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Pe co Ld tea ed eee PLAY TERROR a AY [GORE [[—_Tenorin Tatbheim iw [F=~ © NLABHEINN AN ADVENTURE IN THE EYE OF THE FOREST Writing and Design: TS Luikart with Gary Astleford and Eric Cagle Additional Design: Robert J.Schwalb Original Concept: Graeme Davis Development: Robert J. Schwalb Editing: Kara Hamilton Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold & Mare Schmalz Proofreading: Scott Neese, Darron Bowley, Robert J. Schwalb & Stacee Smith Cover Art: Paul Jeacock Interior Art: Tony Parker, Scott Purdy, Christophe Swal Cartography: Andy Law WERP Development Manager: Kate Flack Head of Black Industries: Marc Gascoigne Special Thanks to Simon Butler and Warhammer Fansasy Roleplay logo, Black wan Lamont. 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Pay ler | Table of Contents li BS: INTRODUCTION Tue Crry Or TALABHEIM ‘A Brief History of Talabheim The Powers That Be. +4 The Boatsmen’s The Judges. Talabbeim’s Bizarre Taxes The City of Talabeim.. The Taalbaston... The Wizard's Way The Law Quart The Tallow: The Taalgarten.. Schwartz Hold-Nordgai Manor District Tue Docks oF TAALAGAD ... ‘Welcome to Taalagad: Don’t Stay Long, Breitblatt or Bust... Cuarrer II: Tue Port & THE PLAGUE Taalagad Unravelling, ‘Out On the Streets Finding a Cure... Two Ways Under the Cuarter III: You'Re IN THE Mizitia Now .... TABLE OF CONTENIS Laying Low in the Eye of the For Agitators, Cons, & Worried Stallyans. The Apothecary Daubler. Recruitment Drive. Various Courses Cuarrer IV: Tue Desperate & THE Drab. ‘Where There’s Smoke .. A Single Bright Spot. Vermintide .. The Curious Art of Doctor Gugula Skell.. Carrer Five: Tey Have Guns .. Splines in he Fores’s Eye.. ‘he First Blows Fall Second Phase Talabheim’s Eventual Fight or Immediate Fligt The Aftermath. Cuarrer VI; Opposition In THE EYE ‘Under New Management . Founding a Resistanc Mission; ‘Ominous Shots The Enemy of My Enemy Cuarrer VII: Tue HEART OF THE MATTER .. The Last Da The Second Ba Ripples from the Eye— ‘The End of the Adventure APPENDIX I: PRE-GENERATED CHARACTERS ..... 88 Aprenprx II: PLAYER CITY MAP oo... Aprenpix IIT: SKAVEN Forces .. ApreNpIx IV: SKAVEN MAGIC ... al sor in Talabheion ea cty sourcebook and stand-alone adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. The adventure portion ofthe book is intended for characters in their fst of bbe made ro increase the peril 2 needed, Some WERP adventures are about invesigtions, dark plots, and the everlucking danger of Chaos Cul. Teror in Taleb s more like a disaster/suvival epic tha eventually gives Tue EYE OF THE FOREST The frst halFof this book deals the bistory and environs ofthe great Empire city of Talabheim, also known asthe Eye ofthe second caer, but adjustments Forest. Founded over owo thowand years ago, Talabheim is sacred to the nature God Tal and rests atthe very heat of the Empire, encircled bythe wll of a massive erate The mighty Talabec River fows pas the docks of Talabheim, a small ow know a8 Taalgad, before ‘making its way to Aldorf and ‘om tothe sea, making Talabheim 2 centte of commerce for the Empire The government of Talbheim fs widely known for its fondness for both laws and taxes. The fact that “alabhlmers are fairly accepting of this makes other ciens ofthe Empire deer them ‘strange lr in general. This sourcebook describes the power structure of Talabheim, along with a Few of those laws and taxes they're so fond of. The many neighbourhoods of Talabhein, along with some detailed locations in each are put forth, as wall 2 information on the docks of Tualagad, where the widely famed Ten-Taled Cat sis along with many other dens of iniquity Adventure hook and detailed NPCs abound. In addition, some other locales residing within the Great Crater ate also discussed, forthe mighty Taalbastons walls hold multiple farming villages alongside the Eye of the Forest, aswell asa lake and even an ‘entire forest, the Tsalgrunhaar, scred to Ts. TERROR IN TALABHEIM The second half of this book deals che plot ofa power Grey Seer, one ofthe Wizard-Priests ofthe insidious rae of Rarmen known asthe Skaven, co seize the Eye ofthe Forest and bring the Empire tots knees. GMs who own the WERP sourcebook (Children ofthe