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Dear Reader,

Outside, lightning flashed against the night sky and thunder shook the Italian hillside.

Tucked away in his chambers in the Santa Sabina church in Rome, however, Thomas Aquinas
didnt notice.

He was far too focused on his work.

As rain battered the red clay tiles of the church roof, Thomas was writing a very special

It would go on to become one of the most influential written works in history. And Thomas
Aquinas would eventually be honored as a saint...

This was the night he would write those three mysterious words...

Words that have vexed scholars and theologians for thousands of years...

Three words that may contain the secret to eliminating one of the worst diseases facing

But Thomas Aquinas didnt make up these words. They stretch back to the very beginning of life
on earth. To the Garden of Eden itself...
You can find them in the Bible, in Genesis chapter two.

Some believe they explain how Adam lived 930 years... and why so many Old Testament figures
lived for many centuries...

And on that stormy night in 1264, Thomas Aquinas believed he had uncovered their true

So he devoted several sections of his manuscript to these three words.

He believed they describe a powerful ancient medicine...

A medicine that modern science is now proving... can halt the growth of tumors in your body
then harmlessly shrink them away to nothing.

So what on earth are they?

Well those three words describe a life form thats unique in all creation something placed in
the Garden of Eden as a gift to mankind.

It is the...

"Tree of Life"

In Genesis, the Tree of Life was a sacred tree in the center of the Garden of Eden.

Unlike the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which was forbidden, the Tree of Life was a
gift to Adam and Eve. The Bible tells us that as long as they ate from the Tree of Life, they
would live forever.
Now, some people think it was just a symbol, or a metaphor.

But what were talking about is very real...

See, Thomas Aquinas had access to some of the earliest Hebrew texts that made up the Old
Testament. And he studied them more than perhaps any other human being in history.

And he was convinced that the Tree of Life was real. He wrote in his manuscript 751 years ago
that it contained healing compounds so powerful, they could repel disease and extend human
life forever.

He, and many other biblical scholars, believed it was the fruit of the Tree of Life that allowed
Adam to live 930 years...

Now imagine this with me...

If the Tree of Life really did contain powerful healing compounds that could reverse disease
like Thomas Aquinas and other Biblical scholars believed...

Then the original trees genetic code was passed down through the ages, multiplying and
spreading over the earth, as all Gods creatures do...

So today, instead of a single Tree of Life, wed have a family of tree species, scattered over the

And theyd all contain traces of the original code the genetic code for reversing disease and
preventing human aging.
And thats exactly what youre about to discover.

Because a family of trees has been found growing in a remote corner of the Amazon jungle...

And theyre unlike anything else in nature.

Not only are they incredibly beautiful, they exhibit healing properties weve never seen before.

Most importantly...

These trees produce the strongest natural anti-cancer molecules in existence...

The molecules are called acetogenins.

They were first isolated by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin from Purdue University. And since his discovery,
theyve been through over 341 scientific studies:

A tiny sample of the eye-opening research...

The research youre seeing was peer-reviewed and published in major journals like The Journal
of Medicinal Chemistry, Life Sciences Journal, Cancer Letters, and more...

And it all leads to one incredible conclusion: Acetogenins can STOP cancer cells dead in their
tracks... and reverse tumor growth.

And remember these molecules werent cooked up in a pharmaceutical lab they come
straight from a God-given Tree of Life...

For those who use them, a fight against cancer that felt utterly hopeless becomes winnable...
suddenly theres a light at the end of the tunnel... and you can see yourself living a long, joyful,
CANCER-FREE LIFE with your loved ones...

So far, cutting-edge in-vitro research has proven their effectiveness against breast cancer,
bladder cancer, gastric and colon cancers...

And patient case studies are showing incredible results against late-stage lung cancer,
melanoma, prostate, and even bone cancer...

One study even reports an acetogenin thats up to 250 times more potent than Adriamycin (a
leading chemotherapy drug) with ZERO serious side effects.

