about the marriage in its Antardasa.

Saptarishis Astrology Commentary:

As per BCP (Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi) method 17 th year means 5 th house. 5 th house has two occupants. Mars who is also owner of 11 th house of wife and Sun who is the dispositor of 2 nd Lord Family Life Moon and also the 3 rd Lord of bhagya of marriage. Over and above that Lord of 5 th house Venus who becomes Lord of the BCP Focus year is the karaka for marriage going to the 4 th house making the native settle in life and is conjoined with 7L of marriage Jupiter.

16. சினம உைடய ளாகும் ேதவி ந் ேயாக சா

கன டன் வாழ்வா ளாகுங் கழ ேவாம் த்திர பாவம் அைனயேவ ஆண்பா ெலான் அம்மணி இரண் மாகும் பிைணயிலா ன் ந் தீர்க்கம் ேபசுேவாம் நான்கு ேசதம்.

16.Has anger; but is a fortunate woman; will live with dignity. We will tell about Putra Bhava (children). She will have one male child and two female children and they will have long life. Other than this, four children born will die.

17. நிவாிவ் விதமாய்க் கூற ெமாழிகுவார் யண்டர் தா ம் சின ட ைனந்ேதான் நீசஞ் ேசய்பா ஐந்தில் நிற்க விைனயினால் ஜாத கர்க்கு விளங்கா ஆண்பா ந்தான் கன டன் கர்மத் ேதா ங் கன்னியி க்கேவ தான்;

17. When the rishi stated like this, Bhujandar 2 states: The fifth lord Venus is debilitated, fifth house has Mars and Sun and also because of the past bad deeds, there will be no male issues. The lord of the tenth house (karmadhipathi) Jupiter is in Virgo and hence… (continued in next verse)

Yenbeeyes Notes: Note: For issues, the fifth house and karaka Jupiter are important. Here the fifth house lord Venus is placed in Virgo, his debilitation house. Fifth house is occupied by two malefics Mars and Sun who is debilitated. Hence Bhujandar (There is a nadi by Kaka Bhujandar) is of the opinion that there will be no male issues. However, Athri rishi has another point. The placement of Jupiter, the karaka for progeny and also the tenth lord, in Virgo will remove this. Here one question comes to our mind. Why the Rishi has taken the tenth house and its lord who incidentally happens to be the karaka? Yes: correct. 10 th house is also the house of funeral rites. If the same is related to the fifth house, the native must possess a male issue who can perform the funeral rite. Here 10 th house lord Jupiter is placed along with the 5 th lord and also Lagna Lord (indicating self). From the position of Moon, the fifth lord is Jupiter and the tenth lord becomes Venus. That explains it. See the foresight of the rishis.

Planetary position of Putra Dosha

2 Kaka Bhujandar is said to be the earliest Siddha and Guru of Gorakkar, a great siddha purusa

18. மதைல ம் வி த்தி என்ேறாம் அத்திாி ெசால் கின்றார் பதியி க் கிரண் ேலதான் பாபிக ளி ப்ப தாேல சுதர்க ம் வி த்தி யாகிச் சு க்கினில் மரண ெமய் ம் வித காரணத் தால் இலகா என் ெசான்னீர்.

18.… he will have the Bhagya of children. Athri was telling: that there will be male issue. Because of the presence of Ketu in the second, a malefic, children will be born and will die immediately. What is the reason you said that children will not stay?

19. ன்ெசய்த விைனயி னாேல ெமாழிந்திட்ேடாஞ் சுதர்கள் ேதாஷம் என்னஊழ் அதைன நீங்க ளியம் ர் என் ேகட்க அன்ைனேய ெசால் கின்ேறன் அவ ேம ன்ஜன் மத்தில் தன் ைட ஊ க்கு உத்திரஞ் சாற்றிய ேப ர் தன்னில்;

19. Because of the bad deeds done in the previous birth, he got the putra dosha (curse of childlessness). When Parvati asked: “What is that curse? That also you yourself tell;” I will tell mother said the Rishi: In his previous birth, in a big place to the north of his present place… (Continued in next verse)

20. மைறக்குலந் தனி தித் மைனவிைமந் த ண்டாகித் தி மகள் விலாசம் ண் ெசய்நில மதிக மாகிப் ெப மவர் ேநசங் ெகாண் பலமான கு ம்பி யாகி உைறகிற காலந் தன்னில் உைரக்கிேறாம் ஊழி தாேன.

20. He took birth in a Brahmin community, had wife and children, got the beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi, increased his fertile lands; got friendly to elders; got a big family; while living like this, we tell the bad curse that came upon him.

தீவிைன யாட்கள் சிலைர ைவத் ப் பயிர்த்ெதாழில் ெசய் வந்தான் அட டன் அதிேலார் சங்ைக அரன்சூலம் ேபாட்ட நந்தி

திட டன் இ ந்த ெதன்ேறாஞ் ஜய ேய யதைன வாங்கித் தட டல் உழ ெசய்தான் சார்ந்த அந்தத் ேதாஷம்.

Evil Deed 21. Was doing agriculture keeping labourers; Out of those labourers, one was having an oxen on which the symbol of Shiva viz. Shoola was there. (Shoola is like a trident and it is the weapon of Lord Shiva-called as Thrishoola as it has three sharp edges). He (the native) purchased that oxen and used it for tilling the land with hastiness. The curse came to him because of this.

