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Table of Contents = \f()Il1l3a1itallS ••• \filla I-Ialun •••••••••••
Table of Contents
\f()Il1l3a1itallS •••
\filla I-Ialun
~1rFl()I>lJc:rI()~ •••••••••••••••••••••• 3
l1[istOI){•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 3
The Temple
Running a Campaign
'Enter the Heroes
THE CALL ()F CHA()S •••••••••••••10
In the Wake of a Miracle
The Dubious Pleasures
Getting Staned
Reuniting with the Crusade
The Crusade 'Encampment
Pan I: Too .Many Crooks
II: Exit Stage Left
the Cursed .Marsh
Revelations in the Swamp Temple
The Doodkanaal
roto the Sewers
The Cult's Wr
PART •••••••••••• 156
The Lanfranchi Code
Wunbad Bound
Eastwards to Siegfriedhof
Wedding Bells in Sylvania
AN U~Q.lJIET PEACE ••••••••••••• 39
Beginning the Adventure
THE BLACK WITCH ••••••••••••186
Getting There from Here
Part I: Whispers in the Dark
! eft
II: Attack
Pan ill: The Crusade
Pan IV: The Dead of Night
Village of the Damned
Events in the Village
<:hlt~tlles•••••••••••••••••••••••••.•••••••••• 8I
()F THE BLACK WITCH ••••••••• 213
WRITTEN m BLooI> ••••••••••••• 83
Over the Hills &
Through the Woods
The Black Witch's Wr
I: The Hour of the Child
Key I
Pan II: The Year of the .Mask
Part ill: Night oi Black Wings
<:hltC()J11es •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 24f5
ApPE~IX I: TRAITS ••••••••••••• 246
The Cultist's Trail
PLAYER HA®()lJTS •••••••••••• 247
Introduction -



Introduction -


It is the middle period of the Emperor Karl-Franz's reign. The Empire teeters on the brink of collapse. The horrors of the recent Chaos Incursion, dubbed the Storm of Chaos, have left the lands of Sigmar reeling. The north is in ruin, cities smoking, corpses left unburied, and Beastmen, Mutants, and the remnants of Archaon's army lurk in the slradows of these once great lands. Refugees inundate the western cities seeking food and protection, and the rippling effect of the great war can befelt at all levels of Empire society. Even the Cult of Sigmar is 5uffering great upheavals. In the ear(y stages of the Incursion, the Grand Theogonist Volkmar led aforce into the Chaos Wastes to defeat Archaon Everchosen before he could mount an offensive. Fearing the worst when he failed to return, the Cult scrambled to place another in Volkmar's post and unite the peoples of the Empire beneath the banner of their faith. But then, in the midst of the fighting, Volkmar returned, apparent(y resurrected. Once the forces of Chaos were thrown backfrom the walls of Middenheim, the returned Volkmar laid claim to his title once more. The Cult of Sigmar is thus unstable, and new religious cults are formed almost dai(y. There's a very palpable sense across the land that if the Empire recovers from this turmoil it will be a very different place.

W elcome to Thousand Thrones, a complete campaign for Warhamrner Fantasy Roleplay. This massive sourcebook contains nine connected

adventures that take characters from rhe canals of Marienburg, to rhe rnis<-enshrouded horrors of Sylvania, to rhe frozen wastelands of Kislev. Thousand Thrones allows players to see the Old World like never before, travelling its forlorn roads, through old battlefields and past crumbling monuments. Should they have the mettle to survive the countless obstacles

and dangers, they will perform a great service, not only for the Empire, but for the whole of the Old World. It is a thankless task, this grand campaign, for none shall know of their brave deeds, but those who stave off the corruptions of Chaos and thwart the plots of the Vampires to finally save the Empire from horrors unimaginable, will know what they have achieved-that because of their efforts, the darkness will not, at least for now, eclipse the Old World.



L ike so many tales that tell of the evils gnawing at the fabric of civilisation, this story begins with Chaos. Centuries ago, a bold

warlord named Asavar Kul acquired the Crown ofDomination and benr the disparate hosrs of the Chaos Wastes to h is dark will. Vowing to crush

the soft lands of Sigmar, to throw down the false Gods of Mankind and destroy those mortals who denied the might of the Ruinous Powers, he led his unruly host south. His hordes swept across the lands in what has been remembered as the Grear War against Chaos.

Kul and his armies poured out of the dreaded Shadowlands. spreading like an inky stain across rhe frozen oblasts of Kislev. The brave Winged Lancers and Kossars stood little chance of slowing the horrors rhar marched in his ranks on rhe open field of battle. A series of crippling defears forced rhe Kislevites ro rerreat behind the walls of rheir fortified cities, to make their final stand against Chaos. As the dark horde spilled around them, making the cities islands in a sea of death, the defenders looked south, searching for any sign of the brilliant knighrs of the Empire. None came, for the Empire was fractured, riven by treachery and corruption, as Elector Counrs foughr each orher instead of facing rhe true enemy rhar rhrearened all.

History has recorded the resulrs of the Empire's failure to respond, speaking darkly of once-proud Praag's descenr inro corruption. The Mutants and Chaos Spawn breached the gates and indulged in an orgy of violence. The winds of Chaos blew through the streets. The lucky few died. Many more screamed in horror as groresque transformations changed their bodies, while others were swallowed by the groaning city, their flesh fusing with the cobbled streets and the wavering walls, unril Praag became a writhing hell of madness and corruprion.

All succumbed to the power of Chaos, but a few rose above the gibbering herd of victims to claim rheir place as masters of the ruined city. One such was a wise woman of considerable ralent. When exposed to the changing force, her body manifested the telltale gifts of the Dark Gods, but rather than becoming an unthinking Spawn, her mind assumed a sinister characrer. Her loyalty to Kislev and the spirits of the land fell from her like ashes, and she became one of the new cusrodians of fallen Praag. Her

subjecrs called her the Black Witch, and she ruled them with cruel and

potent sorcery.

Thankfully, her time as a champion of Chaos was brief, for a hero arose in d,e Empire, Magnus the Pious, who unired the fractious facrions under a single banner. Gone were the religious schisms, the politicking. The Empire was forged anew, empowered by a true champion of Sigmar. The armies of the Empire raced to reach beleaguered Kislev, ctasfling into Asavar Kul's wicked host as they celebrated their victory. After a series of brutal engagements before the walls of Kislev, the Chaos Incursion at last collapsed, and tfle warriors, beasrs, and nightmares broke and fled back ,vhence they came.

To Praag marched Magnus and his armies. The combined mighr of rhe Humans and the Dwarfs cast down the warped walls and hutchered the accursed inhabitants, sparing no man, woman, or child. When the slaughrer was complere, rhey cleansed the land, burning the remains ro ashes.

Magnus and his allies were thorough, bur so great was the corruprion rhar even their best efforts could not fully cleanse the horror. Mutants, Spawn, and Daemons slipped rhrough the cruel swords and purifying fires, fleeing inro rhe wilds. Among tflem was rhe Black Witch, her body broken and her life draining away with each shuffling step. For miles she dragged herself toward tfle Troll Country, retreating ar last to the Crags of Shargun, a low range of mountains in the far west of Kislev. She collapsed, dying, into a pool of brackish water, spitting curses at Magnus, rhe Empire, and above all Sigmar. When dearh finally came, Morr refused her soul, and consigned her ro dwell as a drifting shade, trapped between life and death unril she could finally ser aside her hate and will herself Out of existence.

The Black Wi rch has dwelr in rhe Crags of Shargun for more than 200 years. Every ten years she demands a sacrifice from the village of Zhidovsk, and a new maiden joins her in her watery grotto, to give flesh to her vile spirir. Should the village refuse, the Black Wirch dispatches

joins her in her watery grotto, to give flesh to her vile spirir. Should the village


Table of Contents Black Ice, horrid beast manifested from her own hare, to worry and
Table of Contents
Black Ice,
horrid beast manifested from her own hare, to worry and
harass the villagers. And so the years have passed by, and rhe Black Witch
has plorted, casting her senses out over the Empire,
for a sign,
a clue, a hope that her vengeance against mose who slew her can be
And then a sign came. In disrant l\-iarienburg, a child was born - a Mutant
blessed with incredible persuasive
powers. If the Black Witch could hend
him to her will, she could possess his being and lead a new army to crush
her hated enemies. Of course, she was still bonnd by the wreckage of
her old flesh and could not leave her cave, Bur such constraints made no
difference, for in the years that she has waited she learned of a
ritual that would &ee her from her corpse ro walk once more in the light of
the sun. To achieve this mighty fear, she must kill and drain the blood from
one each of the five Vampire bloodlines. If she can do this whilst possessing
rhe hoy, she will become as a God, empowered by the blood of Vampires
and the unwholesome power of Chaos.
Because the first Blood Dragon Abhotash never knew Nagash, most
Vampires of this bloodline do not concern themselves with the
Thousand Thrones prophecies, Blood are unlikely ro have
been implicated in the prophecies, so they dismiss such talk as the
foolish dreams of weaklings who desire a return to former
without paying the requisite price in barrie. Many Blood Dragons
are so focused on batrle-readiness that they have never heard of the
prophecies at all. Occasionally however, do become implicated
in the schemes of other bloodlines (see Chapter II: An Unquiet
But how to hring rhe boy to her? She cannot go to him, and she has no
to employ. Instead, she visits the youth in his dreams,
memories of her as his mother. Since the Child is an orphan, he
come to believe the dreams, and wanrs nothing more than ro be with her.
The spawn ofW'soran are extremely well-educared about the Vampire
Prophecies, access to volumes of research conducted over the
ages by Nagaslls most loyal disciple. '1heir exemption from the
Blood Curse makes Necrarchs rather each one believing he is
destined to be the Master of a 'Thousand Necrarchs
look to
To lure rhe Vampires to her, rhe Black Witch uses an ancient prophecy to
manipulate them into believing the boy is the Champion of Night, the
foretold leader who will bring to pass the time of the Thousand Thrones,
when the Vampires will rule the world, dividing it amongsr themselves
ioro a thousand hlood-soaked kingdoms. Unfortunately tor her, Black
Witch didn'r anticipate that the Vampires she contacted would have their
own interpretations of [he prophecy.
numerology, astrology, and genealogy for dues abour how (Q lift the Blood
Curse. Lord de Trois, who resides in a tower near Wolfenburg, has drawn
connectiollS between me three returns of :-Jagash and his own three stages
of transformation (see Chapter VI: Heralds of a New Dawn),
Vampires believe Karl is truly
Reborn, but Sigmar
Each bloodline has a different interpretation of the prophecies.
co lifting the curse of the Old Gods (see Chapter VII)
and bringing abour the
of a 'Ihousand Thrones. The 'Thousand 'Th rones
were first spoken of by the
fall of Lahmia, but little more is
known of them by mortals. Based upon the Zandri Scrolls and the captured
throughout history, it has been surmised that me Age
will be brought about tremendously powerful
miracle, that will bring to the natural order
the Blood Kiss during his against Nagash's army. The
kiss purportedly was delivered by a vampire who had rallied under
banner when Strigos fell. 1his connection to the once glorious
Kingdom ofStrigos implies Karl must be the Champion of Night and
predestined ruler of the new Vampire kingdom. However, the Strigoi also
believe the bloodlines have become diluted and only hy receiving the Blood
Kiss from each of the five major bloodlines can Karl truly awaken his
birthright and Iifr the curse of the Old Gods.
Vampires will no
the sun, or even
The boy, the object of the Black Witch's desire and of the Vampire
drink blood from morrals for survival. Mortals will worship tbeir undying
overlords as Gods. Howevet, one mousand Vampires will survive to
see this empire of darkness, who lifts rhe curse of the Old Gods will
rule them all. What follows is a shoft summary of each hloodline's theory
about rhe prophecy.
Prophecies, is
more than a Mutant, a child born with the
extraordinary ahility (() manipulate the emotions of those around him,
instilling in them a desperate need to please and protect him, The boy does
this unconsciously, unaware he's responSible for the
those around him,
taking place in
to this bloodline, Vashanesh (i.e. Vladimir von Carstein) was the
Scion of Nagash who escaped rhe curse of me Old Gods (see Chapter VII).
When the Sun God Ptra no rules the sky, the bearet ofVashanesh's
ring will become the overlord Ihousand 1 hrones. Lydia von Carstein
has discovered an alternate teading of the prophecy the Old
Gods of northern belief and soul-honding rituals from andent Lahmia (see
Chapter VII),
The boy's origin is somerhing of a puzzle. 'The decrepit Doodkanaal
of Marienburg spawned a cult of Mutants and men who
Srromfds, a dark aspect of Manann, the God of the Seas.
in the city, the culrists withdrew ro meet in a hidden
Swamp outside There they drank the water
sacred ro Stromfels, The water of rhe spring
1he Lahmians believe Karl is an avatar of Sigmar harbouring memories
and knowledge gleaned from Nagash when Sigmar donned rhe Crown of
(sec Chapter VII). By learning Nagash's true Elixir of Life formula
and power words employed by rhe Necromancer to command the
vampires, I.ahmians seek to dominate the of the Thousand Thrones.
Their mistress Neferata has commanded her to recover the boy
and bring him to rhe Silver Pinnacle, her tower high in rhe
Worlds Edge Mountains, 'lhe Vampire Queen intends to begUile Karl with
a potent ritual, learn his secrers, and gain the power that will allow her ro
enslave all Vampires, rhe trm: Champion of the Night.
It the cult's desire to remake ",all'CIllJUI)S and the \i:iastelands into a
nation that served this violent God, turning it into the greatest maritime
nation in the Old World. Marienhurg would give them comrol over
the Empire's key access to the sea, and the cult would have Altdorf at their
mercy. Although there were powerful men among rhem, from shipping and
merchant families, as well as pirates, they had discovered no way to make
their dream a reality, umii seven years ago.
One day, a boy child was born ro the mistress of one of rhe cult
memhers. It was immediately apparem rhe Child had great powers and
was destined for great things. 'The cultists realized this was the answer ro
their prayers. \Vith his inhuman charisma, the boy would bting anyone
who met him to their cause. He would be their prince, and some day
their king.
r9 _::-; Introduction ,I~ ~ I ~~-'~'~' --~~-- ==~======----~--~-- ----~~~ ~-- ­ ==--~~ ------==~~~-- ~
~~-'~'~' --~~-- ==~======----~--~-- ----~~~ ~-- ­ ==--~~ ------==~~~-- ~
lll t'\
p Lmn e d a riw " J.
H e would be ra k en (Q rh ~ t~ll1 p le in : he ' \\ amp , du nk ' <I
ho.I f ra n
It , sc erd rOOIll ,t nd und e r rh e lighr o f M o rrslicb scorc h e d hi s
i tt t h e hoh' s pring, and
b;rpti , cd in t he
11.it11 e o r $rrom fd" Bur a comp .Il 1\ ' o f
r1l bo i 0
1' rh e [wi n (ail ed ( Olll e r. Bllr as th ey m ad e rcad y
wirch h umer s foll oweJ on e of t he tulti S!> ro rhe Im ll ,ie mc.l l1idc J ;f bd(lre
tlc-,h wit h rite 51
ro t t,lIlsp o rr rhe
bo\', th L lad
slipfl ed d\Vd \' and AeJ rhro ugh the stree ts of
rhe ( (-'rCITlOll~- w~'s (o mplc r
:d. s bllg lm:rin ~ 1110~( of
rh l.:" c ul[i:-'b a nd Sc. 1 Hc r i n g.
'5 s er
VJ I1I $ pur s u-:d a nd corn er ed him in a smithy lll e
th e
re' r.
111< ",;r c h Illt ili ers to u n d th e C hild ,l lId 1'dl unde r Itis po\\,'r, 11 1t' ,I '
th>L: ' ir : ".
bO I' g l ,lbheci ,
he di n g
ci o,,, >! ro
him -
a hllge nl au l-
bd, ;:,:\,(d
(h e babe wa s ro h;iV t: h ~'t.' IJ \ ~lCTihc cJ ro J S ea
O aL:ll1 o n . l nd rhe. ' ·
,n ~n'r:th , he h
,hed Ol~t Jr hi,
" fl u i d - he c a pr ;",
;rll d w ith Ill ' sre rical
rh. lI1ked
,he end s l h ;1l [he~'3rr iv(.:d ill rim,,: ro S;1\"c': hilTI . lllc WilLh hUIl(t'rs
I h <' fighr ,'I, il k d o u r i nto the
"'e et. 11 t <, p~o pk wer e <truc k 11\
r l lc s ig h t o f
r (! tlI rn c'J lO rhl' \. i t;. , ,I11J g, l\ c Ih~ ( llil d (0 J . h .III~".lll nlvh,m .l~C, " -iping . \\\' 01:"
l in
' lllg t ·l k l oo ki g ~·o lln;:. o y h~ :l r i n g (he l11~nk o f rhc Tw ill
T dl cJ C o me t
(c,\f' of regrer alld so rro\\ ' rh ,l[ din
nlusr 1",\\ ( hill1 l.,.,h in d,
on hi~ il3ktld ,\iC) t. \\ it k ling .1
.l m : l lt:r ;.lg;l i l l'. r ol-n 'iOli S evil d u(.'r<; . l ' ll dc:­
"Ihc l- h i ld g rew; H rhe orphanag e.
ig n o ra n r o f hi s .:::J H,l, g
.in d l)fhl~
d h. infl ue n c('
o t h i s L h,u i <; n1 ~l , rhe c ro w d , d l:' ~pC'r.1tl' to
p rO(t ' cr r h e bo :', [O r e
p ow e r>;, Tht'
hO\\C H 'f. we re n o r JOIl~ in d lscon::
rillg [helll
fh t::
d o red o n hi m as d lc\' h, t d Jo reJ Oil
him ,
f() l! ~h r O\U
urrech , ' , , c" V.llm
ro H e lm "r, " f ) r1e"
n O o r hn in rht ' it' (.lr e, 1110 \
~i g.II"' ['. I i< rn a (ci l u nd er the C hild ' , ' pell , ,ltl t! "
p i~cc'
". tte r .l tc ' b , lll Ie r he i' , ''' pit
~ ,C,H r eJ
Ih " l
h il J
!Je\\ ' nil l \\,,, bu m: the L fl "JJ c "f rh e Ch ild ,
' r he "b~ ess, rh o ugh ~he c ou ld
n ot he l p ~ur l o,' e ril e bm' " hile in
If did n ' [ r-ii,c IUII ~ bef o re
dlt ho >' dr c\ \ to h i m J. h u ~[ Ol' pl: o ple , lllo
rI~ I"~ iks
pr esence. recog ni se d
rhi s a,,: 1Il u nilul .\ pow e r, .lIl d ord '-.'f\.: d [h e
r, (0
:Hld ,-"xr;u r i,n
from ,he
l-.m p ire.
C;'I', ( Olr t If orn rhei r h Ollln ro IiH' i ll th~ slums
lu nl
him O\i.~r ro rht' \v irch h U!l rers . Bur in
(hi s. I)he \\ 'as d isob C\"Cd . :\
of ;\{
:-:, .
To rh<: !1J. th e h o,\' rt' pl t'~t'lIt l: ' : l \: h JH Ce (0 r e claim r h~ ir pl.lce in
(oJ1 l; p j r ~c ~' o,' siq e r ;.; wh o l on ? d rh e b O.r roo mll L h
t o se lld hilll (0
h i~ Jl." .uh
Ihe rmri t't' , 11 te cult \\\ dl cd, ;lnJ the a urhnriric, 1x
to rake II Olill',
L' mcr,
hi d ;1W,-l:' in .1 p r h'a r e r oo m \\ -h ui
rh c~ ' f:Ii S(. \ .1
h im
i n
i~o bri on .
th e- t'xile d I Ol nl Cr G r , m d [he o g o n i:::'L iL·. lI"tl t'd 01 - rht.: srorie <; SLi IT o ll l H
3 boy
\\ hOJl1 m ,Ii)~
bd it \·t·J \ 'v A Sigm:H
rebo r n , an d "i :'lW (l ll opp o rr ll n ir:·, E
An d so he g rt'"\- alo llt.·
fU f 5c: \en :'e.:us, bur
}o ~ ',ll a J\"isu r lubi,)" \\'h i "'pt' I' t:J 111 hi
iTI;J)rt: [ :<; e ar d ue w ith "\ub dt: g.U1J: 1iI0
W, l:\ r h ,lt R lI pr cc h(. <\11
O ll( Cl.'!o r s. OITtrcr tr om th~
Em pir l " e l l h
,, ·ill \\ hi\ per, .wel so ir
[ 0
lh i' r ()\\' niu ! llmemmr cou ld he co ,,"! need ['0 en,cr
,he Emp ire .lIl d c.I i'crr-ciir
rh e C hilJ .1I1 J
his .1m ,l l i ll~ p O\\'ef { O com m ; ll H l lllo rr al <; . H cl\' i ll ~ he : ! r d
o r w ea k e n
\'o lk nt.1f "s. P OS i tl on a s C rJnd Th e- og(\ il i .;; c. Dl1h~ r, \\ · h o d 1.1 t e- J ~H hi s
of rh e Do\ "\ld !Ill' Stro rn fc l; C ull duri\lS hi, t, m e in lil
( i,,' bero l'c rhc
" \I' ll " , i i<, hlc"" J th e cro\l'd :md '<rlt th em ronh ro ,\lt Jori,
c en t C h, l0' i n c urs io n, h c' b el ie\' ed t h. , bo\' cOllld ,,, c en d the thrOIl< 0 1'
e ElIlp i ,,', r c placrn g K ;)rI -r m n L ;)n d p l JcinS the l w ed i.lI1d 11 r 111 II ' i ll tire
\\ ~h:ll E 'irl1 t: r
JiJo · r kn
o \"
·! o bi . =l S \\". 1' in
\\ -.I S r h, H
r~1( r J 10\ ;; 11 ~1~<'"! 1l of
hJnd~ of C hao s, Rupre c ht. h owev er, en jo\'e d 1':" ro o 111,"1\' g ifts ro m hi S
R Ul'rtci I L
h i ,,, Iu d CO lIlJCfCd hi s [III " In,mer d n d rold him <o i Ihe ht, \ .'s
rl1,l s rtT ~Llrg le, , lnd co uld n u l on ge r \\" J!k [he bnds o
f men . Ifhl
n e\\' fO \lIld
(" Il le,
' l It!
h is J c,i re ro
t ra vel
Kis lc" t o hc' reun il ed wit h h is
his !"arllreS, he wOll id surel-. be hll!Hcd dO\\'I1 ,md , b in,
Tr o lJ Co
u ntr ~', r c b ' i n g 0 [ 1 h is minio ns ro
r eir i l '\ L ' rhe lad.
rhus he h id in the
R up , 'C',J1t or dc r ~' d
o t h er , I n il; , rI'" illt clIJ " tl< [(J o rder t he C hild
>I t.ll cit cJ illlllle di a"'I ,' ,
Rup ' e d H
reco n~ i(lere d Wl kl1
hi~ J iv in J.t ioll " r l.:'\'l" " IC" d l h , n r he- 60
hi s se[\'a nr < ro s na tc h th e b o y. brand him \\ irh Ih" m ,nk
o f rl 1<: "" in· railed
be i n g ara \\ ' n ro\\' ,u d Kis lt:y b~' ~(ll11e s u pcrn a lu r.l l <1g(,flCY· Th ~ Ch :ws
com er, an d hr ing him ro his rower 011 dl;:: Ldses of K. 1Slc \ ·, l hL:' brJuJin g
.\ ol C t f C r \\-a~ CO rH ~IH t o
l et Iht:' 0 0) ' co me ( 0
o n h is 0\\" 11 , <l n J
in srr u cr ed
\\'~s vi ra l. For Rupr e dn b,: li ncd ir \\ 'ould gi\ '<: rhe 00:
It"girim ac~-\\ hc'n
Ti Jbi. t s to ill~r a lj th:' hinl \ t " lf w ith r h
bo: " ,lI1J ~ upp on h im
in h i s d Tt HI\ ru
s raking his c1;ril1l fo r rhe Em pi re's rhr o nc,
K i, ieI' ,
l u hiJ S has "1;rc" d
rQ sta~ clos e ro
b o.\', :tll
d Utl(~ the ll lOb
c r os s e s into
Ki $ k\.
he l 11H;" Il J " (0 ~p i {' ir him J\\"<1.\
his m
asr er,
S o
ir \Vel"
rh ~H Rup
h r"s so ulles s se r \'a
n r s cro" <; e d file b r~ aJ d l O ! - rht."
E rnpir e ro lV1.t rienb \lrg an d
infiltr ;rrc J
rh e orp h ; 1I 1 J se , Tht' ~ , I' ltI"k~J dw
Of' L' '"