But how do they work?

Acetogenins are absorbed by the body through the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Once
they come in contact with a cancer cell, they interrupt the electron transport system in the cells

That robs the cancer cell of energy, and it dies almost instantly.

As a leading researcher put it, cancer cells require a tremendous amount of energy we are
essentially pulling the plug on its energy source.

But what has even the most brilliant scientists scratching their heads is how acetogenins
specifically target cancer cells.
See, according to conventional medical wisdom, acetogenins should kill healthy cells just the
same as cancer cells.

But they DONT. Patients using acetogenin therapy suffer no damage whatsoever to healthy cells.

Its like these molecules know exactly what cells to target and which ones to leave alone...

Thats what makes the Tree of Life so miraculous...

And it gets even better.

After Dr. McLaughlin discovered acetogenins in South American trees, a sub-species of the same
tree was found right here in the United States.

In fact, if you live in a rural area inside the shaded zone on this map, you could have one growing
right in your backyard...

And it turns out that the American Tree of Life produces even more cancer-killing acetogenins
than its South American cousin.


Thats why Dr. McLaughlin tested extracts from the American Tree of Life against late stage
cancer... not in test tubes or lab animals... but in real people with no time to lose...

Some combined acetogenin therapy with chemo and radiation. Others used it alone. And in both
cases, the results blew past expectations.

Acetogenin extracts from the American Tree of Life are SAVING terminal cancer patients from
death, including...

70-year-old Donna: Stage 4 breast cancer Stage 4 means TERMINAL but after just six weeks
of acetogenin therapy, her tumor shrank an astonishing 50%...

60-year-old Reginald: Stage 4 melanoma Reginalds cancer metastasized from his arm to his
lungs AND lymph nodes. His doctors said surgery was impossible, and told him he would be dead
in three months. But to their amazement, his tumors started to visibly shrink... he started
breathing easier and moving around... and soon he was back to work on his farm...

73-year-old Brian: Stage 4 prostate cancer Brians cancer was spreading like wildfire and
nothing seemed to work. But after just six weeks of acetogenin therapy, a CT scan showed a
STUNNING reduction in tumor size and a completely normal PSA score...

And the list goes on with new reports of cancer reversal emerging nearly every day.

Dr. McLaughlin says, People that were given only a couple months to live are surpassing their
doctors expectations in a marvelous way. Those that were weakened or bed-ridden have more
energy to do the things they enjoy... And even more promising are the reductions in tumor size
without hair loss, nausea, or other side effects...

And best of all, acetogenin therapy is not an either-or proposition many cancer patients are
using it along with chemo. And theyre finding MUCH better results than chemo alone.
Heres the bottom line:

If you or anyone you love is facing cancer right now, you MUST alert them to acetogenin therapy

The potential to reverse late stage cancer is UNDENIABLE. And the almost complete lack of side
effects is unheard of!

Ill show you how to take advantage of acetogenin therapy in a few minutes...

But you might be wondering, if this therapy can really reverse late stage cancer, surely I wouldve
heard about it already...

And youre absolutely right. With findings like these, from distinguished scientists published in
major scientific journals not to mention living, breathing people who were pulled from the
jaws of death with this incredible treatment...

There should be front page headlines.

There should be lead stories on the nightly news triumphant press conferences, perhaps even
a Nobel Prize...


Dead silence.

Heres whats happening: When a major pharmaceutical company found out about this
remarkable research, they launched their own investigation.
They verified the original results acetogenins from the Tree of Life are absolutely a safe,
natural cancer-killer unlike anything the world has ever seen.

And theres the problem.

Since the compounds already exist in nature, they cant be patented. By law, no natural
substance can be patented as-is. And acetogenins are already at their safest and most powerful

So they simply canceled the project.

But why didnt the news media report the truth?

Great question.

Did you know that 100% of mainstream media including all network and cable news programs
are virtually OWNED by the pharmaceutical industry?