22. இ வன்றி இன் ம் ஒன் இயம் ேவாம் ேவைலக் காாி விதைவயா யி ந்தா ெளன்ேறாம் வித்தகன் அவள்ேமல் ேமாகம் நித ேம ைவத் ப் ேபாகம் ேநர்ந்திடப் ெபா மீந் பதியினில் ஒ நாள் தன்னில் பக ேல ேபாகம் ய்த்தான்.

22.In addition to this, we will tell one more thing. There was a maidservant who was a widow. The native got infatuated towards her and daily had sex with her. He gave her money and one day during daytime, he enjoyed her in his residence.

23. இப்ப ச் சிலநாள் ெசன் ம் வா ம் ேபா ெசப் ேவா மிவன்ம ைனயாள் ேசதிையப் ாிந் பின் தப்பிதம் ேநர்ந்த ெதன் ப் டன் ேகாப ற்றாள் ஒப் டன் விதைவக் ேகதான் உைறந்த தா ம்.

23.When both of them were living like this for some days, his wife learnt about this matter and understood the mistake committed by her husband and with displeasure, she got angry. At that time, that widow was pregnant.

24. அதற்குப்பின் அவைள நீக்கி அவள்பந் பைக மாகிக் குதர்க்கங்கள் சிலேவ ெசால்லக் ேகாைத மிவன்பால் ெசன் இதற்ெகன்ன ெசய்ேவ ெனன் இவ ேம லம் ம் ேபா வித்ைதபண் தங்கள் எல்லாம் வித்தகன் ெசய்ய ற்றான்.


Thereafter he forsook that widow; her relations started telling frivolous

things about her and became enemies to her. She came back again to the native, started weeping, and lamented as to what she can do now? The native started doing different kinds of treatments and medicines to her (to terminate the conception).

Curse of destroying the fetus (embryo)

வழித்த ேதாஷம் 25. க ேம அழிந்த ெதன்ேறாங் காத தீர்க்க மானாள் அைறகிேறா மந்தத் ேதாஷம் அ கிற் இவ க் ேகதான் ெப ம்பிணி அந்தி யத்தில் பற்றிற் இவ க் ேகதான் மர யின் பதிக்குச் ெசன்றான் மங்ைகேய ேம ங் ேகேள.

25.Because of that, the fetus was destroyed; lover (the widow) was distanced from him. We say that blemish (destroying the embryo) fell upon the native. Because of that, he was affected by a big disease during his last days. He reached the abode of Vishnu (died). Oh! Mother! Further listen.

26. கஞ்சனால் வைரயப் பட் க் காவல னிச்ெசன் மத்தில்

தஞ்சமாய்க் கங்ைக வம்சந் தானவன் உதித்தா ெனன்ேறாம் வஞ்சிேய ன் ழ்ச் சாபம் விைளந்த இச்ெசன் மத்தில் மிஞ்சின மதைல ஆண்பால் ேமவி ம் ேதாஷந் தாேன.

26. We said that, created by Brahma again, he was born in the Ganga (agriculture) community in this birth. The results of the evil deeds of the previous birth reached him in this birth and so he will not get male issues and even if he got, they will not stay.

27. அந்தேதார் ேதாஷந் தீர அைறகிேறாங் கிாிைய ஒன் ைமந்த ம் மைனவி ேயா மால்மைல உத்திரஞ் ெசன் சந்ததம் மா க் ேகதான் சகஸ்ரஅர்ச் சைன ஞ் ெசய் பிந்திய மைறேயார் பத் ப் ேப க்கு அன்னம் ஈந் ;

27.To remove that blemish we will tell a remedy. Native along with his wife should go to Tirupathi in the north and should do Sahasranama archana (chanting the thousand names of God) daily, and thereafter should offer food to ten Brahmins