==~ ------------~--~-- --~~= =~~~J~~ -------------------=--~ ~'~----------------~~ ~=



- - -


T housand Thrones is no ordinary adventure: It is a campaign, a series of interlocked
T housand Thrones is no ordinary adventure: It is a campaign, a series
of interlocked scenarios that take place over the span of months
of game time and as much as a year of actual time. Unlike a typical
adventure, the events that take place in one chaptet can and often do
affecr and shape those of the following chapter. Featuring a huge cast
of characters, a dizzying array of locarions, deadly fights, disturbing
mysteties, and thrilling chases, Thousand Thrones has all the ingredients
you need [Q create a memorable play experience that will keep your
players talking for years to come.
To run this campaign, you need a copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Thousand Thrones also references mOSt of the othet sourcebooks for WFRP,
including Old World Bestiary, Realms ofSorcery, Tome ofCorruption, Tome of
Salvation, Realm ofthe fce Queen, and Nigh:;' Dark Masters. Owning these
books will certainly enhance your experience, bur they are nor explicitly
necessary for running this campaign.
Unlike orher WFRPadventures, such as Paths ofthe Damned, Terror in
Talabheim, and Barony ofthe Damned, ir's not necessary for you to read
the entire book before you get started. You should ar least skim it, paying
anenrion [0 [he chapIer summaries so you have an idea about what is to
come, bur you only need to prepare one adventure at a time. It's a good
idea to keep a notebook or pad of paper handy. Use this to jOt down notes
abour whar happens during the game sessions, so you can modify later
sections ro account for player choices thar occur earlier in rhe campaign.
No player likes ro be led by the nose. Players like to make rheir own
decisions abour where they go, what they do, and how they do it. In a
campaign as large as this one, each choice the PCs make adds a layer of
complexity ro future adventures in the book and each complicarion can be
at odds with the presumed choices made in earlier instalments. You may
be tempted to nudge the PCs onto certain paths, to ptopel them onto a
certain course of action so you can move along to the next chapter. Don't
give in to these temptations. Let the characters draw their own conclusions
and decide their own actions in the game. Never force the players to abide
by the story. Parr of being a good GM is being able to respond ro the
players' actions in a way thar's enjoyable for everyone present. If the PCs
derail a chapter, you may have to do a litde work to alter the following
chapters in such a way that the campaign moves in a logical manner. You
may even find you have to whip up exua scenarios ro fill gaps that develop
in the game. You can insert any of the published adventures to fill these
holes, such as Barony ofthe Damned in between Chapters I and II, or
Terror in Talabheim between Chapters VII and VIII. Or you can use other,
smaller scenarios such as "A Brutal Finish," "III Met in Bogenhoffen," or
any of the adventures included in Plundered Vaulh. In addition, be sure to
check our the adventures available for free on the Black Indusuies website, These scenarios add more depth to the campaign,
giving rhe PCs a sense that other things are taking place in the world aside
ftom the Crusade and their march toward Kislev.
To survive from beginning to the end, the PCs will likely need a number
of Fate Points. In a few places, we recommend granting Fate Points, bur for
most of the campaign, whether or not you should bestow them is up to you.


Table of Contents

not you should bestow them is up to you. 6 Table of Contents RUNNING A CAMPAIGN



Thousand Thrones is designed to provide a series of connected adventures that carry the player character from one side of the Old World to the other, exposing them to terrifying forces of wickedness and taking them to the brink of madness before the campaign is complete. While this is the preferred method, rhere's no reason why you couldn't chop up the chaprers and run them as stand-alone adventures. With some minor adjustments, each adventure can function on irs own, allowing you to drop these scenarios in between other adventures or work them into a campaign of your own making.


The Thousand Thrones campaign rakes place over a seties of nine adventures. beginning in rhe canals of Marienburg and concluding in the warery caves beneath the Crags of Shargun. The individual adventures are as follows.

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

In this introducrory adventure, the player characters are hired by one of several intetesred parties to investigate a new mob of fanatics that formed literally overnight and left Marienburg bound for Altdorf. Their inquiries take rhem rhrough the decaying sections of this grand city, into the shadowy corners of the Templewijk, and to rhe seedy canals of the Suiddock. Evidence eventually teveals that the boy was first found in a remote temple dedicared to Stromfels, and it's clear that the answets lay in this wretched hideout.

Once the PCs deal with rhe Murants lurking rhere, rhey learn rhe rruth about where Karl came from and who was behind the kidnapping atrempt that prompted the creation of the Crusade in the first place. Back in Marienburg, the PCs have ro enter and explore the deadly slums and ghettos of the Doodkanaal, locate the last culrisr, and eventnally survive the hazards of the sewers to uncover the hidden redoubr of rhe Nurgle cult. There, afrer

a desperate fight with an abomination of Nutgle, rhe PCs discover thar a cnltist has infiltrated the Crusade ro fnrther some dark and sinister plan.

Chapter II: An Unquiet Peace

The next chapter picks up a few days after the PCs have left Marienburg, presumably in search of the Crusade. Along the way, they are accosred and captured by a group of Blauesblut, who snspect them of being criminals and seek rhe reward the PCs are cerrain to bring. Escorted to the village of Pfeifeldorf, the PCs must wait nntil their papers or credentials, assuming they have rhem, are verified. While they wair, they are urged to invesrigare some of the recent events surrounding a missing chicken, an apparent suicide, and a mysterions blood cnlt. The adventure proceeds in a manner that depends on rhe characters' action but ultimarely culminates with the revelation that the blood cult has nothing to do wirh Chaos but, in fact, centres on a recently resrored Blood Dragon Vampire!

Chapter III: The Crusade of the Child

Having survived deadly plots in Pfeifeldorf, the player characters continue their pursuit of the Crusade of the Child. As they draw closer, they see

more and more of the destruction wreaked by rhe Crusaders, reflected in the rubbish left in their wake and in the ruined countryside. After meeting

a particularly unimpressive priest and surviving an arrack by Mutants, the PCs are rescued by a group of Wood Elves. The Elves ask the PCs to help them SCOut our the Crusaders' encampment. Once rhere, the PCs witness fitst hand the power of the Child and may find rhemselves serving this proclaimed Scion of Sigmar.

By the end of this chapter, the player characters should be finished or nearly fi nished with their first career.

Sigmar. By the end of this chapter, the player characters should be finished or nearly fi
Sigmar. By the end of this chapter, the player characters should be finished or nearly fi
Sigmar. By the end of this chapter, the player characters should be finished or nearly fi
Introduction Chapter IV: Written in Blood Having saved or helped save (or mavbe even just
Introduction Chapter IV: Written in Blood Having saved or helped save (or mavbe even just


Chapter IV: Written in Blood

Having saved or helped save (or mavbe even just watched orhers save) the Child, the PCs have earned rheir place ill the Crusade, Ahandoned by rhe Wood Elves, the PCs rake up guard duty and have a chance to get 10 know rhe members of the inner circle thar prorect young KarL While making their way IO Altdorf, the PCs are asked to investigate the allegarions of a Chaos cult working within the tanks of the Crusade and in doing so find the corruption riddles the ranks of the mob, going all the way 10 the lOp,

Before rhey have rhe chance to expose the corruption, rhe Crusade reaches Alrdorf After the Emperor and the Grand Iheogonist rebuff Karl, one of the boy's advisors suggests sneaking him into rhe city, Ihe PCs are asked 10 go along, but rheir presence is nor enough to Stop rhe trap, The advisor gers away wirh rhe boy, leaving the PCs to fighr for rheir lives,

This betrayal sparks an invesrigarion thar rakes the characters imo the slums of Alrdorf FollOWing the leads, they PCs eventually expose the vigilante to be a Muram [fairor, find themselves wamed by witch hunters, and make important allies along rhe way, In rhe end, rhey are nor faS[ enough to find ,he boy and leam rhar he's co be subjected to an awful ritual that would rranstorm him into a willing slave of Chaos!

Chapter V: Metamorphosis of Villa Hahn

Hor on the heels of the fleeing Nutgle culriS[ Tobias, the PCs must brave a long journey through ,he Dtakwald to find the Necklace ofUnfoiling Loyalty, a cursed device presumably lefi in rhe rraitor's home, The characrers artive toO late and discover rhe item is gone, However, in exploring rhe ruins of the old corrage, they acquire the name of Ruprechr, learning Tobias has anorher masrer, rhis vile Chaos sorcerer, With some investigarion and exploration, rhe PCs eventually come upon rhe childhood home of the servam of Chaos and find a macabte infesration of a Chaos culr called the Eternal Malady. Eventually; their persistence pays off and rhe PCs uncover a hidden temple in which rhe advemure culminates with an epic three-way barrie between Vam pires, cultisrs, and the PCs.

Chapter VI:

Heralds of a New Dawn

Having dealr wirh Ruprechr's minions, the Eternal Malady cu/risrs, and recovered Karl (or having ler the boy slip rhrough rheir fingers once more), the PCs make their way to rhe Crusader encampment setrled in rhe outskirrs of Wolfen burg, Like rhe ruined ciry, rhe encampmenr is in terrible

shape. The boy's absence has led to widespread fcacmres and new power groups thar each have rheir own designs for the Crusade, Moreover, the shabby condition has enabled more sinisrer forces ro infiltrate rhe group:

in particular a Necrarch Vampire Lord who imends [Q desrwy young Karl [Q prove rhar he himself is rbe legendary Champion of Darkness, The PCs rerum to rhe Crusade, navil,>:!te rhe conftLIing intrigues, and finally thwan rhe Vampire as he makes his move against rhe young man in rhe middle of a grand performance put on in rhe boy's honour.

By the end of this chapter, the PCs should complete rheir second career,

Chapter VII: Death Do Us Pan

Karl goes missing once more, and the PCs are called upon ro find him, Tracking him ro rhe grear dry ofTalabheim, the characrers inadvertently pick up rhe wrong trail and follow the abducted Ahmed south into the haunted lands of Sylvania, Finding themselves caughr up in a myriad of side-treks, false leads, and dynamic environments, the adventurers finally carch up with rhe lad, only to find he's ro wed a dread Vampire coumess, who believes her ritual will bring forth the rerrifYing Reign of the ThotLIand Thrones,

Chapter VIII: The Black Witch

Having run afoul of rhe Von Carsrein Y.'lmpires, me PCs discover rhey have been duped and Karl is nowhere near Sylvania, The PCs must race co catch up with the boy in Kislev before he falls in me clutches of those who would use him for rheir own nefariotLI ends, They cross rhe Empire once more, learning rhat the Crusade has been shattered by infighring and treachery, and that rhe ratrered remnants head for Kislev, A1rhough a month behind, the PCs make good rime and loca(e whar's left of rhe Crusade in rhe tiny village of Zhidovsk, discovering no shortage of weirdness and terrible secrets in this place.

