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The objective of Red Desert Events is
to involve the community in projects or
events that promote community cohesion,
development and identity. Red Desert
also encourages a community based
coordinated approach to improve the
economic, social & physical environment. NEWMANS COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER
To get involved call: 9177 8290
October 2017, Issue 180

Outback Fusion Saturday saw a jam-packed morning

Festival with the running of Mainstreet Markets,
showcasing local and traveling stallholders.
By Nicole Willis
Throughout the morning international
The Shire of East Pilbaras annual Outback cooking demonstrations were run by the
Fusion Festival was held over the weekend Filipino Association of Newman, Afro-Kreol
of 8-10 September. The weekend saw local cuisines and good old damper making
and visiting artists perform on the main while monkeys entertained the kids with
stage at The Square. their drumming abilities. Bush fairies were
there to face paint the crowd of children
Throughout the preceding week, Tim Darby and children at heart as well as dancing and
and Shani Graham of Sandsculpture WA lighting up their wings in the evening. They
were joined by butterflies on stilts. Outback Fairies having fun with the crowd
created an enormous sandcastle showing a
Photograph courtesy of Shire of East Pilbara
kangaroo with a joey snuggling in, a mother
emu and chicks, lizards and an assortment
of other creatures at the aquatic centre. the crowd with fire eating, twirling and
They took time to show visiting children electronic fire sticks when spun created
and adults some techniques for creating images, words and logos.
their own awesome sand sculptures with
several people returning to spend more The Newman Aquatic Centre re-opened
time on their creations. on the 6 September to coincide with the
Fusion Festival and rounding the weekend
On Friday night the Fusion Run coloured off with an Aussie Beach Party on Sunday.
run was held at Boomerang Oval. Families
enjoyed being sprayed with water and then Sponsors of the Fusion Festival included
covered in bright coloured chalk during the BHP, the Shire of East Pilbara, the PDC,
1.8 km walk. Thankfully the weather was LotteryWest, Thrifty, Cleanaway and Onsite
on the warmer side for the fun and frivolity. Rental Group.
This was followed by entertainment at The Ash Grunwald kept the crowd entertained on
Square and delicious hamburgers. the Worlds Stage
Photograph by Jackie Bickendorf

The Newman World stage held

performances from Newman Dance
Company, Amateur Theatre Company, as
well as other local entertainers from early
afternoon, continuing into the evening
with comedian Kevin Kropinyeri emceeing
or more like entertaining the audience.

Ash Grunwald did not disappoint the crowd

singing his own works, then Zap circus
brought the fire and flames with their
Participants at the Fusion Colour Run opening line We need you to lower your The amazing Sand Art at the Aquatic Centre
Photograph courtesy of Shire of East Pilbara expectations a ploy as they blew away Photograph courtesy of Shire of East Pilbara
Supporting business in Newman.
Introducing our Local Buying
BHP is committed to supporting sustainability of the communities in which we operate.
This means, where possible, to engage local businesses and support local employment
The Local Buying Program has been established to support local communities by helping
small businesses to easily engage with BHP as a supplier. BHPs Local Buying Program
provides local small businesses with a dedicated buying platform, better payment terms,
support through local Business Engagement Advisors and increased direct opportunities
for local small suppliers with our business.
To find out more visit, phone 1800 536 663 or email