Horned Rat will ge a great deal of use out of it in conjunction with this adventure, but reference material provided in the back ofthis book for those lacking it. The following Chapters make wp the adventure portion of the book TERRODUCTION t Chapter I: The Crowded Docks of Taalagad k Wherein our principal ar offered lucrative, iF distaste employment; old hatreds ate renewed, sh blood is pile, 2 Foulness takes oot, and hins ofthat which is to.come ate placed for che discerning eye Chapter I: The Port & the Plague ‘Wherein our principals dover da ood ea is beyond pie Treached, while dens, Human and oterwie, abound i Chapter II: | ‘You're in the Militia Now ‘Whercn our pina at long lst Carthy of Boro wer the service of same, for we knowledge is scarce, but able hands ae ofien Chapter IV: ‘The Desperate & the Dead ‘Whetein our principal are introduced to some worties ofthe Clan Pestilens and cher matchless ideas on neighbourhood ‘xlministation; a delight surpassed only by meeting the shambling experiments ofthe crafty Doctor Gugula kel, Chapter V: They Have Guns ‘Wherein our principals discover tac the Ratmen have mastered few of warfare’ secrets, including the use of gunpowder and ‘overwhelming force Chapter VI: Opposition in the Eye ‘Wherein our principals need practice the ar of ealhy rsisance and opportunistic assassination, whilst ominous hints of Seceleye’s plan are revealed. They must cur enemies into alls and madmen Inco esources or all may be lost. Chapter VI: The Heart of the Matter ‘Wherein our principals must at hist confiont the architec of Talabheiis il, else the Fores’ Eye shall never ise agai. ADVENTURE Awaits! Even now the Ratmen scthe beneath the streets, ready o unleash their foul plan on the sees of Talabheim. Come then, the Eye of the Forest awaits you! Pho aN CO*—™D™™ x Tae Cry of Tananeazns TT itso tit ti iy oats, wh mo is adventure takes place, Like Nuln, Aldor, and Middenbeim, Talabheim is one ofthe great cites ofthe Empire, though the recent Chaos Incursion has lfc an indcible mark on this place. le also covers Taalagad, the largest scelement claimed by Talabheim, tnd is port on the River Talabe — A Bur History oF TaLaaan — Fier Tal ified his broher Uric with the flat-eopped mountain that would one day become Middenhim, ventured deep into the woodlands tothe eas in seach ofa place where his own worship could flourish and erie, The legends sy Taal encountered a gigantic Wyrm ashe searched, and the enraged creature attacked him. The two fought for several wecks, their hate shaking the foundations ofthe world. At the very last, Tall ne the ess by is ail and lashed ie aginst the ground again and agin, carving out the westem reaches ofthe Talabee River as he did so, With a mighty heave, he Aung the dragon igh inc the airand watched its fer corpse plummet vo the ground. ‘When ie stack the earth, it formed a gest cater several miles across. Tal came to se what had become of his enemy, bu he Found lice remained. The Wyrmis esha spread acros the cater bottom, exing with che cath and making ic incredibly fertile. In addition, the scles of the creature found their way into the soil and rock ofthe cater. Pieces of this magical materi ate ‘occasionally found by Talabheim’s farmers they plough thei feds, and ics much prized by blacksmiths in the creation of sveapone and tools Taal saw the eater and was pleased with his work, He called ie Taulahin, “Tsals Viewrs and proclaimed tha, time, his faithful would conte and make the land their own, He bor tunnc trough che eater wall tallow his people access the erie bos within, Aer hundreds of years, Tal’ prophecy came tre The Talabec descendants of the ancient Taleucen tribe, happened upon the crater and the runnel that led within, Keuges, chief ofthe Talabec, ordered hs fll vo venture within the crater and construct a great city to honour Tal The city of Talabheim was not realized within Kruger’ ifexime, Instead, in 1.C. 40, Kruger son, Tags, founded the cx his facher ad demanded bul. Ie would cary the mame Tsalshim for centuries, but over the years, the place came to be called Talabhcim, and iis now known as one ofthe mos defensible cites in the Old World, Or SIGMAR AND TALABHEIM Asis well known, Sigmar let che throme