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BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships

Assessment Task 1- Assignment /Case Study

Task 1
1. Describe two strategies you could implement to ensure that workplace team members
are familiar with the organizations planning and operational documents.
Workplace culture- Managing your workplace culture can encourage your team to work together to
achieve your sustainability and business goals. Defining the organisations values so that they are aligned
to your sustainability goals is the first step. Making sure these values are reflected in decision making,
management practices and operating procedures will help to establish a workplace culture of shared
values and clear expectations of attitudes and behaviours.
Workforce planning- Workforce planning can help to ensure you have the right people with the right
skills who are available where and when you need them. In the sustainability context it is about making
sure you have the right skills to carry out your sustainability activities and achieve your goals.
2. Explain how familiarity with the following documents contributes to improving the work
of your team:
Vision or mission statement
A clear vision statement acts as a unifying force, and has a positive impact on organizational
effectiveness. When personnel understand and buy-in to the organizations vision statement, it brings
them together. It focuses and aligns efforts so everyone is working towards the same understood goal
Business or strategic plans
Strategic plans outline your projected small-business growth into the future, while benefit plans focus on
the variety of benefits you offer your current employees. However, preparing a defined-strategic plan and
analyzing benefit opportunities within the framework of your company's strategic plan will help you
focus your efforts on growing your company, while keeping your employees satisfied with the non-salary
portion of their compensation.
Operational budgets
As an essential part of the operational process budgets compel planning, making people within an
organisation think about the future. A formal budgeting procedure with specified deadlines compels
operations managers to divert their attention away from day-to-day business and get down to completing
the budget
Team plans
When you involve your whole team in the planning process it creates a sense of ownership for everyone.
People like to feel they have had a part in planning the direction of the company. It is highly motivating
and will ensure everyone is on the same page.
Continuous improvement and quality assurance progresses.
With quality assurance progresses, inspection is intended to prevent faulty products reaching the
customer. This approach means having specially trained inspectors, rather than every individual being
responsible for his or her own work. Furthermore, it is thought that inspectors may be better placed to
find widespread problems across an organization that will help the team to work more effectively
3. Suggest two strategies you could implement for sharing team performance data with
team members to improve their work performance.
Open sharing of information -The more open members are in sharing information with each other, the
greater the opportunity for stronger trust and cohesion between members, leading to increased
opportunities for members to interact. The more interaction between members, the more familiar they
become with each other, thus more open information sharing.
Information uniqueness - The extent to which team members make use of each others distinct sets of
knowledge can greatly benefit the team.
The more unique the information and knowledge possessed by each team member, the greater amount of
information shared among the team, resulting in greater team decision-making performance.
4. Describe how you could find out about WHS policies for rest breaks from screen- based work.
- Asking WHS representative
- WHS Manual
- Reading a WHS information provided on the wall in company
5. Briefly describe some types of information that may be unreliable.
Self-published sources
Opinionated articles such as editorials
6. Explain some ways that you could verify information.
Check the author
Do some small research by yourself
Find an approved from reliable department

Task 2
1. Prepare some simple instructions for a task you need team members to undertake, such
as making accommodation agreements, operating a new photocopier of filling out a leave form.
Accomodation agreement
- Write up your own agreement
- Sign the agreement and give it to your head-tenant to sign. Keep a copy for yourself.
- Contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service if you need further advice.
Operating a new photocopier
- Ask for permission to leave
- Fill out the form
- Do the photocopier
- Handling the form
2. Explain how you could present these instructions, allowing for the different needs of diverse
audience members.
Before presentation, do some research and find out who is going to be in your audience. Figure out what
unique characteristics exists with the different people youll be speaking to. Try to process what you learn
so that you can communicate more effectively by understanding and appreciating what everyone in your
audience thinks and believes.
Task 3
List three consultation strategies outlined in the case study.
- Open meetings
- Invitation to give a response
- Inform an issue
Task 4
Describe three ways to encourage external contributions of information that can benefit an
- Information collected from customers, suppliers and other persons such as bankers - with whom the
company deals.This information may be obtained by top managers directly or through their subordinates
and colleagues.
- Through publications. These include statistical data, articles, and advertisements.
- Through market research,and other similar field surveys.
Task 5
Explain what went wrong with Nettas planning and suggest how she could have done things
better to ensure a more satisfactory outcome.
She forget to let planning expert to know the specific focus of the workshop and the presenter speaks for
an hour and focuses on what he does each days that doesnt effective for the target of objectives. She
should tell presenter what did she expect from a team member to get into the point of that so they will
brainstorming about goal and objective to get on track.
Task 6
Describe three ways that you could enhance the quality of work-life balance in a workplace
without compromising business objectives. Give examples of the strategies you would use.
- Let the employee know when to expect a response from you : Often a problem can be settled on the
spot. However, if a problem will take time to resolve, establish and communicate a time-frame for your
action and response.
- Treat employees with respect: Ridicule or comments that minimise an employees concerns can be
devastating and have no place in todays management and leadership style. If you attempt to make an
employee feel foolish, you will destroy the lines of communication and trust. Let others save face and
retreat gracefully. Criticising and belittling employees in front of others should also be avoided as this
also destroys communication, trust and respect.
- Thank the employee: Express your appreciation for the employees willingness to communicate openly
about complaint problems. This will encourages more open communication in the future.
Task 7
Complete this table by providing a description for each business standard