@bhp @BHPWA
Local Elections Miss Legacy
Just a reminder to all Newman residence The third weekend in October is the renown
that the local government elections are Bloody Slow Cup event and following on
being held on Saturday 21 October. from the success of last years Miss Legacy
candidates, local woman Caitlin Lawson
In 2015 only 15% of registered votes made is hosting a number of events this year to
Newman News, your independent their voice heard. Be sure to put that all help raise money for WA Police Legacy.
local community newspaper, would important number 1 in the box of the
be delighted to hear from you. Please candidate who you feel will best represent If you see Caitlin around cooking a barbie,
send us your stories, photos, events, yourself in our community. selling raffles tickets, running colouring
birth notices and the like. Published competitions or hosting a the upcoming
monthly. You can submit your article This years candidates for the three seats in Trivia night, be sure to show your support.
South Ward: All monies raised go toward assisting the
to Red Desert Events email:
Anthony Middleton families of Police officers lost in the line of Barbara ODriscoll duty.
Gerry Parsons
Keelan McGinnis Red Desert Events AGM
Anita Grace
Shane Carter Newman Mainstreet Project Inc. T/A Red
Proudly Supported by Desert Events held its annual general
East Ward: meeting on Tuesday 19 September to elect
Robert Green new members for the 2017/2018 year.
Carol Williams
Red Desert Events (RDE) was established
Elections can be made either by completing back in 2001, when a group of community
the postal vote, which shouls be received in minded members identified a need for
the first week of October, or by attending community based events. Since this time,
the Shire of East Pilbara offices throughout the committee has been a balance of
Saturday 21 October. original and new members to ensure the
delivery of events such as International
For more information on the local Womens Day and Mainstreet Markets
candidates keep an eye on the Shire of East continue.
Pilbara facebook page.
This year saw an entirely new executive
Advertise with Newman News committee elected, with some of the longer
Newmans independent community newspaper serving members staying on in the capacity
Our advertising rates include G.S.T. of general committee. Congratulation to
You can submit your advertisements to the editor in the following ways: the following executive team;
Phone / Fax: (08) 9177 8290
In Person: Red Desert office, Newman Community Hall (Mindarra Drive) Chairperson: Stefanie Quinn
Email to: Vice Chair: Annie Iddon
Secretary: Mandy Wann
Ad Size Bus/Gov Bus/Gov Community/ Community/ Treasurer: Jasmine Edwards
regular rate singular rate Non-profit Non-profit
With lots of new ideas coming out of the
min. 3 issues min. 3 issues singular rate AGM, keep an eye out on The Beach
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Full page colour 350.00 400.00 350.00 400.00 events.
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Newman Dance Company
Half page 200.00 240.00 200.00 240.00
During the Term 3 school holidays, some
Quarter page 70.50 80.50 50.00 60.00 of the Newman Dance Companys senior
students headed to Perth to compete in
Quarter page 140.00 160.00 140.00 160.00 the Bayswater Dance Festival, being held
colour at the Morley Sport and Recreation Centre.
Classifieds n/a n/a n/a 15.00 Wishing the dancers all the very best in
their competitions, hope to have a full
Inserts * 150.00 150.00 150.00 150.00
article in the November edition.
Please contact us for our full rates chart and sizes.
Mock Court at the
Newman Court House
By Zan King, Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa

The Martu Leadership Program participants

have found themselves in court. But not
because people are in trouble, but because
they want to learn about how the whitefella
court system works.
Janelle Booth as the prosecutor, at the Maria Lane taking the defense
Six women from the womens leadership Newman court house Photography by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa
Photography by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa
program spent a day in the Newman court
facilities where they participated in a The women took on the roles of Magistrate, present took it in turns playing the role of
number of mock (yurmu) court sessions. the defence, the prosecution, and referees. the offender. Pilbara Magistrate Michelle
The roles were switched around and people This was the first time the women had Ridley also played the offender and was
got a chance to see what its like in all the ever done anything like this. However, sentenced in Martu wangka by one of the
positions in the court room. everybody was keen to take it on. Martu women playing the Magistrate.

Yesterday with the mock court was a bit This reversal of roles really highlighted the
different. It was the first time for me in language barrier and corresponding lack of
court and I was shaking. It was like I was understanding of whats happening. Most
doing it for real . . . Janelle Booth Martu who come before the court do not
have the support of an interpreter.
The mock court was supported by the
Pilbara Magistrate, the Newman Police The Martu Leadership group has worked
Officer-in-charge and two lawyers from the closely with the Magistrate, the Police,
Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) and Legal ALS and Legal Aid Lawyers to change the
Aid. way that Martu are currently affected by
The womens leadership participants with the criminal justice system. We would like
Newman Police, Magistrate Ridley and Melita In the mock sessions, the roles were also to thank all of these agencies for their
Medcalf from ALS reversed. Cases were heard in Martu generous collaboration with the Martu
Photography by Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa wangka (language) and the non-Martu leadership team.

