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trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Cyhrsuit Arkadyne .............................. #I
53 25 US 53.75 Cart, $400 US oversea
Cy bersuit Arkadyne ...... 6 issues
S'g 5C 'JSS22 47 C a 525 US a EB k
Gates of Pandragon ............... 1 I JUSTItE Ann SEUMlTY ...........l..."....."..." -.XI.-.. I ..... ..... ........4
1.1." I..

53 03 US. S3 48 Can, S 2 . G US oversea

MechamPress ........................... $1
54 25 US Sa 62 Ca S oversea
a MechaePress ....................................... f 2
55 75 !S SG 42 :an, S6 50 US oversea
m UIHAT'S "PATLAB'OR"? ........,. _.....-.........................................................................."......-
........... s
m MP Subscription ..................... 6 issues ..._.... ,.., ...................... ......................................................................... "..........601
s25 US, $29 96 Cw.532 US OveIsea

a Protoculture Addicts ....P11 TECMIlD~POLICE2100 R5 ............................................................................................................................. 809

s3 25 d$ 5 3 3 Can, .$j.@o Us OVerSRJ
Protoculture Addicts ........................ 812 ~EHTNI:GLOSER TO JaPvnimmn ., ................ ......................................................................... IUOII
s3 75 JS 3 25 Can, 7 4 . 5 US oversea c ITtECHR OESlGn AD APFATlOil FOR IIERTOII ............................................................................. '..."...".....-..-.... 12
Protoculture Addicts ........................ B13
53 75 JS SJ28 Can, $4 EC US oversea r ITIEGHR!. .......................................
I ..........l..l13ll.. I

a Protoculture Addicts ......................... $14

S3 75 JS 54 26 Can, f4 ,EC LS oversea

PA Subscription ...................... 6 issues

$18LS,$22 47 i a i . S25 US oversea WHV THE PATUBUR? ..X.....l...l...1.....1.......1.....~.........r...1..........................1..........I..X......X..I..........
I .....-...-..........
1. TBTLABOR TIE mouiE" svnoPsis l...l..........,..l... ....................................................... ....-..........t...l.....ll.*l... ISOIS
Canadian price includes GST
All price includes Postage & Haindling I PRTLRBOR mnw ... ............ .......................................................................................14
Checks or Money-Orders must be drawn PRTLRBDR EHRRRCTERS......................................................................................................................... 201021
to lanus Publications
I IICTUATOR SYSTEmS 0 lll6RAm BLUE PRlnT ........................................................................................... 22.23

.,.......*.."*.*"..*....*.."..........................1..~.......................I......... I..... ...,. .. "...2 W 8

........,............................ ...........................................................................................
I .....30.31
.............................................................. ............................. ....................................... 32.33

Adion Direcl.Andm~da.BaoksNipoan,Capital Cily, ComicsUnlirnitt%

Uianond. Frieidly Frank's H e w Styx Wargame West

16iss?res).S25US.~9.95Czn(GST 1 n c ~ u d ~ d ) . o r S 3 2 U SChect
or mrrnevordar must bedramto 14FlUSPu~'iaticns For asanpleco3y
& Handling includd)

S P E G l R l T I l O R H S
Oany Gagnnn ...................................... (LE VALET DCOEUR)
Jeffrey Tom ......................... (NWTYPFHobbies 2nd Toys)
James G . Lornax ............................... ...( Anime Illustrated)
Dave Georgesnn .............................. Seventh Street Games)
Mike Pondsmith .............
Kevin Siembieda
John O'Donnell ......(U.S. Manga Corps)
Janice Mindle .......................... (Rnimtqo)
Andre E. Johnson
Judith Lanouette
Robert Dubois

