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The life of Jose Rizal was a truly inspiring story.

Not just as an ordinary story of a Filipino

but a story of a very intelligent and talented Filipino, who is ready to sacrifice his whole
life just to give freedom and peace to his family, and own nation.

For one semester, Ive known who really Rizal is. It might not all about him, but those
learnings and knowledge I learned, is enough to say to myself and to other Filipino and
even not, that he deserves to be what he have known for today. And that is, the National
Hero of the Filipino. His life was truly amazing and colorful for the heros experiences
mold him to what God purposely do to him.

Jose Rizal, for my own insights, tells me the value of certain things which is important for
the success of his life. That is God, Family, Country and Self. He could not reach as that
far without God. The Lords is the most important one who could determine our success,
just like as Rizal feared God and in return, he have been bless abundantly not by
material things only but a spiritual one. That is intelligence, skills, love, and
compassion. Also the role of family is next important for Rizal had been blessed with a
family who could guide him to what he really aims. Even nowadays, family is one of the
foundations of a persons character. Next one is country! For Rizals portray the love of
the country as a means of loving his fellow Filipino, thus helping them to attain justice
from the evil and corrupt priest and Spaniards who are mistreating them in their own
land for God has created us to extend our help with our fellow as a symbol of glorifying
Him. And last is Self. I have learned from Rizals life that you should make yourself
fruitfully. He makes himself grow to wisdom and knowledge to use it in Gods purpose.
He did not say to himself that he is not worth enough and live blind for what is happening
in his environment. Thus, he is knows that he is a child of God.

Moreover, Rizal proved that pen is mightier than a sword. For his expertise in writings
enable him to convince his whole fellowmen to attain justice, thus destroying an empire.
For words flies wherever and ignites every mans feelings. Just like as a saying says that
word is powerful, there comes positive and negative in it. It could heal ones heart but
also harm another like a double edged sword. Rizal have a God fearing heart so that he
have ignite change and peace and thus mean we Filipinos should have a good conscience
and God fearing heart to impose positive changes.

Thanks to Rizal for he is inspires me and thanks to our professor who imparts and
explains all this knowledge for us to better understands it.

Rizal once dedicated one of his poems to the Filipino youths, not only for the youths of his
time or the generation after them but to all Filipino youths of the past, present and for future.
Rizal wants to remind our young and future leaders that they are the future of the fatherland.
Filipino youths these days seems not live up to what Rizal wanted them to be. Regardless, the
youths of today are still the future of the fatherland but not the ideal youths that Rizal had

Rizals Poem For The Youth: Spanish or English

So I asked some Malayan Colleges Students from the College of Information Technology what
they learned from Rizal and how Rizal inspired them. Majority of the answers where positive
but there are also negative answers.

Freedom of speech, we have the right to speak our minds out.

Here are some answers from those students:

Aby Alvarez, 2nd year Information Technology

I have learned that each and every one of us has the right to freedom and to think before you
act. Yes he is an inspirtation. He inspires me to be a better person when it comes to my family,
and to the society.

Leis Alemania, 2nd year Computer Science

I learned from Rizal that youve got to look back from where you came from. From where you
grew up.. Your fatherland. Rizal serves as an inspiration in fighting for true sovereignty for
our country.

Kamille Paguio, 2nd year Information Technology

The major lesson we can learn from Dr. Jose Rizal is love for God, country and countrymen.
Yes he is an inspiration. Like anyone of us, he too is not perfect. He is vulnerable and
emotional. He fell in love and got hurt. But unlike any other heroes the world has known for
their bravery and courage, he is the gentlest and noblest.

Noelle Abe, 2nd year Information Technology

He inspires me not only to love my country as well as to love learning, to do my best to excel
in the things I do. He is an example that tells that a person can do multiple talents and skills.
We just have to discover and practice those talents that are in our nature. Hes my inspiration
to stand up for what is right and to fight for what I believe in through writing.

Ross Nitura, 4th year Information Technology

what i learned from Rizal:
-Love your own country
-love your own language
Yes, because he died for the freedom of the Filipinos

Nica Padilla, 4th year Information Technology

Ive learned that words are stronger than actions. Well for Rizal it was. He deserves to be an
inspiration to every Filipino because of what we have now, we owe it to him. Hes done
everything in his will to fight for his country and not everyones like that especially nowadays.
His commitment and passion is just beautiful. No doubt he is our national hero.

Joel Coloquio, 4th year Information Technology

Jose Rizal is by far the Philippines most popular hero. Hailed as a Renaissance man because
of his intelligence and appreciation for the arts, Rizal embodies the best of the Filipino. The
things i learned from rizal were: respecting and listening to your elders; be proud of who you
are; love your family;believe in yourself and dont be afraid to stand up for what is right. A
hero to many. An inspiration for me, that is Dr. Jose Rizal. What he did, what he sacrificed for
us and what he made us into are just the things i greatly admired on him. For he awoke the
spirit of camaraderie and nationalism on thyselves, for he implanted the seeds of freedom
and liberty on our minds and for he made us realized that fighting for it: freedom and
independece are the things we need.

Rasleigh Diego, 1st year Information Technology

what ive learned from rizal? is his confidence to fight for his country that everyone has the
right to speak

John Venedict Caunin, 2nd year Information Technology

Rizal inspired me, because he gives his best every time he do something and he never gives
up easily

Maden Ferrer, 2nd year Information Technology

I learned to love my country more and be proud of being a filipino citizen. he is an inspiration
not just to me but to some of my fellow filipino as well since he is the one who is responsible
for the realizations of the filipino people to fight for freedom

Awee Teoco, 2nd year Computer Science

Rizal did everything he can just to in order to for his fellow countrymen, the Filipinos, to be
free again. Yes. Because he is talented in many ways. Not only that, but he is intellectually
gifted too.

Derick Simbulan, 2nd year Computer Science

Rizal is a national hero that fought for the filipino war using words and fine literature.
Rizal is most certainly an inspiration to me, as well as to other filipino or non-filipino
individuals. Why you say? A man who used his words to fight for peace, A man who fought in
a war where he did not gave harm to anyone. Dr. Jose Rizal is a prime example that filipinos
is not just an indyo but can be an international citizen that can specialize in professional

Gie Panelo, 2nd Year Information Technology

He sacrifice all of his happiness just to fulfill his duty and mission just to save his country. and
he is an excellent student during his time, including in dealing with the ladies.

Pierre Alvaera, 2nd Year Information Technology

I realized many things about the life of Rizal, especially through the hardships he
encountered in his time in fighting for the freedom of our country through his works and
novels. He inspires me in what he did for our country because he believes that revolution is
not the key to freedom but through in his writing. These are the things Ive learned from

JI Platino, 2nd year Computer Science

I have learned from Rizal the value of perseverance in studying and following the desires of
your heart.
He is an inspiration because despite of oppression, he stayed strong and true to his beliefs
and philosophy.
Paulo Corrales, 2nd year information technology
What have you learned from Rizal: Education is something that must be valued because it
improves us as a person. Also, that is what makes us different to other living creatures. Lastly,
we should fight for what we think is right.

Inspiration? Yes. If he probably didnt write the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo,
the Philippines today might not be the same. Why? there is a possibility that the
Katipuneros before will not fight for our freedom. Rizal is one of the reasons why they had
the courage to fight. Also, his knowledge and way of thinking is something that can be an
inspiration to others.

actually i dont learn anything from rizal..he is hereticnot my kind of a rizal an
inspiration to me?? most certainly NO.. why would he be an inspiration if he just only
a more no less..thanks!..