Do you have or are you at

risk of diabetes?
Local health services have joined
ROAD forces with Diabetes WA to create free
interactive workshops DESMOND and
AHEAD? Walking Away from Diabetes to stamp
out diabetes in the Pilbara.

Ask your doctor for details or contact:

p: 1300 001 880
Put yourself
in the
drivers seat
Newman Pets and Vets hindquarters elevated. The dog will attempt
to vomit, sometimes bringing up foam and
two hours before or after vigorous exercise.
If you have two or more dogs you may want
Cone of Fame saliva. The stomach and therefore abdomen
will be distended and hard to the touch. In
to feed them separately to discourage
greedy gulping of food and air. Make any
By Dr Juanita Morrison
some dogs the distension occurs under the dietary changes gradual over 7 to 10 days
Each month we would like to share special ribs and the swelling is not always obvious. and do not use elevated feeding bowls.
cases we see with Newmanites. We hope With time, the dog becomes lethargic and
you find them as interesting as we did. the gums will be pale as shock sets in. Please be familiar with these signs of GDV.
If you are unsure, it is safer to take your
Kaylan, a 9 year old Akita, come to us as What causes GDV? dog for an examination as soon as possible.
he was unsettled, quieter than usual and There are many theories about the cause This condition can quickly turn fatal.
retching. Xrays of his belly confirmed he of GDV. Factors may include feeding large If you have any further questions regarding
had gastric dilation volvulus (GDV) which meals of dry food followed by exercise, this condition or your pet in particular,
is a condition where a dogs stomach fills abrupt changes in diet, drinking a large please contact the clinic on9175 1309
with gas and then twist preventing the gas amount of water after eating, and greedy
from escaping. This condition can quickly gulping of food. Other causes such as grass
restrict the blood flow to the stomach and eating and lack of bulk in the diet have been
they can die rapidly proposed, but nothing has been proven.

Kaylan had an emergency surgery to It is a problem seen mostly in large, deep-

untwist the stomach and a gastroplexy chested dogs such as the Great Dane,
was performed which means the stomach German Shepherd, Saint Bernard, Irish
is held in place to stop it retwisting. After Wolfhound, and Irish Setter. Dobermans,
a few nights of careful monitoring he was Weimeraners, and similar deep-chested
able to go home and is still doing well. dogs can also be affected, and cases have
also been reported in small and medium
What signs should you look for with GDV? sized dogs.
You will see signs of restlessness including
pacing, panting or rapid breathing, and How can I reduce the risk of GDV in my
reluctance to settle. They may assume dog? X-ray film of GDV
a praying position with the frontlegs It is recommended to feed breeds that are Photograph by Newman Vets and Pets
stretched out along the ground and the at risk 2 or even 3 smaller meals per day,
rather than one large meal and do not feed

Bark in the Park

By Tania Tucker, SAFE Newman

Newmans first Bark in the Park was held

on Sunday 17th September at the Newman
Town Square. The event was jointly hosted
the Shire of East Pilbara and SAFE Newman.

The day began with a 1.5km dog walk with

a ROMP along the way at the Dingo Dog
Park. Among the activities to keep families
and their dogs entertained were a Doga
session by the amazing Rowena Purdy,
performances by the Newman Dance Doga Session at The Square, only the dogs seem more Zen, with their owners enjoy the yoga
Company, vendor booths, pet competitions Photograph by Serene Bedlam Photography
with best costume and trick contests
and the ever-popular Serene Bedlam
Photography booth, who was kept busy
taking photos of owners and their favourite
furry friends.

