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Method of Statement: Construction of Chlorination Tank, Sludge Holding

Tank and Clarifier Tank using Caisson (sinking) Method

The changes are due to work space constraint at site.

Machinery / Equipment
1. Long arm excavator.
2. Piling machine.
3. Lorry.

Construction and sinking of wall section

a) Construction of chlorination, sludge holding and clarifier shall by caisson
sinking method.

b) Open excavation shall be carried out until 2 m below ground level to

create working platform. Open cut will be with 2 tiers to reduce the earth
pressure toward the construction area.

c) First leaf of wall (2.4m high) will be constructed on new platform level.
Starter bar shall be extended from the top of the wall.

d) First leaf wall shall be left for 7 days to achieve adequate concrete
strength after the concreting work before the wall being sunken.

e) Sinking of first leaf of wall shall by excavator (long arm type). Soil inside
shall be excavated out. While the internal soil is being excavated, the wall
sections weight and lessen friction would enhance the sinking.

f) Excavation shall be carried out evenly on both end to allow even

settlement. If required two excavator shall be employed to excavate
g) TBM shall be marked on top slab of existing pump station. Monitoring
points will be marked on the wall section for continuous level monitor
using survey equipment. This is to ensure even sinking on all corners.

h) When the top of first leaf wall reaches the working platform, second leaf
wall will be constructed. Water stop will be installed in between of wall.

i) The remaining leaf of wall shall be construct. Then, the excavation and
sinking process shall be repeated till tank structure reach the design invert
j) Wing slab shall be constructed surrounding the wall section to ensure the
wall will not be sunk further during the piling work.

Construction of Base Slab

a) Base slab construction shall commence once the wall section reaches the
desired Invert Level.

b) Meanwhile other related internal structure will be carried out for the
completion of the whole tank structure.
c) RC piling will be used as a foundation of the tank.
d) Actual base slab for tank will be constructed after piling work.

Dewatering during construction

e) One unit of submersible pump shall be stationed on site for dewatering
during construction.
Maintenance of Slope and Soil Disposal
f) Excavated material shall be carted away at least about 50 100 m from
working area.

g) Gentle slope shall be formed to reduce soil slide during construction.

h) Work sequence and construction method shall be amended to suit site