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2


'IB BubbleGom Crisis 18 ArtmicNoemex )
Cybersuit Arkadyne (63 1991-92 Trm Eldrsd
P, b'ishe: 31 I2nils Pualicatiois]
a Detonator Orgun (8Vaa"s/AK/Polydor!
Dominion (C 1989~~asamvneShrrovrMakusensha
I K K dcen: 2 l i r x h i b a Video Sohvares. Irc. All
Dp Fights +served Hdw Pxkgge A h a r k c 1991
F'Harmony Loosirrgelss CP. 90063 A r e l m e of
U S MaPga CorpsYrd:rt censet9VPVHarrmy
B U S W g a CorpsT3'and fogo are trademarks of
B Cmtral Pirk Medl3 Corporzt~ni
Gundam (E? Sunrise Gundam F-91 Models a F
' m d : ~ B z n d a iTfieDugsd Waf,S,deD~?;~honor'
' L v Z w by Kmhisa Y m o (&-Club Comics 31rda1,
' 1990) Tne RWW/ of ZMO 3v UZU? sa Konao
1 ( ~ ~ e ~ a v t p e ICoG~~CI oC Si, ~ ) )
BI Madox-01 (Q 198i by FuIiSankei Cortlm~nica-
rn t JR, ;t [ irznslaian and Subtilles 8 1989 by
m P V ! ~ P E E I ~Inc.)
Mecha!rki(0 1991 by Swnlh Street Games)
yektor II (aW e Pondsmith. !999 an8 nl R
i a sariart Games. Inc.)
E? Patlabor(@H e e d g ~ a r l E ~ n o t t o n i TPatlaba
rlcd?ls are made by Bandar:%-Ciub ard Karyodo)
Praject Zenrymer (91989 Arlrric~A1C,~ovme~
TIIS-C~ El.")
Techno-Police 2100 A.D. (6Marc-Alexandrs
Vwra 6 P exmdre R m e )
LB Cover
Iff blexandre Racine (Ink)
Pterre Ouetlette (Colors)
@ Phatography
a Daniel Faucher
Claude J Pelkttler
E Technical Drawing
Dominique Durocrer 23-28
dlexandre Racrne 4,s
Tim Eldred [Ink) & Sco!t Posema (Colors) 7
= Othar illustratians from:
' Animage (i9891 10. 17 . .5
Anime-Glub =82. p. 36 33
Gundam Sentinel,
The Batlle of the Real Gundam
E MedraGraphixSpectal Edition
''Gundm Wars ill''.

(Tckyo, Dai ILppon Kaiga, 19

~ op 110-1111 . .. .
rn Hobby Japan =234 (1988-1 1)
rn HohSjJapan =270(1991-11)
' fdecha!I'! Dave Georgeson.
(Sari Jose, Sevent'l Street Games. 1991) 13
E FJelMype (19891 8 14)
rde1,)rtype (19991 10 5 )
Patlabor the 30 - Part 2
* (Hobby Japan Special. p 17)
a Patlabor Data Eank
I 5 . p. 3 5, 37. 40)
Patlabor Mobile Poltce Perfect Manual vo1 1
@-Club FilrnComrc Bandai, p 10. 13 102
115,I?O-38) . ... _.... . . . 5.14. 20-21
if; Patlabor, The Movie Perfect Manual voI 3 (e-
rn Club Visual Comic, Bandai, p. 4.6,7,9, f l 15-
m 126-27) 5,14-18, 20-21.26-27
a TheRewdofZroo [K Kond pe 100%
Comics 1988. pp. 8,9,1 1) 0-1 1,33

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Patlabor. And the mlechas wer

ed it to a mass production level. Meanwhile, "Newtype"

. designs, characters, story fines and products that a "Patlabor" fanatic might want

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

ANI1:lEIGO is proud to arncunc? ibat t k y have mtained rhs Mo?h
hmerican Horn? Video rights to at1 eighl(8) BUBBLEGUM CRISIS
O~ginafAnimation Video (OAW episodes. Under a liceKing agree
rnent with Youmex, Inc.. AnirnEigo now has Lhe exclusive rights to
producesubtitled anddubbed versions olall eight(8) episodes, and
release them on videotape and laserdisc for Sale in North Arnsrica

BubbleGum Cristiisafast paced,anim$ed scienceficfion seriesset

in the year 2032. After a devastating earthquake some years prevl-
The Japznese Dragun Magazine is talking about a slory ously, the cify d Mgga Tokyo is being rebuilt, largely ihrough the
called Bat;lekch Rephy. If is written by Hiroshi Ootori 8 efforts of the Genom Corporation. Genom isalso the manuiacturer of
Group SNE, Illustrated by Kennichi Sonoda (BGC), and "Boomers', bio-mechanical androids usedas laborers, bodyguards,
the mecha designer is Shcuji Kawamori Is this just abook and hy the military.
or is this an animation7 An animated story would be a
marvelous news tor RPG & mecha fans1 Dngm is BubbEeGurn C m s centers around the KNIGHT SABERS, an all
showing four character designs by Sonoda, and two femalevigilante group,whosegoal isthedestruclionof Genom They
mecha designs by Kawamori are lead by Ceiia Stingray, whose father invented the Boomers, and
was lhen murdered by Genom. Before hedied, hewasableioimplant
in Gelia his accumulated knowledoe; this allowed Celia to create the
powered "Hardsuits" that protect the Knight Sabers and allow them
to bable the Boomers

Only the KRigM Sabers knobv the true nature of the evil Genom
Gorooration. and only they stand between it and Suoreme power.