Saptarishis Astrology Commentary: The Astrology Of Curses Is Big Money

Understanding and writing the reason for the Rishis Logic is next to impossible for any modern writer and anything that is written by anyone including us will only be a forced attempt/fixology this should not be forgotten by young ones who get too easily influenced by writers. Diverting for a second we would here, once again, make a special request once again for students to form groups and take up the discussion of each chart of Saptarishis Nadi for at least 1 month among various scholars and get to the bottom of the logic. We ourselves are not able to devote enough time to it though we yearned for it since long. Re-read verse 21 onwards before one proceeds further. Now lets try to analyze the curse of not getting male children (Putra Dosha as Rishi says) and analyse where the curse is coming from and can ‘Rashi’ chart give us a ‘hint’ to it. Some Internet Paramparas introduced a logic on identification of curses and, in recent times, have updated their logic by adding new parameters every 2 years. This gave them a niche and big attention/fame/money was made in fooling foreigners and young Indians with remedies. The original logic that was presented by them in forums was if karaka graha (in our case Jupiter) is aspected by 2 malefics by graha drishti (planet aspect) and not Rasi drishti then Curse from Previous Life is to be seen. In contradiction, they propagated that Graha Drishti shows desire whereas Rasi Drishti shows real event, but a curse is a real event so how come Rasi Drishti is not being used (?) Anyways look at the above chart, the Curse is of Children, Rishi calls it Putra Dosha (Putra means children and Dosha means Defect) so Jupiter must be afflicted by 2 malefics by aspect but Jupiter is not aspected by any malefic except Rahu. This parampara says Ketu is headless so it does not have aspect, but is silent on Rahu’s aspect. A viewpoint can be presented that Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies so how can they have aspect at all and why target only Ketu in that case. Anyways, the criteria of Karaka Graha (Jupiter here in this chart) being aspected by 2 malefics is not working at all which does not mean it is an invalid theory as posted by the Parampara. What the Parampara was talking was any planet when aspected/influenced by 2 malefics creates a Curse which as per basics of astrology it only means any planet aspected by 2 malefics creates a tough situation when concerned with the significations and lordships of the planets, this is basic fundamental concept of astrology that anyone who has sat at the feet of his Guru and learnt astrology knows but the internet forum readers and foreigners in those internet forums have learnt astrology via MP3 lectures or conferences and hence could not identify that this is basic Graha Peedha Dosha, that means ‘Planet is Afflicted’. It does not mean ‘Necessarily’ a Curse, for Curse is a very strong word and cannot be used loosely. Like any planet that is afflicted it means it will give adverse results, the more stronger the affliction the more adverse will be the result. If it was a Curse how come Dr Raman, Dr B Suryanarayan Rao and K N Rao could not see this concept, why did they not call it a Curse, why did astrologers before them not call it a Curse. Only Rishis have true capability of seeing curses in a chart and that too the logic of it is not known to any of us. We all have to study nadi literature and make an attempt to decipher Rishis Logic. The reason the above piece is long and got diverted is since 10 years many have been made fools in the name of Curses and instant prescription of Das Mahavidya remedies, something only experts are allowed to do and not common man. These are the highest sadhanas and cannot be marketed in the name of literature or mass readings or conferences. It is a sin to prescribe remedies when someone is not capable of doing it especially of the caliber of Das Mahavidya.

In last issue editorial Vol 7 of Dec 2009, we had revealed a technique called ‘Identification Of Pending Karma’ (Note that in the whole reading the Rishi has devoted so much space for his Putra Dosha) where 6H occupant and 6 th Lord shows the pending karma. Now see that 8L of Purva Janma Kosh is Saturn sitting in the 6H of pending karma. 6H denotes servants (so does 3H as per BPHS ref

last editorial) and karaka of 6H is also Saturn & Mars and Shani, in fact sits over there. This means that some major karma is pending towards servants; it sits in a feminine chronic sign of Sc so it means

a woman servant is involved and it’s very deep rooted (chronic). The sign of Sc denotes occult and 3 rd

(action) from it Rahu (black magic) sits, which means some occult things must have been done on the woman (the Rishi confirms it in his reading in verse 24). Lets divert for a second and refer to Verse 21 which refers to misusing the weapon of Lord Shiva; metal is represented by Mars and Lord Shiva is represented by Sun – the Sun is debilitated in the 5H of children and Sun denotes male issues and is the 3L of servants and dispositor of mantra karaka Moon and also is the Naisargika mantra lord (5L in Universe Chart); Mars is the 11L of children and also the dispositor of 6H Saturn of pending karma and servants (Shiva). The Rishi says that the Shoola weapon (Sun Mars) was belonging to a laborer (Saturn karaka and placed in 6H of servants) & native used it to tilling the land (Mars), thus Sun

Mars Saturn sambandh can be once again seen, all landing in the 5H of children. Additionally this Sun is the dispositor of Moon (few use Moon for Shiva as the crescent is on his head). Additionally, a BSP technique of Rahu implementing itself in the 10th from where it is placed can be seen here working beautifully. See Rahu representing cheating (dohkha) is in the 8H of chronic issues, from here its 10 th would be the 5H of children. In other charts where you would see Rahu in the 8H you would find that the person was cheated or failed in love or children not in tune to you or no children or loss of minimum one child or still, children will destroy your empire or name even though 8H has nothing to do, traditionally speaking, with children. It also means you cheated a child in some life.

Karaka Doshit is a phenomena not used in astrology writings e.g. if Ketu is with an exalted & debilitated graha the planet Ketu and its karaka goes for a football match that is ‘Ups & Downs and Being Tossed Around’. Here Jupiter the karaka for children is with exalted & debilitated planet apart from being Badhakesh and thus suffers Karaka Doshit phenomena. As Mercury is exalted and sitting with the children karaka Jupiter, he is capable of removing the native from the curse. Remember the

starting point of the curse is essential to note – which is Saturn as earlier pointed out, 3 rd from Sat is Rahu (Tirupathi Balaji) and Rahu has been mentioned earlier (BSP technique above). So the remedy for Rahu is always Mercury and here Mercury is exalted and capable of removing Jupiter out of the curse; hence the remedy of Mercury, the beloved Vishnu Sahasranama, has been mentioned by the Rishi to remove the curse. Also most young students on forums spend a lot of time and money consulting astrologers trying to find out the remedy for their curses – the only big remedy for all problems is propitiation of lagna lord and in this case it is Mer which is Vishnu Sahasranama; and further, the Rishi advises the remedy of feeding Brahmins and, as per Shastra, the remedy for Jupiter

is feeding of Brahmins and, Jupiter is karaka for children – thus the remedy for removal of Putra



சாந்தி 28. ம உள் ர் மீண் அர க்கு அபிேஷ கித் உர டன் மரண மட் ம் உத்தமன் தீபம் வக்க

வர் ம் நீங்கு ெமன்ேறாம் ைமந்த திக்கில் தீர்க்கஞ்

சி ைமயாய்ச் ெசய்யா னாகில் ஜனிக்கி ந் தீேத யாகும்.