Chapter IX: The Womb of the Black Witch

The end approaches, After exploring the village of Zhidovsk, the PCs learn Karl went into the Womb of the Black Witch, somewhere at the borrom of a foul pool. The PCs must descend inro rhe deprhs, locate the eorrance, and explore the endless corridors of the Black Witch's lair. Using the dues presented, the PCs locate the keys ro open rhe doors ro the Inner Sancmm, They musr be quick, for rhe Witch will conclude her rimal in a matter of hours, If she succeecL" rhe doom of rhe Empire will be ar hand,


T he nature of rhis campaign requires a little delicate handling when ir comes ro rhe player characters, Not only does the campaign require

a good mix of adventurers, bur jr also requires a fair bit of work on your part ro provide rhe motivarion and inspiration, hopefully drawn from rhese pages, to carry the through to rhe thrilling conclusion, 'The biggesr challenge you will rhough, lies nor in keeping all the non-player eharacrers s(raighr, or remembering all the minuria ahout rhe plor. Insread the cballenge lies wirh (he player characrers, The following rips sbould help guide you and rhe players in crearing an imeresring group of heroes thar have a SLake in the ourcome of this campaign,


The subjecr of rhe Thousand Thrones campaign appears, on the surface, ro be a srorv abour mankind, concerning irself largely with rhe future and securiry of the Empire, Karl believed, by his followers at least, [() be Scion of Sigmar, (he heir of rhe Empire, and as he makes his way across rhe Empire, he disrupts rhe fabric of sociely by uprooting villages, separaring husbands from wives and parents from children, causing no shorrage of rtouble along rile way, While rhese facrors should be of interest to those who claim rhe Empire as their land, these should be rroubling to anyone of the Old World,


To Dwarfs, Sigmar is a grear hero, the man responsible for the long-lived alliance between Man and Dwarf If you consider bow Dwarfs regard rheir ancesrots, exalting rhem and srruggling ro live up to the memories of those who have come before, the appearance of Sigmar in the Hesh ought to be enough to make a Dwarf at least a little curious, Alternarively. a Dwarf mighr deny the boy's claim of divine heritage and work to discredir rhe boy and bis advisors, seeing rbe CrtLIade and (he madness surrounding it as an abominarion, Finally, many Dwarfs live in Human citie.s and call rhe Empire rheir home, Seeing it disrupted by some new insane mob of deluded Humans could be enough to srir the passions of any Dwatf,


Elves rend not to concern themselves wirh rhe affairs of Mankind unless rhe rhrear they face extends CO all rhe world, such as in rhe case of rhe recent Chaos Incursion, rhe Great War against Chaos, and other times of looming disaster, At the sran of the campaign, the Crusade of the Child poses none of rhese risks and so ir may be a strerch [() involve an Elf in vet one more example of how Humans are flawed. However, Elves hailing from Marienburg may share rhe fears of rhe mob, sensing some hidden power behind the confusion and upheaval. Such disturbances have a way of spinning our of coorrol and an Elf character might be drawn into the

Introduction plot co monitor revealed. AJlnther in Chapter L In umi! the ttuth of Karl's
plot co monitor
revealed. AJlnther
in Chapter L In
umi! the ttuth of Karl's heritage can be
is to use the Foolish Humans hook described
case. the Elf PC or PCs work directly for Avati!
Foamstrider, and their bonds
to the elder
Elf should
prove to
be strong enough to these involved
ror the duration.
11,e mercurial are easily the hardest to incorporate into the ThouJand
Thrones campaign, Sure, they have a stake in the Empire's limlre, but they are
rarely reliable enough or devoted enough to sustain interest in the matter of
the Crusade ror overloug withour using some other lure to draw the character
along. A Halfling whose business was destroyed when the Crusade formed
or passed through could be enough to drive a slightly mad Halfling to seek
revenge, or a Halfling migh t follow the mob to exploit the deluded followers.
Others might involve themselves in the campaign because friends Of former
comrades were seduced by K:rrl's aura, and an uncharacrerisric concern impels
rhe Halfling adventurer to invesrigare rhe Crusade and assess its legitimacy,
Although the action in Thousand Thrones centres on the Empire, the
effecrs of the Crusade can the Old World, influencing the
lives of people from all over. A Bretonnian knight might find himself
involved in the storyline after a dire warning given to him by the Lady in
a vision, Esralians, Tileans, and others might tag along with other invested
characters, working the our of lovalry to rheir fellows,
Then again, it's possible a relative, or friend fell under Karl's
influence and picked up and joined (he mob against all common sense.
More than race and narionalit)', the challenge vou will face when
ir comes to your players is in the parry's composition. The randomised
merhod of character generation can create dynamic groups of disparate
adventurers that engender excellem opportunities for characterisarion.
However, [he standard methods for creating characrers can resulr in
lopsided parries, with some "roles" by more rhan one
character ro the derrimem to handle the challenges
they are hound to face. The information should help you make
the best decision for group,
There's little in WFRP more fun than rolling 011 the great career table to
see what wretch or hero you'll wind up With nearly equal chances
of playing a noble or a charcoal-burner, a parry built from completely
random career results makes for an interesting mix of heroes rhat can creare
exciting parry interrelations. If you choose to me the standard methods of
character creation set out in WFRP, the players to come up with
rhe reasons why they're working the burden of their back­
story on rhem; by doing so, the will have more reason to cooperate
and therefore derive greater enjoymem Out of the campaign. If they need
help, it's recommended that vou use the In the Service ofSigmar hook in
Chapter I to provide a solid reason for their llnusualmix.
Any examination of the careers in
sevetal "roles" or wncepts that
Most careers fit within one of the
WFRP reveals that thete are
the various srarting careers,
broad ideas: Academics,
Commoners, Criminals, Rangers, and Warriors. An ideal group for any
lengthy campaign has the each fill a different niche within the
group, thus enabling player to have a ckat' responsibility and place
the cam paign as it develops,
Ai; an optional rule, have (he players each one of the roles, Avoid
duplication unless all the roles are
tor. Once the players have
their roles selected, they gain their starring career by rolling 1d100 on the
following rabIes.
career by rolling 1d100 on the following rabIes. 8 Academics Academics include any chamctet thar has


Academics include any chamctet thar has the benefit of formal education or training. Examples include initiates, apprentice wizards, and nobles.


The salt of the earth, commoners bear the bluden of doing all of the wotk required to keep society functioning. Such charactets include valets.

servants, and entertainers.


Beholden to no laws, criminals operate outside the bounds ofsociery. These charac[ers include thieves, agitators, and outlaws,


Rangers are rustic rypes that live or work in the wilderness. Common career; include charcoal-burners, hunters, and woodsmen.


The last role covers all the martial characters-those careers that reflect some formal training with arms or characters whose primary function is killing. Examples include the marine, soldier, and mercenary.


Of course, you could JUSt let the players select their tace and careets.

of troll slayers,

could lead to an inordinate number

wizards, and pit proportions,

but then Tbousand Thrones is a campaign

[0 survive the

may need every advantage they can get.


realiry of the WFRP game is (hat characters die, The Old World is

and enemies lay in wait on all sides, from common lhugs and cruel to

Orcs and appalling shutlling dead. 7housdnd Thrones is awaits the incautious, the reckless, and foolish.

the vicious no diffi:rem and

Character death is a tricky problem in RPGs. On the one hand, as GM, it's

your responsihiliry to create a lair environmem that's true to the setting, but on the other, you don't wam your game cable filled with crumpled character sheets and or frusrrated players. A character, especially one played for several ;.essions, is to reraining the players interest in the game. Taking away a character is not onlv disappointing,

to come up with a new personaliry, a

but it forces the player to

new motivation, and way to fit in wi th the rest of the group, Each time a

character dies,

hardet for that player to scrounge up the

interest in portraying an intetesting petsona.

1he adventutes in the pages are challenging, but they need nO[

tatal. 10 avoid rurning this campaign into a graveyard of dead PCs, be

and capabilities and tailor combat encounters

aware of the party's

them, making adjustments to retain the challenge bur not at the expeu;.e

the fun.

Should a character die-and some will-you musr figure out how to bring

a replacement character that would have the same degree oEimerest and

com'icrion to hook them without being cliched or heavy-handed, Luckily,

the Crusade is an excellent place to breed replacement PCs, since it attracts a broad spectrum trom all walks of life. In chapters where the PCs are away from mob, you should incorporate the threat or effens

Karl's mob into any replacemem character's backgronnd as ,t way of

ensuring the new character is properly invested in the storyline.


Since character death does happen, one way to retain interesr for PCs is to gram the player additional benefits whell they bring in thei r new character.

one way to retain interesr for PCs is to gram the player additional benefits whell they
Introduction l'he nature of the reward shOuld be tailored to the player and the nature


l'he nature of the reward shOuld be tailored to the player and the nature in which he lost his previous dlaraccer. Good options include giving the character a superior piece of t'quipment or an exua advance. You could give the player story benefits well in the fotms of comactS, allies, minions. and

so 011.

1I.1any GMs require replacement chatacters to create new ones wirh no experience points. While this is fine for early cbapters, this strategy can be disaslrous for later episodes. PCs should have experience depending on rhe you're running. Use the gUidelines described all Table 0-6: Replacement Characters and Experience.


Once the plavers have all generated rheir characrers, rhe last rhing vou need to decide is how and why they are in Marienburg when the campaign begins. Suggesrions for various adventure hooks are described in Chapter I. Choose your hook wisely based on your players' preferences and styles. Use a more hea,y-handed hook if the characters are apt nor to undertake missions all their own, or a looser hook if the characters are constantly gerting themselves into [ronble. \x''hatever yon decide, we can promise rhe Thousand IhroneJ campaign will be unlike any Dlher advemnre you will undertake!

TABLE 0-1: ACADEMIC CAREERS TABLE 0-4: RANGER CAREERS Career Dwarf Elf Human Career Elf Halfling
Apprenria.: Wl~~rrl
Bounty Hunter
Kithband WardOJ'
Toll Keeper
Camp Follower
Estalian Diestro
Kislevitc Kessa!
No rsc Berserker
Pit Fighter
Rat Catcher
Troll Slayer
Grave Robher
,6s s4



7 2 - 8 0 6 8 - 8 2 62-68



12-22 Two Smuggler 51-67 51-60 57-67 'Thief ,6s s4 7 2 - 8 0 6 8



12-22 Two Smuggler 51-67 51-60 57-67 'Thief ,6s s4 7 2 - 8 0 6 8
Chapter I: The Call of Chaos
T he Thousand Thrones campaign opens in Marienburg, rhe only city
ro successfully break from rhe Empire. Marienburg is unlike any
orher city in the Old World in thar here, a man is judged by his wit and
innovation and not rhe circumstances of his birth. Here, a lowly peasant,
through nard work and determination can rise above nis wretched state
and become sometning more. Such opportunity does not come witnout its
risks, for just as men can reach great heignts of power, so roo can they fall
into the bowels of squalor. For every commoner that escapes poverty, there
are a dozen more crushed under the heels of the rich and powerful. Some
are just dirty peasants, whilst others may be disgraced nobles, fallen priests,
and a motley assortment of other folks from all castes, origins, and nations.
Indeed, this city is one of new beginnings-bur also of endings, a fact
reflected in Chapter I of this grand campaign.
rhe babe found rhar she could nor, for she knew whar ir meant if the
baby were ro be handed over to Sigmar's servants. She could not in good
conscience rum over such a sweet child, such an innocent, whose Aesn was
pure and whose spirit must be clean. She rerurned, her mission unfulfilled,
and hid rhe Child, with rhe help of other sisters who shared her zeal, in a
secret room beneath the notice of the Abbess.
Over the next few years, the Child, whom the sisters came to call
Karl, grew. So too did his power and influence. To those gifted with
Witchsight, Karl shone like a beacon, a pillar of holy light filled witn some
otherworldly presence. So brightly did the boy glow that he began to
attract the attention of other, less honourable men, even though the boy
wa.s securely hidden within the orphanage. One man in particular, a vile
Chaos sorcerer named Ruprecht, saw much promise in the boy. Long had
Ruprecht despised the Empire and its people, and he craved the chance to
bring it to its knees and discard the tired notions of Sigmar in favour of
worshipping the true Gods, specifically Nurgle.
Seven years ago, a band of witch hunters tracked down a cult of
Sttomfels-a deity oft-speculated ro he a twisted interpretation of
Manann-and purged the place of their wickedness, putting them to the
sword and torch. It was amidst the violence and death that the hunters
found a beautiful baby, the merest glance of whom could stir the heart
and instil feelings of loyalty and duty. Those who beheld rhe Child felt
a powerful compulsion to shelter the infant from harm and go to great
lengths to safeguard the Child. Burdened by such admiration and feat
for rhe babe, rhe witch hunters believed rhe culr had rerrible intentions
toward rhe Child and rhat it fell to them ro prorect him. And so ir was
rhat the witch hunters bundled up rhe young one and spirited him away to
Marienburg's Shallyan orphanage.
Ruprecht, through his divinations, identified young Karl's powers and saw
in them the potential to topple the Empire. Ruprecht knew that the boy's
influence would draw weak-minded mortals ro him. In time he could
foment a rebellion in the Empire that would ultimately see the boy placed
on Karl-Franz's throne. Ruprecht would lurk in the shadows, offering
guidance to refashion the Empire in the Unclean One's foetid image.
A lucid man mignr nave abandoned rhe plan in the face of the Empire's
The Abbess who governed the institurion accepred rhe Child at first,
but being filled wirh rhe wisdom of her mistress, she peered through the
Child's charm and deemed that something was wrong with the baby­
dreadfully wrong. Fearing the effecr it would have on her and the other
priestesses, whom she believed shared her resolve, she deemed ir would be
besr to return the Child to the witch hunters to atrend to as they would
any Murant. The Abbess entrusred this deed to her most loyal and devout
follower, but even with her great wisdom, she could not anticipare rhe
exrent of rhe Child's power to influence. The priestess who was to deliver
sneer power, but not Ruprecnr. In lignt of tne recent Chaos incursion and
all the mysticism that surrounded the great hero Val ten (whom certain
fringe groups of fanatics and zealots claimed was Sigmar reborn) Ruprechr
believed tne Empire's people were ripe for the taking, eager for some divine
sign to usher them through the hard times that have followed since the last
war and prepare the way for a grand future. The boy, this Karl, would be
the living symbol of the Empire's hope and wirh his "gift," rhere was no
chance Ruprecht could fail.
Ruprecht, rhen, needed the Child, and quickly. Having once spent rime in
Marienburg as a member of a secrerive Nurgle cult, he called in his favours
and used his allies in the city ro kidnap rhe boy. When rhey had rhe lad,
they were to brand his chest with rhe sign of rhe rwin-railed comet and
then escorr [he boy to the sorcerer's rower in the hearr of Troll Country.
It was a simple plan, but rhen, simple plans are otten the most likely to
It was a simple plan, but rhen, simple plans are otten the most likely to go
unspeakable rituals to their dark God, Investigating the cult hideout, the
PCs learn the name of one of the cultists believe for
The cultisrs located the boy wirh little trouble, snarched him from his
chambers, and led the captured youth to a smithy, where mey had a
branding iron in rhe coals, ready ro mark rhe Child, Once rhey arrived,
they held the boy down and scorched his flesh, burning in rhe image of
me I:\vin-tailed comet. But the heat, pain, and fear filled rhe frightened
boy, and through tremendous luck or perhaps divine intervention, he tore
free from the cultiStS, He snatched a hammer that lay nearby and fled
into the streets, revealing to all bystanders the glowing burn, the that
marked the lad for greatness, The cultists followed into the streets,
attack on the boy, They must race back to the ciry and find him befote it's
roo late,
Frustratingly, it is toO late; the man is dead, Further inquiries about mis
dead cultist finally reveal the location of a hidden temple of Nurgle, buried
in the soft: silt on which Marienburg stands, The player characters must
brave Marienburg's dank sewers and the horrific denizens lurking there to
learn what evil really is at work behind this Crusade of the Child,
themselves, and as they rried to dose, the
lashed Out with his
rhe lead cultist's hot brains splattering to the street,
This display was enough for the locals, many of whom were refugees from
the Empire who fled the violence of rhe Lord of End Times, 'They set upon
the remaining cultists and tore rhem limb from limb, on by the boy's
unnatural gift. When the task was finished, as one turned and
looked upon the young man and saw his
unruly mane
hair, the
comet, the hammer, and nary a rear upon his cheek. He had to be, he
must be, he was, in their minds, Sigmar himself, returned to this world to
lead humanity out from the darkness of fear and agony and into a new era
of prophecy,
There a number of methods for "hooking the players" this adventure,
with several useable options presented here, Most of these devices
the introduction of a sponsor, an interested parry who is concerned
the boy and this porentially disasrrous crusade. This solution is, by far, the
simplest, and you merely have to pick a hook that besr matches the group's
dynamic, If you have a bit more experience in running WFRP, you mighr
consider using several different hOoks, possibly even One for each PC or
pair of PCs, Alternative/y, you might dispense with any of these methods
and devise some new mechanism [() starr the campaign, If so, be sure the
"hook" is sufficient nor only to carry the characrers through this chapter,
but through the rest of the campaign as well.
They lifted the lad on their shoulders and bore him to the city's priest
of Sigmar, an aging man named Helmut. As they wound their way up
through the streets, more joined their numbers, more came to see, to
wi mess this miraculous
Sigmar, Helmut srood
Finally, on the very steps of the temple of
the gathered host and looked upon rhe lad
and was instantly smim,n, He confirmed the mob's beliefS and knelt on
those very steps, weeping with fear, with respect, and even relief.
The week that followed was tumulruous, turning Marienburg
on its edL More and more who once lived in the Empire gathered to
the Child, to hear him Ot to feel his cool touch upon their brows,
Helmut pressed the Theogonisr-in-exile, Esmer, to recognise the boy
officially. All the while the mobs grew, The former Grand Theogonist,
sensing an oppormnity to reclaim h is position from Volkmar, agreed and
named the boy Scion of Sigmar, blessing him before thousands of young
Karl's followers,
'The High Elves, dubbed Sea Elves by the city's Human population, have
long lived in Marienburg, using the city as their gateway for dealing with
the Empire and much of the rest of the Old World. among their
kind in the locally known Elftown District, they are a lot thar
polices their own kind and have as little ro do with rhe resr of the city
as possible, While the Elves are generally aloof and above petty Human
squabbling, the intensiry and speed of the Child's Crusade has led a small
faction of Elves to take note. Leading rhis inquiry is a minor Elf merchant
named Avaril Foamstrider, who suspects, and righdy so, dark forces behind
this unusual development. He approaches the characters, looking to exploit
their unique talents to get to me bottom of the so-called "Crusade" and
learn all they can about the Characters agreeing to these terms receive
10 Gold Crowns for completing the mission successfully,
Wbile Esmer's blessing might have been enough for some, Karl's followers
were already splintering into faerions, with various groups jockeying for
power and influence, and some, seeing Esmer's politicking so clearly,
advised that Karl would not receive the legitimacy he needed ro lead the
Empire into a new age unless the true Grand Theogonist and, indeed,
the confirmed the boy's divinity, So it was that the Crusade of
the born and, in droves, a host of followers
left Marienburg,
marcfting toward Altdorf, toward their furure, toward a new age
of mankind,
Tragically, their devorion and piety are illusory, for they unwittingly fell
under Karl's curious power and into the hands of Ruprecht.
Marienburgers are famously unhelpful when ir comes to assisting the
templars ofSigmar in rheir pllfsuit of divine jusrice and capruring runaway
cultists and Mutants, Thus, most witch hunters don't bother trying to
co-opt the local law entorcement,-the Black Hats-and instead bring
along muscle of their own, cIhe PCs, then, are minions of a fairly well­
known and dangerous witch huntet named Roderick. Having come to
Marienburg to find a renegade wizard, the witch hunter was more than
a little surprised to find the giving birth to a new and fanatic cnlt of
Sigmar. Since he's committed to tracking down his he orders the
player chatacters to follow up on this mob and find Out anything can
about the Crusade, irs origins, and rhe identity and hisrory of this boy,