B ~ ~ ~ ~ e G u m C r i s i s a r eitsnpursequickening
~~for actionsequences,
inthehisto~ldJapanese~n4ni~~on.Thefirsloftheeight (8)episodes has
k e n ret& in subtitled form on Iahr Day weekend at Ihe
ANIMECOR animafioncomrltion in San Jm,2nd the WORLDCON
Wor'd Science Ficlion Convention in Chicago. The otherm3ods w
be releasedat approximately one month inten&.

Although the retail prices for each episode h2ve not yet ban set. we
expect them to be under $40 US, depending on the fenght of each
episode. Inaddition.theenlires~rieswiI1beavzilableonaO~SGOUNT

As with their other releases, special group purchase discounts will be

availableto those who place orders through their loml animation club

AnimEigo, founded in 1989. is dedicated to the populari7ation of

Japanese Animztion in the United States. Their firs1 Mo releases
MADOX-01,a science-fiction adventure, and RIDING BEAN. a
contemporary action adventure, have been extremely vie11 rxeiued
by animation fans and clubs in the USA. This enthousiasticsupporl
has been a key factor in enabling RnimEigo to obtain the rights to a
R3partSFmechzactionseries~kingplaceon23rd century major series like EubbleGumCrisis.
Earth, in cityS5 With tecFlnology, large CQntrOlledpeaCdUl
cities could existon Earth, but fortuneteller Kumi predicfed Far more information about AnimEigo, to place order, or to suggest
thatsorne!hing would dntroy that peace. Orgun isan alien an mime title you would like IOsee them release, write AnimEigo.
robotic life form piloted by a "chosen' student named P.O.BoxSBS,Wilmington, NC28402-0989. USA, orcall (9191799-
Tomoru Part I is 60 minutes long and was released in 1501. Fax available. (AnimEigo Press Release)
August (From The Rose F28).

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

embark OR two se p n l e v~~tures
to bring translakd arirne to
American home viceo audie ne venture wit 1 be at led US
M a y a Corns which was