and traveled int the ed hie final destination and dismissed what cast Before he rea Coste [BO * A ‘The City of Talabheim / a —= remained of his retinue, Sigmar chose to pass though Talabheim, Iv issaid he rode through the Wizards Way upon his white stallion and looked out upon the budding city below him in wonder. In a loud voice Sigmar proclaimed, although it would weather many storms, Talabheim would never fal so long asi remained rue to its patron deity, Tel Sigmar and his men only romained in Talabheim for a day, bue they ether mark on che city’s founder. Sigmar dined wich ‘alg, son of Kruger, andl che evo shard tals of thee youth. Tals was impressed wich Sigmar, who had known and fog alongside his father. Though he asked Sigmar eo remaln for a Few days longer, Sigmar declined. Instead, che Exyperor granted Talgis his ehite horse in exchange for his hospital. With fraternal sod, Sigmar lft Talabheim behind, leaving Tal’ lands, never to About 20 years later, a now religion bloomed inthe Empire, A ‘mad preacher in Nuin proclaimed he had a vision of Sigmar being ‘crowned by Ulric himself, chus implying Sigmar had risen to jin the Gods, Whilst the new Sigmarit th spread north inca the Reikland che people of Taabheim remained seaunch adherens al, Bu Sigmar’ Cult caught fire gaining legitimacy and attention from the new Emperor and Sigmar’ proclamation—or 2s some sid prophecy—thatTalabhsim would not fll began to carry more weight, and the people feared ths upstart new religion The Talabhimers largely held tothe worship of Tal nd shough the Sigmarites founded a temple i their cy, Thal remained the ominant religion ‘TALABHEIM AND THE AGE OF WARS Though the Cul of Sigma would grow unchecked for centuries, with came an increasing resentment from those in the Empite who believed and followed the older Gods. Those who flloeed Uric and Taal sw the burgeoning Sigmarice movement asa thyeat vo thie way of lif The sitsation only worsened when the question of eligi entered into the political arena, In LC. 1359, the Grand Duke of Stiland, a seaunch apologist and poppe for the Cul of Sigmar, was elected Emperor. This ws the final sr and the Grand Duchess Oli of Talabecland refused ro sscngnize hist. To make maners worse, The Elector Count of Stila imposed a series of taxes upon the Cul of Ulric In response urls crowned herself Express in .C, 1360 and banned the Cale of Sigmar from Tslabeclan, Religion, nov used asa poliical cool, had come wo be central to the wars of the Empire. The Cult of Ulric in Talabecland, supporced by the worshippers of Taal, took up ars against theieSigmarte enemies Fortwo hundred yes the suabling continued, one Empetor ia Talabcland and the other in Stand, In LC. 1547, Grand Duke Heinrich of Middenland sought gamer enough votes to legally establish himself as Emperor. He took his ease 10 Frederik V of Talsbheim, the so-called "Oran Emperor” who soundly sxjeced Heinrich claim, Heinrich returned to Middenim ina rage and pronounced himself Emperor nonetheless, He then declared wat on Frederik V, aswell asthe whole of Tlabecland, in LC. 1550. Frederik, not one tobe undone, declared his own wat agains the el proclaimed Emperor in Nuln, while simultaneously defending his own province from Middenheimns armies, In LC. 1557, Middenhelm sent an arty to destroy che city of Talabhelm, but che crater wal was never brecched by the invaders. However, dhe poe of Talagad was rare and subsequently occupied by the invading army: An abysmally unsuccessful siege of Talabcim, which lasted alos twenty years, followed, Talabeim ft Few repercussions fram these incidents, Because of che verdant interior ofthe Taalbaston, the city was able ea support itself almost indefinitely, Whilst imes were often sight forthe ciiens of Talabhelm, chy rarely suffered The results of these wars were to havea lasting effect on Talabheim, especialy in rpands to its complex series of laws and edicts. Aste rest of the Empire seemed eo side ever deeper int confusion, the Lords of Talabeclnd rejected dhe growing anarchy by implementing an ‘overabundance of sringent regulations and rules. “Talabhcim came to show its own penchant for independence ding the Age of Wars In LC. 1750, the Emperor of Talabcland, Horst