28. Again after returning to his place, should worship lord Shiva (the

word used is ‘Abhishek’ meaning pouring some liquid 3 over the deity like milk, curd etc), with firmness until his death, the excellent person should light lamp till his death and we say that his blemishes will vanish. If sons were born, they will have long life; with meanness if he does not do these things, there will be no sons; even if born they will not stay.

29. மா குணத்ைதச் ெசால்ேவன் மர்ம ம் ெகாஞ்ச ண்

ேமதினில் வாத ேதகி விளங்கிய சாயல் ேநத்திரம்

சூ க ளில்லா ளாகுஞ் ேசாம்ப ங் ெகாஞ்ச ள்ளாள்

ேவதைன ஒ வர்க் ெகண்ணாள் ெவஞ்சினங் ெகாஞ்ச ண் .

Native’s Mother 29.We will tell about the native’s mother’s character. Is a little secretive; has a windy (bloated) body; aspect will be sideways 4 (eye-sight will not be straight and will be in a different manner); has no deceit; a little lazy; will not think of trouble to anybody; a little hot-tempered woman.

30. சீல ைடயா ளாகுஞ் சிவந்தி ேமனி யாவள்

ஞாலேமல் ைணவர் தம்ைம நாட் ேவா மாண்பா ெலான்

ேவல்விழி ெபண்பா ெலான் வி த்தியா மிரண் தா ம்

ேகாலமாய் நான்கு நஷ்டங் கூறின ெமாழிதப் பாேவ.

Native’s Mother’s Co-Borns 30.Has good manners; has reddish colored body; we will tell about her co- borns in this world: one brother and one beautiful sister will be there with long life. Four more co-borns will be born but they will die. Our words will not go wrong.

31. அவ ைடத் தாய்க்கு ம்பம் அதிகமாய்ப் ெபா ண்

நவமதில் மி ஓங்கும் நாட் ேவாம் ெப ைம உண்

இவ ைட ன்ஜன் மத்ைத இயம் ேவா மவ் ர் தன்னில்

3 Abisheka to Lord Shiva is performed with sugar cane juice (iksu rasa), tender coconut water, milk, suddha jala, and honey.

4 Second house from Mother Karaka Moon has Venus debilitated – SA

தவசிேய தீயின் வம்சஞ் சார்ந்தன ளிவேள என்ேறாம்.

31. His mother’s family will have lot of wealth; fertile lands will increase in the earth; will live with dignity; we will say about her previous birth (native’s mother). We said that in the same place, she was born in Vanniar community.

32. மதைலக ளில்லா ளாகி வர டன் தணிைகக் ேககிச் சதமான விரதங் ெகாண் ஷ்ண் கர்க் கர்ச்சித் ேதத்தி விதியினால் சிலநாள் ெசன்றாள் இலங்கிற் அசாீாி யாக ஜன்மம் மதைல இல்ைல இனிச்ெசன்மம் உண் என் ;

32.Had no children; Along with her husband, went to Thiruthani, undertook a perpetual fast; worshipped Lord Shanmuga (Subramanya) and went there for some days because of fate. At that time, she heard like the voice of an invisible being stating that, she will have no issues in this birth; but will get in the next birth.

33. ெபாியவர் ெசால் ம் ேபா ேபைத ம் மனெவ ப்பால் உைறந்தனள் இல்லந் தன்னில் உத்தமி சுதர்கள் ேசாகம் நிைரயேவ ெகாண்டா ெளன்ேறாம் நிம ம் மரண மாகிக் குைறதைல கஞ்சன் தம்மால் குண டன் வைரயப் பட் ;

33. This was said by an elderly man and after hearing that, her mind got disgusted and reached her place. That excellent woman was filled with sorrow





died. Again she was created by



in next verse)

34. இக்குல தித்தா ெளன்ேறாம் ஈச்வாி ேகட்க ற்றாள். ெதாக்கேவ ன்ஜன் மத்தில் ேதாைக ம் தீயின் வம்சம் பிக்கேவ உதித்தா ெளன்றீர் விளம் ரந்தச் சங்ைக பக்குவ கன் பக்தி ாிந்ததால் உதித்தா ெளன்ேறாம்.

34. And was born in this community. Easwari (another name for Parvati) started asking: In her previous birth you said that she (native’s mother) was

born in Vanniar community, tell the reason for that. Because she worshipped Lord Muruga (Subramanya), we said that she was born like that.

35. ம ஜன்மம் அவ் ர் உத்திரம் மைறக்குலம் தனி திப்பாள் சி ைமக ளில்லா ளாகிச் ெசல்வதி வாழ்வா ளாகும் அைறகிேறாந் தந்ைத ஜன்மம் அக்காஞ்சி கீழ்ப்பா லாகப் ெப ைமயாய்ப் ேப ர் தன்னில் பிறந்தனன் ைவச்ய வம்சம்.

Native’s Father’s Previous Birth 35. In her next birth, she will be born in a place to the north of the place (of her previous birth) in Brahmin community. We will tell about the previous birth of the father. His father in his previous birth was born in a big place to east of Kancheepuram in Vaisya community.

36. ஜனித் ேம ெசட் ச் ெசய் ஜகமதில் ண்டாய்த் தனம அதிக மாகித் தன்மைன மதைல உண்டாய்க் கன டன் வாழ்ந் ேம ங் காைள ம் மரண மாகி அைனயேவ இச்ெசன் மத்தில் அைறந்தன மிவேன என்ேறாம்.