R sr+diiionto distribu2 Black Magim d Ap@5921Y

-i!lhelp promcte US Manga
tral Park will help in video

Therf is a rimgame forthe mime ~amers.
M&hM isafast-pa& miniaturescorn-
anirne giant robot traditions from which a
was wvmed Explosions, missiles ex-
Iwo worlds of cyberpunk d psychopunkdl clash for tie kior if, or copies will mrishas quickl &noes, dm and diQ hand-to-hand
in 'VISION', the dsbut issue of CYBER CYBERSUIT ARKADYNE 5y Tim EIdre mrnbat and lethal firefights are the bak-
!eI~sedin March by lanus Publications and Joyat'lan Jarnrd. *Vision-, issue 1 (of 6) ?on IAMUS publica marksofthishigh-actionandeasy-to-learn
tion avvailzble MARCH 1992. I! will retail at S2 50 US ($2.95 Can cjam.The 160-prlgegame-book includes:
k i c rules (battlepoles, p b , combat,
tenorist attacks. To pro!%! he mining vessels agdnst this damage, experience, movement), con-
krioivn aggressor the World SpacE Gooperafive Admirlistration struction rules for mecha and powersuits
SCP.)develoaped tCe technology of t9e cybersuW, using cyber- ~d~rentmmpaignsystemsforstrategy
tic inplants and gr.zvivjtic drive. This syrnbiottc Ink with an aI;rosl and role-plqing w n x i o (butt h y anbe
incjble machine w;H have severe consequences on the easi~wmbinedfora'~o~lAnimeGame"l),
enn :aback, the chosen pilot 23 small marim, a sourcebook on he
M a Empire, and m e tips on h w io
CYBERSUlTARMDY NE is a prepare you model kits for lhe game It's a
by Tim E'dred anc Jonathan Jxraic ELDRED isalrwIy!M-know very interesting gm mixing wargame,
tor his sirong storptelling and dynamic *le full of action. He has models (used as miniatures). and role-
Iished several cornrcxuci as 3ROlD.SHAlTERPOINT, CHASER
TOON, LENS~~N,andCAPT?IINHARLOGK: DEAWSHADOW dsign iheir own mcha,c r d e their own
SING, butthtst!me he has surpaaed himself. "l'dhadkoriginal setting and kckground,andplayaversion
eaforARKAOVMr overf:veywszgo," E!dredsaid,"and fknm it of their Favorite mime serb. The most
was going to bc SOmE!h;IIg big. I! would comdex p'ccts and innmtive part of the game is the idea of
tPernes Icould ns\rerhavesuccessful!ypuftedofi5ackthen . bu'atier putting rnachain an MEAcontexl and the
A o y e m of producina steady work for EternrQ, t knchv !'m ready for use of poles to give a real tridimenlional
ilnow." Eldrsdso'icited theasas8nceof :ecinica: writerand futurist aspect tu the game.
JonathanJzrrardtobrlngt0:hss'cryan~vthelltrc level of technology.
"John's conhbut'on Ear surpasses anything 1 coutd have c3me up Mecham is now available directly from
with in t m s 0' hard science,- Eklred cantiwed. ''XIS workings Seventh S t r e e t G m f O r Q 5 US, plustax
W i n d the Cy5:rsuit in oarlicular are qncredible. This thing could and Shipping. Battlepolesare sold $25 US
really exist in ancther fw decades and put to shame anyone who's bySt?tOf5(QrYUh~h)Forshippingadd
e?lerlaua~eda!t~econcelofagiantrobo'.thisisL~erea~sttrli."'The $3 50 plus 50L by item. Write to: Seventh
way the c m k s market is khhese days," Eld-Ed concluded. "you mq't Street Games, Orders Deparbnenf,P.0 BOX
count on ses'ng this boo4 if you don't pl?ceaan order v:i!h your local 720791,$an Jose, CAWJ24791,USA
comta retailer in early January This is vi:ai to tbe fEture of tieseries.

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

ferent way. As the gangs got srnaeler, they also REFEREE
got tougher, and mare agressive. Even terror-
The Referee is the person who chooses the scenario,
is$, mainly deranged people seeking to support
draws the map, and explains the events as they m u r As
even more deranged causes, had bought enough
said before, he also movesthe criminals around, and gets
weaponry to cause a serious threat ta public
to pick from every bodyelse'ssnack (referee'sprerogatives,
security. In order to create the firsf utopian
we call it)
ciuilization mankind had ever known, society
It needed a way te get rid of thFs torn in its side.
by Marc AIewandre werina - The referee always has the last word on everything: if your
referee tells you, 'Suddenly you die of ardiac problems",
' 1 1 T [ 0 fl 1 c T I 0 1 theny0urchamcterjustsays"Eekk"and..wel1,dropsdead
For almost forty years now, the county has been own rulesta caver unexpectedsituations),soa good
plagued bya rising of armed criminals. waw Welcome to TCHNOPOLlCE 2100 AD, the game of elite
police action ifl the twenty-second century. YOUwill now referee must also have a wild imagination.
a numberof unemployed people and

favored bythe army, as long as you havethe money

io payfor it. Soon, a new breedof barbarianwas born: 'Ow before we begin. let'' see what we need
showing no pity and expecting none,they roarnedthe The gam is played MIa map represenling the general lcafion
streetsfreely, alone or in small gangs, dealing death PwrEWS ~ where the action will take plm.This ran be a warehouse, an
and destructjam over all the land. airport, or any other p l a a you a n think of.
You will need at least two persons to play the pafl of the I

cops (the bad guys are run by the referee). However, the It
*lthough sEkentific research provided TECHNOPOLICE is designed to use hex maps, so we
more you are, the more fun you get. About live persons
solutionstothepove*pmblemaround theyears 1 recommend using awash-off hex map (the type on which
(including Referee) will be just perfect for an afternoon
2020-2030~the problem but in a dif- ' play. Each player will create a character and keep him or Is you write with water-soluble markers). If properly main-
tained. it will last many years and represent a good
heruntil heorshegets killed. Charactergenerationisfully
investment for the serious gamer Of course, any other
explained in the first section.
map is. fine as long as it's covered with haxes ...

