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ec Sheet Donizetti Music" Bella siccome un angelo from Don Pasquale Larghetto cantabile Malatesta : > Bel - la sic-co- meun an-ge-lo Fair as anan - gel from a-bove, in ter - ra pel- le-gri - fre - sca sic-co - moil Earth's orb a-while a - dorn - Fresh as_—therose_ that ona Se > gi - glio, che s'a- pre sul mat-ti - = no, breath-ing love fond-ly on the morn - ing; oc = chio che par-lae ri - de, sguar - do chei cor con - Eyes that each sense seems woo - in Glane - es the heart sub - (Ca Sheet Music (tm) -- Donizetti -- Bella sicome un angelo qui- de, chio - ma che vin-ce Te-ba-no, sor- ri - so in-canta - du-ing, Locks that the ra-ver'swingex-cel, Smiles fraught with a_ ma-gic tor, sor - ri- 80 in-can-ta-tor! spell,fraughtwith a ma-gicspell! a a tempo Al - main - no-cen-te,in-ge-nu-a che se me-de-smai - Sweet in - no-cence her soul ar- rays, Naught of —herbeau - ty Cd Sheet Music (tim) -- Donizetti -- Bella sicome un angelo = gn @oOOS mo-de - stia im- pa-reg - gia - bi - le, Each look her art-less thought be-trays, Anne In . tia_____ che vin > na-mo = i mi- se - ri heart___withkind - nessteem - yon woe a sa, gen-til, dol - cea- mo - ro-sa, il ciel Tha fat - ta In grace oer —mor-tals soar-ing, Heavin gave this sweetest oe na -sce - re per far be-a-toun cor, be-a - to unm an-gel birth, Bless - ings to shed on earth,bless-ings to shed on eet Music (tm) Donizetti ~ Bella sicome um angelo il cielPhafat - ta na - sce-re per far be - a - toun Yes,Heav-engave this an - gelbirththat she mightbless - ings >> b >= cor, per far be - a-toun cor, il ciel ha fat - ta shed,might bless-ingsshed on earth, Yes, Heav - en gave this b. 2 ee na-sce-re per far be - a - to, be-a an - gel birththat she mightbless-ings, might bless - Pp z Sees yA to, per far be-a- to un cor, ings, might bless-ings shedon_— this earth.