On paper theyre separate companies, sure. But Big Pharma spends such an ungodly amount of
money on advertising around $2.4 BILLION a year, more than any other single industry the
relationship is very cozy...

The fact is, when a story is health related, Big Pharma decides what you see, and what gets
buried forever.

Which is why theyve been able to suppress the story of the Tree of Life...
Until now.

Weve seen the truth and they CANT silence us...

Im Dr. Allan Spreen, and Im the Chief Medical Advisor for an organization called the Health
Sciences Institute (HSI).

We are an alliance of over 232,000 doctors, researchers, clinicians, and health-seeking people
like you.

Our mission?

To find the pioneering doctors, scientists, and researchers all over the world the mavericks
who venture outside the mainstream medical system to find real cures and bring their
breakthroughs to people like you who need them.

See, if theres one thing all these medical pioneers agree on its that weve been driven

The FDA, the FTC, mainstream media, and Big Pharma have guns to the head of anyone who
dares to cure disease naturally.

Its not just about keeping natural cures from seeing the light of day but actively destroying the
lives and careers of the people who discover, research and produce them.

Case in point: The first company to extract acetogenins from the Tree of Life and make them
available to the public was called Raintree Nutrition.

If you try to look them up, you wont have much luck. Theyre out of business.
They had the nerve to share the results of clinical studies with patients considering acetogenin
therapy the same study results I showed you a minute ago.

No matter that this research was peer-reviewed and published in major journals. The FDA
started sending warning letters the first step toward legal action.

Raintree Nutrition was a small company with limited resources they couldnt possibly mount a
legal defense against the massive Federal Government. They made the hard choice to shut

Dr. Leslie Taylor, the brilliant scientist who founded the company (and who won her own battle
with leukemia thanks to natural therapies), said...

Regulations enforced by the FDA have progressively prohibited free speech about the benefits
of herbal supplements what to take them for and how to use them even factual information
about clinical research.

Unfortunately, this is NOT an isolated case. Far from it. Every day, some of Americas best
doctors, researchers, journalists, and supplement makers get these dreaded Warning Letters
from the FDA.

And sometimes, theyre the lucky ones.

Dr. Max Gerson reportedly had an attempt on his life since he began promoting a nutritional
approach to fighting cancer...

Dr. Jonathan Wrights clinic was practically destroyed in a SWAT-style raid after he began using
preservative-free vitamins...
Even Suzanne Somers suffered a vicious media smear campaign after she spoke out about the
dangers of chemotherapy, and safer natural alternatives...

The point is this: There is a WAR going on between corporate medicine and REAL HEALING.

And its a FACT: The very best doctors and medical treatments available today the ones that
can actually CURE your disease have been forced underground.

And HSI exists to reveal these life-saving treatments to you.

Since our humble beginnings 18 years ago, weve grown into a global force 232,000 strong. Now
were often the first place pioneering doctors and researchers turn when they need someone to
publicize their breakthroughs.

Leslie Taylor herself is a great example. She brought us the research on acetogenins beating
cancer when her company was forced out of business by FDA harassment, hoping we could get
the message out to people who need it.

By publicizing these life-saving natural therapies even the controversial ones...

HSI is ushering in a new era in medicine. An era when corrupt government bureaucrats cant
suppress the truth anymore...

When YOU are in control of your health...

An era when the...

Diseases mainstream medicine calls incurable are cured every day.

Acetogenin therapy from the Tree of Life is the perfect example.

Visible reversal of tumor growth in as little as 60 days even with late stage cancers with
virtually no side effects!

Of course doctors who use acetogenin therapy cant publicize it or they risk losing their
medical license for using an unapproved therapy.

And Leslie Taylors company was forced out of business by the FDA after trying to make
acetogenin therapy available to the public...

But heres the important part: There IS still one way that you can get and use this life-saving
treatment yourself.

Because of the highly sensitive nature of this information (and the fact that the FDA monitors
our communications) we cant give out the details publicly.

