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Distributors Channel Management System


The ProPest Co. Ltd, is an Executive Agency of the India's Department for Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs, administers the regulation of agricultural, horticultural, forestry, food storage
and home garden pesticides to supply throughout the world. The principal functions of ProPest
is to evaluate and process applications for approval of pesticide products and can be used across
the world and provide advice to Government on pesticides policy.

The Distribution Channel Management System is a web-based system, designed for ProPest Co.
ltd, which gives information relating to the clients and dealers of the company with respect to its
pesticides product launches. This product develops a system that can be used by the company
management to keep track of the sales, dealers and its clients. In the existing method of tracking
of all the details are tedious and time consuming. Any product survey and launching of the area
carried out manually by representatives, which is a time taking task. It fulfills different
requirements of management, client and dealers of the company. The specific purpose of the
system is to automate the communication between the management, clients and the dealers of the

The key entities of this system are company management / administration department,
employees, dealers and clients. The activities relating to this system are listing of various dealers
of the company, its branches, its clients and providing expertise suggestion on the usage of the
product, update product, providing instructions to the dealers and many additional tasks which
supplement the above functions.
An application has to be developed which would minimize the flaws of the existing system. This
project would automate the operations of the management and would retain the present
functionality available in the current system.

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The scope of this project is to enable the user of an organization to view the issues through the
LAN/Internet. Based on the category of the user i.e. employee or administrator, the various parts
of the system are made available to the users.

Existing System with Limitations:

To collect feedback of a product manually requires more man power.

Time consuming effort.
Publicity for a new product launch manually is time consuming and tedious job.
Data should be maintained with each and every dealer which increases redundancy and
reduces consistency

Proposed System features:

In order to avoid unnecessary delay and minimize the flaws that existed in the previous system a
follow up module for the existing system has been designed called the Distribution Channel
Management System which takes concern for the customer service and the distribution of
products to the various dealers and clients.

The main intention of the proposed system is to automate the communication and distribution
channel between the company management, dealers and the clients of the company.

The newly designed system mainly aims at the following tasks:-

Automate the communication between the clients and the company.

Obtain feedback from the clients and dealers
Generate reports from dealers with specific requirement
Provide updated details of the company products
Generate and report the sales data in accordance with the specific dealers and product.
Obtain workshop
Attain each and every query of the user.
CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)
# 412, Annpurna Block,Aditya Enclave,Ameerpet,Hyderabad
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Additional functions of the system are to generate the report for the management of the company
to keep track of sales and the product distribution.


Approve Dealer
Enter Products
Client Comments
Dealers Sales
Instruction to Client
Product Dealer
Survey Report
Sign out

Client Approval
Dealer Feedback
Instructions to the Client
Client Feedback
Change Password

Product List
Dealer Comments
Send Survey Report
Change password
Client Feedback
Sign out

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# 412, Annpurna Block,Aditya Enclave,Ameerpet,Hyderabad
500016 Tel : +91-40-40159158Mobile : 91-9247249455
Specification Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

1. Pentium4 with 233MHz or better

2. 256MB RAM minimum recommended
3. 800 * 600 resolution; 16 bit color (1024*768, 24 bit is recommended)

Software Requirements:

Presentation Layer HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML

Network Layer TCP/IP

Web Server Layer Web logic 8.0, JDBC, JSP, EJB

Language Specification J2EE

Databases Oracle 8i
Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x

CreativeSoft (Corporate Office)

# 412, Annpurna Block,Aditya Enclave,Ameerpet,Hyderabad
500016 Tel : +91-40-40159158Mobile : 91-9247249455