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‘Writing and Design: Robert J. Schwalb Additional Design: Eric Cagle, Kate Flack, Rick Priestly, Gav Thorpe, and Jeff Tidball Special Insights: John Blanche, Alan Merrett and Rick Priestly Development: Kate Flack, Andy Law, Robert J. Schwalb Editing: Kara Hamilton Proofreading: Andrew Kenrick, Andy Law, Jody McGregor, Scott Neese Graphic Design and Art Direction: Hal Mangold Cover Art: Ralph Horsley Cartography: Andy Law Interior Art: Steve Belladin, Alex Boyd, Tyshan Carey, Karl Christensen, Paul Dainton, Vincent Dutrait, Mike Franchina, David Gallagher, Mark Gibbons, John Gravato, Jeremy Jarvis, Dave Kendall, Karl Kopinski, Pat Loboyko, Torstein Nordstrand, Jon Page, Michael Philippi, Eric Polak, Scott Purdy, Rick Sardinha, Adrian Smith, Christophe Swal, Franz Vohwinkel, Sam Wood WERE Brand Manager: Kate Flack Head of Black Industries: Marc Gascoigne Special Thanks: Edwant Fak fr his well shumbed Reals of (Chaes books, Dave Allen acd Mal Green for thee read throughs, ‘Christian “Ogrehead” Stalander for Fantastic information on Norse mysticism, magic, and cool earces that guided my appreach t9 the Norsemen; the gang at www warhammerforevezcom fr their Avousfilimespreration of Nora and Calts Marjan von Staufer and Richard Wiliam for Liber Chaotias Chis, Kae, Graham, Gay, Paul, and Rick for their advice and insight into the strange and beautifl wood that is Chaos and toall he designers nd writers who have brought Chaes to life over che yeas. And, finally thanks Seace, fr puting up with the madness Playtesters: Dave Allen, Oven Barnes, Chris Beaumont, Darren Bowley, Rowland Cox, Mal Greene, Paul Hill, Ed Morris AA Black Industries Publication First published in 2006 by Black Industries, an imprint of BL Publishing BL Publishing Games Workshop. Lad Willow Road Nottingham NG? 2WS [No parc ofthis publication may be reproduce, stored ina rexieval system, of ransmited in any form by clectronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission ofthe publishers © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2006, All Rights Reserved. Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay logo, Blick Industles,the Black Industries Jogo, BL. 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Locations 4 4 B 25 as 26, 7 60 62 62 6 7 80 82, 86 88 Avrenpix II: TZEENTCH’s CURSE Invex., beheves Fe Sceraerh with bo fi Reinke Goal Tl fun oi, fl ee | Hoathesnate aac, 4 oe a nego el Aranda \ ey woul we eae Set ee it ste nga ta sly Bl, co Hef rso ees aE semen eeae Be e egies — Patna a Wicks tee feet mein gr poof th gree eb Gadde oak abit atti emt fe See TR omestal Ee asa Hebei Milan gy I Goat Tod fg é : pie | epg Magi Tell adnate *| Bogstmen, Dor t you bss? Tey re cpio’. tl ope 6 ore entor ta fe int elu Foi Geb? lig tr is all norperse nies orn ot Chef 2 fir pte Baers Ch “Gags a herve. Bohl “ e Pe. eo j 5 Te peel Sep te aaa He verte let Tae nble ting. ceo eos aan een i = chico aa, ae yma aawerd neti oie cae Bnet : CB, tow art be the phy Koes ms lect Cal or ty dn ere id 5 ef Har wr eDork Gob. aleat nthe ret ial tale owt some rot gett fel sts whee ee Tikal take hy me. lol, ors eet eh an eal a aaa Teo lon r ea it lind Io ee fr } toa ry Dato pol esa ot ep: For gi tren OTe te aa: se, bing. ete woere Choe, or Ma fi that ate and, xen the] thre ert Cll | be maa ce cn aap Tg fees With suck a p al they pe yal Soe secre febsh, mise kat ty tag est ng ising mas seas ts std thst wee te crates thet ‘no the les ad forma the Daas fom the earth taf Bat, Mth per, tere flawed. Teagan sh eo se the Od Ones eed the lpn the entree la the dine rales. | Paap tad ge cary fst pap’ pie er. map, ts gar or ae te Runes Procs albert See cared ts that th wd a thrash the lard, changing and | deine ceri [ei Ch rel ea oe Cams sae aman fie aa Mere ses te fern and ore elon, ee ee ee Tse et content th | the rts wel dif th card te. where they wer eee, ‘Chas. Cth Sgt the ance ke ofthe Old Ones, planting ae Lect, fegin exe the meet ue pose batt al Withee He ee spl tel ft seth raced cr nls Tg 1th suds changes eer ne pA om ke the fed TR do ket shri ard cer lind hat, spar, at and deport. eth el OT ee ne te as oa ser ti ett gelpin pts ct a yg, Fld, sehen that dy ces, the wld shall be mo mare What can we de? Fh vary goad son Fe ~ Ged, to be need at ae Tape As Se em iy might rete thro rm ard bar eof ter Charge: Fe Tis ae Pines ecidlie Wr <> =< S have been tasked with the impossible. My masters have asked that 1 -ompile a fll history of Chaos, and the depredations thas wrought ‘nour ands. To catalogue the hortors of Chaos! The legends and tes, ‘the conflicing histories, they sent a thril of excitement shrough my spine, buc the depravity and corrapring influence ofthe Dark Goss chilled me even moze In the end Idi the best I could to explore the forbidden and learn ofthe ells in our world I can in no way guarantee the completenes of this ask; fo the ways of Chaos are complex and sated, and many “fae” remain hidden, 1 ask one ching only, beg Sigmar to grane me mercy The Realm of Chaos ebbs and flows, moving with the currents of history Actimes, seems Chaos hasall bu vanished fom the world, gone from the lives of Men and the other races. But, such moments are bi, ite more shan idle dream. For always, soon afer, the eye opens agin, and dake issues forth from che north and ravages che lande wherever it touches Before setting forth to describe the howtors of Chaos and its depredatons ‘onthe sacred and ofthe Empire its best ro firse mention that che ‘corm of Chaos casts everything in anew light, Certainly record exist, of the Great War against Chaos, che heroism of Magnus the Pious and the tragedy thae befell Praag—the city on the edge of che wintry lands of Kise. But, such struggles dim withthe pasage of time, and memories and fears fade with each turn ofthe seacons. What was once regarded fact, slipped into conjecture, and then slipped iat legend, and nally lito myth. What was done was done, and the tales tld of chose dark days are nothing more than the fanases of overzealous Priests and madmen if there’ a difference), But, all ofthis changed. Now, in the wake of Archaous mad crusade, the ives of far too many Old Worder lie in tatters, The Chaos armies Iywtally marched from the haunted sterches of dhe Chaos Wastes and waged war against ou lands, realising the truth ofthe old tle, manifesting a our darkest nightmares. ‘And, son tis new light, the following history takes liber wih the ‘ruth, lending, perhaps, more credence than what scholars would give to the oldest tales. Yer, considering che horrors many—myself included — have witnesed during the past months, nothing is impossible. MyTH How ill began: the oigine of thousands of years of Human suffering; what opened the eye inthe north—no ane knows for certain, Tales ‘of Old Ones in silver ships sling on the seas of stars have at much credibility a5 che mychs of che Notsemen Shamans who claim sach-and. such God slew so-and-so Daemon. Of couse, chose who know, the Elves, say inl. What we seas uth has been cobbled together from a hundred aliferent stores fom people all over the Old Wood, and nonc-roo-ew from the lands beyond. (One hing remains constant with all thecal told ofthe exty days of. the Worlds a grea calamity befell Something glorious, wonderful, and powerful died, and when ic did, it vore realty asunder, bringing Chaos 0 the world The oldest legends speak ofa race of advanced being called the ‘Old Ones. Ir ssid they came some 15,000 years before Sigmar, bringing with chem 2 race of servants called the Slann. Ii belived these servants live on in the foctd jungles of Lustia. The Old Ones were power, capable of changing the world, altering its movements, raising oceans, ‘mountains, changing the ay ofthe land tof their vision of what the world should be: Ar the time of thelr atv, che world was trapped in ice ‘that Blanketed all ands, even those ofthe fabled Tomb Kings, whete the sands an stp lsh ftom bone. Bu, through their agency, they caused the ie 1 melt, and temade ths word “The Old Ones were as Gods. They ciated che Elder Races, placing them in the word. The Eves sted in Ulthuan, and the Old Ones placed the Dwarfs in the mountains. And who knows whar other races were born? Forall their efforts and for whatever purpose they had, ie would not lst. These beings drew their power and mic fom great arches in the north and south, vast gates that opencd tothe heavens. And, fron ‘they gained their power ro change the world. Bue, dhe gate fll, earing the world asunder. Whete nce this source of good and benevolence Stood, suddenly there was only a terrible and angry wound. Boiling out from the hole were the Dacmons and cheir warping pawers of magic. The effects ofthe gatc's destruction created all manner of sbominacions, and so the fist Incusion of Chaos began. The few remaining lann srove to ‘contin the damage left by the callapse, bur they were too few in number, and as mote nd more died off Chaos grew mightier. The world secmed ‘doomed. Ie wat, but iewas nor dead yer Replacing che Slann in cele struggles agains the Daemons were the Elves. Emiboldened by ther blessings from che Old Ones, and committed to saving ther world, shy rallied an fought the Dacmons for Five ‘xntures, doing their best o contain the spreading stain of Darkness, But, each vietory was matched by ewo failures, and the Elves were pushed farther and farther south uncl they fought on the very shores oftheir ‘ands. But then, a great ElFhero,Acnarion, pased through che scred flame of divine energy and emerged asthe fret Phoenix King of Ulthuan, Empowered by the powerful energies of che Old Ones, he and a