Everything you need to know all the details we cant reveal in this presentation, including
contact information for the one remaining U.S. source of acetogenin therapy, references to the
original studies, how it works and how to use it...

We put it all into the latest printing of HSIs master resource Miracles from the Vault:
Anthology of Underground Cures.

Its a massive 579-page book containing HSIs most controversial, powerful, and proven cures
and remedies from all over the world...

And, if youre reading this urgent bulletin, youre entitled to one copy of Miracles from the Vault
free of charge for a limited time.
Ill show you how to claim it in just a minute...

First, let me give you a small sample of what else youll find in these 579 pages...

Please listen: If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimers or dementia, the next four
minutes could save their life...

This is a copy of an FDA Warning Letter. Its directed at a soft-spoken Japanese man named
Masaki Shirota.

His friends call him Mike.

Mikes only crime is telling the truth...

See, Mike runs a cutting-edge biomedical company based in New Jersey that researches
medicinal mushrooms.

Now, as director of HSI, I can tell you that high-quality medicinal mushrooms are some of the
most potent natural medicines on the planet.

Theyve been used for centuries in Asian countries to treat cancer, impotence, infections and
more. And now that modern science is starting to investigate these miraculous compounds,
theyre discovering some truly remarkable things...

Including REVERSING the symptoms of Alzheimers disease and dementia.

See, in 2002, Mikes top scientist, Dr. Cun Zhuang, isolated a mushroom compound that does
something truly remarkable... it re-grows damaged brain cells.
You read that right...

Rats paralyzed by nerve injury were fed the extract of a strange-looking Japanese mushroom
called bearded tooth...

To the complete shock of the scientists, the rats regained control of their paralyzed limbs and
began walking again.

Can you imagine seeing an animal you KNOW FOR A FACT IS PARALYZED stand up and walk

The mushroom extract had regenerated the damaged nerve cells.

That sounds simple, and it is.

Its also the greatest leap forward for Alzheimers patients in the last 100 years...

But its only HALF of the bearded tooth mushrooms brain-saving power.

While that one extract stimulates new brain cell growth, another extract from a different part of
the same mushroom takes it even further...

In a separate animal study, it actually neutralized beta-amyloid plaque the same plaque that
builds up in the brains of Alzheimers patients.

Think about that for a moment neutralizing the plaque that eats away at brain cells and
growing healthy new cells AT THE SAME TIME...
My friend, Big Pharma would KILL to produce a drug that can do that but they cant even come

And this mushroom extract is far safer than any Alzheimers drug. In fact, the Japanese have
been eating it as a food for thousands of years!

With this natural compound, your loved one can return to their familiar old self.

And it works fast, too...

Dr. Zhuang released a case study that really shows you how powerful this compound is. The
results are even more miraculous than seeing a paralyzed animal get up and walk again...

The patients name was Lin Serrafino.

When her husband first brought her to Dr. Zhuangs research clinic, she was 81-years-old and
barely hanging on.

She was gripped by anxiety and depression... terrorized by nightmares... she couldnt stand to be
alone, even for ten minutes...she struggled to name regular household objects (in one test she
could only name four vegetables)... and she was losing her ability to handle the everyday tasks of
life like cooking, cleaning and driving.

If youve ever watched someone you love succumb to dementia you know how deeply painful
this is.

Youre watching helplessly as they slowly lose their grip on reality... and forget who you are. It
may be the most tragic thing you could go through.
Which is why Lins transformation should give you so much hope...

Within two months of Dr. Zhuangs mushroom extract therapy, she was like her old self again.
Officially, her cognitive rating went from borderline dementia (20) to completely normal (29).

But the real proof is in her day-to-day life.

Now she can cook, clean, and handle all lifes tasks just like she used to. Separation from her
husband doesnt give her panic attacks anymore. The scary dreams have vanished. And shell
name as many vegetables as you want, as quickly as you can ask!

