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goal: I will continue my plan about research topic tomorrow because I cant connect to the
internet but now I will discus about the research plan with my friends.
Note: I cant continue my work because I cant connect to the internet but I know what I have
to do next.
Reflection: I didnt finish my work but I wll finish it in next class


Goal: to day I will catch up my research and try to finish it

Sum: . French in 18th was a rich and popular country but its had problem collecting taxes
because of its social structure. They had a systems with a king, queen and nobles, and it
sucked for most French people because people with money like nobles never pay taxes. So by
1789 French was deeply in debt. King Louis XVI try to reform the systems but its fail and
French basically declared bankruptcy. on the 14th of July 1789 revolutionist storm the
Bastille fortress a symbol of a royal power this date has become France's independence day
even though the king was beheaded in 1793 shortly after the French adopted a universal
declaration witch stated "Men are born and remain free and equal in right". French revolution
was a bloodbath which led to external and internal wars. in 1799 the revolution ended when a
military commander Napoleon Bonaparte control the french legislature and declaring him self
Emperor. the revolution began and end with monarchy it have a large impact on Europe and
world history and laid the foundation for a modern state governed by the people
reflection: I finish my research about French revolution but most of my source are video so I
spend a lot of time watching it and summarize it.

I finished my research and I will help my friend research about Niccolo Machivelli.
Note: Niccolo Machivelli was an Italian diplomat, politician, historian,
philosopher, humanist, and writer of the Renaissance period. He think that good leadercant be
a good Cristian because people need leader to be effectiveness, bring good thing to country
and know about reputation and management of those around him.
reflection: I finish research about Niccolo Machivelli during the research I spend a lot of time
try to understand his idea

Goal: find the relationship between French revolution and , Scientific Methods, Colonization,
New World Uprisings, and start making mind map
Note: Scientific Methods- during Age of Enlightment it made people question the absolute
right to rule and inspire French Revoultion.
Colonization- not relate
New World Uprisings- same
S: we couldnt find connection between French revolution, colonization, and New world


I finish my mind map and started making Video with powtoon. I think the video might not
finish in time because we spend too much time on research part and I for got that making
animation is a very long process.