Special thanks must go to our fantastic

volunteers on the day, and also to our
wonderful sponsors: Shire of East Pilbara,
BHP, Lowys Pet Wash & Groom, Newman
Lions Club, Middos Dog Wash, Rowena
Purdy, Serene Bedlam Photography,
Parnawarri IGA and Newman Dance
Superman and Batman made an appearance at SAFE Foster carers; Hayley Martin and Jo
the Bark in the Park McGowan with their fur babies
Photograph by Serene Bedlam Photography Photograph by Serene Bedlam Photography
1 October United Nations International Day of Older Persons

3 October Newman Early Years Network meeting, 09:30 at the YMCA early learning
centre, all welcome. The NEYN aims to foster the education, play, culture and
health of the young children in our community.

4-5 October Newman Library Book Club.Wednesday; 10-11am and Thursday; 18:30- 20:00
at Newman Library Kalgan Drive, 91759600,

5 October United Nations World Teachers Day

6-7 October Hillview Speedway F500s/Ferture event, gates open 18:00 with first race at 19:00 on both nights, full bar and canteen
available, adults $10, kids 12-16 y.o. $5 with under 12 y.o. free, for more information please contact Troy Kelly on 0433
525 538

7 October Trivia Night at the Tigers Clubroom from 19:00, supporting WA Police Legacy, $45 includes a beverage and finger food,
contact Caitlin on 0401 977 455

9 October Term 4 school term recommences

10 October Mental Health Week activities by Shire

13 October Newman Senior High School Year 12 Graduation Dinner.

14 October Newman Primary School P&C Fete, 15:00 to 20:00 at NPS on Hilditch Avenue. Lots of fun activites, food vendors and
raffles throughout the afternoon and evening.

15 October Welcome to Newman event. Are you new to Newman? Or want to meet new people? The Shire of East Pilbara hosts
this even to provide an opportunity to meet your neighbours and enjoy some family fun. 14:00 mine site tour (90 mins)
departing from the Newman Visitor Centre, bookings required via or call 9175 2888.
17:00 a free BBQ at The Square with an outdoor screening of Despicable Me 3, bring your picnic blanket and chairs, bean
bags are available for hire.

21 October Local Government Election

21-22 October Bloody Slow Cup weekend and memorial service. The weekend includes many sporting events including rugby, touch
rugby, golf, soccer, lawn bowls, softball and netball.

22 October Newman Dance Company Annual Dance Competition, 10:00am.

23 October Newman Senior High School Year 12 Presentation.

2 November Newman Senior High School Art and Design Expo

3 December Christmas markets by Red Desert Events

Lighting of the Shires Christmas tree
Combined Churches Carols in the park

Disclaimer of Liability: Newman Mainstreet Project T/A Red Desert Events undertakes to ensure that accurate information is disseminated through its community
newspaper, Newman News. Every care is taken to ensure accuracy and we will publish any corrections that are brought to our notice. However, Red Desert Events makes
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Monday 08:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
08:30 Time Out session with crche until 11:30am, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516
09:00 Newman Playgroup until 11:00 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, or 0407 450 491
09:30 Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
17:30 Newman Girl Guides 5-9 y.o., Newman Youth Centre, 0417 965 902 or
19:00 Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact 0467 769 285
19:30 Anglican Church bible study, location to be advised, 0499 778 116

Tuesday 08:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
08:30 Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516,
09:30 Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
10:00 Newman Playgroup until 12 noon for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, or
0407 450 491
18:30 Newman Running/Walking Club, Fitness Station on Fortescue Ave, opposite Ethel Creek Street turnoff.
19:00 Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact 0467 769 285
19:00 Study the Bible with Jehovahs Witnesses, The Newman Neighbourhood Centre 2 Mackay St, John Wolak on
0412 991 551
19:30 Newman Lions Club, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, Lions Park on Corwa Drive, Anthony Middleton on 0405 666 482