the Caucious, was asked to help repel an invading army tha was approaching Talabheim, When Hort refused to send his troops to the city’s aid the city revolted, sceng fiom Talabecand entire lou Talabhcim sent 0 far as to crown its own Emperor Unable co asl Talabicins walls, Horst could do litle but ina ie threats, The exrangement of Talabecland and Taabcim would continue for several hunded yeas il Emperor Mages of No 304, acceded ta thie formal reunification in Tue Great War Acainst CHAos When the Kislevte Thar sent requests for help to the provinces af the Empire in LC, 2302, none retuened to him withthe aid he haul requested. Talal’ tesponse was no diferent than any of| the other provinces or city-states. I had managed ro gn a great rmany enemies since che Age of Wars, and the iy parliament ‘own defence than with that of Kiser. Chaos Cale anfaced in Taalagad, reveling inthe Jmminent arrival of thei iste! maser, bu these were quickly and ecely ote out and destroyed, Tetook the actions of Magnus of Nuln to reunite the Empire afer cencusis of distust and wat. As Pra fll to Chaos inthe rnorth, Magnus came ro Talabhim co scquest the city’ ad, Jus asan apparent miracle had earned Magnus the loyalty of the Ar Ui of Middeaheim,s0 00 did Magnus convince the leaders of| Talabhcim o join his cause against Chaos. Upon Magnus’ avval in ce city, ic is said che wolves ofthe Sared Forest loosed a how thar echoed between the crater wal ike dhund, and tha single stag witha hammer shaped mark on its forehead appeared at Tals temple in Talabheim. Ie seemed che God ofthe city had spoken in suppor of Magnus Talabheim mobilize is woops and joined Magnus’ Formations They marched tothe north, and the armies of Chaos fll before thom, The Talabheimers, at home inthe forests, proved to be svalable to the war efor, using thei woodland sll as racers and scouts maintain the security within thei oe ranks, a¢ well, 2 to harass the Warherde of Beatmen roaming the countryside Following dhe war in the north, Magnus was unanimously declsed Emperor in .C, 2304, Talabheimis Flector Count sutrendeted his ‘own Imperial crown, and the line of Oxlian Emperors came co and end Plague and pestilence descended upon Talabheim. Brought by Skaven inthe wake ofthe war, he discacs decimated the penple ‘of Talabhcim. Taalagad was especially hurd hit bythe virulent «epidemics that spread through ies poorest neighbourhoods. Plague- 2 2h ged Fiden refages from the north did not help masters, and many were turned away fom the city at che busines end of a crossbow cor pike THE STORM OF CHAOS AND THE ‘Wan’s AFTERMATH Though Talabheim sent frees led by Elector Coune Halmut Feuerbach, who had long sought to extend his influence more steongly over this independent city to aid Emperor Karl Franz luring the Storm of Chaos, the roe played by the citys army dling de confice was rlatvely smal. Les than haf of Talabheinis miliary remained behind to man the Taalbaston in anticipation ofthe coming Chaos horde, Archaon’ forces never officially attacked Talableim in force, bu increases in dhe activities ‘of Cultsts and Mutants, often hidden amidst masses ofrefigecs fiom the north, put che city on che defensive In addition ies role a refugee camp, Talagad was instrumental to the war effort sa sopping point for miliary supplies that were boing frtcd up and down the Talabee River. numberof soldiers fom Talabheim were assigned to supporeTaslagad’s militia, which hha been suecched thin by the atival of over one thousand refgees from Hochland. For the most par, the soldiers were used to secre the docks fiom Mutant saboteurs ad Chaos Cults, On more ean ‘one occasion, they aided Talagas ili in sippresing, rot as fou supplies into the port dwindled wa (Of che refugees lesing to Talabhicim, Count Ludenhof of Hochland was likely the more infuental. Ls erg just peor to the city’ flexing hin security of Talbheim fr the duration ofthe war. Nove, with oT io had Rd fom, (Chaos in recreat, Ludenhof has returned 1o Heygg 0 rcbulld in an attempt to reestablish his rule oser Hochland. Talabhim’s jppors Ludenhof, in pat because they seck payment because they want ro parliament fn the many dcbts he owes the city but a ensure the Hochlander reiges eroding the street