The Call ofGnaos find, the player characters in Marienburg following the upheaval of Karl's appearance and subsequent depanure, While many folks were happy to see some of the more undesirable elements leave, not all are convinced that Karl is in the Scion of Sigmar and some suspect that there are darker forces at work in the city. So it faUs to the player characters, working on behalf of one or more of the possible employers, to look into this curious development and uncover the truth abour Karl, learn where he came from, and discover what sinister agencies are at work behind the scenes,

Much of the early movements in this adventure deal with the characters following up the various leads as they work to uncover anything they can about the boy. 'Through their investigations, the PCs should discover enough information to lead them to the Cursed Marsh, where the much-depleted cult of Stromfels still gathers in the filthy mire to perform



There are all sorrs of opportunities for rhis investigation to wrong. The pCs might find themselves on the wro~g side of the law, to acquire key dues,gerkilled, on, You should consider various other ways for the PCs to g",f]"back 00; track, but if citcumstan;:;es disintegrate to such an extent that there''';~implyno way the characters can. conclude the adventure as written, tha~'$,okay,'Simplymove. ro the conclusion and proceed to the next chapter, \XZhik the,characters may miss some vital clues about Karl's narure and the forces at work to manipulate him, they can catch up later.

miss some vital clues about Karl's narure and the forces at work to manipulate him, they
miss some vital clues about Karl's narure and the forces at work to manipulate him, they


receive and medical treatment ar your discretion. MISSING DAUGHTER! with the traitorous wOlnan: Crispijn offers
and medical treatment ar your discretion.
with the traitorous wOlnan:
Crispijn offers to pay the PCs 5
matrer and with a bonus
apiece Ic)r Sllccessfully
3 g(' if they do ir quickly.
stone. Life is bleak with little
kin, looking for any way the could break from
came during the Time
of power to

more independence than eVet before, though still, the province in its grip,

Years later, after the Great War against Chaos, [he Empire seemed

enter a new era of stabilitv and grandeur with Magnus, renewing

a new era of stabilitv and grandeur with Magnus, renewing Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Since the PCs are serving rhe witch humer, they can expect no additional teward, however, they do receive free lodging ill Marienburg and ma)'

himsell~ he is highly unsuited to the demands such an investigation would demand. Furthermore, since has lirde sway in Marienburg and no authority over the local constabulary-the Black Hars-he needs discrete assistance. So he calls in some favours and arranges a meeting with the PCs. He offers to get the characters pardons, and freedom, in exchange

of the boy, the Crusade, and uncover anything

for looking into the

unusual, and report to in one week's rime. Should they think to double-cross him, their lives would be forfeit as he promises to circulate their likenesses the world over, nailed to the trees in Lustria and on the Great Bastion of Cathay, Chatacters receive their freedom trappings.

Crispiin van Haagell has long had an unsa\'oury reputation, for ind'ulging in decadent excesses and for having a hand in illegal and dark emerprises, Alrhough these claims have never been subsranriated, the fact remains rhat Elluil),'s wealth and influence in the city far oursHips what they should be earning from their legitimate business. Regardless of the veracity of the accusations, Crispijn is in trouble. He has an illegitimate daughter that he farhered on all Empire woman who had /led during the Chaos incursion. Ordinarily, Crispijn would have written ofF the girl and her morher, bur sOlmerhing abour the srirred feelings of loyalry and duty, and so, Out of character, he slipped mnther and daughter modest funds to them fed, cioched, and housed, A few days ago, when he sent his valet to make another paymem, his ser"am retUrned claiming the woman and the bab\' were gone, Crispijn smpecrs that they might have been swept in the whole Crusade nonsense. To be sure that the mob is legitimate and nor some band of cultists, the noble requires the PCs to look [mo the origins of rhe group and report their findings to him. Should they succeed in producing useful results, he's certain to send them after his missing daughter. To Morr

ioro this

to send them after his missing daughter. To Morr ioro this A LOVELY LADy Selena Reiva


Selena Reiva is a Lahmian Vampire and one keenly inreresred in rhis boy Karl. Believing the lad is in fact the Champion of :-light-the being believed to usher in the of the Thousand Thrones~-ll1entioned in the Vampire Prophecies, wants as much information about the youth she can get before acting, Under the guise of a pious widow, she invites the PCs to her sumptuous home and offers to pay the 100 Gold Crowns to serve her using the prerence that she's inrerested in the rumours that the boy is in facr Sigmar reborn. This sum is considerable, but she has mOney ro blow, so hesitant characters are ofFered more and bonuses depending on tbe of their work. Assuming the PCs agree, rheir first task is to investigate this new "Crusade" and find OUt all they can about the boy, She asks rhe pCs to make regular reporrs but only at


One possible hook is for all rhe characters to be prisoners, lawless men and women forced to spend their breaking rocks at the Tumble Downs, a bleak quarry north of Marien burg. Spending one's life in such

place would be bad, for the work is thankless, hard, and which explains uses prison labour to supply its CUt

and which explains uses prison labour to supply its CUt at least umil a stimv linle

at least umil a stimv linle man named

Wilhelm Schmidt recruits the PCs. A diplomat of the Empire's Embassy in Marienbnrg, he has concerns about the Crusade and its march toward Altdor£ Before he sends an urgent report to his Sllperiors, he needs to assess the authenticity of the claims surrounding the Child. No brave man

when a dark sHanger approaches your table,

us if you've heard

a dark sHanger approaches your table, us if you've heard this one before. Even tho1lgh this

this one before. Even tho1lgh this is probably the most

approach ro an adventute or campaign, it has served


could. albeit grudgingly, work for Thousand Throlles. In this scenario, the

PCs are hired by some person, a mysterious individual of your design and PCs to look into the maner of the Crusade. Whatever vou decide, needs to be compelling to look into the maner of the Crusade. Whatever vou decide, needs to be compelling enough and ofFer enough money ro keep the parry's imerests throughom the adventure and possibly the campaign.

quests in innumetable games. Such a hook


T he ciry of Marienburg boasts of being the largest in the Old World and is the greatest of its ports, far more wondrous than even the

city-states ofTilea. Straddling the momh of the River Reik as it drains the mainland in to the Sea of Claws, nearly all maritime rrade that concerns Bretonnia and the Empire happens here. It is a place of great wealth and great opportunity, It is a place despised by rhe Empite, despite its reliance on the fabulous POrt dty's formnes,

Ihe reason for this harred stems direcdy from the great error, the mishap that led to Marienburg's independence. Always on rhe fringe of Empire politics in the first place, the stirrings of rebellion had years before the citv declared its independence. Ihe people of this cosmopolitan city never had much use for the Sigmarite movement that had gained traction in the Empire and as that cult grew in and influence, witch humers spread through the lands, putring to sword and torch an)' they suspected of consorting with the Ruinous Powers. In time, for religious, economic, and political reasons, Marienburgers grew to resent their countrymen. Their low opinion onl)' worsened as corruption and decadence flowered within their ranks until many to distance themselves from their Empire

the Empire. 'TIris

Emperors. Lacking a coherent

Ma[ienburg asserred its autonomy, manipulating the tenuous balance

feelings of patriotism and hope in the of Marienburg. Bur as

with all things in the Old World, little

rejee[ed Cunther.

of Stirland. Leopold Unflihiger, who promised to rerurn power taken

by Magnus during the Chaos Incursion back to [he Elector Counts,



for long, 'The Elector Counts

brother, in favour of the Crand Count

in earnest to search for wavs ro break from rhe Empire

With a weakened throne, the l1nflihiger emperors were forced to rum to other sources of revenue to prop up their claims. This process continued through a series monarchs umil Marienburg suddenly declared irs independence from the Empire. Dieter IV refused to do anything about it, since he had accepted enormous bribes from the burgomeisters to allow the secession to occur unopposed. When the Elector C:OUlltS learned of rhis treachery, they convened a spedal coJ.ndl in 2429 to depose Dieter IV and elect the Grand Prince of the Reikland, who took the name Wilhelm III, in his place,

independence was a significant blow since ir was the largest POrt city in the Empire, Nearly all that came into the Empire by sea went through Marienburg. Losing the POrt meant losing the lucrative rariffs and conrrol over what goods would reach Losing the POrt meant losing the lucrative rariffs and conrrol over what goods would reach the illterior. The Elector Counts had pinned their hopes on Wilhelm HI, he would mUSter the armies of the Empire and lay to the Wasteland. Wisely, Wilhelm resisted their pressures for he knew a siege of the city would be even mote disastrous, far too costly in terms of expense and lives, and he rightly feared that such an acrion would send of unreS[ throughout rhe

costly in terms of expense and lives, and he rightly feared that such an acrion would


Empire, perhaps causing orher provinces and C[ly-stales ro break from lands. With amazing diplomaric manoeuvring, he forged an with Marienburg, ensuring the Empire could maimain a presence

in the ports in independence.

for a formal recognition of the Wasreland's

In Ihe century thaI has followed, there is still a great deal of resenlment in the Empir~toward the \Vasteland. Nobles accuse them of rrairors, while priesrs describe the city as a den of iniquity, where people do nor properlv respecr the Gods. Marienburg has become a scapegoar for many of rhe problems affiicting Ihe eastern provinces and cilks, and people are quick !O look for a Marienbllrger ploL even where rhere isn't one.

Oddly, despite the hostility reflected in some corners of rhe Empire. Matienbllrg is a popular destination for Old \Vorlders. In their ev'es it is a tabulous place but one rhat is also somewhat familiar since Marienburgers are nor rhat far removed from the resc of the Empire folk in terms of culture and attitudes. And yet, this city sees people from all over world, boasting travellers from far-flung Cathay, Araby, and even. some say, mysterious Nippon. Thus, Marien burg throws open its doors and welcomes any and all who would walk its streets and sail its canals. for gold is gold, no matter who holds the coins.

Marienburg's willingness to accept has diminished in recellt

monchs. \Vith the cataclysm of the Chaos incursion. many people of the abandoned their homes and fled west., hoping to escape rhe cruel

and awful visages of Archaon's rude

Whar began with

a trickle soon became a flood, and the city was overwhelmed with the dispossessed and destitute, the unwashed masses of Empire fugirives who $Oughr to find a new lite in rhis cirv of promise. \1(7har these hopefuls found instead was rhe grinding povetty of the Doodkanaal, Marienburg's poorest slum, for the upper-class and better off disrricts would never allow these

filthv peasants into their homes. It was from these Empire citizens, pining far their formet homelands, that the Crusade of the Child drew its strength and almost as quickly as the came, they left, marching en masse back ro the lands of their lo,'eI3t1""s.


Marienburg vasr. Srraddling River Reik where it drains the Empire heartland out to the Sea of Claws, it is a bright spar in an orherwise forlorn and wrerched landscape. 'TIle city itself rises from the foerid swamp rhar £vpifies the \Vasteland, char gloomy march between the impenetrable Drakwald Foresr and rhe immense Pale Sisters. \Vith the tegular rains, sucking mires. and the strange breed of peasants that make their rrawling rhe dark waters of the coulltryside, the grand ciry can sometimes be a feat in itself


"isirar to Marienburg can quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer size


this metropolis, with irs innumerable islands, canals, and labytinthine

streets. So large is the city that many of its denizens rarely venture their own districts, and can only speculate about what happens on other side of the city, Since space is so scarce, with each island so crowded wirh buildings rhar they almosr seem piled on tOp of one another, one can hardly blame rhe locals for staying put.

Anvone to get amwhere in rhe city musr cough up a tew coins to

pa;' for passage on one of the canals. Certainly, one could get where they

on one of the canals. Certainly, one could get where they on foot, bur rhe streets

on foot, bur rhe streets are so narrow, so

it's easy to get

lost, whole by a city that always hungers tor meat. 1hus rhe canals ate the main thorou"hfares and the murkv waters, with rhe oilv sheen of filth, arefilled with skiffs. ro,;boats, ships,

and even g;lIeons come to pass rhrough the city and venture onwards to

:\ltdorf or even as fat as Nllln.

and venture onwards to :\ltdorf or even as fat as Nllln. Crisscrossing the canals at various

Crisscrossing the canals at various poims are any number of bridges. Some are simple paths no wider rhan a grown man, whilsl others are arand rhings, towering over the warers to allow the tall masts of rrading iliips bound lor the inland. Nearly all bridges provide additional lot living, and buying and 50 such structures are norlllally with merchants, and shoppers. Thete are only twO exceptions. The first being Niederbrug Bridge, which links High Tower, the seat of

political power, and the rest of rhe islands that make up rhe city. No shops

or structures

lifeblood of commerce or Stop rhe Black Hats from yet anarher

kind are permirred here lest they interfere wirh the

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos TYPICAL BLACK HAT Marienburger Human Watdunan Black Hats walk the
Chapter I: The Call of Chaos TYPICAL BLACK HAT Marienburger Human Watdunan Black Hats walk the


Marienburger Human Watdunan

Black Hats walk the street in pairs, walking a regular "beat," and any trouble in most of rhe safer districts can result in a pair of Black Hats showing up in Id5 minutes. When cracking down on groups, Black Hats gather into teams of Id5+5 Black Hats led by a sergeant. Black Hat headquarters are at watch posts placed in key locarions throughout the city, with the richer wards the most and the pooret are:l:S having tbe least or none at aiL a watch post is a sergeant who oversees four to rwelve watcbmen. Most Black Hats are native Marienburgers, but in ethnic neighbourhoods may draw from Empire folk, Bretonnians, Estalians, and so on.

Hearing, Coolheaded, Hardy, Street Blow, Strike to Stun


Attacks, I; Movement, 4; Wounds, 12

Armour (light), Leather Jack (Arms I, Body 1) Weapons, Hand Weapon (Bludgeon) (ldlO+3), Dagger (ldlO), Unarmed (WS 42; IdlO; Special)


Black Hats all wear uniforms and the distinctive floppy black bat. The Black HaJj; typically carry a lantern on a pole, with at least one flask of lamp oiL As well, the lamplighters also carry several punks to the city lamps and ,muffers to extinguish them at dawn. Most carry a few coins-no more than IdS Schillings and IdlO Pennies.

riot in the DoodkanaaL The otber bridge is tbe Draaienbrug Swing Bridge, which demonstrates the city's ingenuity when it comes to engi neering, for it swivels on a central pillar [Q allow ships of any size to pass. Obviously, mobile bridge is not the satest place for buildings, [Q which Inany ruins

in rhe river can testifY.

is divided into rwenty wards. discrete political emities that

their own committees, pass by-laws, levy taxes, and their bounds. Defining each borough is fur

the people

the scope

or even sourcebook, so the particulars of these details are left

as needed. General district information is provided in where relevant to me adventure.