Wednesday 08:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
08:30 Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516,
09:00 Newman Playgroup until 11:00 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, or 0407 450 491
09:30 Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
14:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 5:00pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
14:30 Newman Library, Lego Club for school age children until 16:30, free, parent supervision required, 91759600, Kalgan
15:30 Beats, free and inclusive dance session for children and adults, Boomerang Oval sport pavilion by EPIC, 9175 0015
17:00 Newman Community Baptist Churchs Teens Adopt a Nation until 18:00, Welsh Drive Youth Centre
18:30 Newman Scouts 10-14 y.o., Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624,
18:30 Newman Running/Walking Club, Fitness Station on Fortescue Ave, opposite Ethel Creek Street turnoff.
19:00 Womens Darts, Newman Club

Thursday 08:20 Anglican Church Young mums bible study, location to be advised, 0499 778 116
08:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
08:30 Time Out with crche, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516,
09:30 Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
10:00 Newman Library Gumnuts story and nursery rhyme time 0-2 y.o., parent facilitated, free,
15:00 Newman Library Coderdojo, until 17:00, 7-17 yrs, free, learn to code, build a website or create your own app 16:30
Newman Joey Scouts until 17:30, Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624,
18:00 Newman Cub Scouts until 19:30, Newman Youth Centre, 0417 178 624,
19:00 Mens Darts, Newman Club
19:30 Music practice, Anglican Church, 11 Hilditch Avenue, 9175 1350

Friday 08:30 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 12.30pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
09:30 Newman Playgroup until 11:30 for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, or 0407 450 491
10:00 Newman Library open until 17:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
Story time and craft for 2-5 y.o. during school terms, parents to supervise, free, Newman Library
19:00 Twilight session, bring a project of your own to start or complete, Newman Neighbourhood Centre,
2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516,
19:00 Jiu Jitsu, Newman Club, for other times and age groups contact 0467 769 285

Saturday 09:00 Newman Library open until 12:00, Kalgan Drive, 9175 9600,
10:00 Newman Playgroup until 12 noon for 0-4 y.o., Moondoorow Street, or
0407 450 491
18:30 Mass / Eucharist Celebration 1st and 2nd weekend of the month, St Josephs Catholic Church, Warman Avenue,
9175 2344, Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion 3rd and 4th weekend, every 5th by rotation
19:00 Twilight session, bring a project of your own to start or complete, Newman Neighbourhood Centre,
2 Mackay Street, 9175 1516,

08:30 St Josephs Catholic Church Mass / Eucharist, Holy Communion, Liturgy of the World, Warman Avenue, 9175 2344
09:00 Worship, Vibrant evangelical, holding to biblical teaching, Anglican Church, 11 Hilditch Ave, 9175 1350
09:30 Newman Community Baptist Church Worship, Praise and Kids Church, Welsh Drive