36.After taking birth, did business, was a famous person, increased his wealth, lived honourably with wife and children and then died. We said that again he was born in this birth.

37. பின்ஜன்மம் காஞ்சி தன்னில் பிறப்பேன இக்கு லத்தில் தன்னிேல ெசட் ஓங்கித் தரணிகள் அதிக ண்டாய் இன்னவன் வாழ்வா னாகும் இயம் ேவா மிவர்கள் காலம் அன்ைனேய யாங்கள் ெசால் ள்ெமாழி குன்றா ெவன்ேறாம்.

37.In his next birth, he will be born in Kancheepuram in the same community. Will live by doing business extensively, and increase the fertile lands. We will tell about the last days of these persons. Oh! Mother! We say that our graceful words will not go wrong.

38. தந்ைதயின் மரண காலம் சாற் ேவா ப்பா ேனழில் வந்தி லாமா தத்தில் வைரகிேறாங் கண்டந் தா ம் பிந்திய அன்ைனக் ேகதான் ேபசுேவா மதன்ேமல் ன் ம்

பந்தமாய்க் கூனி மாதம் பக ேவாம் மார கங்கள்.

Native’s Father’s Death 38.We will tell about his father’s death time: There will be danger to his father when the native is of thirty-seven years old in the month of Thula (as per souramana – 15th October to 15th November). Thereafter, native’s mother will die three years after that in the month of Meena (Souramana – 15ht March to 15th April)

Yenbeeyes Notes: When the native is of 37 years old he will be running Rahu dasa Ketu Antar dasa. From 36 years and 10 days to 37 years and 28 days will be the Ketu Antara in Rahu dasa. Rahu is placed in the 12 th house of Exit of father (9 th house).

house of maraka from Pitru Karaka

Sun. The other maraka planet (2

is placed in the 6 th from 9

dispositor, who happens to be placed in the maraka house of 7 th from 9 th house.

house of father and he behaves more like Moon, its

lord from 9 th house) Jupiter is aspecting Rahu. Ketu

Saturn-Dispositor of Rahu is placed in the 2 nd



Saptarishis Astrology Commentary:

year will represent the 1 st house. Its lord Mercury is placed in


house of exit from Pitru

karaka Sun. He is conjoined by the maraka (2

Pitru karaka Sun is disposited Venus putting him in the house of Exit along with other

year, the BCP will come in the 1H, the

the 4 th house – refer the Deva Keralam rule given in chart 5 which is that the 4

denotes father’s death. Mercury is also placed in the 12 th

As per BCP, 37





lord from 9 th house of father) Jupiter.

two maracas Jupiter and Mercury. In the 37

lord of this 37


year is with Jupiter the kendradhipathi dosha, Jupiter is the 2 nd lord of

maraca for father

categorically that Kendradhipathi dosha is more related to health/death. So this 37 th

year lord Mer combines with Jupiter of Kendradhipathi dosha in the 8 th (death) from


The month of death of father is given as Thula when the Sun will be in Libra and in the constellations of Chitra (2 padas), Swati and the first 3 quarters of Vishaka. Lord of Chitra nakshatra is Mars, that of Swati is Rahu and that of Vishaka is Jupiter. See the planets involved.

Mother’s death will be three years after that. After 3 years means that Venus Antara will be running in Rahu dasa. Karaka for mother is placed in the 12 th house of

pls read the previous article on Chart 5 where we have mentioned


house of father giving troubles to father.

Exit from 4

Deva Keralam dictum, the 5 th lord is Venus in whose Antara mother had to depart.


house of mother which is getting the aspect of dasa Lord Rahu. As per


house from 4


house from 4 th house. The other

house) is also placed with the 4 th lord. From



Venus is also a maraka for mother being lord of

maraka Jupiter (lord of 7

Moon also the 2 nd house becomes maraka which has all the three malefics (appearing as benefics) Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. The month is given as Meena when the Sun will be in Pisces – another maraka house and will have to be in one of the constellations of Purvabhadrapada (ruled by Jupiter-maraka) or Uttarabhadrapada

house of mother or in the

constellation of Mercury the 4 th lord indicating mother. Under BCP 40 th year will be running which means 4 th house again indicating some event in mother’s life. We have already seen the influence of the planets placed in the 4 th house.

(ruled by Saturn) placed in the

3 rd house


4 th


39. இன்னவன் மரண காலம் இயம் ேவாம் நாற்ப தாண் ல்

தன்னிேல கண்டம் ேந ம் ஷண் கர்க் கர்ச்சித் ேதத்தி

அன்னவன் பிணி ம் நீங்கும் அ பத் ஏழா மாண் ல்

மன்னிய சிம்ம மாதம் வளர்பிைறத் தசமி தன்னில்;

Native’s Death 39.We will tell about the death time of the native. At the age of forty, he will have a danger. However, by worshipping Lord Subramanya, his disease will be cured. In his sixty seventh age, in the month of Leo (Souramana – 15th August to 15th September), in the Sukla Paksha Dasami tithi (on the tenth day during the waxing time of Moon)… (Continued in next verse)

Yenbeeyes Notes: At the age of 40 native will be running Rahu dasa Venus antar dasa as seen above. Rahu is placed in the 8 th house and its dispositor Saturn is placed in the 6 th house aspecting Rahu as well as the 12 th house. Lagna Lord Mercury is also

placed with the 12

is also a Badhaka Lord. This combination also gets the aspect of dasa Lord Rahu. Hence some troubles are expected during this period. From Moon also they are ill placed in the 2 nd house of Maraka. But the Rishi says by worshiping Lord Subramanya

the evil will pass. How? Mars is the planet representing Lord Subramanya. 5


is the house of worship. Mars is placed there displacing its Lord Venus to its 12 th house. Mars also aspects the 12th house from Lagna. Mars, as I have stated already, will behave like Venus the lord of the house where he is placed. But by worshipping Subramanya probably the Rishi means that the native may propitiate Mars and ward off the evil effects created by him. As per BCP again, the 40 th year would be the 4 th house 5 coming into the picture again

where the Lagna Lord Mercury is subjected to malefic effects as explained above.