Business Standard Description Business Standard Description

Customer service charter A customer service charter is really a description
of the business that you provide to customers,
how it's delivered to those customers, and what
are the expected outcomes from a customer's
Mission Statement A sentence describing a company's function,
markets and competitive advantages; a short
written statement of your business goals and
philosophies .
Brand or corporate image The impression in the consumers' mind of a
brand's total personality (real and imaginary
qualities and shortcomings). Brand image is
developed over time through advertising
campaigns with a consistent theme, and is
authenticated through the consumers' direct
Vision Statement vision statement is a company's road map,
indicating both what the company wants to
become and guiding transformational initiatives
by setting a defined direction for the company's

Task 8
1. Give five examples of ways that you have built trust within a workplace team or social group.
Establish and maintain integrity
Communicate vision and values
Consider all employees as equal partners
Focus on shared, rather than personal goals
Do what's right, regardless of personal risk
2. List five ways that you, as a leader, could lose the trust of your team.
Act and speak inconsistently
Seek personal rather than shared gain
Withhold information. When the communication channels shut down
Lie or tell half-truths. Untruthfulness is a quick way to break a bond of trust
Be closed-minded
Task 9
Look through this list of the characteristics of an optimum organizational climate. Which items do
you think are the most important? Explain the reason for your selection.
Fulfilling and enjoyable working Environment because before I came to Australia I was worked in my
country and the only reason that made me changed the job is this one. When you doesnt have good
environment around you. Youre not enjoyable at all and you cant focus on what you are doing that why
I strongly choose this one base on my own experience.
Task 10
1. Describe three ways of setting a good example for team members.
- Listen to the team. As leaders, sometimes we are so consumed with providing directive, giving orders,
and, well, talking that we forget to stop and listen. If the recruitment and training engine is functioning
well, you should have a whole team of experts to turn to for advice. One sign of good leadership is
knowing that you dont know everything. Listen and get feedback from your team regularly.

- Take responsibility. As the saying goes, its lonely at the top. Blame roles uphill. Great leaders know
when to accept that mistakes have been made and take it upon themselves to fix them. It doesnt matter if
one of your team members messed up or you did. If you are the leader, you need to take responsibility.
- Let the team do their thing. Stop micromanaging. Communicate the mission, vision, values, and goals.
Then step back and let the team innovate. Setting this example for the team will encourage your other
managers to do the same.
2. Describe three ways that you believe team members can set good examples.
- Act as a guide: Every team needs a great leader whos willing to guide the team in working and making
decisions collaboratively. The team leader must also be committed to reaching the teams goals and have
strong communication skills to be able to share their passion and vision for success.
- Make every team member feel valued: Success as a team can only come when each team member is
aware of the importance of their role in the teams success. Involve all team members by sharing any
available information relevant to the goal/project and any deadlines. Assign them with responsibility for
specific goals/outcomes and reward all members of the team for achieving them.
- Set increasingly challenging team-based goals: Each time the team reaches a goal, set a more
challenging goal for them to achieve to encourage team members to stretch themselves and learn from
and build on their previous successes. Recognise the team for meeting the challenge and openly discuss
how their team effort led their achieving the goal.
Task 11
Match the following examples of networks to the type of the network in table that describes them
Types of network Example
Internal to a workplace A workplace advisory board
External to a workplace An Association of tennis club
Informal Parent of children who play in a childrens soccer
Structure Small group who work together in a large car
racing team
Individual A work team
Groups of people People who follow a football team