Here at HSI, weve researched hundreds of supposed Alzheimers cures. This is the only formula
weve ever discovered that can both... a) Stimulate new brain cell growth, and b) protect against
beta-amyloid plaque buildup at the same time, safely and naturally...

And if it can transform someone like Lin in just 60 days...

Imagine how soon you could have your loved one back. Imagine how soon you could be laughing
together again... reminiscing... enjoying each others company just like you used to...

But keep in mind, since the company who makes this remarkable formula has already gotten the
first warning shot from the FDA... they cant tell you anything about it.

But HSI can...

On page 373 of your copy of Miracles from the Vault, youll find the full story... more details of
Lins journey out of dementia along with the complete details on the supplement she used,
where you can get it, and how much to take.
And theres so much more in these 579 pages...

There are over 90 underground remedies, suppressed breakthroughs, and covered-up CURES...

Its the kind of life-changing information you wont get from your own doctor because he
simply doesnt know about it.

The kind of information you can only get when youre connected to a worldwide network of
forward-thinking doctors and researchers.

But thats why HSI exists to bring you the powerful, proven CURES mainstream medicine keeps
ignoring. From ancient healing secrets to todays most advanced breakthroughs if it can help
you beat disease and live a longer, healthier life, HSI members know about it.

And we dont just tell you about these underground cures and remedies we show you where
to get them and how to use them.

In fact, in the back of your copy of Miracles from the Vault, starting on page 514, is a special
section called your HSI Member Source Directory.

This is where youll find ALL the contact information and specific details about the cures and
treatments we recommend.

Absolutely NOTHING is held back.

Opening your copy of Miracles from the Vault is like pulling back the curtain that keeps the REAL
cures hidden from the public...

And as I mentioned earlier, Id like to send you a copy of this 579-page masterpiece for FREE
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But what does it mean to be an HSI member?

To put it simply, it means having insider access to the REAL cures and treatments hidden
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It means knowing how to beat almost any kind of cancer with advanced natural therapies like
the incredible Tree of Life... it means erasing your fear of Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes,
and more...

It means never having to watch your husband suffer, feeling powerless to help him...

It means showing your wife how to reverse her diabetes once and for all, so she can throw
that glucose meter in the trash...

It means impressing your doctor perhaps even shocking your doctor with a sudden
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It means being there to watch your grandkids grow up, and the immeasurable pride you get
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And it all starts with your FREE copy of Miracles from the Vault.

See, this is no ordinary natural cures book.

HSI is perhaps the only truly independent organization of its kind left in the world. We dont
make a dime from the cures and remedies we research and write about. We dont take a single
dollar of outside advertising.

In fact, we dont take any outside funding at all we get by on small yearly contributions from
our members.
That way, we can put our members first. It gives us the freedom to tell you the FULL TRUTH
with no bias or hidden agenda.

And Miracles from the Vault is 579 pages that prove it.

Its everything you need to cure chronic

disease and live a long, healthy life.

Heres another great example...

A perfect illustration of the kind of truly underground cures and remedies HSI uncovers

And as strange as it sounds, it has to do with Dick Clark and Winston Churchill.

Let me explain...

Before he sadly passed away at 86, Dick Clark was Americas Teenager.

If youre like me, you used to watch New Years Rockin Eve every year, year after year,
wondering what his secret was...

Indeed, he did have a secret to staying young and vibrant. And aside from a few other Hollywood
stars and world leaders, almost no one knew what it was...

But recently, through our global network of doctors and researchers, HSI found out.

And now this elite anti-aging secret can be YOURS...

It doesnt just make you look younger. This potent panacea can...

Erase age spots and many wrinkles...

Help you regain youthful muscle tone and flexibility in your arms and legs...

Sleep like a happy baby every night...

Jack up your immune system and make you practically infection-proof...

AND improve joint pain, low sex drive, memory loss, poor circulation, high blood pressure,
depression, varicose veins, migraines, and more...

It seems impossible that one compound could do so much but these were reportedly the
results of one of the largest clinical trials ever conducted in Europe! It involved over 15,000
patients and the results were astonishing...