Lord Venus (Antara Lord) and the 7 th lord of Maraka Jupiter who


5 At the age of 40, the BCP will be in the 4H where there is Kendradhipati Dosha Jupiter sitting with Lagna Lord (body). Mars who is the 6 th lord of diseases and from the BCP Focus year he is the 8 th lord

Death at 67: Native will be running Saturn Dasa – 8 th Lord from Lagna and 7 th Lord

house and the 3 rd

house. Under this dasa the Antar dasa of Ketu will be from 65 years 5 months and 19 days and will end in the 66 th year 6 months and 28 days which can be taken as the 67 th

year. Thereafter Venus Antara will start. Ketu is placed in the 2 nd house of Maraka. Venus is the 12 th lord of Exit placed along with the other Maraka Lord Jupiter and aspected by Rahu from the 8 th and is placed in the 2 nd house from Moon. Hence Venus Antara becomes more probable. In the month of death Sun will be traversing Leo, the 3 rd house of Longevity and will be in the 12 th from Maraka Jupiter/Venus and Lagna

Himself being 3 rd Lord and having jurisdiction over the constellations

ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun himself. The more probable date would be when Sun is

from Moon. Placed in the 6


house from Lagna aspecting the 12 th

Lord Mercury.

transiting in the constellation of Purvaphalguni ruled by Venus.

As per BCP, 67 th year represents the 7 th house a Maraka. Its Lord Jupiter is also

Lord Venus

and is the 2 nd (maraca) from Moon aspected by Rahu

Badhaka with Kendradhipati Dosha (death) and placed with the 12


along with lagna lord (body) from the 8 th house.

40. மாரகம் ேந ெமன்ேறாம் த் ேம அத்திாி ெசால்வார்

தீரமாய் இரண் ஆண் ல் ெசப்பிேனாங் கண்ட ெமன்ேறாம்

கூ ேவாம் ேக ைமயா கு ேம நா ல் நிற்கப்

பாாிய ேராகம் ேநாந் ம் ப கா வய தீர்க்கம்.

40. He will die. Athri contradicted and said that there is danger to the

native at the age of two. Rishi replied that he will give the reason, Please listen. Oh! Rishi! Since Jupiter is in the fourth in Virgo, even if affected by diseases, it will not take the life. He has long life.

Yenbeeyes Notes: What might be the correct explanation to the words of the Rishi “Since Jupiter is in the 4 th in Virgo…” Hitherto we have seen how malefic is Jupiter

Lord, 7 th house Lord, afflicting by association,

aspect etc. etc., how come the Rishi ascribes such a benefic point to Jupiter that it will

not take away the life? To my little mind the only possible explanation is that being a

house coupled with the

natural benefic his aspect

for this chart by being the Badhaka

the 8 th house


the 12 th


association of other two natural benefics, Venus and Mercury, might have helped the native to escape death. Learned persons can interpret this and give other possible explanations if any.

Saptarishis Astrology Commentary:

Ketu is in the 2


house and, as per BCP, 2 nd house is the 2 nd year of one’s life. Hence

the view of Athri Rishi that there is danger to the native at the age of two seems appropriate since Ketu indicates health issues and Exit. Using BSP technique of Jupiter implementing itself in the 11 th from as mentioned in Vol 6 or 7 in the Ravana Samhita or Saptarishi Nadi Commentary, you can see that here Jupiter has kendradhipati dosha (health/death) yet is Jeeva Karaka sitting in the 4H conjoining with exalted lagna lord (so can’t give death result early in life) – it implements his energy 11 th from it and stops Ketu from implementing its malfeasance.

41. தானவன் ேயாகச் ெசய்ைக சாற் ேவாம் சுக ள்ளான் ஈனமாங் குணங்க ளில்லான் எய்தி ம் பணிதி பாக்யம் ஆனேதார் மி ேசர்ப்பன் யாைர ம் வசியஞ் ெசய்வன் மானமாய் ஜீவிப் பானாம் வாக்குகள் ெசால் ெமன்ேறாம்.

41.We will tell about the native’s fortunes. Has comforts; has no mean manners; has the fortune of getting jewels and ornaments; will increase the cultivable lands; capable of attracting anybody; will live with dignity; his words will be respected.

42. தசமத்ேதான் நா ல் நிற்கத் தனம ேந ெமன்ேறாம் திைசஎல்லாம் கீர்த்தி ஏற்பன் ஜனஉப காரம் ெசய்வன் வைசயிலான் அன்னிய கிராமம் வந்தி ம் மி தா ம் கஜமிலான் அச்வ ண் கண்ணிய மாக வாழ்வான்.