Task 12
a) Describe how an organization can benefit from establishing and maintaining a network.
Successful networking can help company to raise your profile, meet new customers, develop your
knowledge or skills, explore new ideas, find investment, establish partnerships, build a presence in other
markets and source new suppliers.
Popular networking opportunities include trade shows, conferences, seminars and social gatherings. These
are often organised by trade associations, professional bodies, business support organisations and interest
groups. Online networking allows you to share knowledge and establish relationships with people all over
the world.
b) There is professional association for almost every industry in Australia. List two groups
that represent people in your professional or industry, or an industry you would like to
work in. Describe how you could find out relevant associations.
- Financial Planning Association of Australia LTD because it will be really necessary in my future to
invest my money on something and I have to use it wisely I think this professional association will help
me a lot
- Australian Computer Society because I this modern world computer is everything. Most you know
about it thats mean more advantage for you to step forward your competitor
c) Visit the website of a professional organization you are interested in and briefly
summaries the professional development it can offer you.
- FPA Professional Practices are local financial planning businesses that commit to high professional
standards, at a business level. Practices in the program enjoy a wide range of benefits, including the
ability to use the FPA Professional Practice branding
- The Australian Computer Society are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the highest standards of
professional conduct. We will developing IT skills to be recognised as a driver of innovation in our
society, relevant across all sectors.
Task 13
Prepare a list of signals that may indicates a problem is brewing within your workplace.
People arent performing , People are disengaging , People are leaving , People are off sick
People are breaking the rules , People arent working cooperatively , People are talking disrespectfully
People are gossiping about each other , People are excluding each other , People are laying formal
complaints ,Peoples behaviours are escalating

a) Choose two of the signals from question 1 and identify the actions could to further
explore the situation and avert development of a major problem.
People are gossiping about each other
As a cause of conflict: When we have a sense that others are talking about us this way, it can make us feel
isolated and attacked - and inclined to act defensively.
As an effect of conflict: When we feel people have been treating us unjustly, we are inclined to talk badly
about them to others.
To terminate problem : Address the specific perpetrators. Your first action should be to stop negative
gossip on a personal level by directly addressing the key gossipers one-on-one. Do this in a confidential
location and not where others can overhear the discussion, such as a conference room with a door you can
shut. You goal is to help the person understand the impact of their behavior and the consequences of what
will happen if their bad behavior continues

People arent performing

As a cause of conflict: When we see our peers not working to the same standards in terms of productivity
and effort, we often start to feel resentful towards them and the managers who are failing to hold them
As an effect of conflict: Workgroup conflict is a huge de-motivator. Nothing sucks the life and energy
from a workgroup in quite the same way.
To terminate problem : Re-Engage People This then leads on to re-engagement. Think about how you,
yourself, feel when you're doing work that you love or care deeply about.
You take responsibility for your actions, simply because you have a deep sense of pride in what you're
doing. The same will likely hold true for your people: by working on re-engaging them , you can lead
your people down the path towards personal responsibility.

b) Describe some difficulties that can occur between those working together in a workplace.
Harassment: Physical or mental harassment is a serious problem that many companies face today. In case
of any kind of harassment, serious action should be taken against the culprit. This kind of problem is not
only bad for employee morale, but is fully capable of ruining the companys name and easily sends its
reputation down the drain.
c) List the sources you could refer to in order to clarify the factors of a problematic situation.
Further, a Safe Work Australia (SWA) report has found bullying levels in Australian workplaces are
substantially higher than international rates.

Task 14
Read the case study, and then answer the question that follows.
Make time to talk to Sheri one-on-one, or schedule meetings that allow people to openly discuss the
company process and benefit of it to convince her.
Dont take negativity personally. Instead, let employees be part of the issue by asking them how theyd
fix the problems.
Task 15
a) Prepare a hazard identification checklist for your team.( You can find examples of these
checklists on the internet- type hazard identification checklist into the search box.)
Include questions relating to computer use in a small general office environment, as well as more
generic one s relating to:
Classification Compliance Comments
hazard identification checklist
Physical and mantel stress factors.



Air conditioning, lighting and


b) Describe how you could monitor the hazards you have identified.
Once a control has been implemented, you must monitor its effectiveness and reassess the risks of the job
to ensure that:
the risk management process was conducted in a thorough and effective manner;
the control measures have been properly implemented;
your workers comply with the control measures;
the control measures continue to adequately manage the risks; and
the control measures have not introduced any other problem/hazard into your workplace.

Task 16
How would you approach a situation where you have been member who is consistently not
performing to the organizational standards, procedure and protocols, despite you having
approached them a number of items about their behavior.
Company should have policies in place that outline the number of written and verbal warnings that will be
issued to an employee before they are dismissed. It is also a good idea to communicate these policies to
all employees so that they understand the process and are aware of their rights and responsibilities