cadre of Elven sorcerers weaved a spllof increible power, creating a vortex draw all magic to Uithuan. By doing so, che Daemons were eipped of ‘thei power, and che ei rom the Realm of Chaos withdrew: ‘Acnarion had a son, Malekth. A powerful wari and sorcerer, he ‘was believed tobe the heir and the clearest choice for the nest Phocaix King. However, he was tempted by Dark Magi, and, ultimately, he was consumed by it and black ambition bloomed in his hear, exring him the tide Witch King. Ulthuan would know lide peace through the years as the Witch King waged endless wars against his kinsmen. Chaos, ‘though briefly concaned, was let loose ance more during the Sundering, a dark time rigered when the Witch King stove to undo the vortex. Thi terrible act damaged the vortex that held Chaos in check and losed ic ‘once mote. Though his efforts were ehwarted, che wickedness of Malekich fed the Datk Gods and gave them strength and influence in the world THE Marcu or Doom (On te world turned, and the Elder Races made room for dhe Humans ‘who emerged fiom their caves. The Elves and Dwarfs traded with these primitives, though slowly at fist. Bus, soon, Humanity spread north from the southern continent. Founding simple communities along the coast of the Tilea Sea and che Black Gull: Eventually, chese peoples moved north and erected the fst cites. OF these early setements, Tamas dated them all But, i woold nor las, for in punishment for thei arrogance, the Gods eas them low, rained the res of heaven onto them, and sent plagues of rats. What remained would be forever ater known 3s ‘Savenblight, che festering, black heare of che Ratmen. ‘And though Chaos wended its ways inc the heats and minds af these ‘peoples and launched attacks fiom the swing regions inthe north, it ‘vas limited in shold on Mankind. Throughout the millennia, Chios ‘would produce Daemons and let chem looe, but these creatures were not ofthis wold and could no as for ong. The coruption of Warpstone and the lashing Winds of Magic ereated herds of Besstmen eo inhabit the im ples, bur sill Chas could nor thrive for overlong, fr without morals 0 fear hem, they could noe satan their wl. But, then Belakor was born Asavage primitive ffom an unknown land, Belakor is membered as the first moral to give his soul to the Ruinous Powers. A powerful warior Tue Rumous Powers “The Dark Gods have aways ensted, oso say thle staunchest adherents, And indsed, chey may have always been, but the fist Sign of divine malevolence appeared during the rift dat spawacd the Dark Elves. There are countless Daemon Princes and infernal ‘masters, but there are four msin Gods in this pantheon: Khorne, Nurgle, Slash, and Treente For more information oa these Gouls, sc Chapter XV% The Rainows Powers Khorne “The Blood God, ako known asthe Sal King, Khoine the vicious Gd of rage and hate of ‘loodshed and warfare. Hivare the fllowers who esuc inking, who crave the fol of ‘lod onthe ski. The comersione of Chaos armies, Khome commands the blodthisy Marauders aller who sem be numbers on the Rds of bade Nurgle or of Pesce, Old Father Nurs the : doce God cf Sop and x of oro and dk Hei he petoneon of lage and ‘hac that peter ee Ne ines severe fom be ing oF flake the net new pag tha apes 2 His ler the Page righ, a ‘icy hs be lah nee res ‘Slaanesh ‘Slaanesh, che Datk Prince of Chae, i the youngest oF the four greater Chaos gods. Known under a mulitude ‘of mames, including the Sespen, Shornal and Lanshor, he Lord of Pleasure ix patron of al things beautifl and seductive, Master of ‘excess and creative power, his rms of influence inlude music, art and pasion For this reason, many flock to his service. Taeentch “The Changer of Ways, Tazentch isthe Dark God of hope, of transformation, of altering that which is, Hei the symbol fr all mutaion and all ‘corruption, of datk intrigues and wicked plotting, The champion of revolutionaries, he is credly worshipped throughout che Old ‘World. Tacentch also appeals to Sorcerer as he is alo the God of Magi, and so claims many disaffected and renegade Wiards, ‘nd stalwart Champion of Darkness, the Dark Gods fvoured him, luting hhim north to the Chaos Wastes, where he penetrated deeper and deeper ‘into this bleak land uni he came fce-to-ice wth che maddening Realm itselé. The Dark Gods rewarded his courage by destroying his mortal shell tnd recreating him in their image: that of a Dacmon Prince. in this new form, he was tetble force. He stood 2 the heads of his legions, destroying any and all who crossed his pac, attracting morals from al overt join his legions In me, he was worshipped as a God, But, ashis power and influcnce grew, so too did his pide. Ie was his arrogance and his bei that he was an equal tothe Greater Gods that THEORIES, SECULAR AND OTHERWISE ven inthe face of undeniable proof; many latch onto the tools of logic and reawon when ic comes fo the grea threat from the north (Cerny, no onc doubts the existence of magic: the Colleges in Aledorf ar living proof of existence. Ye, some leaned men deny the association between magic and the Realm of Chaos, hat tunraly place where reality liquid, mutable, and ever-changing Some chotise the cyclical nature of dhe Incutsons, those bloody “vasons fom the Chaos Wastes, suggest something other ‘han an inelignt impulse to destoy Rather, they result rom unchecked population growths. The Chaos Wastes are bleak and inhospitable to life, Lacking resources or the ability t0 tulivate ther ow lands and needing woating for Ivstock, the pinch oF hunger becomes unbearable o al the denizens oF this windswepe tune. Then, our of necessity, hese hordes cumble tout plunder the ich and soft lands ofthe Empit, Kise and chewhere. Av evidence, these thinkess point tothe Nowscan ‘rider. They clearly follow this pattern. Although the Incusions are explained avay a8 results oF failure w contol populations, no ‘ne is Folch enough to deny that these peoples employ Daemon servanteand other abominations in thei assules ‘But this is only one popular view. A few heretical ries agree that there i no one force or pantheon of Dark Gods who drive the damned to wage war. Where they dif. though is by claiming there ae no Gods al are ist eflecions ofthe terrible enéipies bleeding From the wound in the land In thei eyes, there is no diferece between Ulic and Khorne, no diference berween Shall and Slanesh chey ae all the sume, beings whove existence {depends exclusively on Mankind’s hopes and fear. laa sense they are like paychic reflections cast into the Aethy, formed only by some grand delusion shared by thinking creates the world over ‘Thus, when a surge occurs, isthe result of Humanity’ moral and ethical flings, The darker mankind's impulses, the greater attraction i as 1o che awfulnes elected by the Realm of Chaos Such choughte are bet kepe to onesl for the Witch Hunters consider heres worse than Mutants inthe spread of dangerous thought spelled his downfall. The Four Powers cast him lov, and Tveentch, the ‘Changer of Ways, cured him, eransforming him from a demigod to a ‘confused and crazed spirit chat would evcrafter exemplify Chaos. He became the Harbinger, He Who Crowns Conquerors. He would never ‘champion che cause of Chaos. He would for al time bea servant and thrall to those mortals who attracted che attention ofthe Ruinous Powers. is ise Champion was Morkar the Unies. He, with the help ofthe Harbinger launched a masive war fom che Chaos Wastes, Fe mighe Ihave succeeded in defeating the lands ofthe south had ic not been for the great and united effort led by Sigmar. His defeat, and the continued defeat with each file’ Champion, refreshed Belakor's pangs of loss that he suffered since being cas down, The horror of his ite stripped away his ‘sani and he seeumed for centuries, onl slowing to place the Crown of omination onthe nex fol who sought glory. Tue Enemy GRows “Though the Uniter was defeated, the Old World had to deal with its own pple The Epi asin iste ay when i used ck res of Chaos, and afer is few Hedgling steps ie struggled wo rein is ‘coherence. In che years that followed, Norse riders preyed on the coasts, ‘sacking villages in the north, and ie was lear by thelr foul shamans and ‘witch doctors that they served the Dark Gods ll manner of Daemons «and Champions launched wars fiom the Chaos Wastes, but each was sporadic and dsoxganised, and so the Empire was fice from a masive Gerad fare 1 rex of the world was nots safe. Chaos launched invasions into Cathay, Nagaroth and even the Dark Lands sparking confers thar would last for decades and take the lives of chousands. But back in the Empire and ‘Old World, ieseemed morals were content to pve the way forthe next Tncusion. Undaunted by the eri of following centuries, they embarked on the road to decadence and corpcion, While Humanixy dabbled in the forbidden, the Cue of Sigmar grew inca a mighty force, valling he might ofthe Ultian faith and overshadowing the other Gods, Heated arguments broke out into open confrontations, and such rivals simply pushed Old ‘Worlds even farther from the doctrines of the Gods Hlamaniey drifted from the light of piey and good i to darker matters, No level of society was exempt oral ling. Nobles withdrew into dheirpalaces ro basin exces, while omioners tuned to Hedge Wizards and Wirches for succou from the ‘ceasionl plague or supernatural threat. During these centuries, the Fist Cals of Chaos formed, earting as ineleewual societies or those who held heretical belies. Some of the most profane volumes ever written, inching che ravings of Neerodomo, were spawned and circulated among. the incllgentsia. The Rusinous Powers reached from the beyond to mould and eis the