42. Since the 10th lord Jupiter is in fourth in Virgo, there will be increase in

finance. Will get famous in all directions; will help the people; will not be

accused by anybody; will get lands in another village; has no elephants; but has horses; will live with dignity.

ைதயல் 43. எந்தக்கா லத்தி ேலதான் இவ க்குத் தன ம் ேந ம்

அந்தேதார் ேசதி ெசால்வாய் அலவன் தன் தைசக்கா லத்தில் இந்தவா மன்ன க்கு ஈரஞ்சு ஆண் ேலதான் ெசாந்தமாய்க் கி கம் தன்னில் ேச ேம நிதி நிேக்ஷபம்.

Hidden Treasure 43.Tell in detail when this native will get wealth. He will get during Moon mahadasa when the native is ten years old, he will get his own house and wealth will increase. He will get a treasure hidden in the ground.

Saptarishis Astrology Commentary: BCP & Vimshottari Dasa There are many methods of using the Vimshottari Dasa combined with BCP, something that is still in an experimentative stage. One of them is being presented here in brief as the opportunity has arisen due to the above shloka. First and foremost, the false notion circulated by many Nadi experts since last century & internet forum nadi experts that vimshottari dasa is not used in Nadi Astrology can be eliminated forever by the above verse, the Rishi is using Vimshottari dasa. Now the technique we were talking about is to take the year of native, note it down mentally and observe where the Mahadasa lord is sitting, then rotate it as per BCP keeping Vimshottari Mahadasa lord as the Asc. In the above chart, the native is 10 years old and is in Moon MD, take Moon (in 3H here) as Lagna and rotate it 1 sign 1 year per house for 10 years – the BCP Vimshottari Dasa will come in the 1H, the lord of it is sitting exalted in the 4H of ‘Treasure’ & also ‘Own House’ with Debilitated Venus (treasure not his own), both the Rishi is predicting. Another quick example is Obama’s chart (Cp Asc) – he was running Jup MD when he won the Election and became President on 20 Jan 2009 which was his 48 th year. Now take Jup as lagna and 48 th year would be the 12H, the lord of it is again Jupiter sitting in the Lagna (a trikona and kendra) with Saturn forming a Rajayoga – he became a Raja (King) by defeating someone (since Jup is debilitated and getting neechabhanga raja yoga. Take chart of John F Kennedy (Vi Asc) who died on 22 nd Nov 1963 in his 47 th year during Jup MD. From Jupiter Asc, 47 th year will be the 11 th house from it, which means Jupiter who is placed in the 9H will activate as per BCP the 7H of the chart. The 7H is a maraca house, its lord Jupiter becomes maraca lord & 4L of vehicles and assasination sits in this Jup Asc with 12L Sun along with Venus who is the 3 & 8 th lord of D6 (enemies chart) and 3L of short travel of D6. He died while on a short trip in that year. In Vimsopaka Jupiter has the lowest point. Jupiter being involved in Gajakeshari Yoga made this incident world famous and outsiders remember him for sex and assasination. Let’s come back to the chart of the native in Saptarishis Nadi Gemini Asc Chart No 6 where the Rishi talks about him finding treasure at age 10. Ten years of age as per BCP will be the 10H whose lord is Jupiter and it goes in the 4H of Fortune. In Shloka No 42 above, the Rishi says that 10 th lord in the 4 th house in Virgo will increase finances. So in the 10 th year, when this Jupiter will be activated as per BCP, there is chance of increase in finance.

Now see Phaladeepika Ch.2 Shl.5 Verse 5. From Jupiter the learned should seek information about knowledge, noble qualities, sons, minister, good behavior, teaching profession, magnanimity, knowledge of Vedas and Puranas (Shruti and Smriti) progress and beatitude, reverence to gods and brahamins, yajana, worship (tapasya), religious faith, treasure, wisdom, control over passions, honor and compassion; and in the female chart, husband's happiness.

In BPHS Ch.11, Shl.5 Verse 5. Indications of the 4th house: Conveyances, relatives, mother, happiness, treasure, lands and buildings are to be consulted through the 4th house.

In Phaladeepika Ch.18 Shl. 14 Verse 14. If in a nativity the Moon occupies the Navamsha Leo and is aspected by Mercury, he may acquire a hidden treasure.

Satyajatakam Ch.3 Shl 4 &.14 Verse 4. If the lord of the fourth house is placed in the fourth house, and is aspected by Tiryagmukha planets (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus), the person may acquire neighboring lands and thereby come across treasure hidden under earth. He will become very rich. If the lord of the fourth house is aspected by urdhvamukha planets (the Sun and Mars), the person may earn money through crops and cultivation. Verse 14. If the fourth and eleventh houses are strong and auspicious through connection with benefic and a planet having downward-gaze has Dhana yoga, the person will get treasure. But if the houses 4 and 11 are weak and are connected with malefics, the native will squander away his wealth.

In BPHS Ch.3, Shl.32 Verse 32. Abodes of the planets: Temple, watery place, place of fire, sport-ground, treasure-house, bed-room and filthy ground: these are respectively the abodes for the seven planets from the Sun onward. Use the above shlokas and note connection of 4H and Jupiter regarding treasure and then use BCP and note that the 10 th year will be the 10H whose lord Jupiter is there in the 4H of fortune and then use especially the above Yoga from Satyajatakam Ch.3 Sh4 and see how beautifully all combine with dasa of Moon (Moon in mentioned in the shloka). To combine all this is not easy to make a prediction and no doubt only a Rishi can make such a prediction; to study such predictions was not possible till the last thousands of years and we are thankful to Bhadoriya who gave this manuscript and the translators Yenbeeyes and Bhaskaran. If only more can join who can translate from Tamil to English, more Asc can come out and someone else can do a better job in commentary than us (SA).