You will also need some counters to indicate the relative

position of everyone. Make sure they have a front and a
backside. Talentedplayers andlor referee maywant to use
miniature models or even afull scale mock-up instead of
a map. Bvt let's not get too excited here...

And last but not least, don't forget to bring along drinks
and snacks (we're partial to M8M's ourselves): nothing
empties a stomach faster than a rough fight1 Background
especially in tense situations. Try the Alien movie
soundtrack, or even.. The Exorcist!

TECHNOPOLICE is a fast-paced role-playing wgame:
lots and lots of people get shot and injured during the game
In fxt,lots of people die But since this is a game, nobody
Should get worried. So your favorite character got reduced
to a thin red paste on the wall by a villain with a missile
launcher: so what? You take a new sheet and rol1 a new
characterforthenextsession,that'sall It'salot like plrtting
more coins in a video game and pressing "start"

Surely, you cannoi do that in real life. But this isn't real
life... so bash and shoot, and have some fun!

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Life: life is theextend of damage you can withstand before lbree or more Sfab a! Wiful, you are a hopeless case.
a dying. It is equal to the sum of your Physical Power score Oiswrd fhe character and fa// a new one. PEease.
I and your Physical Resistance score.
CLRSE3 * These are yourstatistics. In the combat seclion, youll see But before you put on your powered armor, you will have
to enhance it with customized systemsand gizmossuited
If you look at the players sheet, you will see that every * what their uses are But for now, just roll your percentage
to the mission ahead*. To help you makethe right choice,
character has seven statistics (called stats) to represent il dice for each stat (using the above table) and fill in the we will go aver the combat rules and then, move on to the
his or her strenghfs and weaknesses. Each statistic has a L1 blanks on the charactersheet. We suggest using a pencil. technical stuff. All of this in the nexl issue of MECHA-
class (except Life, see further) from Pitiful (!)to Excep- This is the profile of your police officer, wihout theamor.
tional. Pitiful is the lowest possible class for a human
being, while Exceptional is the highest. Takea look at this IMPORTANTOfcourse, thBisaneEitepolicelorce.there
*This is the purpose of the lower half of the character
tabte. * are cerfainstandards fo meet to be accepled. IIyou have

01-06 Pit if ul 5
07-24 Low 10 PHYSICAL POWER:
76-97 Remarkable 20 COMBAT:
98-00 Exceptian a I 25
1 Inhuman 30+
The Inhuman class is justthat, inhuman. Only robots and
robot-like machines can reach it, never normal human SPEED:
For each stat. you will ro11 a percentage dice to determine
its class. A percentage dice is two ten-sided dice, rolled CYCLOP ARMOR
together, one marking the tens and the other the units.

Example: I roll two dice. The first is a six and the second
is a four. So my percentage Score is si@-{our. Dont
forget to specify which die is the tens before rolling...
PAYLOAD: 3\ r-

Physical Power [PP): this represents the genera physical U

strength of the character. It IS used to determineyour Life
points (see below) and the amount of damage thai may be
inflicfed by a blow ahen.

Physical Resistance(PR): this is the general endurance of

the person; ips a h used to determine your Life points.
Combat IC): the ability to land blows and dodge them in
hand to hand confrontation, usingfists, feet andweapons
(Oranything else you might imagine...). ltsalsoa measure SPEED:
of your reaction speed and general agiliiy. ARMOR VALUE
Aiming (A): your ability to shoot and throw weapons. STRUCTUREVALUE
Battle Reflexes (MI:this is the sixth sense and general
awareness of a person. Used to determine initiative. II
Speed (SI: the speed at which you move. It Will be fully m
explained in Section 2. For now, leave it blank. m