hearts and minds of good citizens everywhere Then, in 1111 IC, the Black Plague stuck che Empite, Believed a the time to bea curse for immoral i sptead from city 0 ciy flowing, the paths of roids and waterways, reaching che most emote places in the land, People died by the thousand, and pane set in. Camps of diseased lumans quatted ouside the walls of the Empire great cities, while the plaguc claimed entre neighbourhoods inside. And, with the spread of Aisease came despair, nd with despair, Mankind turned tothe Master of Plague and Pesce ro relieve their suffering. And then the Ratmen came. Appearing like grotesque parodies of man and rat the Skaven boiled fut ofthe ground, red eyes gleaming lvering tongues chirstng for the blood and flesh of Humanity: Stil gripped by the Black Plague, the “Empire was il prepared for this new tear, and the casualties mounted while soft nobles wept and wailed a cheir misforcune. From this rabble, a hho emerged: Mandred Ratslyer, the Coun of Middenland, He rallied the people ofthe Empire and fought the Skaven fr neatly fifteen years ‘Where others had filed, Mandred succeeded in breaking the spirit of the enemy and forced diem back from whence they came. Following his, ‘seceses, silty rented once more, and he tiled set che course of the Empire fr the years to come, purging the land of corruption and ‘vill his asessinaton in 1152 MordHEIM “Though Mandzed purged the land of the loathsome Ramen, he was not sicesfl in restoring the sense of unity needed 0 keep the Empire bound together inthe coming years. Almost mine centuries after his death, dhe Empice fagmented and splintered, worship ofthe Dark Gods thrived, and sil ake the land. Amidst che rurmoil ofthe second rillenniui, Helakor broke fre from the Realm of Chaos once more wall the world among Men. In 1999 IC, Belakor escaped the Realm of Chaos, slipping ie long ‘enovigh to sere in thar hellish cs and there became known asthe Shadowlord. He eseped by possessing the body of the nex favoured ‘Warlord, Khaardoun the Glovied bur instead of freedom, he discovered she was rapped. With vst quantities of Warpstone, Belakor believed he ‘would be able to restore his former glory, he began hoarding the vile substance, While chs seems the likeliest explanation, litle survived afer the city was snc y the mighe of Sigma glorious hammer. What is Iknown is that he ruled the cry asthe Dark Emperor, and his word was law His minions were the Posesed, former men who had surrendered themselves tothe Ruinows Powers and Daemonic Possession. Daemons ‘Chapter I: Chaos in the Old World _ Jaa a ls THE SPREAD OF WARPSTONE Ble cw sors ptting Cee of RE Ove sugges tha ths incall hate ofthe Ger Hearn, ‘catered though the wodd in res teaming chan, wher would be bed over the centuries The ter ims chat ‘Warston ea gil phenomenon, ocouting when omipng gal ncgy oes and ingen nan ate, ral runsfomning intoa physica subrance Festal Tine dh walled the streets, and all of His servant ‘Warpstone to create even more of these abominations. [nthe end, his rage and hatred consumed the shel that housed him, sending him screaming ‘ack tothe Realm of Chaos Great War Acainst CHAOS Almost chive centuries later, che grim sidings of another Incursion were ‘everywhere for those who thought t look, but such was the pride ofthe pretender Emperors that no one noticed. The Empite a this time was Fraeaured and splintered into diferent factions all ying fr concol over the throne. Fueled by religious controversy and infighting, the once lorious Empire was atts knees, And, amidst this srugele, che poisonous touch ofthe Dark Gods spread. Crops filed a some noxious slime spread, and catle died ofa strange pox. Nurgle’s eye was fixed on the Tends of Sigmar and though people knew a curse was upon chem, they ‘were powerless to de anything about it: ‘While che Empire languished «great war for dominance wok place in the Chaos Wastes. Among she many tribes ofthe Kurgan people the Kul tribe emerged as the dominant force in no small pare due tothe efforts oF Asavar This mighty chieftain had proven himself capable watrior > Rit and great leader among his kind, For year, he and his eibe wandered the Shadowlands, waging war with val ebes nd bending their leaders to his will. His armies grew. and soon he was the greatest power in the north ‘Accounts ofthis Champion say chat the light ofthe Dark Gods burned inhis eyes, and his rol-daqquered armour glowed with malevolence, With cach victory, Warbands lamoured to his banner, swelling his legions until the was ready co take che prize that stood in the south, He and his armies ‘turned south and pased through the Great Skull Land, where they sold slaves for Daemon war machines crafted by the expert hands of the ‘Chaos Dwarfs. They then turned «othe High Pass, where they gered hots of Beastmen and Dragon Ogres to aid ther cause Meaavbile, he Empize was in no condition to head off this musering force. Beastmen ofthe Forest of Shadows were multiplying and daiming large swathes of territory in Ostland and Ostermark. Chaos Warriors drifted throughout the nother Empire even reaching the shadow of Adorts walls: Unwittingly serving asthe Chaos armies vanguard were cendless hotdes of Greenskin, who were driven From their homes bythe approaching armies. Trines Fant APART Dyanna of 2001-the pire fly descended oto aatchy, Ticino a seule from the lights and panes pith rman eages fled che cess ise stayed behind were food for the tovging Heston: Trade Sopp the waterways bese fee iene eerie $0 more saved ar died Thee eee a Philosophers foretold doom and Hepa deg destin al lg ands of Fellas roamed the couneide prying on he ages Of Chane and apocensalitc ‘While she Wind Hunter worked anchcke hough he ands ea pe oF Sigmae And, dough eal ‘war amie row te mortal kind. downfall end sviour dine. in his name, ln Kish the"Tar grew nervous a his scouts reported a mustering Jose of hundeeds of thousands readying an atac on thelr lands. Desperate for help, he sent messenger 0 the Empire, pleading for them to send assntance. Word reached the Count of Ostand, who for the past few years had bees fighting a losing war agains the Beastmen, His hated of Chaos eclipsed ll other concerns, and so he and his depleted force rushed to Ksle lend their swords against the coming storm. Buc he was alone, forthe Empire was too gripped with madness ro respond Hope would bloom, however Whilst Men openly embraced the Chaos ‘Gods, a man named Magnus the Pious preached in Nuln and drew large following, With his mixtue of common sense and zal, he was ale to comvince the people of Nuln to cast out the datkness tha gripped thei ity and joi him om bis crusade to save ceir beloved land, of the new?” Autumn gave way to winter and the Chaos armies finally marched south ‘The combined forces of Kise and Osdand marched north to meet them, though they knew in cheir heats they were to few to stop the enemy. “The Empire and Ksle were crushed hy Asavat's horde, and few escaped to spread news of their defeat. Kisey recoiled in horror asthe Chaos Tue PROPHECY OF FATE "Rong from the ther worlds tresures shall ie poses. Upon his head the crown sale all nd open wl prove woe Then shall he ride unto the world. Here will four be united into one. And five shall be the armies of ‘doom. ‘Then wil the world know thet the last war hos Begun. With the coming of doom will march «lowly boy. Anger shall be his nourishment and bloed his wine. And from the land ramed will ise a champion. Disease shal be his A king's sm shal be the chosen. In power will he thrive and glory And with the coming of the end times, the old wil fall by the hand Taken Fox THE CxtestinE Book oF Divination. Marauders despoiled cheir northern txritris, and with afew decisive moves, they crushed the ast of Kislv’s armies, turning hungry eyes co the Ferie heartland ofthis defeated nation Facing almost certain destruction, the people of Praag readied thie city for the inevitable siege, Thousands absndoned their homes in the countryside for the protection offered by the cy, bringing all the livestock they could, In the end, the preparations were woo litle and disease broke out amongst the refugees. savas host camped around the ciry and launched the occasional foray bur semed content to just hariss them. The people fought ax bes they could, barely managing to repel the invaders with each new assault. Then word of new hero reached them, ana they leaned Magnus was coming with an army ro destroy the forces ‘of Chaos and save their cy. “Magaus gathered move and more Old Worldes by his sheer tenacity and his devotion to Sigmar. All manner af people joined him, swelling his numbers to form a rag-tag force of zealots, commoncrs, and professional soldiers. The Elector Counts set aide ther difetences and joined Magnus, adding thie soldiers to che vas army. And so, Magnus and his followers moved slowly north, bucic wasn fast enough to sve the besieged Kislevites. Praac Succumss 1230, the aac Pig had estan cae here ead his ene ew destoy tcp The humped oe the deindes, tang he cy In then ofthe Hasphemous avers With el 2 Black Wind fom the Ren of Cha creamed rag te sen etic anette sven ouch: Men and Sonera and cme to ee es pd atic I wl cried Et oat rd plete orden Hg ad ieeome Hel living ymbol of harsh fr te Emp A eww escaped to bing word to Kile, reporting all chey had witnessed. The Tar was frantically tiaininga new army to defend the capil. Magnus pushed his forces shea to aid che last cry of the north and stop Asavat from entering the Empire, Bur, Chaos reached Kile fist. They enczled the ety and launched a terrible autack remembered to this dayas the Bale atthe Gates of Ksl: Aided by dhe