Not only did the participants report all the benefits you just heard 70% of them never
contracted a single disease and their death rate was FIVE TIMES LOWER than the placebo

So what IS this miracle age-reverser?

At the time, it was known as GH-3.

It was first created 111 years ago by a German chemist named Alfred Einhorn. Back then it was
used as an anesthetic.

But surgeons stopped using it when morphine came along. And it was almost completely
Until almost 50 years later in the 1940s. Supplies of morphine were low because of the war...

And one doctor started looking for alternatives.

Her name was Dr. Ana Aslan, and she worked at Romanias National Geriatric Institute.

She tried GH-3 and soon realized, when given to elderly patients, it does A LOT MORE than numb

She was shocked when her patients energy levels soared, a youthful glow returned to their skin,
they displayed stunning mental sharpness and the physical vitality of teenagers... it was like
theyd swum laps in the fountain of youth!

As it turns out, GH-3 IS close to an actual fountain of youth...

Because it can rebuild old, dying cells in nearly every part of your body.

It reportedly penetrates worn-out cell membranes, flushing the toxins that cause decay. At the
same time, it improves nutrient absorption so your cells can actually grow younger.

Essentially giving you a brand new body, one cell at a time!

Its how Dick Clark stayed so young for so long.

And scores of other stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood like the Gabor sisters and
Charlie Chaplin, not to mention world leaders like Winston Churchill theyre all rumored to
have used it to stay energetic and fend off old age as long as possible.

So of course, when the FDA got word of this miracle youth elixir, they labeled it an unapproved
drug and banned it in the United States.

But recently, HSI was tipped off to a thrilling new chapter in this story...

It didnt make mainstream news but a few years ago, the FDA was forced to admit in a court
of law that the new form of GH-3 is NOT a drug, but a natural supplement.

That means its available to YOU right now and page 273 of Miracles from the Vault shows you
how to get it.

Its so new to the United States that almost no one knows its available... yet.

Thats one of the great things about being an HSI member: Getting the latest natural cures and
breakthroughs before anyone else.

And this one is so powerful, it may be...

The ONE secret to solving ALL the problems of human aging.

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Once youve read the full story flip back a few pages and discover 14 MORE secrets to living
younger, like...

How to combat the stress hormone that keeps you up at night and makes you fat If you
thought restless sleep and steady weight gain were just part of getting older you MUST read
page 203!

The secret life-saving power of young blood Did you know scientists can easily tell how old
you are just by looking at your blood? Its true and the difference between old blood and
young blood is one of the most exciting frontiers of anti-aging science. Best of all, your body can
make young blood! Its like an oil change for your cardiovascular system. And on page 210, youll
learn how you can do it NOW!

Are you starting to see how Miracles from the Vault can solve SO MUCH of what ails you?

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But before you go, I want to give you one more peek inside your copy of Miracles from the

And if youre sick of living with type 2 diabetes, this may be the most exciting part of the entire

Because Section 7 of Miracles from the Vault, starting on page 301, will show you how to...

Lower your blood sugar by as much as 107 POINTS in just 90 days...

And CURE your diabetes safely, and without a single drug.


It happens every day for those who know the secret.

Theyre watching their blood sugar drop to normal levels in days... their cholesterol and
triglycerides plummet... and their energy levels soar.

Theyre dropping pounds, too one user reports losing 54 POUNDS while curing his diabetes.

And it all started with one of HSIs most controversial figures a man named Ken Hampshire.
Kens a world-renowned nutraceutical formulator with very strong opinions about mainstream
medicines approach to treating diabetes. And hes not afraid to speak his mind.

Hell tell you that todays bestselling diabetes drugs like Actos and Metformin are worse than

In a recent interview, he said:

Prescription drugs for diabetes dont work. And theyre not safe. Clinical studies indicate about
a 1% improvement in A1c. Plus, theyve all got serious side effects connected to them.