Nominally, the Honourable ofLarnplighters and Watchmen, known locally as the Black Hats, law enforcement in Marienburg. The watchmen are easily identified by their floppy black hats, and mOSt Marienburgers take comforr in their presence, seeing in them the only thing that keeps the rabble from rising up against the rich and decadent. Indeed, rbe Black Hats count the protection of property as the gravest of their tasks, followed by maintaining order and everything that entails. When there's a robbery, a murder, a riOt, or anything else that disrurbs the peace, it falls to the Black Hats to sorr it out.

While responsible tor the rule of law in the ciry, there are limits on the

extenr of the Black Hats

under tbeir jurisdiction, but crimes occurring on water or within 10 yards

of watet are the business of the

or as the locals call tbem, the

berween tbe Black Hats and rhe River Watch, and neitber side is above

manipulating circumstances ro make the other look bad. Primarily, the River Watch enforces the levies on commerce on the rivers, and

so stopping smuggling is their

knowledge that these men purview to any violation of city law.

authority. that happens on land falls

Secrerariat for Trade Equity, a longstanding rivalry

However, it's common

The last official group to police the city are the Elves of Elftown.

Although part of Matienborg, they are entitled to self-rule, thanks ro the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, whicb means Elftown tollows the laws and customs of1;lthuan. his people is the Exarch ofSith, Rionnasc'namishathir. Any crime committed within tbe bounds of Elftown is under his and, by extension, the Mannikins purview. The Mannikins, a name taken from a corruption of the Eltharin word tor Guardians of the Peace, have jurisdiction over any crime Elves anywbere in the

Wastelands, though the Mannikins rarely leave

time tbey apprehended a pair of suspects, riors broke our allover ,be city.

As a result, Black Hats and the River Watch, to keep the peace and ensure continued good relations with the Elves, deposit anyone suspected of violating E1frown law on the

ward, since the last

of violating E1frown law on the ward, since the last OrHER GROUPS Marienburg is also home


Marienburg is also home to a number of freelance operatives including private sleuths, militias, bounty humers, and even witch bunters. All of these individuals find that here they can make a decent living hunting scum and protecting those who can afford their services. It's important to nOte tbat the wire'h hunters of Marienburg share little in common with those of the Empire. In fact, all would-be witch hunters must be registered and licensed to practice in tbe city. This fact doesn't Stop the occasional Templar ofSigmar from his quarty to Marienburg, but it does mean that foreign witch hunters cannot expect assistance from the local autborities and many have found themselves hauled off to Rijker's 1sle­ Marienburg's infumous burning a suspected wirch witbout a

license or a warrant.


T he adventure begins shortly after the Crusade of the Child len Marienburg in disarray. Many of the city's devout Sigmarites, as well

as Empire refugees from the poorer districts, sel aside their lives to follow young Karl on his march to Altdorf. ll1e player characters, then, find

Marienburg reeling from

from the poorer quaners of the city.


tbe sudden exodus of hundreds of people, drawn

lhe Winkelmatkt is one of the larger wards in

home to the city's lower middle class. Much of its commerce involves

and is

the boat-building rrade, but tbere's also a thriving foodstuff trade-rhe district is known for irs delicious sausages. Caugbt berween the wretchedness of the Doodkanaal ro the south and me declining ports ,he Suiddock, Winkelmarkt slides inexorably toward poverty as rbe ward decays and the more successful types flee to the northern reaches of the city. Locals do their best to maintain their homes, but the signs of decay are everywhere- rotting wood, missing sbingles, and tbe growing mounds of rubbish filling the alleys. To make marrers worse, the Winkelmarkr sbouldered much of the burden of housing the people of the Empire, creating tensions berween the en trenched l'vlarienburgers and the frightened, penniless, and devastated refugees.

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos The Winkelmarkr is normally more crowded rhan anywhere else

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

The Winkelmarkr is normally more crowded rhan anywhere else in Marienburg. Ourside of the main rhoroughfares, the streers are typically so cramped rhar nor even wagons can navigare rhem. Buildings ofren share sidewalls, and many are built on rop of older buildings, such that mosr strucrures have an almost ramshackle appearance, sagging into one another and leaning at uncomfortable angles.

During rhe Chaos Incursion and for months afrer, the Winkelmarkt had been packed with people. Every flophouse, boarding house, and inn had been filled ncar to bursting wirh folk desperate ro find a new life here. They were only to find, as their money ran our, the embrace of rhe Doodkanaal and rhe misfits and destirure living rhere. Despair sank in and a pall fell over the ward as landlords tossed out people who couldn't afford the price of lodging. Tensions rose and riors became common. Then Karl came, and the Crusade was formed.

Once rhe High Priesr of Sigmar recognised rhe boy and wirh Esmer's blessing, rhe Crusade gathered rhe dispossessed and rhe desperare. As one they marched our of rhe misery of rheir adopred home, leaving behind their dashed hopes and returning rhe crowded streets ro rhe Marienburgers who never wanted them rhere in rhe first place.


Charged with investigating the origins of the Crusade, the PCs begin their inquiries in the Winkelmarkt, the ward where the movement was born. As the characters set our, they see that rhe streers are uncommonly empty, almost deserted in some areas, while in other places cirizens struggle to repair buildings damaged by rhe zealous crowds. Even more startling in a city where land is at such a premium are the rows of abandoned houses stripped of furnishings. Already, gangs and unscrupulous locals squat in rhese buildings, though several stand untouched.

'lhe PCs are free to do as they like, go where they want, and ralk ro whomever they wish. Aimlessly wandering the streets of Marienburg may be entertaining for a while but bears little fruit. Scholarly char~cterswon't have much luck researching the Crusade of the Child since it just formed up a few days back. As well, the PCs are unlikely to have success getting an audience with important religious or civilleaders-artempts to do so end in a quagmire of paperwork as the characters find themselves lost in the bureaucracy of Marienburg. When it comes right down to it. the best and maybe only oprion for them is to ask questions of the people on the t streets or in the many watering holes found on nearly every corner of the Winkelmarkt. Just abour everyone within a few blocks or more has had ar least a brush with the Crusade, and some folks have lost loved ones to the mob, who either joined up or were trampled underfoot by eager fanatics desperate to catch a glimpse of their leader. Indeed, such an event as this one keeps locals happy to gossip about what's happened, even if they have no direct experience with the mob.




The city is filled wirh rumours abour the Crusade, making it easier for rhe PCs ro acquire information bur harder for them to sift through the nonsense for the trurh. After an hour spent talking to people on the streets, the PCs may make a single Gossip Test for each separate group of characters (one test if all PCs stick together, or multiple tests if they split up). For each extra hour afrer the first spent asking questions, they may make a new Gossip Test with a cumulative + 10 bonus, up ro a maximum

of +30 after four hours.

On any success the PCs pick up a random rumour from Table 1-1:

Rumours in Marienburg. To determine which rumour is heard, roll 1d 10 and add rhe degrees of success frem rhe Gossip Test. If the toll results in a rumour rhe PCs have already heard, choose rhe next highesr one they have nor heard previously.

While Table 1-1: Rumours in Marienburg offers an easy merhod to present information, rhere's nor much character ro it. If you prefer ro draw our this srage of the adventure, you should come up with a few colourful locals (orphaned child, angry abandoned wife, jilted lover, street thief,



Modified Roll



The Emperor has sent word he will offer the boy the throne if he comes to Altdorf. The nobles are fearful they'll lose their lands and titles if the boy is crowned, so they plan to have him assassinated. (False.)


The Crusade of the Child is a group of ommen, criminals, and other ourcastS of the Empire who pIan ro use the boy to blackmail the Emperor for noble tides. The birthmark is just paint and the whole business with the hammer was a

trick ro fool honest folk. (False. Are you detecting a pattern?)


The boy was ancirphan stolen from the priestesses 9f' Shallya at the order of the Grand Theogonist, V91ti"mar, who fears the boy will take his title. Volkmarkhew to expect the appearance of the heir of Sigmarbecause a twin­ tailed comet was seen to pass before the sun in Altdorf, one month ago. It was a lucky thing when the boy escaped

from their clutches. (Nope, not true, but as with 5, this reveals the priestesses ofShallya.)


Some servants of Chaos, led by a witch in the guise of a Shallyan priestess, tried ro denounce the boy in front of the old Temple of Sigmar. Bur Helmut saw right through rheir trick. The crowd killed five of the bastards and lefr the witch ro rot in a hanging cage in front of the temple,

(False, sort of)

The boy was raised in secret in the Shallyan orphanage. The sisters planned to hide him until he reached manhood and could seek his destiny. Bur servants of Chaos kidnapped him, planrLing to murder him. That's when the boy escaped because of his miraculous strength and he slew his attackers right before everyone's eyes. (True!)

young Black Hat, and so on) supply the charactets with the information provided on Table
young Black Hat, and so on)
supply the charactets with the information
provided on Table 1~1: Rumours in Marienburg.
In addition
the PCs should manage to pkce
description of the boy when they accumulate three of success or
more. Prior to this, the are or just downright fulse.
The acwal description is boy about nine years
with blond hair, good
looks, and an angry red mark of the twin-tailed comet burned in his chest.
Any PC
or PCs tailing their Gossip Te~ts
an hour and discover
nothing new. Those that fuil by 20 or more actually encounter one of the
many victims of the Crusade's exuberance. include a merchant
whose wares were cbmaged by the cult, a drunk wife left him to join
the cult, or a house fiill of nasry children whose mother left them to find
salvation in the Crusade, In these instances, the character mUSt succeed on a
Hard (-20) Charm Test or the NPC startS insults. throwing refuse.
and inciting other locals against the PCs. Characters simply leaving the area
escape the wrath of the victim. the NPC causes other locals to
join in taunting and throwing filth (assume twice as man;- NPCs as PCs; use
the Proprietor statistics in WFRP page 235). If at any rime the PCs attack or
brandish weapons. they trigger a brawl and Id5+2 Black Hars (see page 14
for statistics) show up 1dl 0
rounds later to
The Characters may decide to follow up on rhe who confronted
Karl and the priest of Sigmar (see Rumour 8). A second Hard (-10)
Gossip Test reveals rhar the people involved included a
and a local witch hunter. A degree of success or more rums up
Osric and takes the characters to Event 5.
At some point after me characters have spent time in the city, Josef
Peek finds them. A greasy tinker, he's trying to on the fervour
surrounding Sigmar's Heir. He shoves a variety items in :he
PCs' faces, claiming each is 'a ho(v relic boy stock includes
all of the items described in Table 1-2: Karl's Relics.
Josef pesters the PCs. continuing his spiel and trying to cajole them into
buying something. If they buy something to get rid of him, he compliments
them on their choice and departs. If the PCs attempt to get information
about the Crusade Ollt of him, Josef makes it plain he won't be tor'rh,cormllf'
unless they purchase something-Gossip Tests are Hard (-20) if PCs are
unwilling to buy anything but Routine (+ I0) if they buy at least 1 shilling
of goods from Josef On a successfUl teSt, Josef provides tumour number 10
from Table 1-1: Rumours in Marienburg (or a random rumour or some
other made up nonsense if the PCs have already heard rumour 10).
Josef Peek is a small time swindler who is down on his luck.
wimessed the miracle of Sigmar's remrn and rhe formation of the
of the Child, he is convinced he can become rich by of the
miracle. Despite his conniving ways, he is also convinced boy
heir ro Sigmar.
Sales Pitch
Small pieces of his
5p each
ivi:lh1m awn hand, ~
"Right from 'is crib arid blessed by 'is
Is for:rhree
"Fellfrom his,golden
lOs each
"Lost whm ewas a babe and saved
away for I! needfol soul. "
whm ewas a babe and saved away for I! needfol soul. " Chapter 1: The Call

Chapter 1: The Call of Chaos


Josef is gregarious, indefarigable, and immune to insults. Driven greed ro enact his moneymaking schemes, only physical threats prevent from closing a deal. He is a thin, greasy man with dark hair, dressed in cheap clothes and carrying a bundle of goods on his back. His breath is abominably foul. For Josef Peek's stats, lise the Beggar statistics from WFRP 233.


J""f switches tactics if rhe PCs seem unimpressed with his wares, seem rich. or display a great deal ofimeresr in rhe Crusade. He the friendliest PC (the one who has treared him best, or the

offets rhem
offets rhem

Fellowship) on their "keen eyefor IJalue" and

deal on a true and !Jonestpiece

gregarious to edb'Y' and he

From his pack he gingerly unwraps a small tunic rhat has been rom in hal£

The rinker holds it out reverentially,

his cyes

in hal£ The rinker holds it out reverentially, his cyes he Josef's voice resumes some of

Josef's voice resumes some of its

ofthem lot went the help the boy,

on this. And it} a{{yours for 10.,. er,

1 never J mean, 12 Guilders. "
1 never
J mean, 12 Guilders. "

refer to their gold coins as Guilders.)

The tunic is the one actual relic of the boy Josef possesses, and his story is essentiallv true. Any character examining the runic notices rhere is a small symbol of a living dove, stitched in cheap grey thread, in the collar of the runic. Asking Josef, or making a successful Academic Knowledge (Religion), Common Knowledge (the Empire), Common Knowledge (the Wasteland), or Easy (+20) Trade (Tailor) Test, reveals this is how Shallvan orphanages identify the clothes they give to their wards.

If the PCs present the tunic ar the Shallyan U'jJH,U,",!?C and offer ro rerum

it, they gain a +20 bonus to any Fellowship tesr new Shallyan Abbess in Marien burg.


Gerda Lurzen. the


Be sure the characters hear enough corroborating rumours to several of them refer to rhe Shallyan orphanage where the boy was raised. \)lith little questioning, the PCs should get a sense thar the are involved and that Karl was somehow associated wirh A Routine (+ 10) Gossip Test reveals the Shallyans maintain a small orphanage near the edge of the Doodkanaal, where they reSClle children from the s(Iualar of thar wretched district, in the hopes of giving them a better life. Characters that get at least one degree of success also learn that the orphanage has recently undergone a shake-up and that the former Abbess was arrested for witchcraft. Most presume her dead, Two degrees of success or more reveal she is still alive and hanging in a cage out front of the old Temple If the PCs seem inclined to check out the imprisoned Abbess. go ro Event 4. Otherwise, the PCs can head on to the Shallyan orphanage to get a sense of where rhe boy came from. If the PCs latch onto a completely false rale and decide it is absolute truth, YOll can get them back on track by plying rhem wirh addirional rumours overheard as they go about their bu.siness.

rumours overheard as they go about their bu.siness. Finding the orphanage is easy, as anyone in

Finding the orphanage is easy, as anyone in Marienburg GUl poim rhe way to the narrow alley that runs parallel to a stinking canal. and to the run-down sagging building at irs end. Although the building has freshly whitewashed walls, ir has seen better days. A low fence ttlns in front and beyond it, the PCs can see a small courtyard where three Shallyan initiates sit surrounded by a circle of children singing with varying amoums of enthusiasm. Other initiares supervise older children behind them as they work ro erect a large srone platform.

of enthusiasm. Other initiares supervise older children behind them as they work ro erect a large


Chapter I: The Call of Chaos Unless all of the PCs happen priestess, the initiates

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Unless all of the PCs happen

priestess, the initiates quietly gather up the children, while one scampers

ofF ro summon

ptesence of the Abbess, the PCs ate left in the courtyard, abandoned by everyone bur for a red-meed initiate who states at her feet with intense concentration. She moves quickly to block the characters' enuance into the orphanage but otherwise says and does nothing.

to be wearing the trappings of a Shallyan

the Abbess Gerda Lutzen. While awaiting the august

After a moment or two, Abbess Lutzen appears. She is reserved and a bit stern, "What is your business here?" and leans forward, cocking an at the PCs, her cheeks reddening. Any mention of Karl or the Crusade her guarded nature vanish and her rather features light up. She is e"dger for any can gain by association with the miraculous child. PCs that are courteous, offer a donation of a least 19c, teturn the tunic found by Josef Peek, or succeed on a Routine (+10) Charm test. are invited inside to ask their questions.


Getda Lutzen was an ambitious priotess of the Shallyan Abbey when Karl was brought to the otphanage. Although initially fearful of a boy brought by witch hunter, she soon fell under his spell. \V'hen Abbess Widmann recognised [he danger the boy posed and summarily ordered Lutzen to deliver him back to the witch hunters, she instead hid the boy with the help of orher sistets and claimed the witch hunters killed him. In [he years since, she has become consumed by her afFection for the boy, even going so far as setting aside het vows to Shallya and worshipping him in her heart. \V'hen Abbess Widmann ttied to denounce Karl to the crowd, Lutzen made sure she was silenced and declated a witch. 0:owas the Abbess herself, Lutzen believes she is serving the bov by converting the orphanage into a site of worship of him.

Lurzen, even under Karl's spell, is sdf-serving and self-important. Lurzen is pleased with her association the boy's prorector while growing up. and is eager to use any fame she has to gain power in Marienburg. She sees herself as cultured, always using the royal "we" when talking and trying to affect

a noble bearing. However, emotionally damaged by the hov, she now has

little equilibrium and switches quickly from cool reserve to giddiness, fear, or anger. This instability, and her ImiS of devotion to Shallya. reveals itself in snrprising verbal and behavioural slips, such as when she delights in the sutlering of othet initiates or in her bloodthirstiness toward Karl's enemies.

Lutzen race has a regal sharpness about it, with intense blue-grey eyes and well-kept, iron-grey hair. When she chooses to smile, her face guileless. She is also unusually hale for a woman of her age, have whipcord thinness to them that belies their sttength.

As PCs are likely JUSt to speak with Lutz-en, her only relevant stats are WP 46 and Fe! 51.

haseless lie. PCs that persist in asserting these "lies" quickly make her angry, thus bringing the audience to an abrupt end.




