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iC Te si NS peeps Pee ea cur et eocet a d paar ty eer ey opr ip ee naire Forges of Nuln is the final step along the Paths of the ae are pees bat serene an indeed. Having thwarted Chaos in Ashes of Middenheim, ee ete mero chance for Chuos to unleash bell in the Old World. ‘The Pe eat eae re aes ee ges oe Se Ra ea) STE ee ery eerie ‘gleaming eannon known simply as “The Magnus? Noble the Empire over have been summoned by the capricious Countess ‘of Nuln- Emmanuelle von Licbwitz. Many sek an invite eer een Ten nog Oia es ead ‘tarp wits and desperate measures are required if the ety, and indeed the Empire, is to be saved a terrible fate. Would be ee aaa toes er ren ea eee ee err ees) enemy who would see them slaughtered a every turn, Pas Cee ei otey mane cae Ta ce aad ean eke tat Sk at esta! Forges of Nuln isthe tilling conclusion of Poths of the Damned, the epic adventure trilogy For Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Inside Paes sortie eee ees + Agguide to Nuln, “The Jewel of the Empire’ including detailed ciry map. Cea re ee + regenerated characters to launch you straight into the action. (© Copyright Games Workshop Lid 2005. Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, Warbammer and the Warhammer logo, Warhammer Fantasy Eee a ee ge a EZ Citadel and the Citadel Device, BL Publishing and the BL Publishing logo, Black Indutrie and the Black Indutris logo, GW Chaos and all avocated Ce aa 8, TM andior © Games Workshop Lrd 2000-2005, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. All Rights Reserved. Green Ronin and the Green Ronin log are Trademarks of Gren Ronin Publishing, LLC and used with permission. (a peed | Sete SRM SRS ent teeny een aay Set COTE [NOC ES, Soe RE SE Table of Contents TH =i [= — Tanz of ConTEis — ‘The Monastery of Saint Abelard. eee » Evin: “The Jewel of the Empire. 4 Cuarrer THREE: ALONG THE REK .. A History of Nuln. 3 The Rise of the City-State. 5 7 7 3 Ef ‘Magnus the Pious. 3 Nuln’s Dec 9 Storm of Chaos and Nuln’s Rebirt! 9 The Present Day. 9 Who’s Who in Nuin 10 0 a a a a a Altestadt Newestadt.. Docks and Faulestadt. ‘The Conclusion Magnus Unoeil Uprising. Abominata Recovering the Chalice Failure Experience Points Award Handouts... Pregenerated Characters. SS LOS TT toric INTRODUCTION ores of Nun isthe chrllingconcTusion ofthe Paths of the Damned campaign, bringing toa close what began in che ineroducrory adventure, Though se Drakwald, and continued in Ashes of Middenbein aad Spires of Aledo Tis adventure is iimended for character: midway dough their second or just seating tele cid carers In shi advencue, the Player Characters (PCs) search fr the third shard that houses the last ofthe Daemonic exserce of Xachrodox the Red Flyer. Begining with an investigation aa euined ate of Naln, The monastery, they find clues pointing 0 che iy — AsourT Tus B Path ofthe Dann Fore of Nala consists ofthe following section: Guide to Nuln “This section sa gazeter of Nuln, che Jewel ofthe Empl. I includes abroad hisory highlighting key events, and desripcions of neighbourhoods and ley locations throughout This chapter isan slo belp you whist running this adventure, bu cas serves san cscelen resource for building adventures of your ow ‘Chapter One: The Third Shard This chap presents an overview ofthe eran, It deal the major plot that unfold while the characes search forthe areiet and cao presents ill description ofthe Chalice of Wath Chapter Two: Farewell Altdorf The beginning ofthe adventure, shis chapter transitions character fromthe events that take place in Spire of Aledorfto the fst investigacary steps they mus ake to reach Nuln. Chapter Three: Along the Reik This chapter describes the best and surest means for reaching Nils the Emperor Wiel. Including maps and statistics fo the re this chapter can guide you in building furzheradvencures on the Empire’ waterways In addition, there are several encounters ‘espe up the journey. ‘Chapter Four: Fear and Loathing in Nuln This chapter offers guidelines for running the rest of the adveneure In addition ro building envitonmentso evoke the favour ofthe characters secure passage on the Eiperor Wilhelm and witness the fie ofthe coreuption that avaits them when they rach their destination, Once they arrive in Nulh, they become embroiled ina mystery of missing persons and conspiracies eencring on the unveiling of the Magus, powerful new cannon and the hope of the Empize co repel future attacks from the Chaos Wastes. And in the shadows of alleys and che darkened cunnels eneath the clay, Mutants plot to seze che cit for themselves. Can che heroes unravel the knot of schemes and thwart che wicked machinations of the Daemon in ime? OK —