Darts from Bverpeak, the city of Kera-a-Karal, che ill-equipped and pooriy-tined defenders faced the Beastmen, grudgingly sving “up ground until they were Forced ofl back into the city sel The Kisevtes delayed Chaos just long enough for Magnis and his forces to ‘THE FINAL CONFRONTATION Aswvar divided his fore into ovo armies. One eontined the attack against the cry, while the other faced Magnus. The Empire forces descended likes righteous hammer cutting a swathe through the Beasmen and Mutants. Despite these eatly victories, the fores of Chaos were innumerable. The tide of batle ebbed and flowed, and it semed thar all ope forthe Empire was lost in the face ofthe great hordes of the Datk Gods, ‘By Necnopomo THE INSANE Magus’ ultary genius would save the day. He launched a separate scack with his cavalry and pinned the Chaos armies berwecn three forces ‘owing them into confusion. On this assult, Magns managed to slay Acivar Kul in single combat, crashing the wil of che hose, Slowly the horde dsinepraed and the Mutants, Beastmen, and Warbands meiced sey, fecing hac the way they came With dhe Great War concluded, the Empire aided Kise in levelling Praag 1nd rebuilng the grea ci The Imperial army retuned to Osan and Ostermark and daughtere the Beastmen, cleansing the land of ic stan, Chaos withdrew tothe Toll Counery andthe Shadowlands, seemingly defeated forthe lst ime, Always docs Chaos prepare for its neat atk, its next Incusson, and for the next two centuries it bided its ime, building and searching for its next, ‘Champion. The Daek Gods didi have to wait long, Soon after the Great War a Templar of Sigmar entered che vaults below the Temple of Sigmar andres the prophecies of Necredomo the Insane. The words warped his mind, and he went mad, He swore allegiance tothe Dark Gods and vowed to destoy the Emnpie and the Cale of Sigmar THE PEACEFUL YEARS For the nexe 200 years things quletened in the Empire. Whth the legalisation of sanctioned magic in the Empire the Witch Hunters confined thee efforts to rooting out Mutants and renegade Wirards Middenheim spearheaded the efforts vo contain the Beastmen inside the borders, whilst constructing the mvaged provinces Though pescefel compared co the upheavals leading up to the Great Wir Against Cos, this was not a time wichout strife, Maienburg seceded from the Empire, and a series of weak Emperors allowed the lands 0 ack to something akin to che decadence ofthe ewenty-fourth century Things changed in 2502 when Karl Fane ascended the throne Young, charismatic, and compecet, this new Emperor took fires hand in guiding the Empire inc the fice, though even his reign has been anything but stable. Peshaps as part ofthe build up towards che Storm of ‘Chaos, the agents of Chaos rebuile and se in motion plans to dismantle the Empire, even goin sofa as to depose the newly installed Emperor Karl Frans, Though they filed, thee activity increasd and toubles cused by their machinations swept the Ei Lutior Huss ‘A fow yea into Kart Franc reign, young boy appeared a Sig ‘moniter, pleading to be alowed vo jon the rank ofthe wersor mons Imprewed by the boys ral and hated of Chao, the monks allowed the boy ton. Luthor Huss, a he was known, became a powerfil Warrior Trest. He pent his dys preaching the word of Sigma, while aking the fight othe Bestmen and other minions of Chaos. Hs as alo ‘onumite wo easing the Cale of Sigmar, fora eyes it had become tented by comuption a lasness Boris TODBRINGER, Meanwhile, the Elector Count of Middenland, Bors Todbring «continued his father crusade against the Beastmen ofthe Draka Long had these creaures inhabited che depths ofthis accursed wood, ic fall to che Knights Panther, Knights of che White Wolf, and the Roudvardens ro contain them. Around 2518, Khazrak emerged asthe principle chiefain of the Beastmen and launched a campaign against the communities areayed atthe edges ofthe forest. Todbringsr committed himself to destroying this creature and Launched a counteratack agains Khazrak In one encounter, be managed co take out che Beasord’s eve swith his Runefang sword. Khazra’s wound never healed, driving the Beastlord to greater rage, bu ako caution. He lured Todbringer into a trap where he hoped to kill the hated Elecror Count. Bors and his men fell inc the tap and somehow excaped, bur not before Tadbringer lox his ope as well GrimGor “Amongac the Orcs, anew lead emerged. Grimgor lead his fellow Black (Ores aguine the Skaven of the Under-Empire, fighting undl he could kill Can Moulder’ Rat Ogres in single combec. Wanting 3 greater challenge, he cursed his greedy ejes north to the Kurgan tribes. He ed his war mob forth to che eastern steppes, forming a buffer berween the Kurgan and Sect ALBION Sine Being defeated at Mordheim, Belakor roused few imes foe his nightmares t crown another Champion of Chaos, send warriors in fue cffort to ek Cathay or other Inds. He finaly sired in 2520, awakening with a perfec vison wo fee himself fom the bonds placed on him by Theeneth, Belakor knew «new Champion wa sing, Bu, befor he placed the Crown upon cis Champions head, be xcaed the Res of Chaos and searched the world forthe power that wold restore him to his dexny. The ley ta is power ay in the Crown of Domination, che sytbol and aeface thacoffered a Champion the power to unite Chaos under one bannet. Belakors curse prevented his incorporal form from seizing the Crown, The only way he could eake the artefact for href was to restore is ort form. Only che mighticse magic could achieve this. Beakor bieved thi magic ly within far-Hung Albion, He flew to the misty isle, bringing with him a mantle of blood and Aestrction. ‘There, he tore the life energie rom the wery rock ofthis mystic ale to weave for himself 1 new body. Belalkor ws thwareed once more by the denizens of this strange and legendary place, but not before he stole magic enough co form 3 semi-solid body. re realised then thar the Incursions were happening moe fequently, building toa grand confict that would spel the end ofl sings. A new Or Dwares AND CHAOS ‘One ofthe most hotly contested pats of Dwarf history involves the Chaos Dwar. The Dua stil deny die existence hiding a deeper fear Ibchind the figade of bravado and indignation. Bus, despite their denial, the Chaos Dwarfs do exist, nd ar just one more cgi the war engine of Chaos that muster for each new incursion. The deals are vague, vo say the least-—neither the Dveafs nor the Chaos Dwats are fortheoming—bur what ischcorised is that in the early days ofthe Dvars, before Rune Magic was culy defined, afew pioneers dabbled in soreerous energies contain magic in these runes. Some were careful realising che inherent dangers of working with magi but afew sw ‘great potential, and recklesl exploited the magic for their own ends. This created conflict berween the Dwarf clans, and so one group lef the others, venturing into the Datk Lands in search of more magic to aid in their research. Somehow, ths estranged Clan became severed fiom the rest. The Dark Lands were brutal and inhospitable, presenting terrible dingers. Lacking suppor from tei Kny these renegades fully embraced Chaos, worshipping a terrible and blasphemous God known as Hashut, the Facher of Darke (Chaos Duals rm to this day but ae blesedly sre Te is whispered thar they are the ones who supply the Chaos Marauders with weapons snd armour ousting them with erble cannons and other war machines that defy deseription. Littl s known for ceri, but every once ina while, rumours oftheir diabolical deeds filer in fom the cast, usally carried by merchants who tzavel near those lands along the Silk Roa. champion was coming, one who would be heralded as the Lord of the End Time, a mortal named Archaon. Though Archaon sas cleaty the chosen, Belakor knew chis ane would not he the last ro wear the Crown. So Belakor returned to his shadowy realm to plot the downfall of the Dark Gods and elevate himself as their master, STORM OF CHAOs For over 200 years the Empire prospered under the guidance of | its Emperors with few exceptions. Whilst the Chaos armies were vanguished, che Chaos threat did noc end. Time an again, the raids ‘continued against te northern setlements on the Sea of Claws, legions ‘of unruly Chaos armies foughe aginst the Kislevte strongholds, and ‘with increasing frequency, hoses of wicked mutated abominations tumbled ou af the Chaos Wastes to destroy and kil. To make matters ‘worse, many soldiers who took parc inthe Great War were scared, thie soul tainted by bloodshed and war. So, as in the past, many good soldier left che Empire to seek bate on che Chaos Wastes, giving their souls co the Blood God. Yer, for all che efors ofthe Witch Hlnters' purging ofthe Dralwald, herds of Beastmen sill prowled the ‘woodlands, and Mankind turned tothe Ruinots Pers once again, abandoning the old ways. Though considered period of stability, the ‘wo centuries leading up tothe Storm of Chaos were merely a brief respite before the larger war. ARCHAON Ironically, dhe event chat would nearly destroy the Empire would originate ‘ot ffom a Beastman or Daemon an the Chaos Wastes, but rather from the Empire itself Born afew years ater the Great War agsinst Cha, the ‘man who would become Archaon wa mighty Witch Hunter famous for bis skills at hunting down Culdste and exterminating Mutans. He hha great power and influence, hich offered access to much forbidden lore. Kept in the secret yauls ofthe Temple of Sigmar in Altdor, these tomes are filed with blasphemous lore and heretical treatises ‘on the nature ofthe Gods and Chaos. The Celestine Book ‘ef Divination was single volume containing the rantings ofa particule dangerous lunatic