Befote leading them ro her office, Lurzen summons Marietra Kuhn, a sullen Human ptieSTess. Lutzen takes delight in sharply Kuhn to gather the PCs' cloaks and weapons (Lutzen is adamant no weapons be brought into a house of Shallya) and bring wine. As the priestess performs these duties in complete silence, Lutzen watches with a smirk and admonishes any character that tries to speak to Kuhn. Once the priestess has left, Lutzen States in pleased voice that, "Sister Kuhn is being






disciplined. we pray her labour and silence teach her

to her

statiotl. "Characters

(Theology) should find Lurzen a bit cruel and taking a little too much

delight in her clever punishmem for a priestess of the Mercy Goddess,

on a Routine (+ 10) Academic Knowledge

Once inside Lutzen's office, there ate many questions the PCS might ask, but LtHzen's mind has been from years spent attending to Karl. As

a result, she has constructed her own unshakeable memories of the events

of the boy's lite, which are described under The Testimony of Abbess

Gerda I,utI.en. At your discretion, the Abbess' testimony can be read in full to the playets (to summarize the results of their interview), or you can use it to help improvise answers to questions. Any information the PCs offer that contradicts Lutzen's version of events is dismissed as false

If the PCs ask to speak to other Sisters in the orphanage, Lutzen gwws suddenly
If the PCs ask to speak to other Sisters in the orphanage, Lutzen gwws
suddenly nervous and re5erved. She stiffly states, "We flar that would be
a Ultl.Ste
those in our
time aYld interfore with their duties. And in truth, not all of
are tls/ree ofthe vice ofgossip as
we are.
mere are those
prone to spreading./11!llish rumOllrs. We regret we must deny your request. "No
amount of insistence gets her to change her mind and if the PCs press
the issue, she demands they leave. Should the PCs create any trouble, the
Abbess reports the PCs to the Black Hats, who thereafter keep their eyes
out for the player characters, questioning them, or even arresting them if
the PCs hun or killed anv of the priestesses. (For rules on Trials, see WFRP
Companion pages 67-70.)
When the PCs are ready to take their leave (or told ro leave if they affront
Lutzen), Sister Kuhn leads them out ro the courtyatd. As the PCS walk,
have each of them make a Routine (+ 10) Perception Test as they pass
the children and working. On a success they realise the Shallyan
initiates are the children in a religious
Shallya, and that stanzas have been changed to
PC who succeeds bv more than a one
about Sigmar, nor
to Sigmar's return. Any
also notices one of the girls
we have build a shrine to
on tbe
on the ear. Sister Kuhn
PCs to the gate before
PCS try to speak with her, she
over her shoulder at some of the
characters to leave. Once back out
Fellowship (who has had some item
returned by Kuhn) feels something prick him and discovers a note (see
Handout #1) to the lining of their cloak or other suitable item.
The "True" Abbess to which the norc refers. a woman named Maida
\vidmann, cutrently sits half-dead in a gibbet hanging in from of the old
Temple Any passer-by or Black Hat can direct them
here. If
the PCs do directions to the Temple, tbe\' are asked in turn if they're
to "Spit on the witch?"If rhe PCs aren't in the know, locals happily
relate rumour number 8 from the Table 1-1: Rumours in Marienburg
before telling them the way.
is located in Templewijk (Temple District) of
district stands as the intellectual and spiritual centre of
is home to nearly all of the city's temples and their servants.
stands in stark contrast to the Wi nkelmarkt in that it is
",uaH,a",y cleaner and also far busier than the Winkelmarkt. Reaching the
Templewijk requires
once housed
drifted away from the
the characters make their way
through the Old Mone), Ward, a place that
bur has suffered as the blue bloods have
of the posh Goudberg \vard. Once
its cluttered streets, past the peeling
Three structures dominate the Temple District: the Cathedral of Manann.
and the
and Sea Magicks.
' KARL"?
PCs the "'arch may attempt a
Hard (-20) Charm T~n
a minimum of 1 gc per guard present.
Larger bribes are more effective and every doubling of that amount
cancels -10 of the penalty or adds a + 10 bonus-2 gc per guard makes it
Challenging (-10): makes it a Average (+0); and 8 gc or
mote per makes it Routine (+10). The PCs cannot improve rheir
chances Routine (+10). bur they shouldn't know that. Milk them
fot all they are worrh.
shouldn't know that. Milk them fot all they are worrh. the in Chapter I: The Call



Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

All three buildings tower over the crowded streets,

gteat wealth, success, and influence in the city. 'The Cathedral of Manann

structure in the

city, and for the Cult of Manann, the world. With its white limestone walls

and three bell towers sheathed in

a testimony to the cult's

time, closed

find its cavernous chambers every bit as impressive

is notable for its great golden spires and is

only during

in worst of storms,

is nearly the equal

the interior
the interior


of Manann's Cathedral, even

The Temple

though Haendryk's cult is quite small in the Old World. However, given Marienburg's place as a commercial centre, the Haendryk cult has managed

to carve Out a place for itself. Its members have elevated themselves to figures of great importance to the citv's merchants and Gaudy in

its gilt and wrought exterior, one can't

the excess. Parr of irs comes from the fact that the Temple


taken aback by

irs comes from the fact that the Temple but taken aback by IV"lllt:nflUf!"' pre-eminent instirution and

IV"lllt:nflUf!"' pre-eminent

instirution and the wealrhiest

all do their busiMss Iwre.

Finally, rhe College of Navigation and Sea stands at the end of the Templewijk. As Marienburg's premier university, this rivals the University of Nuln and the Academies of Alrdorf in terms of faculti,'s and curriculum. In fact, there is no better place in the world ro learn the principles of navigation. Aside from natttical srudies, the also olters courses in the arts, hisrory, sciences, and other mundane subjects. The College also has an extensive department ~pecialising in training magicians.

unfortunately for the PCs, their investigation will lead them to none of these sights-though they can visit them wish. Instead, tbeir destination lies in the tiny Temple of Sigmar. During the of the city, when the priests of Sigmar were found to oppose lvt:mICllIJUI'gs independence, the temple was forcibly closed and worship moved to the Ostmuur (East \vall) District. The old locked and unused for rears and shows signs

The old locked and unused for rears and shows signs In from of the temple pillars

In from of the temple pillars is a small stone with a raised. lidded well. The plaza is surrounded on all sides by residences thar can be accessed by anyone oHour covered lanes. Just ro the side of the well, a

12-foot iron post has been bolted to the srone. Chained to POSt is a four-foot-tall, oval, metal cage. The ground and contains the small, tagged lonn

arm of the

The ground and contains the small, tagged lonn arm of the As a result of Lurzen's

As a result of Lurzen's cunning. Maida \Vidmann has been declared "witch." Although local leaders were uncomfortable with this

(Abbess \vidmann was known to them all), the

Crusade of the Child forced them

old Abbess from being lynched by tbe crowd, they could nor prevent her imprisonment to die bv exposure. In addition, (0 ensure the "witch" doesn't

corrupt others at cast spells, the guards broke het

bearing an embroidered hammer of Sigmar imo her mourh-a tried and

by the to prevent the

and srulted a rag

to capitulate.

the watchful stares of spinsters and true method of thwarting the evils of witchcraft. come upon tbe breathtaking and

If the PCs observe rhe plaza by day and night, or succeed on a Routine (+10) Gossip Test with the guards or locals, they learn of the guards' orders and of the timing of the nightly patrols.

During the Day

Each day, two Black Hats take position on either side of rhe prisoner, standing guard to prevent her escape. Locals atc permitted ro harass her in a variery of ways (spitting, cursing, throwing refuse), but the Black Hats sternly warn and prevent anyone from comforting, speaking, overly harming, or freeing rhe prisoner. Should the Black Hats be threatened by more than one armed person, they flee to summon help, ringing a hand bell as they run.

During the Night

During the night there is no one stationed here, bur the Black Hats patrol the sueets and pass through the plaza every half hour or so. In addition, especially loud noises from the plaza (trying to break open the cage qualifies) are likely to wake residents in nearby buildings who open windows and shout for the watch if they see anything that looks like criminal acrh'iry. AlTer ldlO rounds. Id5+2 Black Hats arrive to round up and arrest the PCs.

that looks like criminal acrh'iry. AlTer ldlO rounds. Id5+2 Black Hats arrive to round up and
Call of Chaos MAmA WIDMANN Maida Widmann spent her youth on the road befote call.

Call of Chaos


Call of Chaos MAmA WIDMANN Maida Widmann spent her youth on the road befote call. She

Maida Widmann spent her youth on the road befote call. She serried in Marienbutg to ministet to the and her devotion and wisdom led to her become orphanage. Despi te her good judgement, she was toO trusting of her subordinates and was misled by them when she ordeted Karl be given to the witch hunters. This failure causes her mor<' pain rhan the deprivations suffers. A few sympathetic locals had until «·cently been giving her water and food at night, but this was discovud and stopped by the watch ago. Since then Maida has onlv been visited by hecklers.

Maida is deeply devoted to Shallya, yet has a jaded view from long

experience and recognises the evil she

much suffering. She also believes she is to have anyone risk themselves to free her.

will bring

:\faida is near death from exposure and dehydration. She has been manhandled and then assaulted with rotten the occasional brick, and even small dogs, so her clothes are torn stained. Her face is haggard and her voice only a thin, dry whisper because of her parched throat. \X'ith her arms and hands numb from the bonds, she is barely able (0 move in the

She spends most of the time sleeping or

silently, and from a

feet away could be mistaken for dead. roused her eyes are fiercely alh~fillcd with resolute faith in Shallya and selt:recrimination.


Ir is up to the PCs if and how attempt to speak with Maida. It is quite possible incantious actions may cause the PCs to be attacked or pursued by the Luckily, during the night the temple pillars and plazas well plenty of concealing shadows to hide in, and there are four ready escape roUtes from the plaza. If any PCs are they are taken to the local watch house, stripped of everyming but and thrown in a cell. At that poine, only diplomatic intervention by their emplovers or large bribes (4 gc apiece) is likely to free a character.

'\faida is reluctant to talk but if the PCs demonstrate their good will 'remove her gag, cut her bonds, give her water, you get the ideal or ask ahout Karl, she speaks. She first asks for something to drink, as het voice i$ mo weak to speak mOre than a few words otherwise.

''4Vo.'Al:rw<~,'Jtto me settmyetm ~goby f!; wiu:» hlf1'Jl2r

tl"1tth" b(}j ums.flttnd in "the




PCs trying to find Osric the witch hunter may attempt a Challenging (-10)

Gossip Test after a few hours of asking questions. If the PCs approach and question individuals who interact with witch hunters regularly other witch hunters, jailers, magistrates. priests of Ivlorr, wood sellers) receive

a +10 bonus to their Gossip Test. However, these individuals mar tequire a successful Chann Test before ther are willing to talk.

A sllccessful test lets the PCs learn Osric was badly beaten by the Crusade

of the Child because he claimed the boy was not Sigmar Reborn. He was carried away by friends and now is lying in a drugged Stu por in the Golden Lotus Dreaming House in the Suiddock (Sourh Dock) District.


Ifthe test fails, the PCs ""'ClllJ'Wlll!!IV


the ire of Osric's friends who don't

price, "and to

Suiddock District. tbey are met by a grim-faced dockworker namod Horst Breuer. He tells the PCs that Osric doesn't wish to be found and that anyone who ''tWem't want their legs broken"would do well to stop asking after him.


number in rough looking men come out from behind the stacks barrels. Breuet isn't looking to gel any of the men hurt, so he's eager just to scare me PCs ofFwith threats. Should the PCs get aggressive, the mob is more than

willing to give the characters a beating. pummelling them into unconsciousness (use Wreckers sratistics in WFRP page 2,35). There should be three times the

number ofPCs. The men use fists. not swords. Their intention is not ro kill bur

to give [he

the PCs threaten Breuer, he blows a whistle and several times the

threaten Breuer, he blows a whistle and several times the a warning. Fleeing PCS are nor

a warning. Fleeing PCS are nor pnrsuod.

several times the a warning. Fleeing PCS are nor pnrsuod. Breuer can be convinced of their

Breuer can be convinced of their good Chann test or good roleplaying is sufficient, and he

ill the Colden Lotus without any trouble, danleha know. "

imendon,. A

relates [he aCCOllnt given under Horst Breuer's Tale. In addition, Breuer

the PCs a wooden token painrod on either side with a gold flower, He

them [hat.


Horst Breuer He's privy to much rhat informant to Osric, as stories. He speakl his
Horst Breuer
He's privy to much rhat
informant to Osric, as
stories. He speakl his piece with
He's nor stupid, and
PCs have
he's willing to help them.
His fut nose is crooked
Talents: Coolheaded, Lightning
Strong-minded, Very Strong
cap. A whistle hangs
Male AraQyan Human Mercenary

panel and violently evicrs anyone breaking in,

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

evicrs anyone breaking in, Chapter I: The Call of Chaos The bouncer exotic, having golden skin,

The bouncer exotic, having golden skin, dark eyes, and black hair pulled back in a single braid, He wears ciorhing of an unusual cut. and he speaks little-very little-Reikspid,

an unusual cut. and he speaks little-very little-Reikspid, Skills: CAmmon Knowledge Tilea) (Int) , Dodge Blow

Skills: CAmmon Knowledge Tilea) (Int) , Dodge Blow (Ag), Gamble (lnt), Gossip (Fel) +10, Perception (Int), Ride (Ag), Secret Language (Battle Tongue) (Int), Language (Ambyan) (1m), Swim (5) Talents: Fleet-footed, Draw, Savvy, Sharpshooter, Strike Mighty Blow


Attacks: 1; Movement: 5; Wounds: 13 Armour (Medium): Mail Shirt and Leather Jack (Arms 1, Body 3) Weapons: Crossbow (IdlO+4; Range 30i60; Reload Full) with 10 Bolts, Sword (ldlO+4), Dagger (ldlO+I), Shield (ldlO+2; Defensive, Special)


Faraq wears simple

wears a leamer jack and mail shirt that hangs over his black breeches. He

disdains shoes, Having been in a few scrapes, he foul concoction passing for a healing draughr.

of an unusual cut, Overtop of his tunic, he

a flask thar holds a


staircase leading down to a large,

dimly lit room. Another narrow staircase at the far end or the room leads up to the second floor, Men with dazed, moronic expressions slump in the three-high bunks filling this area, occasionally bursting into shouts or rittering laughter. A single attendant, with a cloth wrapped over his mouth and nose, takes money and refills pipes the patrons hold. Clouds of thick,

Entering the alley door reveals a

acrid smoke waft through the room and stain the tafters overhead a blue­ black colour. Any PC entering here must make a loughness Test ro avoid choking. On a failure, rhe PC uncontrollably and his eyes stream,

imposing a

of-15). Tying a wet cloth over one's mouth and nose reduces from the smoke by 5. These penalties last umil the PC leayes

) penalty to all tests

each degree they failed by (maximum

) penalty to all tests each degree they failed by (maximum Osric the witch humer has

Osric the witch humer has a room on the second floor. The attendant, KroeHer, can be or intimidated into showing the PCs where Osric is with a successful Charm or Intimidate Test. Alternately the PCs can JUSt dootS and ask names umil the witch hunter is found. If the bouncer nor already heen dealt with, this latter approach predictably causes him to try to evict the PCS, It's up to YOll whether any of the patrons take exception to the interruption and get involved in a fight (use statistics for Gamblers in WFRP 234; all patrons take a -10 to all [csts), but ultimately, the need to come away from this encounter with information from Osric. Should they £~i! to do so, you should come up with some other way tor the PCs to gain this information,

The PCs find Osric on a narrow cor and clutching a still-smouldering pipe containing the a5hy of Black Lotus resin, His pupils are dilated, his unshaven jaw hangs and filrhy bandages covered his left arm and both legs. Rousing him from his stupor requires a successful Routine (+ 10) Heal or Trade (Apothecary) Test, or a bucket of cold water, Because

Osric is taking

trance he is in, Actual injury however (one delivers at least a single \'Votlnd afrer his Toughness is subtracted from the brings Osric

into grog

to escape pain, minor

abuse won't break me



Once roused, Osric is in a foul mood-suffering nor only from the pain of his broken limbs but also from the after-effects of the Black Lorus, He has trouble focusing, sounds and lights frequently seem uncomtortably imense, and his throat is caked with rhe residue of the smoke causing him to hack and spit. \'X7hat is more, he is used to being obeyed and ra5ps questions at the PCs, flinging curses and threars on their heads if they are slow to respond. Play this for great effect, torcing the characters to question whether rhey want ro de:.,] wirh mis stinking, foul-mouthed, [foublesome witch humer after all.

Male Marienburger Human Eoreman_ ex~Steyedore

on in Suiddock and

as providing muscle on occasion.

Horst Breuet is a dock foreman for one of the local gUilds of stevedores.

to be a valuable

Breuer is a simple, no-nonsenSe fellow with little patience for elaborate

conviction and peppers it with

reasons to seek Osric our,

Breuer has a wide, powerful frame with enormous arms. -me remaining

hair On his balding pate is grey, and grows in a fringe on his lumpy head.

the left, from having been broken many times.

Skills: Command (FeD, Common Knowledge (the Wasteland) (lnt +10), Consume Alcohol (T), Dodge Blow (Ag), Gamble (Int), Gossip (Fe! +I0),

Haggle (Fe!), Perceprion (Im), Perfotmer (Singer) (Fel), Secret Language

(Int), Swim (5)

(Guild Tongue) (1m). Speak (Reikspiel)

Public Speaking, Streerwise,

Attacks: 1; Movement: 4; Wounds: II Annour (Light): Leather Jack (Arms I, Body 1) Weapons: Hand Weapon (Club) (ldl0+4)

Horst Breuer wears simple dockworker clorhes consisting of a long-sleeved woollen sweater and black breeches. He covers his bald head with a black

from a cord around h is neck.