09:30 Newman Community Baptist Churchs Teen Church, Welsh Drive
10:00 Study the Bible with Jehovahs Witnesses, The Newman Neighbourhood Centre 2 Mackay St, John Wolak on
0412 991 551
13:00 The Beach Indoor Play Centre open to 4pm, 9177 8290, Mindarra Drive, opposite Police Station
13:30 Freestyle craft, art, sewing, quilting etc. session until 16:30, Newman Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Mackay Street,
9175 1516
16:30 Sunday Scroungers bowls new players welcome, $5 per player, bowls provided, Newman Club.
Year One Students Newman Girl Guides Newman Girl Guides are always looking
for new leaders to come and join us. For
By Robyn Hudson, Girl Guide Leader
Become Authors further enquiries regarding Girl Guides,
please contact either Krystina Hudson at
By Robyn Hudson, Teacher Newman Primary Girl Guides meet every Monday afternoon.
School or Robyn
Our main aim with the girls is for them to
have a fun, challenging and team building
The Year One students have taken on the afternoon. All of this whilst taking on
challenge of writing their own story book. challenges to work on specific badges that
The students were inspired after currently the girls can earn.
taking part in additional education
activities. These included an excursion to The girls have had a very exciting term
the town library and a visiting author to working on their Art and Craft badge. Some
our school. of the activities have included: painting
of rocks as part of the WA Rocks group
Several class discussions were held on the and then hiding them around the Visitors
process of what has to happen, and how Centre and walking up to the top of Radio
books are made. That was it, the students Hill to hide more along the way and at the
themselves wanted to be an author. Not top.
just any author, a FAMOUS AUTHOR. We
discussed what they would have to do The girls enjoyed a fantastic afternoon
and if they made an awesome effort then learning the process of candle making with
possibly one day they could become rich local talent, Louise Boshoff from Serenity
and famous. Soy Candles. All of the girls worked Guide Leader Krystina Hudson cake decorating
incredibly well together and were very with the Girls
The long process beganthe planning! patient with the entire process. Each girl Photography by Robyn Hudson
Before any writing could take place the selected their own fragrance and made a
students had to decide on the setting, candle of their very own.
characters, what the story was going to be
about, a title and of course the illustrator. There has been plate decorating session
Once this was decided the students were and a fun filled sleepover, which was very
ready to write and there was no stopping busy. The girls sure do have lots of energy
them. Their draft was completed, checked late at night and early in the morning, the
and re read. Then the stories were typed up leaders not so much.
and illustrations began.
The term was completed with all of our
The students did such an awesome effort new Guides making their Guide promise in
and their books have been entered into the a very moving ceremony. Congratulations
Shire of East Pilbaras writing competition. to two of our experienced Guides, Jessica
Everyone is now eagerly waiting for the Bourke and Erica Van Vledder who took on
results and we all have our fingers and toes the massive task of running the ceremony.
crossed. A very big thank you to Monique Manson
from Capture this photography for
Now we only have one obstacle to cross. donating her time to take some photos Abigail Mannion enjoyed earning the Art and
finding a publishing company for 19 of these special memories. We can hardly Craft badge
amazing books! wait to view them! Photography by Robyn Hudson

Newmans very own young Authors from Mrs

Hudsons Room 1, Year One Class at Newman Guide Leader Robyn Hudson, enjoying crafts with the Girls
Primary School Photograph by Robyn Hudson
Photograph by Robyn Hudson
child; included egg on spoon race, three
Bring Out Your Inner legged race and then an adapted three-
Child legged race with one partner holding an
egg and spoon, sack races, tug of war, tyre
By Katrina Morris
racing (tyres donated by East Pilbara tyres)
tunnel ball, leader ball, hula hooping,
hopscotch, painting and finishing off the
On Saturday 5 August local medical
morning with bubbles and a lollipop.
agencies, such as East Pilbara Independent
Support (EPIS), Population Health, Newman
The event brought out participants inner
Hospital and Sonic Health Medical Centre
child, while building stronger workplace
came together at the Boomerang Oval for a
bonds through learning to work together
team building event.
on such trivial tasks. Thank-you to everyone
who came along to enjoy the morning. Team building exercises; tyre race
Due to the success of the first event held Photography by Katrian Morris
between Newman Hospital and Population
Health Staff, this second morning was
extended to other Medical Services in
town. Coloured balloon were tied to fences
to set the scene for the fun that was to be

The morning began at 07:00, starting at one

location teams were given clues to find the
second location. Here the teams answered
questions to be able to move to the next
location and at every location there was a
team building event.

The last event (was to bring agencies

together) we had staff from EPIS, Sonic
Medical Centre, Newman Hospital and Team building exercises; tunnel ball Completing the morning with bubbles and
Population Health. Bring out your inner Photography by Katrian Morris lollipops
Photography by Katrian Morris
12 Hour Enduro Desert Pony Winner:
#85 - Brendon Collins & Steven Smith
Race Team Winners:
The Newman Enduro Club held their #00 - Casey Cullen, Gavin Cullen, Darrell &
inaugural 12 hour Enduro / Desert race on Nappy
the 25-26 August. Divisions ranged from
Juniors riders through to Adults, which The Committee have put in a lot of work
were spread across three classes; Ironman, to keep this event ticking along and are
Pony and Team event. grateful to everyone for participating in
this years event. If you would like to know
The juniors started off the racing on Friday more about the Newman Enduro Clubs
afternoon with a 23km loop for a two upcoming events, join their Facebook page
#00 Casey Cullen
hour duration. Then on Saturday the day Newman Enduro Club 2017. Photograph courtesy of Newman Enduro Club
began with a riders brief and instructions
on the course, then riders headed off once
the sun rose and it was safe enough to
begin the trek, with the last lap leaving at
approximately 05:30.