named Necrodome the Insine “The particulars of his ravings are not fully known-—to read them invites madness—but it is genealy believed that they involve revelations bout the worlds secrets andthe uth abour the Gods. Archaon read this particular journal sed slipped into madness, denouncing the Gods fod claiming thar all was a terible lies He fled the Empire, cursing Sigmar as he went, ‘sek the means to end the worl, which hebelieved he could achieve if he recovered the six Treasure of Chaos, mentioned in Necrodom's writings. Legends tll of Archaons exploits, rom defeating the Chaos Dragon Flamefang and his taming ofthe Stwed of the Apocalypse, W’Sorayeh, co his coronation when he gained the Crown of Domination. Rumours ot these tebe deeds filkered into the Empire as Wirards and Seer eaught glimpses ofthe coming doom, but they were nothing more than the frightened tales of crazed prophets Tue Storm BREAKS The antepatedarac finally came in 2521. vat army of Chaos Waris Daemons, and Marauders under the leadership of Surtha Lene and Acirc CCyanullaracked Kise, crushing the brave defenders before driving south into the Empire, They pushed onwards azng Wolfenburg crushing ‘he army of Hochland, chen moving on, Ie was only at Mazhorod where the Empire finally broke the invaders, forcing them back the way they came ‘The Old Wosiders breathed a sigh of tlc thinking they had repeled the threat, They were wong, Lenk army was jus he vanguard, Vollamar dhe Grim, the Grand Theogonist ofthe Cult of Sigmar, recognise ‘the danger Archaon presnted tothe Empiv. He gahered 3 ost of fanatical Sigmarites and convinced the Elector Coun of Tlabhci to lend further support, building « powerful force put down the wpwart Warlord The Sigmarces marched into the fiid lands of Kise 10 meet Archaon’s forces. They foughe bravely, but Archaon, powered by che wicked Chaos energies, illed the Grand Theogonist in one mighty blow, before runing fon the rt ofthe gathered fore, slaying each and everyone ‘With Volkmar dead, che Cult of Sigmar elevated Johann Esmer othe post af Grand Theogonist. This man was nothing like his predecesot, as Johann was more concerned with politics rather than saving souls. Lushor "Huts emerge as Esme’ principle enemy and went on campaign to discreie the new Theogonis, In rsponse, Exmer denounced the ‘Warrior Pres, and with the aid of highly placed Priestess Df Sigmar who controlled most of the Witch Hunters, he eee close tabs on Huss movements is sothing of figv, aac bands of Flagilans ad convert, much nthe sae ay gti di psec og Dig ac wartaigs ‘he came upon ablcemith gamed Valen who bore « aing exelent Sgnae Matera ie ois ma ed he ign fi comer on bs Eee Hes Sate vl oe tra wok the young man ro Aldor be aoe As Hoss ands mab moved wand Aldor the Emperr ced a Gondave of igh phe soppore ee in fighting the Chaos armies. He invted heads of sate from all acoss the (ld World wo a conference where he explained the siution fing them all. The Dwarfs and High Eves pledged chi sstance a dil many others The Concave decided ther pln for defence and rencwed ol aliancrs, Dring this ime Luthor Huss arived in Aldor. The Emperor faced troubling situation. He could neither recognise the man a Sigmar reborn nor eld he denounce him. By doin his own righ o che throne, therefore weakening the Empire. And if the lamer, he would fragment the Empire. He cane to a compromise and gave Ghal Marae, Sigmars Hammer and the symbol ofthe Emperot, o Vsten, and so the two leadets tuned thee atenton to the approiching hos he former, he would compromise ‘With the vanguard having wreaked havoc in Kiley Archon orcs and his mighty gencrals pushed through the frozen lands with ese, especially since Archaon was obsessed with eradicating the Empire; he eared not for Prag, and Kis He let Kile to D'aggor the Exalted, recing up Archaon and ‘he rest of his armies to focus on Erengrad, There, the Ksleites managed 10 hold ot fora time, bur the aval of Nore Bersetkers ulkimatly destroyed ‘hem, allowing Archaon t raze the por iy Archaon, with the Norsemen, continued south, invading Ostand, where the host divided into ive armies, cach led by one of his Everchosen Generals, Haagsoth, Chaos Warsior of Khomne, moved past, \Wolenburg, which was sill weakened From the attack che year before, Melek, thrall of Taeentch, moved into the Middle Mountains, laid siege to Bras Keep, and controlled and. The nex general vas Feyto, one of Nurgle’ chosen, and he invaded Hochland ‘while Seyrkaar, Champion of Slaanesh, Held the Forest Road against Hergig and Talabheim armic, route into Nord ‘With his armies positioned, Archaon strode direly for Middenhcs Though che Kaights of Siginars Blood and Army of Middenland held him fora time, the Beastmen surged out ofthe Drakwald and pushed the defenders back othe walls of Middenhim, where it was 000, sutrounded onal sides. Archaon would not relent, even inthe face of ‘Chapter I: Chaos in the Old World this nearly impregnable city, for he was driven by an all-consuming ced to kil the Sigmariteeligion, and todo 3, he woul level the city that ‘crowned Sigmar. The ultimate victory would be when he extinguished the ames of Uli, humiliating the God and converting those followers to the Ruinous Powers, A Doom AVERTED Ikseemed the Empire was doomed, but with the combined might of the Empire, Elves, Dwarfs, and Bretonnians, coupled withthe timely invasion of che Grecnskin armies and uprising of Undead, Archaow’s Forces were finaly defeated, forced to withdraw to the Middle Mouncains he Drakwal, and even back o the Toll Country, where chey pls their exe ata, yen defeated, Archaon’s horde spread death and misery throughout the northern Empire, Ostand, Hochland, and Middenland were ll had bit with tens of thousands now displaced and starving. Madnes is widespread, fale minds shattered by the abominations that served th. Lord ofthe End Times, andl among these people, new converts tothe Ruinous Powers have emerged. In the Dralcwald, the Beasts of Chaos ae sill extremly acive, prowling the shadowy forests and preying upon the isolated villages thar somehow esaped the destruction of the wat. Worse, Skaven ate ative, andl Brass Keep now serves at a sronghold forthe ‘Chaos Waris. Middenheim survived, but not unscathed, For Skiven plot in the warrens beneath the city, while the poople above mureconcend with the camage and corruption left by che besieging Force. Wuar Lis AHEAD Archaonis defeat is just che beginning ofa far darker time. Is elear the threat of Chaos is nor tan end, bu in fact eater than evr before. I {sjusta matter of time before the hordes tumble out ofthe north once ‘more, and when it does, who can sy if the Empire wl be victorious ican iit amis of ack amour wars snbing ofthe Blasted Chaos Wastes, or the nefaious threat of Culists decaying the moral fibres of Imperial fe ic is the cheea of mutation that erties Old Worlders. Tris che most personal of che creas that che Ruinous Powers pose, the erosion ofthe self nto the seething fulness ‘of Chaos, One can never tell who hides some strange corruption ofthe Flesh beneath a bagay shit or under Blthy breeches. A neighbour could ‘conceal some bizarre abomination in thei ella, and everyone listens for the horrible shrieks of « new mother spawning a twisted beat. The threat ‘of physical contamination is ever-present, and all Old Worlders keep 2 ‘watch eye forthe tlle signs of coerupton. {Who can sy for certain why mutation occurs Some suggest mor! fling Some chim iis «eure: Others suggest its punishment foe moral sin. “Regardles ofthe cause, mutation occurs wih staring frequency, and though the Wich Hunters and honest ckzens do chi parts to destoy “Marants wherever they appear, their forts ae not enough to slow the tide ‘of corruption threstning to contaminate the Old Woe. — Exrenr oF ConrAMINATION — lance is not enough. Witch Huncers bur just a small amber of swith other threats, sch atthe Undead, Beastmen, and renegade ‘Waaards. And, even if che Witch Hunters devoted their entire purpose to the extermination of mutaed wus they wold never come clone #9 destroying them all forthe fight against Chaos is 2 losing one, Causes OF MUTATION In an ffore to stop or slow che spread of physical corruption, there has been some effort over the centuries catalogue the catalyst of change. ‘Whar follows is hut a sample ofthe causes of muation, By no means is this survey complet, for the wy ofthe Ruinous Powers ate ny and insidious CONTAMINATION OF THE WoMB “On passing through Nuln’s West Gate ro continue my journey north to Aldor, I posed by & home in that mor wretched of neighbourhoods, the Shanytoun In the dim set of is forlorn loce were all mariner of decrepit people, souls for from the purifying light of mos holy Sigmar Seeing queer sights and ‘ites of the lsy 1 oped a passer-by to ak what manner of ‘creatures haunted those shadows. His rely? They were the damned, {he cosvoffs, andthe forgot. Those people who were et oide jacants on their pyres. Much more of thee time is spent contending a birth in an ect of the mos extreme cru. He ded that ‘Witch Hunters would oceasionally enter the strets to put the mes ffenioe Nasphemis tthe sword” ALpEn Kaurstrorr, Mencuant Nothing is move tragic than seeing che product oflove soured by the sin ‘of corruption, but each year, more and moe children ae bor ined twisted, and coeruptd by the tertifying power of the Dark Gods, And these ste not minor defects, no, thes are the abominations, chose remures born inhuman, more bea than Human, evil made manifest inthe Hlth. Among the lose children, strange maladies appear in their tender and seemingly innocent Rlth. A babe might be bom with the leg