1he Golden Lotus Dreaming House is the most notorious den in all ofSuiddock. The dilapidated thtee-storey building clings to end of the Three Penny Bridge. The stained building looks as if an erranr breeze might send i[ tumbling into me canal. The place is easily identified by me acrid seem of Black Lotus fumes and [he peeling signboard hanging over [he alley door, painred with the image of a golden lotus.

'Ihe alley door is barred from the other side and unremarkable except for

narrow, shuttered panel at eye height. If the PCs knock or announce themselves, the panel is pulled back to reveal dark, suspicious eyes in a ruddy exotic face, owned by [he Araby bouncer. The man only a handful of words in Reikspiel; he grums a challenge and to respond to questions. He opens the door only if the PCs show the token given to them by Horst Breuer, demonstrate they have at leas! a few Guilders, or succeed in a Hard (-20) Charm Test or Very Hard (-30) Intimidate Test,

the PCS can't convince the bouncer [() let them in, they have few ocher The door panel is too narrow to put most weapons through and bouncer is nor swayed by threats, leaving breaking down the door or

climbing windows on the second floor their only other recourse.

it comes [() the well armed bouncer fires his crossbow through the

Faraq isn't quite sure how he wound up in Marienburg or even what this dty is called. He's good with a sword, so he found work easily, His days and nights are spem sharpening his weapon, while sitting on stool and watching the door.

he found work easily, His days and nights are spem sharpening his weapon, while sitting on
he found work easily, His days and nights are spem sharpening his weapon, while sitting on
he found work easily, His days and nights are spem sharpening his weapon, while sitting on


Chapter I: The Call of Chaos


Osric Falkenheim was a witch humer in the Wastelands for over :20 years before the Crusade of the Cbild beat him senseless. He barely temembers all rhe dark temples he has razed and the witches or cuhim he has burned, but he savours the thoughts of the bloody justice he has meted OUt over rhe years.

Osric is biner and sufiering. In pain and shamed by his defeat by the crowd,

he also feels he has failed in his mission againsr Chaos because he mistakenly let the Mutam, Karl, live. He is also filled with revulsinn at the low state he

has fallen to, seeking

vents his foul remper by spewing invective at everyone around him.

ftom the pain in drugs. When not in a stuPOt, he

In his late 50s aftet a life ofbiner

crippled. Both

has curled infO" useless claw from torn ligaments. His learhety face shows the scats of ancient burns, wirh one of his eats only a grizzled stub and

his white hair and beard growing in odd dumps. His icy blue eyes are uncompromising under a creased brow, and his mouth is right and grim.

Osric's scarred form is now badly

have been shatrered and crudely ser, and his left arm

Aged and crippled as he is, even if roused from his StupOt Osric is largely incapable of defending himself, aside from clouting someone on rhe head.


PCs who explain themselves with sufficient parience, or succeed on a Challenging (-lO) Charm Test, manage ro calm Osric down enough thar

he is willing to share informarion with them. Osric recounts his rale in full

or answers rhe PCs' quesrions as best

he can.

in full or answers rhe PCs' quesrions as best he can. 1be only orher information Osric

1be only orher information Osric can provide is the general location of the swamp ruin. Although unable to recall exactly where it is, he can give them the name of a contacr among the swampers Oekil Sumpfmund) who

can lead them to it. If the PCs have impressed Osric (e.g. appear skilled or dever, state boldly they want to StOP rhe boy, or made a successful Charm Test) he even offers to finance their expedition with a gift of lOge from his remaining funds. As he bids the PCs off, he tells them to show no mercy to Chaos, no matter how innocent it may appear.

If the PCs haven't yet encountered the imprisoned Abbess, rhis event may lead to her (see Event 4). Orherwise, [he characters may wish ro follow up with their employer or press on into the Marsh.


A[ this point in the advenrure, the PCs may wish to rep on back to their respective employers. haVing learned a fair bit about the boy's origins. In some respects, rhe PCs may feel as though they've completed their mission, bur rhere is much left to do. In all cases, their respective employers ask the PCs to ptess on a bit further. 1he following adventure hook updates correspond to rhose described at rhe beginning of this scenario. If you're using a different hook, you can adapt any of the following or come up wi[h something on your own if the PCs lack sufficiem morivation to investigate [his matter furrher. Finally, don't overlook Osric Falkenheim. He has a stake in finding the and so he could become a useful sponsor lor the temainder of this adventure if the chataerers do not already have one.

Avatil Foamstrider {foolish Humans}


if to consider it funher. After a

withour emotion, moments, he savs,

this only scratches the ruiface of this up further and learn what ! suspect this willicad to several

Witch Humer Roderick (In the Service of Sigmar)

When the PCs go back to the witch humer., they find he has already lefr Marienburg bur has lef[ them explicit instructions to fonow all leads abour the boy and learn whar rhey can about his origins and actions in the dry. Once rhey have exhausted all possible leads, they are ro rendezvous wirh him in Alrdorf

Crispijn van Haagen (Missing Daughter!)

Crispijn is not pleased with rhe PCs' lack of progress, even if they have managed to find out from where they boy came, where he was raised, and the circumstances of his endorsement by the anti-Theogonist. His disappointmem is clear and he commands rhe PCs to go back and leave no stone unrurned and only return to him when they have something more than a few useless facts.

Wilhelm Schmidt (We're An Prisoners Here)

Wilhelm Schmidt is pleased with the characters' progress, but he is not satisfied. He muses that rhere is more to this than ir seems and sends rhe PCs out to the Marsh to find this old temple (assuming the characters have learned of its exisrence; orhenvise, he sends them back out to investigate further until such time rhat rhey do). He reminds them of their debt to him, and recommends thar rhey keep in dose touch wirh him so he can keep abreast of their investigation.

Selena Reiya (A Lovely Lady)

Characters remrning to the Reiva house during the day find the place locked up tight. At night, masked servants lead the PCs into [he labyrinthine corridors of her house to a snmpruous room that surely has seen no expense spared ro ensure [he place is as comfortable as possible. She listens to the characters reporr and then without a missing a beat, disparch<'S them to investigate the remple. If rhe characters suggest rhis course of action, she gives rhem each 2 gr for rheir ingenuity.

- T he Swampers live on the of the marsh, juSt outside the walls of
T he Swampers live on the of the marsh, juSt outside the walls
of Maricnhurg. Osric likely mentions his contact Jekil Sumpfmund
the meeting with the PCs, but if the characters didn't get rhis piece
can find a gUide amidst the hurs by succeeding on a
Routine (+10) Gossip Test.
5umpfmund is easily found amongst rhis small collection of huts, mending
his boats. Although most of the Swampers are bitter men who fear the
dangers of the mire, Jekil is unique for his maniacal opdmism and love of
the Cursed Marsh. Most who know him consider him barking mad, bm no
aIle can doubt rhat he's a man who knows his way around rhe swamp. Jekil
to rake a party to any part
swamp, asking only for "2
a use o/the
the trip."
If asked, Jckil recognises rhe description of the swamp temple and inrorms
the PCs it's a three-day journey (Q rhe norrh-west. As soon as rhe PCs
pay, Jekil whenever they are ready, day or night, and dismisses
any concerns about the lateness of rhe hour, He enthusiastically srates,
"W'hy, every season, day f/lld night, there are wonders to be seen in ti'e swamp.'
So ifyou're fiarful a/missing something, it would be a treat to take you our
again ulhmeveryoli please. " He also offers to sell the PCs an informarional
pamphlet on "the delig/;'iul and l'tIrious plants and beasts that [he
'/lim/; tl'eir homel"The cheaply primed pamphlet, which is dried Delights
o/rhe Cursed Marsh, is Gp and discusses in
the horrible rhar lurk here, Any PC carefully
glowing praise
this pamphler
receives +10 bonus to any Outdoor Survival Tests while in rhe swamp.
Male Marienburger Fisherman, ex~Boatman
Born in Marienburg, Jekil plied the river ways as a young man unril he
received a head wound in a fight. He lay feverish For unril broughr
round by a vile concoction bre\ved wirh herbs from the Groorcher Marsh.
in the brain, and fixating on rhe herbs
the source of his
mirac:ul()us recovery, Jekil became a man obsessed, He now suffers from
the Delirious Saviour Insaniry (see 203). He is convinced rhe
Groorcher Marsh is filled wirh a gilts that musr
be shared for the bertermenr of all. He supportS himselfby harvesring herbs
from rhe Marsh for apothecaries in Marienburg. Any funds he can spare he
uses ro print up pamphlets rhat support his crazed viewpoim.
His grearesr pleasure is showing orhers firsthand the wonders of rhe swamp.
Since the fever, Jekil is a guileless, pathologically man with no trace
of temper. His demeanour, even in the face of obvious remains
maniacally optimisric. Problems
will be
dismissed as ')ninor setbacks" and
he takes
ro poim OUt
of the situation,
the rain is that tl mall
h,we to worry abolJt
nature of the
swamp, he
greatly concerned about rhe medicinal
also keen to point any health benefits he
"You call
tell the swamp water is good for
wounds cause
things living
in itf"
Jekil is a
balding man wirh uneven, brilliantly white reerh­
'Eating tat grass every day keeps'em elM1/. "
Insallity Points: I; ["sanities: Delirious Saviour
SkUts: Common Knowledge (rhe Empire) (1m), Common Knowledge (rhe
Wasteland) (lm +10), Consume Alcohol (T), Gossip (Fell. Navigation
(1m +10), Outdoor Survival (1m +10)' Perception (Int +10), Row
(5 +10), Sail (Ag), Secrer Language (Ranger) (lnt), Speak Language
(Norscan, Reikspiel) (1m), Swim (5 +10)
Talents: Acute Hearing, Hardy, Orientation, Resistance to Disease,
Seasoned Traveller, Streer Fighting


to Disease, Seasoned Traveller, Streer Fighting 22 Chapter I: The Call of Chaos THE DUBIOUS PLEASURES

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos



Attacks: I; Fate Points: 1; Movement: 4; Wounds: 13 Weapons: Hand Weapon (Axe) (ldl0+3), Dagger (ldlO+Ol


Jekil wears worn and threadbare that fits bim badly, sized

for someone much larger. He goes shoes and his big feet

stained black from regular into the mire. He hangs several fishhooks

from his homespun shirt and keeps a ball of cord to serve as fishing line in one of his poekers. His grearesr rreasure is his purse, an old black

fished our of the swamp. Inside are and




1111' swamp is a stinking, gloomy muck hole crossed by a maze of filrhy water channels. Travel is circuitous ro avoid rhe choking growths of

cattails and stands of ancient,

miasma of rotting undergrowth, hangs over the warer ar all times. Once inside, the focrid mire appears ro strerch endlessly in all directions without relief. And Jekil loves every inch of ir.

trees. A misr, rhick with

Jekil has rwo rowboars rhar can hold G people each, including the rower. Obviollsly he is happy [Q row bur, because rhe rower faces backwards, he will have difficulry keeping the parry our of trouble during rhe trip (the PCs are responsible for making Outdoor Survival Tests instead ofJekil).

Wirh rhe inexhausrible zeal of a madman, Jekil cheerfully points our everything of interesr (everything he sees). Even while rowing, his spid is almosr uninterrupred excepr for grunts of exertion. PCs peering into the have no hope of seeing or identifying even a tenth of wbat he describes only a successful Charm or Intimidate Test sh urs him up for long.

Jekil knows the toure to rhe swamp well enough thar he doesn'r need to make any Navigation Tests (even if rowing). IfJekil is killed or losr to rhe party, PCs musr make a Challenging (-10) Navigation lest each day ro avoid wandering in circles and was ring an entire day. Each day the parry is in rhe swamp also have ar leasr one encounter. Additionally, whoever is choosing rhe roure must make a successful Challenging (-10) Outdoor Survival Test or trigger a second encounter for rhe day. You ger to derermine when rhe eneoumers occur. Select appropriare ones from Table 1-2: Marsh Encounters. Alrernarely, you may rolildlO and add any degrees of failure from (he Outdoor Survival lest ro determine which encounter occurs--choose the next high esr new encounter if rhe same one is rolled twice.


As rhe parry rows through thick rhey see a low black shape slipping

soundlessly toward rhem. Out of the mist drifts a rowboar being pulled


a line, tied at the bow, rhat

into the brackish water.

Nets, a

and fresh supplies lie undisturbed at rhe bottom of the


ar the line in the water causes something to briefly resist,

then rhe line goes slack. The line comes dean at rhe shoulder joint,

rope. There is no sign of what was on it.

and reve'"ls a well-gnawed ann, iu the tangles of rhe sodden


As dusk falls rhe PCs notice a small, softly glowing fish swimming up ro the surface of rhe warer. As the fish reaches the surface the PCs clearly sec thar ar rhe head of rhe luminescent body are twO riny, childlike taces side by side wirh imbecilic, unhlinking The faces stare at the PCs, their l110mhs dear of rhe warer and working (heir lips soundlessly, like

they are trving to whisper to them. Moments later a

out of the depths and gobbles up fish whole before swimming


pike swims

trving to whisper to them. Moments later a out of the depths and gobbles up fish




I: The Call of Chaos


Roll + Degrees of Failure



]he boats pass by a series of small, floating islands which sprout bunches

of hideous

and pink blossoms, Many of the flowers appear to be

the shapes

and seem to turn

ro follow the party as it passes. A

few of the hlossoms sit atop bloated sacks, and have the appeatance of shiny-lipped mouths. Ftom within each Rower droop three thick, petal-like tongues, moist with sweet smelling nectar. Dozens of shrivelled birds and mice corpses lie around the edge of the islands. The nectar, if gathered,

is a powerful euphoric sedative. Anyone ingesting at least a thimble full

must make an immediate Challenging (-10) Toughness Test or fall into

a paralysed sleep. If the test succeeds, the victim stays conscious bur takes

a -J 0 penalty to all characteristics except Toughness. The efreets in either

case last for Id 10 x 30 minutes. The nectar is not immediately addictive and stays fresn for 2 weeks before losing potency. A toral of three thimble­

sized doses can be harvested From rhe planr.


An oar breaks open a hollow log and releases a huge swarm of biring flies. 1he Hies immediately set on all exposed Resh, creeping into collars and sleeves and stinging welrs. Quick-witted PCs who dive into the stinking water escape unscathed. Anyone who doesn't react immediately receives countless bires and mnsr make Toughness Test. Failure resuIts in the PCs taking a-5 penalty to all Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, and Agility Tests for two days, caused by infected bires. A successful Heal Test reduces rhis time to just one day.


The PCs spot body with rIVo arrow shafts protruding from the back, lying facedown at the foor of tree on a small island. A shield, sword, and srained learher bag are jnst visible. pinned under the chest. Disturbing the body

in any way cansc' the gas-bloated chest cavity to burst, releasing a cloud of hallucinogenic fungal spores. Any character in a 3-yard radius must make

a Toughness Test or experience violently disturbing visions. Failure causes rhem to suffer from the Blasphemous Rage Insanity (see WFRP page 202) for Id 10 rounds. When the rage ends any afrected character must make a Will Power Test or gain 1 Insanity Point. The sword and shield are in bad shape and count as poor craftsmansnip. The leather bag holds 4GS, 7s, and a Healing Draught amid its rotting contents. 'n,e body has a tarnished silver ring worrh 10 gc on irs left hand.


A swift current sweeps the boat berween rwo !tnes of twisted, dead trees. Any character that succeeds on a Routine (+10) Perception Test notices long thin hairs poking OUt of tiny cavities in rhe rotting bark and are not surprised in the ensuing atrack-the Lashworms do not receive +30 bonus to Ballistic Skill

Tests against the PCs. As the boat rushes down the narrow channel, each PC is automatically attacked once by the Lashworms--tne speed and narrowness of the passage prevent manoeuvring, defence, or reraliarion by the PCs. Once all the PC, have been attacked the boat has cleared the nest's area.


Lashworms are sm'tll carnivorOlls creatures that make their homes in moist, dark crevices and fissures. \,\lhen the fine hairs that cover their bodies detect any disturbance in the air, rhe creature ejects a long, thin, saw-like organ [Q snatch a piece of flesh from its victim, before reeling the organ in and devouring the meal.

Skills: Concealment (Ag +20) Traits: Immobile, Mindless, Motion Sensitive. Tiny


Attacks: I, Movement: 0; Wounds: 7 Weapons: Lash Organ (Id 10+ J)



Lashworm moves so slowly, it's imperceptible. A Lashworm may not move


combat or take any physical action thar involves the movement of its body.


Lashworms cannot resr Intelligence, \V'ill Power, or Fellowship.

Motjon Sensitiye

A Lashworm instinctivelv fires its lash organ at any creature that comes

within 6 yards, automatically gaining surprise.


To notice a Lashworm, a character must succeed at a Perception Test, All hits count as body hits. ese Sudden Dearh rules fur critical hirs.

MARSH GAS MONSTROUS LEECH Monstrous Leech - ~ Skills: Concealment (Ag + 10), Combat Ambush
Monstrous Leech
Skills: Concealment (Ag + 10),
from its victim.
to from its victim. Infected in Lockjaw If so Small Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos


The boat lodges against a knOtty shtub growing half-submetged OUt of the water. Almost immediately, the wily btaches of a Primitive Bloodsedge curl

around the gunwales of the boat, dragging it half out of the watet and tipping

at a sharp angel. Characters in the boar must succeed on a Challenging (-10)

Agility Test or topple into the water. Up ro rhree characters in the water are then attacked by the Bloodsedge's other branches the following r0l1I1d. Those who manage to stay in the boar, or wbo climb back into it, are protected from

the branches but take a -20 penalty to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests made ro attack the Bloodsedge. PCs can try to kill the Bloodsedge or pull the boat free with three successhu Challenging (-1O) Strength Tests.