of Talagad have a home to return co, Taalagad, which has always bcen a cesspit and haven for the lowse class, isin the worst shape ic has been in since the armies of “Middenhcim sacked icin LC. 1557. The stces are packed with refugees from Hochland, who are constanly at adds withthe largely Kslvite population. The two groups ve for everything From food co employment in the squalid town, and the militia can do lle bur try to keep things from boiling ove. Unlike she citizens of Taalagad, the folk of Talabheims have suffered only litle since the Storm of Chaos began. Crime has ly run rampant within che Cty of Laws, much to the parliaments dismay. The disappearance of Halmut Feuerbach hha alo served to disrupt the city-states government, even as Countess Kreigls-Untcen has risen to take conerol af things in his absence, Several citizens have been burned alive forthe crime of heresy, hut no one in the city-states overnmene is sure hove far thee cet has spread. — Tse Powms Twat Bz — _Aisanintrenden si-sare Tabi poses unique echo of ruling and a syle of politics that can bewilder outsiders. Is. huge cig and many ifeene factions ve for power or simply su day-to-day bass. The Talabheims movers and shakers Recent events have disrupted busines as sul, so there is considerable potential for new factions ro take control o upset the status quo. Etecror Count HaLMUT FEUERBACH Halu Feuerbach, the Elector Count of Tlabecland i currently missing inaction. When the Storm of Chaos wsted the Empie, Hilmut, along with 2 large consigent ofthe army, went to fight slongside Kal Franz. Bu in the closing moments ofthe conflict, Feuerbach went missing. Rumours immediately blazed theough the toops—Beastmen ate him, a cloud of Chaos energy sept him up and whisked him ava, eatorous generals murdered him in hissleep, he was poisoned, Ratmen kidnapped him, and dazens of other far-fetched theories. le wo hep it slowly moving forward on a ‘Naturally the Coun and his temperament provide more fuel to the rumours. He was notoriously foul-empered, and he garnered retire from his pariamen of nobles, the Merchant’ Gull, and the various temples, His commands sourced fom capricious turns and whimsy, and he was noted for hs particulary heavy-handed sry of ruling, His pooe judgement combined with his istating, personality resulted ina long lis of people who would much rather se the Count disappear, lending eredence tothe rumours ofa coup, There are persistent whispers ofthe Coun being in Talabhcim, inthe woods outside the Tualbaston, and even as far 28 the city of Kise, though none ofthese sightings have been verified. In tuth, no one knows what happened to Coun Feuerbach. His loss opened up a power vacuum in proviacal poids aby defal, within the raling lite of Talabheim. The count lei no het, and a secessor has not yt been named. So the Countess Else Kreighi- Unter of Talabheim extends her pli teach in his absence, and the nobles of Tlabecland rule inhi ead, proving ‘ven more fractious and backsabbing than anyone suspected Tue KreicuitZ-UntERn FaMILy The Kreglits-Untern family was wealthy and powerful even before the curious disappearance of Halmut Feuerbach, To an outside ‘observe, the Counterse ro power was quick and with lle ‘debate, However, for those aware, her increased power was not without considerable gnashing of tcth and threats of mur. Indeed, the machinations to have Elise nominated seemed to ‘occur the moment the Count lf Talabhcim to fight agains the hordes of Chaos. She and her couriers deny any wrongdoing, but those who accuse too loudly have been che target of terrible smear campaigns or seem to come dawn with a mysterious, lethal nes. The Countess isa shor, pordy woman with homely features formerly the bute of many jokes before her assignment ro the highest post in the cig Despite her appearance, che Countess poses a shrewd mind and a deep understanding of how politics realy work in the iy: She's content o allow her detractors to malign her looks, letting them believe her tobe stupid, nave, o# merely incapable of ruling large city. This has worked to her advantage, allowing her to sce through insincere complimenes and ‘obsequious behaviour “The Countess replaced most ofthe former ruling elite with