Riders came from all over the state, some

interstate riders registering for the event,
including Dakar 2017 participant Mat Hart
from All Hart racing. Well done to all riders
for making the event and congratulations to
the following winners;

Newman 12 Hour Ironman:

1st place - Matt Hart
2nd place - Andy Brack MTA Transport Team Anthony Lazenby kickin up the dirt
3rd place - Eddie Stanley Photograph courtesy of Newman Enduro Club Photograph courtesy of Newman Enduro Club
The Beach has two fun filled weeks of activities that will be run during the
School Holidays, beginning Monday 25th of September.

$5 entry includes Craft for every Child

$10 entry for Family (3 Kids)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9am-11.00am 9am-11.00am 9am-11.00am 9am-11.00am 9am-11.00am

25th 26th 27th 28th 29th

Egg Carton Sock Puppets Paddle pop Masquerade Bingo

Creatures Creations Masks

2nd Oct 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Picasso Tissue Paper Salt Dough TBA TBA

Magazine Craft Craft ornaments
North West Tee Ball
By Linda Lewis, President

Newman Tee Ball Association send away

three representative teams to the North
West Championship in Wickham on the
weekend of 15-17 September.

The Northwest is held annual on the

second weekend in September. Teams
from Hedland, Wickham, Karratha,
Parrabadoo, Tom Price and Newman are all
represented across the Junior, Inters and
Newmans All Stars L-R: Iieshia Dorey, Austin Jones, Ayba Bakes, Darcy Smoje and Jayden Lewis
Senior divisions. Photograph by Linda Lewis

After leaving Newman in nice 30+ degree

weather, the first thing the group noticed
was the stifling heat and humidity, but in
true Pilbara tough form the teams powered
through with Juniors winning their first
game on Friday night against Parrabadoo.
Inters played back to back games on Friday
night and the Seniors rounded out the
night with the final game.

Saturday began early with having to

feed the 20 hungry players breakfast,
to build up their strength for a full days
competition. Inters had a win on Saturday
against Parrabadu and Seniors won against
the strong Hedlands Red Sox, who were
the overall champion winner in Seniors Newmans Inters with coach Paddy Willock and Taylor-Shayne Mallard, Jada Lockyer and Mimi
this year. assistant coaches Tennille Denney and Trina Willock enjoying the weekend
Bateman Photograph by Karen Willock
Photograph by Linda Lewis
Saturday was completed with an All Stars
Competing in these tournaments would not
game, in which each town chose five of
championship for all three divisions. The be possible without the ongoing support
their best seniors players to compete in
players, coaches, team managers, scorers of the community and sponsors. The
mixed teams. These games were a great
and parents had a fantastic weekend and Association would like to thank; Newman
display of players skills with excellent
have started planning next years comp to Vets Football Club, Froggys Services,
fielding and the batting efforts were out of
be held back Wickham. The competition Polaris Realty, Wideglide, RGR, Pilbara Car
this world.
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Wickham with the entire weekend running big thank-you to the parents who came and
The competition ended on Sunday
smoothly. cheered on our players, we look forward to
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doing it all again next year.
Hedland was too strong, taking out the

Newmans Juniors with coach Linda Lewis Newmans Seniors, some attending their final Some of the players and support personnel
and assistant coaches Gerry Parsons and Lee NW Champs on the bus for the trip to the NW Champs
Lockyer Photograph by Karen Willock Photograph by Trina Bateman
Photograph by Linda Lewis