Primitive Bloodsedge

A marshy precursor of the land Bloodsedge, this predarory plant grows

rooted in slow-moving, shallow water. The primitive Bloodsedge is smaller and lacks the digestive acid of its terrestrial cousin. Instead, the plant simply crushes the life our of prey, letting corpses sink ro the bottom where modified roots can penetrate the flesh and draw nutrients from it.

roots can penetrate the flesh and draw nutrients from it. Traits: Constriction, Natural Weapons (Branches), Radial

Traits: Constriction, Natural Weapons (Branches), Radial Symmetry, Tough Hide 2


Attacks: 4; Movement: 0; Wounds: 10 Armour: None (Arms 2, Body 2) Weapons: Branches (ld 10+4)


When grappling, a Primitive Bloodsedge gains a +10 bonus on Strength Tests made ro deal damage ro its opponent.

Radial Symmetry

The Primitive Bloodsedge can attack or constrict up to 4 targets within 3 yards.

Tough Hide

A Primitive Bloodsedge gains 2 armour points ro each location.


The passage of the parry's boat draws the attention of a hunting Fen Worm slithering 10 yatds away in the fog. The snake attempts to sneak up on the boat and surprise the party. The Fen Worm tests Silent Move against the PCs' Perception Tests. If undetected, the Fen Worm strikes with surprise hoping ro drag off its prey. Once it has its foe, ir wraps the coils around its prey and constricts.

Fen Worm

This giant snake-often reaching 20 feet or more in length-burrows

in the soft mud of the matshes and bogs. lr prefers constricting its prey,

crushing or drowning victims inw submission. It tends to use its poisonous

bite only defensively.

The patty rows the boat into the midst of a patch of foul-smelling, bubbling water. If the PCs have any open flames the gas immediately ignites with a burst of blue fire. Everyone within 3 yards of the source of flame takes ldl0+2 damage that ignores armour. If there is no flame, all characters must pass a Routine (+10) Toughness Test or take a-1O penalty to all Intelligence Tests for the rest of the day from the ringing headaches rhat result.

The path ahead is blocked by thick growth, forcing the party to drag the boat through the shallows and into a deeper channel nearby. During this manoeuvre a random PC, who is not wearing metal leg armour, has one of their legs attacked hy a Monstrous Leech lurking in the thick mud.

This creature is a slime-covered, flattened, slug-like creature with dark flesh and a sucker mourh ringed by teeth. It can grow over 2 feet in length and prefers ro attack from ambush, concealing itself in mud or murky warer.

Perception (Int + 10), Swim (S +20)

Traits: Ambush, Bloodfeast, Infected, Lockjaw, Natural Weapons (Bite)' Small

Attacks: 1; Movement: 1 (Swim 4); Wounds: 5 Armour: None Weapons: Bite (ldl0+2)

Monstrous Leech that attacks after successfully testing Concealment

gains a +30 bonus to its next Weapon Skill Test.

Monstrous Leech that's attached (see Lockjaw, below) ro its victim ceases

make attacks and instead drinks its victim's blood, dealing 1 Wound

each round ignoring Toughness Bonus and armour points. Each round, there's a 10% chance the Monstrous Leech becomes satiated and detaches

Monstrous Leeches often catry a foul disease called Swamp Fever.

Characters tbat lose at least 1 Wound from a Leech's attack must make a Toughness Test or contract the illness. The effects of the sickness manifest

IdS days. The victim takes a -10 penalty ro all tests and loses 1 Wound

each day. The character may make a Toughness Test ro fight off the disease. Two consecurive successful tests are enough for the characrer ro overcome the sickness. While a character is afflicted by the disease, Wounds lost from Swamp Fever do not heal.

the Monstrous Leech inflicts at least 1 Wound after Toughness Bonus

and armour points, it latches irself ro its victim at the location it hit. While

affixed, attacks made against the Leech have a 50% chance of striking

the Leech's victim instead. Should the Leech be killed. the teeth lock in place. Removing the teeth deals 1d 10+ 1 Wounds, which can be negated with a successhll Hard (-20) Heal Test. Alternatively, applying fire or salt directly ro the Leech causes it ro retract its teeth and flee.

Skills: Concealment (Ag), Perception {Tnt +20), Silent Move (Ag), Swim (S +10) Traits: Burrow, Constriction, Massive, Narural Weapons (Fangs), Poisoned Fangs, Scales (3)' Unsettling


Attacks: 4; Movement: 6; Wounds: 23 Armour: None (Head 3, Arms 3, Body 3, Legs 3) Weapons: Fangs (I d 10+6)

Monstrous Leeches are small creatures. Attacks made ro strike these crearures take a -10 penalty.

Fangs (I d 10+6) Monstrous Leeches are small creatures. Attacks made ro strike these crearures take
Fangs (I d 10+6) Monstrous Leeches are small creatures. Attacks made ro strike these crearures take


Fangs (I d 10+6) Monstrous Leeches are small creatures. Attacks made ro strike these crearures take
Chapter I: The Call of Chaos Burrow A Fen Worm can burrow through mud and

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos


A Fen Worm can burrow through mud and silt as Move Action and at its nlovement.


A Fen Worm gains a +20 bonus to Strength Tests made to damage

whilst grappling,



A Fen Worm is an enormous beast. Attacks have a +10 bonus to hit a Fen Worm.

Poisoned Fangs

Characters that take at least 1 Wound from a Fen Worm's fangs must succeed at a Toughness Test or take an additional 5 Wounds.


T he Cult of Stwmfels worships in the midst of an ancient Skaven stronghold abandoned [0 the swamp. 1his crumbling mill was

originally chosen by the cult to provide a safe haven. Now, despite being tbe site of a witch hunter massacre some seven years ago, the cult refuses to leave because of rhe "blessed pool" the site contains.


Skills: Common Knowledge (rhe Wasteland) (Int +10), Dod!:,,,, Blow (Ag), Gossip (Fel), Perception (Int), Row (5), Sail (Ag), Scale Sheer Surface (5), Speak Language (Norscan, Reikspiel) (lnt), Swim (5) Talents: Resistance to Disease, Sea.,oned Traveller, Streer Fighting, Strike Mighry Blow, Very Resilient Traits: Mutarions (three cultists only)



Attacks: 1; Movement: 4; Wounds: 12 Armour (Light): Leather Jerkin (Body 1) Weapons: Cudgel (ldlO+4)

Rowing the boat is no longer possible when the characters come within a half-mile of the ruins. A thick fog obscures everything hut for glimpses of the towers rising above the clinging mists. Jeki! Sumpfmund volunteers to lead them on foot since he's still familiar with the area.

'The ruin stands on a slight rise, where the dampness of the swamp gives way

to sandy black soil. Nothing grows on the mound except grotesquely swollen

puffball mushroorru that spew foul, brownish ooze when disturbed. At the

highest poim of the mound, the remnants of three round towers sit equidistam Irom each other. Badly srone walls connect the three rowers, forming a rriangle with the point somh.

Crude repairs have been made by the cult over seve tal generations. The first

northeast rower,

are intact. However, only a portion of the southern rower's base still stands, leaving the foundation open ro the sky.

two floors of the northwest rower, and the first floor of


This cult consists of nine members in all. Six are men hom Broekwater, a fishing to the north. Three of these men are now Mmants. Two more cultists are a pair of Mut:lnrs, Udo and Wim, known together as the Brothers Manzel (see statistks on page 27). Finally, the cult's leader, Dahlbert, brings the numbers up to nine.

How many cultists are present when the PCs arrive depends on the

condition. At the very least, the Brothers Manze! and Dahlbert are

In fact, they never leave since the weight of their corruption prevents them

from inreracting with other people. Should the player characters be in bad shape or lack many (or any) appreciable warrior-types, these cultists should

be a suflicient challenge. Fat capable or larger parties, some of the other

cultists should be presenr as well.

Stromfels Cultists

Male Human or Mutant Seamen

'Ihe unnamed are minor setvants of Srromfels, drawn to the cult for the power it oifers. Three of the cnltisrs are now Mutants, changed after being immersed in rhe "Blessed Pool," The mutated cultists, if used, tarelyemerge from the swamps given the severiry of their mutations.

b1Sfmity Points: 3


The Stromfels Cultists wear stained shirts and breeches, grey from the mud and their filth, While at the temple, they each wear a shark's tooth on a leather hanging around their necks. The cudgels are oaken with the handles wrapped in leather.


Three cultists have one mutation each.

Bestial Appearance: The first cultist has the head of a weasel. A thick white stripe runs from the rop his head down the back of his skull. His Fellowship Characrcrisric is 12 and he gains ,he Natural Weapons Trait, enabling him to hite his foes (ldJO+4).

Extra Mouth: The second culrist has a second wide drooling

mouth just above his left eyebrow. The sticky strings

onto his [ace and in combat, dark laughter emanates from rhis extra

orifice, This cultist gains the Venrriloquism (Fe!) Skill.

of spittle drip

Wings: Beneath the third cultist's shirt is a pair of small black

wings. -They Hutter if treed from tbe prison large or strong enough ro grant flight.

but are not


There are

southern tower can be entered without difliculry-in fact, this is how rhe cultists corne and go from the place. Heaps of fallen masonry fotm uneven

fallen sections of rhe curtain wall on all three sides, and the

the (ult

of Stromfels and concealed Stromfds' association with

of Stromfels and concealed Stromfds' association with


Known as the Wrecker, Srromfels representS the darker narure of the sea in its callous and brutal fury. His cult is devoted to predation on the high seas, including wrecking, piracy; and Human sacrifice. 1he Grey Barbed Shark rhar frequents the Sea of Claws is venerated as a sacred animal, and is called, "Suomfds' Kitry."

Stromfels is an ancient a.spect of Manann, the God of the Seas. \Vorship of Stromfels was outlawed as a result of Marienburg's treary with the Sea Elves in 2150. [n the years following, the priests of Manann cut their ties to


years following, the priests of Manann cut their ties to t their God. this, Stromfels is

their God.

this, Stromfels is still venerated by those who work on the sea and the deaths of others.


ramps along the outside of the rowers, providing a means for PCs ro climb into
ramps along the outside of the rowers, providing a means for PCs ro climb
into the top floors (the windows of the middle floors being roo narrow for
entry). To reach the ruined second floor of the northeast rower, a character
must succeed on a Challenging (-10) Scale Sheer Surface Test, while
a successful Hard (-20) Scale Sheer Surface Test is needed ro reach the
northwest tower's partial third floor. Using a rope ro climb the rower grants
a +20 bonus to the test. Failing the test by 20 or more resuirs in a fall that
deals Id10+3 from the second floor or IdlO+5 damage from the third
Just after dusk on most nights, any cultists present gather around the
well ro worship Stromfels for an hour. At all orher times, one of the
Brothers Manzel watches the southern approach from JUSt within the
southern rower. Characters approaching from this direction are entitled to
a Challenging (-10) Perception Test to spot the senrry. They can avoid
attracting his notice while moving over open ground by succeeding on
a Very Hard (-30) Concealment Test apposed by the Manzel Brother's
Perception Test. Should Udo be on watch (during the day) and notice
the PCs, he roars loudly in warning and rushes out of the rower ro attack
approaching characters. lfWim is on watch (during the night) and notices
the PCs he remains silent, conceals himself, and ambushes the toughest
looking one when he can.
Dahlbert is in the northwest tower whenever he's not at the well, so
characters climbing the walls may auract his attention. Climbing characters
are safe so long as they succeed on a Routine (+10) Silent Move Test.
Otherwise, Dahlbert hears them, shouts for the Brothers Manzel (and any
other cuirists), and then waits to attack until reinforcements arrive (ld5
Dahlbert the Priest spends most of his time the second floor of the
norrhwest tower sleeping, writing, or carving. Tiny bone figurines of
hideous shark-like men sit in niches in the wall. The only items of furniture
are a backless chair, a crude bed frame piled with badly tanned furs, and a
large chest that doubles as a table. A successful Search Test reveals a purse
hidden under the furs that contains 7 gc and 12s-the character searching
the futs should also make a Toughness Test or become infested with lice
also make a Toughness Test or become infested with lice Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos

(-5 to Agility and Fellowship Tests umil he takes a thotough bath). In addition, the latge chest holds 3 healing poultices, a half-empty botrle of cheap liquor, a brass mirror, carving tools, pieces of whale tusk, and Dahlberr's journal (see sidebar).

Dahlbert Rohrig, Priest of Stromfe1s

Male Mutant Priest, ex-Initiate

Stromfels' doctrine of preying upon the weak, and the cominued vigilance and opposition of the Cuir of Manann define Dahlbert's beliefs. He dreams of restoring the glory of the Lord of Predators, and imagines himself as the great leader of this cause. Despite his ambition, he is a coward in the face of death and, if defeated or gravely wounded, surrenders. In this case, he placates the PCs by volunteering information about why the cult was following Jutgen Baer, as he believes Baer's master sem them.

Dahlbert considers himself blessed by Srromfels because his face resembles that of a shark. His jaw is distended in a horrible grimace and his mouth crammed with enotmous, dagger-like teeth. Combined with his grey, hairless flesh, his pupil-less black eyes, and his lack of ears or nose, he presents a truly disturbing figure. His speech is rasping and barely intelligible, as his tongue is mangled from the jaggedness of his own teeth.

Insanity Points: 4

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Astronomy, Theology) (Int), Channelling (WP), Charm (Fel), Common KnOwledge (the Wasteland) (lm), Concealment (Ag), Heal (lnt), Magical Sense (WP), Perception (1m), Read/Write (Int), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language (Classical) (lnt), Speak Language (Reikspiel Int + I 0), Swim (S) Talents: Flee!, Lighrning Reflexes, Petty Magic (Divine), Public Speaking, Strike to Injure, Warrior Born Traits: Frightening, Mutations (Bestial Appearance), Natural Weapons (Teeth)


Attacks: I; Movement: 4; Wounds: 14 Weapons: Hand Weapon (Sword) (ldI0+3; CV +1), Dagger (ldIO; CV +1), Teeth (ldI0+3; CV +1)


Dahlbert wears soiled grey robes ringed with sair stains from his time wallowing in the marsh. A gold shark's tooth (lgc) hangs from a dark leather cord around his neck. Hanging from his belt is a thick tome containing foul secrets of Stromfels, describing in lavish details the rites and cetemonies demanded of his servants. He also keeps a small blue belt pouch that holds a smaller sack of sand, an ink pot, a pen, and a vial of water from the Blessed Pool.

Bestial Appearance

Dahlbert has the head of a shark. This mutation grants him the Natural Weapons (Bite) Trait.


This filthy room, on the ground floor of the northwest tower, is where the Brothers Manzel sleep. Two large sttaw pallets with rank bedding sag against the walls along with a warped wooden table and benches in the middle of the room. The remnants of meals and other detritus underfa or make the footing treacherous. A successful Challenging (-10) Search Test turns up 9s, 6p, and a gold earring (3gc) tucked into a crack in the wall.

During the day, Wim sleeps in here; during the night, it's Udo. The room is unoccupied the hour just after dawn and the hour just after dusk. PCs entering the room must succeed at a Challenging (-10) Silent Move Test or tread loudly on the rubbish, awakening anyone sleeping here.


succeed at a Challenging (-10) Silent Move Test or tread loudly on the rubbish, awakening anyone
Chapter I: The Call of Chaos CAPTURED! It's possible that some or all of the

Chapter I: The Call of Chaos


It's possible that some or all of the characters might find tht::mselves captured by the cult. The cuhi~sttip prisoners of their weapons, bind them hand and foot, and then dump them in the flooded fOundation of thes(>uthern tower (see the. Flooded Pit on page 28). Dahlbert, the cult priest, believes rhey are connected to a man named Jurgen Bacr and wants thetnto t;rIk, He ofters them a chance at freedom if they tell him why they are interested in the culr. Should rhe PCs refuse, Dahlbert is not above torture. resist his dumsy attenrions, he simply gives up and sacrifices them ro his God. 1he offer of freedom is a lie and Dahlbert intends to sacrifice them way. But he leaves them in the flooded pit without fOod or water for days to weaken their

resolve. Any delay in carrying out the sacrifice is explained as

:uJaitingfor Stromfols to

storm to bless the event. "


This loose tolio of scribbled notes is written in ReikspieL TheYUlOsrly concern elaborate and frequently iocoherent discussions of Srromfels' doarine. Interspersed are self~important records of cult business-sacrilkes, celebrations, recruitments, deaths, and other miscellany. A thorough reading takes three hours but a successtul ReadfWrite Test enables a character fo rogether the ptig!n of the "Blessed Child" after a brief perusal.

The sections on the Blessed Child scate he was born [0 a seven years ago, when the cult had almost 30 members. The cultists believed their God sent the Child to sway the heam of the heathens, cast down the hated Church pf Manann, and restore the proper worship of Stromfels. Ihere is no mention of a birthmark on the Child's body. During a ceremony whete the boy was to be consecrated in the "blessed pool," a group of witch hunters killed along with most of the cult. A month ago. the cult learned that a man named Jurgen Baer sought a boy with powers like missing child. The cult has discovered Baer frequents a tavern called The Jolly Boatman, in rhe Doodkanaal Ward of Marienburg. him, find Out what he knows, and learn if their child still Hves after '111.

in rhe Doodkanaal Ward of Marienburg. him, find Out what he knows, and learn if their

Udo Manzel

Male Mutant Thug

Udo is a dangerous but i