ofa rooster or sporting a tied eye in the centre of its brow. Tentacles; Fr; gros ae bestia conjoined wins ted together with the bonds of perverted flesh and worse Hoonese Old Worldes know thei ry and are quick ta split che head of these creaturer—even a such 3 young age—ro smth dhe coruption. Bo the more sir is wea suled by cempraion and misplaced affection Misguided parents ake their children a lonely paces in the woods, or Jeave them in bowers of reds that will ake them who knows where. In ‘ities, pants guilly pice their sawn in the sewers or set them loos the sects of dhe poorest quarts. The most flsh actually atemp o hid ‘heir ofspring, pretending, in their despair, hat nothing is wang with th sreasured ofpring ‘The tesul ofthese so-lled ace of mercy is quite the inverse. Wha life 4 Mutane expect to ive? What right docs it have to dwell unde the shin brecon of Signa’ glory? No, instead of mercy the well-intentioned paren rerely forest the inevitable, ining disaster on their oven heads and worsening situation already sd. Thse lst children cavre with other of their kind, sampling the discace fruits ised fom the loins of the blackes of powers and preying upon the righteous and jus. Sill, che tempration to spare one’ own flesh i powerful. Most men and) ‘women, when confronted with their duty to eliminate tainted offspring, ind theylack the mettle Such i the influence of che Dask Gods that they can touch the ears and minds of atherwise pious men and women. And, for each flure, the Foul Forces ofthe north grow in their tribe power. Warding the Womb (ld Worldershaveall sets of remedies for making certain babes are born hale and healthy. Though few, any, seem to work (some are even dangerous tothe mother), the fear spawning a Mutant overshadows jst about any other concer, The most popular treatment i forthe expecting mother to rub her albdomen with animal fs once per weck, Is believed this insulates the child fom unwanted vapours and ensures a healthy babe, Mothers who forges or skip a weck may make up for missed dosage by drinking a quart of ox blood mixed wich goat milk: Other preventative measures include never standing inthe light of Moric since thar moon casts anil light (Or, mothers can make a pilgrimage co one of che shines of Shallya nd sain the blessing ofthe Pris. However, even the mos vigilant mothers produce warped offspring, and in he larer months of pregnancy, che women around them watch for signs and ill omens. Potens of bad birt include the nesting of sparrow in the eaves, oa spider approsching the mother on che moming of birth, Children born during the nights when Moric is ll are almost all touched in some wap and so midwives do ther best to low the birthing process during the night until the next morning when the clean rays of wipe any the tant Turnskins Sometimes, a child may appear normal forthe fs few yar of lif Bat, evenly some physical change takes place. Changes of ey colour, lengthening ofthe it, o even the growth of hors aze he mos comrion, first signs car somehing has gone erly wrong, Called Turmskins the aw mands these special Mutants be put to the ame at once, though Few have the hearer conderan their sons or daughters to death, and instead tae the children othe remore places to loose them into the wildermes, Invariably, these los souls Find thelr way inco a herd of Bessemen, and alto of, the children rerum other villages to Feast upon the pares who spared ther. For more information on Tutnskns, sce Chapter VIE Beasts of Chaos ‘Adventure Seed: Accident of Birth ‘One nigh, while the layer Characters are staying in a remote vill in the wildemess, they awaken tothe sound of a ail they goto investigate, chy find a crowd gathering in Front of a hovel. Moments later a pale midwife emerge clutching a wcthing bundle. The’ no ‘explanation necded; the thing is a monster, and the duty: [Fone of dhe characters thinks to follow dh w she takes the babe to group of cloaked figures standing inthe shadows ofthe wees, She hands over the bundle and then flees back othe villige Who are these igure? Beastmen, Cultist oF worse? ENVIRONMENT “Thus wos gathered into Mordheim on the eve ofits destruction all the sins of men together, as a bol gathers the poisons of the Lody ready 1 be lanced by the surgeon's knife” —Beanuanot Hat, Wires Hunrex GExexaL van, they discover The reach of the Ruinous Powers is long indeed. The touch ofthe Gods ‘an oviscand warp the very lnd 3c ean the mortal form, Tainted places None Never = Mild Von Average (00%) Major day Hard (20%) ‘remain asthe Realm of Chaos recedes fllowing each Incusion. Fou! Spells and tual ease by Magi wit and warp the land around them. And, ‘Seemingly for no reaton at llth very wilderness berays the natural Corder of things, eoting and warping tothe faint laughter ofthe Dark ‘Gods, Enering these profane places is dangerous even forthe purest of heart and the very ar can plane the seeds of change in chose who travel these regions overlong, Perhaps the ost commonly corcupted places are the cities themselves. Fr good resson, she armies of Chaos focus their attacks on the population centies, much as chey did in che Great War againse Chaos, And more recently during dhe Stun of Chaos. Eich invasion coincides ‘with a swelling oF magical energy pouring out of the maddening realms beyond the Chaos Wastes, and this fell energy changes whatever ic touches. Oprionat RULE ‘Allocation sha’ been tained by Chaos has imi ‘mortals inthe area and chen only when they spend extensive amouns ‘time on dhe aficted site Any piven area has a Comuption Value (CV), ranging fiom none wo severe. The CV determines the difialty and fequency ofthe Wil Power Test needed to resscche feces of | ‘Chaos. Should the character fl the Wll Power Tes he fers the indicate eles. Fnally CV may aso have cfs on the esting of spells ang additional dice for Casting Rll For detail, se Table 271: Corrupted Environments ‘An ates canbe of any sie and any intensity. Some areas may have overlapping intensities, suengthening as one approaches the source of contamination. The greater the cotrupton, the smaller the are, since for Chaos co affect anything, ie must be concentrated in one place, Nore that some arer—the Chaos Wastes, Monolith, Even ‘Weystones, and the lke—have additional special rules, See their respective entries inthis book for mote information. ‘Accorruptdatca gradually expands creating larger bands of lower iensity corruption emanating from the source, whichis usually though nor alvays, a chunk of Warpstone or some profane place Formerly usd in blxphemous eebrations vo the Ruinous Powers. “The best way co cleanse an area of coruption is through fire. The land muse burn fora numberof days per step over*None” Soya site of major corruption must be allwed to burn fra eas four hays before the esnt removed. In al cases such cleansings are rarely permanent ascorspted tersn is tenacious in its dese ro ‘TABLE 2-1: CORRUPTED ENVIRONMENTS None Normal Roll once on Table 2-3: Mutations Normal Rollonce on Table 2-3: Mutations sidie Cities also breed mutations for other reasons. For most Old World ite, the living conditions deteriorate in dite proportion to is sz. 'No city is clean, and most, ifnot all, are overcrowded, packed tghtty ‘with desperate people seeking o improve their ives. The deplorable Conditions in cicy life lend themeelves tothe fll spectrum of Human ‘wickedness, which, fn turn, spreads despair, anger, desperation, and envy the foundations of coruption. Dissatisfaction with this fare, and seeing the decadent nobility in heir sleek carriages and fortes-homes, breeds fesentment, which ultimately leads wo sel loathing and bitterness. Some people um to Cals to revolve chese dificltes. Most have no idea whom these Cults serve, while others simply le theiremorions fester untl their bodies rebel and sprout some horrible tentacle or eyes Many scholars believe the tendency for mutation in urban envzonments is artically higher simply dc to population densi. The more people Jinan area, the more likey iis forthe inevitable mutation to emerge. To prove this, they poine tothe dozens of communities throughour the Old ‘World thae spain their own Mutants, clearly suggesting that mutacin i not exclusive urban centres, ‘As Further proof of the insidious power of Chaos, one need only look to the manifestations of Chaos aint in dhe land itself. Travellers tell of places of warped and twisted landscapes, where the tees leak foul, ochre uid, tnd the very earth moane from is coeruption. Bizarre creatures abound, ‘sch as chose that have becn sported in the Wastlands, or even che ‘ceasonal anomaly captured by hunters—stories abound of threc-eyed deer, horned abbits, urls that speak, and the amphisbaena, “hough the widemess andes bot end shel to producing Mutant sich lcs aerate One det noc us tumble eta gaz Contant wih ving But among thet ede, there se lars that have ben changed though Flan ender och places Iny bane nce eel ate pes for Cl, oF might bess ‘hurea parca ful trancf te Rains Powers Some might Tue ann tomb, best funded le the win worchow tseape wil thes may hide poles of Wyrone, sch asthe ones Solarian dome of Monin ex bio a thank wuss nd som fir one edie the Wich Hames argu to eae sie any Prag Pethaps the best example ofa Chaos-infecred environment isthe Ksevite city of Praag, Once a great city, fortlied ourpost that had long stood fast agnnee the pulses from the Chaos Wastes and depredations ofthe ‘oceasonal marauder, i was ill prepared for whac would one day spill out from the ever-changing wasteland. In what would later be know. as che Great War against Chaos, the switling dark Eye ofthe Realm of Chaos ‘opened, and black clouds of infernal energy swept devin from the pains, cleating the way forthe seuling Daemons and armies of Chaos Warriors Fenton desteueson, “The sorm blew past the city, warping the stones of ts walls and making “Mutants of chose who stayed behind. Praag was a city ofthe lst. This blight did noe remain for long, Magnus and his armies marched vo meet the invaders, pushing back che hateful horde and freeing the lands of Kislcw once more. Noone was prepared for what they would discover in Praag: This city was no sane place. Human flesh melded withthe stones, weed Buids wept fom the strets, and the dea ly stacked like cordwood, Daemons and worse crept in he gloomy alleys and the tssence of eorsuption was everywhere. The Kisevites, withthe aid ofthe Timperals, cleansed the city the bes they could, and rcbuiefeanewon the shattered stones of the pas ‘ven to this day, Praag emains a place touched by darkness and ei ‘Warding the Land In areas contaminated by Chaos, Witch Hunters erect a cordon to contain the spread ofthe int. In city, hey eypcally block off an entire distrce whilst in che wilds, they may quaraacine an entire town lorstretch of forest. Using « combination of temple soldier and mili fiom 2 community nea the affected region, they purge the land by burning everything. Solemn Priests also speak invocations to the Gods to drive away che profane spirits at work. And, somesimes, the land Fights back, Adventure Seed; Cursed Wood In forlorn serch of unnamed hills shlrered by the towering tes of the Drakald, there is place where the land seems... touched. The thin sss seems co bend away fiom the steps of travellers, branches parton their own, andthe sun dime the further one travels inside the hollow. The hills themselves resemble a mas of warey lumps, sprouting stunted tees and odd morecovered rocks that split the red soil ike rotting tet in the mouth ofa Gliby pessane Their cares were not rigorous enough for evr trappers come hete since there are 30 few animals, but the few who have snooped around claim chre isan old formation of boulders arranged in a circle around an altar. Sute enough, old blood stains the slab of stone miraculously balanced on «wo mote stones. But aside fom its unusual structure, is odd appearance, andthe prckling sens of fear char dance on the Resh, ther is no sign or evidence of anything tctive, However, at night, when Moric i full and shining bight, ‘things emerge from the ree and soil to dance. People nearby wold Alo best to remain indoors on such nights, as these things will come fo ‘When the Player Characers move through the Drakwald, hey come ‘upon Knopf, small and isolated hamlet on the edge ofthe forest There they find the people fighting and arguing. Characters catch a smateing of words, suggesting the confie stems from 3 ming child. Ie seems Alton, a wapper, lost his daughter a the edge ofthe forest—she was playing, and something grabbed her. He’ steaming with worry and fear this daughter’ fat, but the villagers refuse co help him, reminding hm ofthe waxing moon. Should the PCs afer to help, they muse venture into the cursed wood and fice whatever ei irks here ForsiDDEN Lore “ewes just book! I swear I had no idea what ir wes. Weit, wait, ler me explain I bough it rom the Bookseller in town. Pmt « cellecor se? Rely! Dont burn mex pease listen! The mark? A war, that's al. Please don't burn meee” THE Last WORDS OF ABELHORF VANDERHOFFEN, convictsD MUTANT “The Priests of Sigmar each thar jst asthe mouth takes in food and drink to oui the body, s0 roo does the mind tke in information 0 food the spit. you eat a poe meat pe, or drink suspicious wine, you might ill il oe ‘xen die depending on haw rancid heft, So too can the spi scken when foul words ad thoughts areallowed to ener dhe mind. When too mich kh is consumed, the soul sickens, jeopardising the natural balances ofthe body, tus the body manifes the sprit compan asa mutton, Whether the words of Priest tre or not tan tomes have owes, an umwtioleione ality ocorop he bad injecting hel regis {oF Chae with every ta of she page. Such oles have broght many Scurtous oust oe deving hem mao destroying the sh. Och Beals may sm tancenc ntl the ink eli examined. A mine oF Warptonepowsrand eine produce a baat may nk that ‘ores he whom, When andl the reduc eam the Bec, Ini the aging elec of Wrprione, Suc contnlaatins ate nevet father, hey padally contaminate the body or mind over 8 eid font Yea ago» Cl pened setslogueof murders, ‘eierimer and tht weapons of cole, Soon at thes called penny dresdf weston tle, pope began going mad Becoming ving ‘piel benekers steaming and raging at sything or anyone who hapenel tobe nea. oaks ow months fr the Wich Hunters 0 ttn the sce of tise clay and ce they ecveed ll the pampblen,doy ccd se cope ot ining fhe ye bum the Tene evens ane ‘Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf Rhalling the exquisite Colleges of Magic, the Temple of Sigmar in Aledor san impressive srcture, Dwarf refuges designed and constructed chis ‘monument to secure a place for themselves in the Empires capital. And while grand and storied, the facinating aspects of the emple are not in the hued of ane gs window or the yng bute bur he Hidden away from mortal eyes ate warded rooms designed to safeguard the mose damaging and dangerous writings ever known. What’ contained there represents nearly en centuries of work by Priests and Witch Hunters to collec a conceal these heretical tet. They might have burned them, bur for one reason of another they chose not to, seeing them too awl (and too insightful) co consign to fr. And so these volumes are locked away, guatded by blind and mate Zealos ‘On occasion, the vauls are opened so that ranking member of the Cul can reference the tomes to lm something ofthe enemy. But. only the purest and strongest of conviction ar sllowed inside, This has becn the fe ever ever since an unnamed Templar enteted the Halls and read the hateful words of Necrodomo soon the Great War against Chaos, and ler ‘vanished. Despite every effor ro protec hese volumes, jvariably one ‘scapes 1 wreak havoe from time to time. And with each ecape, copies ofthese tomes spread, working their evil among the wel-intentioned people of the Empire and beyond. Corrupted Tomes For tomes tinted by Chaos, the rules for resolving the eects ae included inthe book’ description, Mos forbidden texs grant Insanity Points, bua few have been known to impose mutations. For sumple books, se ‘Chapter V: Objects of Chaos. A group of sapers after losing their homes inthe war, plot ro brele into che Emperor Vault and help themscves ro some of his cain. They ‘burrow through the wall ofthe sewers, believing thatthe wealth they crave lis somewhere neat che Sigmarte Temple. They filly brea through a wall be insted of mountains of gold and gems, they find books—hundreds and hundreds of books, Iesemed the entire expedition ‘vas a waste, but one ofthe men knew that books could sometimes bring, ina fortune if they could ind the eight buyer So, the sapper lifted as ‘many tomes as they could carry, and fl Aledoo. ‘Two days lac, che Templats of Sigmar learned ofthe breach, but the ‘Witeh Hunters ate spread thinly throughout che Empire. Bach day there 8 delay in recovering the texts, the greater the exposure and tisk. So, ‘hey turn to secular agents, such a the PCs, for help, What horrors will the characters find in ther serch to recover the missing books? What will fhe Witch Hunters do when they recover them from the PCS? Macic “There is fine line between the arcane marks left on the fagiers and the corruptions that manifest in the mind and flesh af Wishes and Wrlocks For Magisters, theorcane marks are inevitable, by-products of working with the Winds of Mogic. But, For those who dabble in Dark Magic, the corruptions of the flesh ‘and mind are rewards for dabbling in the forbidden. Hence, iis ‘our duty 10 welcome those born withthe ralent into the sacred halls of the Colleges to nurture cheir abies, cultivate new Magisters, and further the interests of our exeemed Orders!” —Pavto Buss, Macisrea, Oaven oF Lic “Theres good reason to fear Magisters. Each time they touch che Winds, they risk tht ives. When mishandled, the Winds ean wreak bavoe upon ‘the magic ier, raring his mind, his ody, and even his mortal sol, Is because of thes risks Magnus the Pious endored the Formation ofthe CClleges. Ie was not a reward for services rendered ba chance to bind Wizatds to the Empise through vows of loyalty made o a organisation ‘hat owed its very existence to che nation in which ic resides. “Though the Colleges of Magic ins caution in their students, even the most careful Magister is 3¢ rk of damnacion when working magic. A botched spell can bring down a magical conflagration that ean range feom minor problems, such as an unruly bowel o dangerously sinter ‘events, such a brief Daemonie possesion leaving the Magister with no recollection of what happened. Worse, such mismanaged magic ea lead ‘o corruptions of the mind and body: Many Magister hae slipped into madness ast by practising their ar “Though Magers and Apprentices are subject ro he comupting Influence of Chas the Onder hive tke sep to naire uc ales rbd enclingiog Comte te nical an el, ‘pon th Winds oo oem Te all ower inthe en BC Hedge Winds che ache andthe vile Waves These Wis fang fom the michienus and rllou to the dbo who dig ‘nconjuting ful Daemons and ting ther powes fr el And x the dabble wit Dak Magi thel moral co uns bigh. Anyone who pracies magic withou the sanction of the Calg of Magic doomed Is dey pyre oe be conan y the poe thy ack pout ‘Mutation in the Colleges of Mapic “The Onder of Magic do