If youve been prescribed a diabetes drug like Actos or Metformin, you know exactly what he
means. These drugs only lower blood sugar a few measly points, they do nothing to address the
underlying cause, and theyre wracked with side effects including risks of liver damage and
bladder cancer...

Which is why, 10 years ago, Ken went on a mission. A mission to create a real alternative to
prescription diabetes drugs.

Not just a supplement that would help but something that would work better than
prescription drugs to lower blood sugar and normalize cholesterol WITHOUT the side effects.
Something that could actually take you from diabetic to non-diabetic in 90 days or less.

See, Ken is an expert in extracting the active medical compounds in herbs and plants and
combining them into powerful formulas.

And when he teamed up with Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, a pioneer in alternative diabetes
therapies, they went straight to work...

Together, they combed through 20 years of research from all over the world. And they noticed a

Certain plant compounds kept showing up again and again in the research with incredibly
promising results in small-scale trials. And these were ingredients that most diabetics have never
even heard of.

So Ken selected the best of the best and carefully crafted high-potency extracts from each one.
After testing and refining the formula, he released it to a private test group...

And almost immediately, the raving feedback started to pour in. Not only does the formula work
better than Ken had even hoped...

It delivers results faster than anyone could have imagined...

Carl, from Texas, started taking the formula after he found out his blood sugar was a staggering
580 but after just one week of Kens formula, he was under 200! In a few months he was off
blood sugar meds and feeling like a new man...

Gerri, from New Jersey, watched her blood sugar drop from 390 to an average of 99 in just 3
DAYS! And after continuing the formula for a few months, shes lost 54 POUNDS and her
cholesterol and triglycerides are perfect.

Mike, from Oregon, had tried the diet and exercise recommendations his doctor gave him but
he was still battling high blood sugar and weight gain. After starting Kens formula, he lost the
stubborn weight and got his blood sugar down to normal now hes officially non-diabetic!

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And its not just user feedback the formula was tested in a large-scale, double-blind, placebo-
controlled clinical trial. The GOLD STANDARD.
And the results? Kens formula lowered fasting blood glucose a shocking 107 points. The only
side effects were 20% lower triglycerides, slashed LDL by 34%, and total cholesterol down

Top selling prescription drugs only lower blood sugar 36 points at MOST making Kens formula
a full THREE TIMES more effective. And with ZERO side effects reported!

The thing is, results like these attract attention from the wrong people. It wasnt long before Ken
received notice from an industry watchdog group that he better not talk about the study

Telling people a natural formula works better than a prescription even though its completely
TRUE based on results of a gold-standard study? Well, the powers that be just cant allow that.

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Use THIS to protect your most vulnerable body parts from high blood sugar damage! You
know how chronic high blood sugar can attack your eyesight, your kidneys, your nerve endings
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vitamin? Find out which one on page 325...

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The underground topical pain reliever thats leaving pills in the dust! Contains secret
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day if you need to... (page 33).

How to end migraine suffering in 6 minutes! The secret involves holding your tongue a
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Its true the discovery began when he was looking for a better way to clean clogged-up grease
out of his fryers. Nothing seemed to work until he mentioned the problem to a friend of his who
happened to be a biochemist...

His friend suggested he try a special type of omega fat. Hed been researching it as a way to
counteract unhealthy fats in the diet.

Use fat to dissolve grease? Sounds crazy, but it worked like gangbusters. Left those greasy,
clogged-up fryers as clean as a whistle.

The biochemist was so impressed, he tested it in a clinical study to see if it could dissolve
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And the results are leaving cardiologists speechless.

This little-known omega fat (which is related to omega-3s, but different in two key ways) melts
artery-clogging cholesterol like butter on a hot griddle. It even lowers the inflammatory marker
C-Reactive Protein one of the best predictors of heart attacks.
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This all-natural miracle molecule for men can trigger a level of sexual excitement and
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Guys: If youre waking up three, four, five or more times a night to use the bathroom, the
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