44. வ மவர் உற ெகாள்வன் பிரபல கு ம்பி யாவன் தி மகள் வாச ள்ளான் ஜயம்ெசய்வ ென த்த ேவைல மைற யவர்கள் ேநசன் அரசர்கள் உற ெகாள்வன் அ கன் தன்ைனப் ெபற்ற அம்பிைக யாேள ேகளாய்.

44. Will get friendship of those who come; will be a famous family

man; Lakshmi will reside in his house; will finish the taken work successfully; will be friendly with the Brahmins; will get relationship with the kings; Oh! Begetter of Lord Arumuga (Subramanya)! Oh! Parvati! Listen.

45. பிறந்தேசய் ஜனன காலம் கர்தைச இ ப் த் தா ஞ்

சிறந்தி மாண் ரண் திங்க ம் ஆற தாகும் விைரந்தி ம் நாட்கள் பத் ம் விளம் ேவாம் பலைன யாங்கள் நிைறந்த ேதார் ஜாதகர்க்கு ேநர்ந்தி ம் ேராகந் தாேன.

45.At the time of birth, balance of Venus mahadasa is two years six months and ten days. We will tell the results of that period. There will be disease for the native who has all things fulfilled.

46. மா வர்க்கஞ் சூதம் வந்தி ம் ெசலவ ேநகம் ேமதினில் கா ேசதம் விசனமாம் தந்ைதக் ேகதான் ேபாதேவ வர்க்கஞ் சூதம் பைகய வந் நீங்கும் நீதியாக் கி ஷி நஷ்டம் நிம ேய ேம ங் ேகேள.

46. Misfortune will fall for the mother side family; expenses will be higher;

loss of cattle will be there; father will have mental anguish; his own relations will also be subjected to troubles; enmity will be created and that will be removed; loss in agriculture will be there. Oh! Mother! Further listen.

47. சல் யங் ெகாஞ்சம் ேந ந் தாயாதி வர்க்கஞ் சூதஞ் ெசால் ேவாந் தாய்தந் ைதக்ேக சுகமின்றிப் பிணி ண் அல்லல்கள் கள ெகாஞ்சம் அைறந்தன மிைவக ெளல்லாம் நல்லேதா ாீைரந்தான் ன்ேமல் நாட் ேவாம் விவரமாக.

47. There will be a little debt problem; Inauspiciousness will be there to his

relatives; father and mother will have disease and will not be comfortable; Distress, theft all these things will happen before his tenth year. We will tell about

the rest of the things in the second part.

Yenbeeyes Notes: There are certain interesting features in this chart. At the outset, we find that 3 natural benefics (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury-by association) are conjoined in a Kendra –the 4 th house. Mercury and Venus are 4 th and 5 th lords. Jupiter is 7 th and 10 th lord and Mercury is also Lagna Lord. But see how they all have become malefics. First – Jupiter is Badhakesh for Gemini Lagna. He is also lord of 8 th house from Moon. Second – Venus is debilitated and also co-owns the 12 th house. He also becomes a malefic on account of the presence of Sun and Mars in his sign, Libra. Third

– All the three planets are aspected by Rahu by his special 9 th house aspect. Rahu being placed in the 8 th house-house of Saturn and also aspected by Saturn reflects the 8 th lord’s mood only. Hence Mercury by association and aspect has also become malefic. This combination has been responsible for all the troubles that the native is going to experience in his life time especially till the age of ten as after Venus dasa, Dasa of Sun comes in who is also debilitated and conjoined with Mars who is Lord of 6 th from Ascendant. The same fourth house which is termed as the hidden house or Pathal and the placement of the 10 th lord Jupiter (Dhanakaraka) therein indicate the possibility of getting hidden wealth. When we look at the 2 nd house, we find that Ketu is placed there. If you see the death of the Native’s father, it has happened at the age of 37 of the native. At that time the native was running the dasa of Rahu and Venus Bhukti. Death is generally linked to the 8 th house. For father 8 th from 9 th is the 4 th house. We have already seen the position of the 4 th house above. Even the month of death is influenced by Venus – Libra month. For the mother’s death 8 th house of the mother becomes the 11 th house – Aries- ruled by Mars. Mars being placed in the house of Venus will behave like Venus-which we have seen already. Again the 4 th house comes into the picture. At the time of death of his mother, native was running his 40 th year which falls under Venus Antara – Rahu dasa. Jupiter who has conjoined Venus decided the month of death. So Jupiter by being a natural benefic and also being lord of 7 th and 10 th has given its due share to the native. As the Badhakesh and also as 8 th lord from Moon, it has shown its malefic influences too. In the same Venus period, i.e. at the age of forty, native also had danger because of his conjunction with Lagna Lord. At the age of 67, native was running Saturn dasa-Saturn bhukthi. It is natural as being the 8 th lord he brought about the end of the native. But why in the month of Leo. Moon, the 2 nd lord is placed there and Saturn aspects the same. Hence when the Sun was transiting Leo, the end has come.

2 n d lord is placed there and Saturn as pects the same. Hence when the