tr best to keep thee internal problems qui. Rumout do lip ou ao ad then about Matas, Daemons, a Black Magister all adding tothe rump ear and speclaon about che Magisters and thir mocies. Its belleved the Magisters have chek file share of Mutants and perhaps few more than one would expect. Parents of children who are accepred into the Colleges of Magle sometimes lose rouch with cei children altogether. When they inquire the official statement i that Apprentices ae aught to put thet old lives Ibchind them, severing conacetions when and where possible. In rath, some Apprentices just disappear, removed from thee menos care atthe fier ign of instabliey or corruption, Corniption Through Magic Glen te Eyre! Tes Cateele lee Appradi Tenens Gitte Expanded) ca mains tenia empory possesion o even mutation, fn addition, some magic items are touched by compton, snd can impr cheir mutating effects onto thee users. Adventure Seed; Fall from Grace ‘When 2 Bright Wiard covers a datkgrimoire from 4 Chaos Wizard, he finds he cart help bu look through the pages before destroying it. ‘With each pag, the tome deaws him in, ling his head with visions ‘of incredible power. In but afew moments, his mind shatters and he xccumbs tothe lure of Chaos. When he finishes, he sees hs pth clearly {sets forward to change the world 1 Payer C ae in the same town a che Bright Winard and ce strange things starting ro happen: cows mill sours, babies ae born woth vile mutations nd birds fll dead from the sya signs of the sc of Dark Magic. Upon investigation, they earn ofthe Bright Wiranls sence and the recent conflice with Warlock. Unfortunately, dhe Bright Wizard lef for Aledor. What does the cortupred Magister intend? Can 1 characters top hi i PLAGUE “During one of my many tras had the unfortunate portunity to come serosa illage inthe throes ofan outbreak of Neistsh Ree. While trained in the arts of medicine, I wos {nprepared Jor what I found. The entre population sere be inthe grip of inact. I Seemed the sky ws darker. The colour tas leached from the turning autumnal lee of the res ond the once gay dresses ofthe women. Sadness, despair, ond hopelsmess tere as incsioe as whateor plague wormed is way through the rotting flesh of is vcims?” Macha, ARABYAN PHILOSOPHER, SURGEON, AND EXPLORER Jn many ways, one ofthe most common Fclingsexpetienced by OL \Worlders is despair Ii sadness, misgving, and melancholy. [eis the hopelesiness of one’ at, the inability to rise above the bindings placed by circumstance of birth or fortune. And, while the unfaimess of ie feralises the seeds of daub, itis the onset of si andomness and inecapabiity of Human sulfesing, es tha epitomizes the Discas crosses all barter. Ie breaches the mightias defences, suiking he coeupe and innocent alike There sno protection, and no matter how 2 penitent prays and pleads, dscae seks down the mighty and ; reek alike, So, inthe face of sch capricious power, i is no wonder chat Humane succumb to che dark mucterings in cheir minds and search for some succout from the discomfort oftheir bodies rbelingagsinse them, Teds the most hopeless and desperate who wurn co dhe cold comfort of Old Father Nurgles embrace bret of Mute ase eson dale the corporeal for into halo, coughing, Higuid death, But, Nugle ede on despa, and though he Be ametiortes the pain somewhat, beets the beds aly cote wih the consign unting rampant. The pester Ng’ voveha the treater te Iikatiood fer sone other warping effec some new ala Of the Bes o appear and torment the ‘Wich Huncer Bums the leh vay and fies the sul om Chaos Bi. Neiglish Rot Though any dsc indy a morel eo the wakagaeme of ic odd of Decay, Neigh Rot ace WERP page 136137) the mos cena, Somer known as Neglsh Roche virulene dias weak havoe wih the system, Painful buboes erupt in the sf ses and slays sccompanie bys high fever. Manysulerers ofthis emble disease sip is rast eff: Neg Rot ils dow, sometimes aking weeks Took awa oa Bey death sapped vo a Wich Hume wake q unc Some compassionate “The normal effects of Ne ighness Test each day or lone 59% from every Characteristic. I ish Rot require a victim ro succeed on ighnct is reduced to 0%, the victim dies, Ar the end of each week the vitim gains a mutation, rolling on Table 3-3: Mutations of Nargle. For mote robs effets, a the end of each wee, che victim of Neiglish Ror rolls 1d10. Consult Table 2-2 Neiglish Rot Effects for det fa eee Tito mi A = Neiglsh Rot spreads through contact. The infected merely has to touch another to spread is tant. Occasionally, this plague pops upon its om, bur individual can catch icin a variny of ether ways, including being bya infected Champion of Nurgle,sepping in a sticky pool lft by a Geear Undlean One, of by rouching a Death Head, Such exposures are all bese rar, A Hostile World “Those afflicted with disease find linle mercy inthe Old Weld. Disease Isdangerous and rampant enough wichoutreklesly exposing oneself eo the plague. To combat the spread of disease, some villages force plague vicrims out oftheir communities at sword point, urging them, on pain of death, co move on before the situation deteriorates, The acted find others who suffer from the same plagues and gather in nomadic colonies “They wander from town to town, but are met with closed doors and Taste 2-2: NEicust Ror Enrtcrs all owice more on this table, ignoring fata resus of. Toler dine cient ably vein fae rl ‘timly-st faces, Even worse, dhe law ofthe Empire states those who safer from plague must cary heavy bells around thee necks or across their hacks striking chem while chanting “Unelean!” vo warn chose who are not affited of thei pprozch, In situations where the plague s too widespread, such warnings not posible, and a common tactic ito cordon off the communi In such ‘outbreaks, she Temple of Shall tends to the sick and dying, working to bolser spires and eas the suffering as best they can. But despite thelr best efforts, most Prieteses find themselves fling il. Considering the inefctve measures used to combat che plague, oficial and Witch unter form a “Cordon Sanita”, similar to those used in pars of Bretonnia to contain the Red Pox, whereby ecing plague vit thar ‘ror he line are simply struck dawn, The Cordoa lasts fora number of ‘months unl there are no new cases. Oftentimes, theres no way 0 tll the statu of the community and 4o the vllagers, lest they starve co death, ‘mut break dhrough the protective walls or seck 2 quick death on the end ‘af Soldier’ halberd or spent. Adventure Seed: The Curious Case of Osterlaff _ ‘While travelling near Nua, che Player Characters find chemslves ina tiny hamlet known as Osteria Not on any mapsand thoroughly decrepit, his community # pot much more cha acolletion of rotting hovel fled with toathles peasants, One thing they note ax they make thei vay dough the community i everyone there seems co sie ftom some affliction. They are allin some advanced sate of illness yet no one seems dscomifted. Aer interviewing the locals, the PCs learn the people have had some variation ofthe plague fra long a anyone cin remember, but n0 one has ever dice from it Lice do the heroes know; but the citzens are the experimental subjecs of vile Black Magister who dabbles inthe magic of Nurgle o find away ta extend his life. Thus far he's een succesful, chough he too sues fom awl stomach-rorning ailments POssEssION ““Boerthing that ies i, some degre or another, a tabernacle for the pure energies of mai, end och and coery mortal erate is 2 ruth a vessel of magic eneray as iis a generator of it.The greater the incligence, emotize and era of species, he greater effet thy have onthe eb and flow of this energy and the loser they are ots influence. Being os incligent fe has the closes tis tothe Warp the plsical form of inelligent beings has the capacity to contain more of a Daemon ey purpose and power than simpler forms of life such as plants or livestock.” Tite Mavenic Maacanion Posestion is the assumption ofthe paysial form by some external agency. Hedge Wieard and Shamans sometimes dabble in Necromaney, Conjuring up the spirits ofthe dead, oF worse, allowing these disembodied beings to occupy their bodies so tac they can channel thoughts and wishes ofthe departed with thee living loved ones. Such acts are always Jnvitations to diester. Why? There i natural onde of thingss When amoral dics, his spirit is le loose to Moers Real. Spiritualists and [Necromancers disrupt thi order to dabble in forces best left undisturbed While they sometimes can communicate with the dead, more often than not they del with something far worse—a Daemon. Involuntary Possession ‘Some mortals ae born with a stronger connection tothe sypernatural (Of iem, most are discovered by dhe Colleges of Magic and seleced as Apprentices A few discover thee talents and develop magic sein a haphazard way, mostly through til and error But he test can go their emtteives never knowing what porcntal es within them, what powers ‘ould be thers contol with taining and study. Ic is these whom the Daemons seek “The reason forthe atretion stems fom thie cent ability to deal wth magic Pethaps the subject can per through the veil and sce Ghosts. Maybe they can sense when a paciculaly strong magical wind blows fr sense the manifestations of msgic. In any event, tis unconscious ‘connection allows the Daemonic entity to breach the natural barriers and slip wo the consciousness ofthe individual (Of course, nor all of che involuntarily possessed are systematically chosen bby Daemons. Some might be steric vets used by a Cule Magus to house an unruly spit. Others could be ambitious Wizards who accidentally mishandle the sorcerous energies resulting in a bre, alli