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Weight: back to the original weight (divide 'nev: weight
by mulriplier factor);
RrstthjngtodoispictureIhemechaxu~iranttorepresent. Senros: divide Kills and hand to hand bonuses by
Is it hi-tech or fairly lowtech? How many weapons does multiplier factor;
it have? How fasE is if7 etc Then, you have to decide how Armor: divide SPs by multiplier factor;
many Construction Points (CPs) youwill use in the design Powerplant: divide Kills by multiplier factor;
olyourmecha. CPsare like money they allow you to"buy" Sensors and ydraulics: divide Kills by multiplier fadm
the different parts of the machine. The more you have, the Ground MA: di!lide by multiplier factor;
better the rnecha will be. Flight UR:divide by multiplier factor;
MU: do not change. calculated on the 'new" weight.
The number of CPsatyourdisposal is equal to the weight Weapons: divide Kills, damage. and range by multfpIier
(in tons) otthe mechamultioliedbyaiacfor(lto4). Factor tacxr: accuracyy,shots, and burst value don't change.
1 is low-tech (if you can call a mecha low-tech!), like the
machines in Gundam Sentinel (see Mecha designs, ifur- Final cost (in CPs): divide cost by multiplier factor.
Mekton is a fast and furious action game. The ther on). Four is the maximum factor: very hi-tech, as in
basic rules are easy lo learn and understand, Gundam F-91
allowing you to start playing almost instantly
after buying the b o k . Some rnechas won't fit in the chart. those under 10 tons,
forexample,To correctthis,simply multiplytheweightby Now. you have to choose the powerplant to move your
There are six mecbas already designed in both a factor (say, 10,100or 0.5)to getthe "new" weight, which mecha around The engine determines the speed and
Mekton I I and Mekton Empire rulebnoks, plus a wi tI fit the tables. To simplify the situation and give you overall agility of the machine, it is a very important
dozen in Roadstriker I!, butthey can get tiresome some examples I have included a few factors (both Tech comment indeed.
afler a while. If you begin to design your own ulfiplier) in chart P1.
machines, you'll find this alternative method 'Chart92: powerplant" replacestheoriginal table on page
interesting. Simply follow the instructions ... en you arefinished. take each characteristicandmate 66 of the Mekton I! rulebook. To use it simply check the
following modifications: round every fraction down, E
weight of themecha to find the RQUiredpowerplant. It will
except kill fractions which are now hits. Is then be adjusted fo your speciric needs.

Animation Mdtiplier Factor Tech Factor

Patlabor XI0 New Weight X I

MS Gundam Weight X I .5
2 Gandam Weight X2
U Gundarn Weight X2.5
Char's counterattack Weight X3
VQtOmS x10 New Weig hS X2
Macross Weight X2 or 3

WeigM I Basit Ground MA Basic Mv Basic Cost Upgrade Multiplier Damage Capacity

10-19 a -3 2 1 2K
20-29 7 4 4 1 4K
30-39 7 -5 6 1 6K
40-49 6 -6 8 1 8K
50-59 6 -7 10 I .5 1OK
60-69 5 -8 12 1.5 12K
70-79 5 -9 14 1.5 14K
80-89 5 -10 16 2 16K
90-99 4 -11 18 2 18K
100-109 4 -12 20 2.5 20K
m 110-119 4 -1 3 22 3 22K

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

You can either upgrade or downgrade the engine When neededto !et in the air, using weight as a reference.Then
downgrading, you sacrify speed andlor agility to get more decide the type of prooutsion, jet or fans. Fans are
CPs. according to this formula: This step is exactIy the same as the one on page 60of the cheaper, but they take more space. are slovrerfhan let. and

Mekton II rulebook, with one exception. when buying are more easiIy destroyed Also, they are not suitable for
each -1MAorMV=(2xUpgradeMultiplier)BonusCPs head or arms, [hey may be more than bo level lower than use in vacuum.
ihe main body
These Bonus CPsare not courted in ths cost, but they can

To fly faster, check the last column of the Flight System
be usedlikeany o!her CP. Of course, you cannol downgrade Char;: decide how many points of MA you want on top of
then upgrade to get some free CPs! It's one or the other. a your basic Flight MA. Then multiply by ihe number
Neithermnyou have less than 1point of Ground movement, I corresponding t~ the weight of the mecha to know how
even IIyourmechahasnolegsandcanonlyflyToungrade, Again. this works exactly like in the book (p 61). The rule many more lift points you need. Basic MA for jet IS 12,
it gets a little morecomplicated decide how many Upgrade for flight systems, however, is changed a bit. fan's basic MA is 8.
Levels you want, check the chart (631,[hen pay the
resulting price The Upgrade Multiplier IS found in the I
Notall rnecha canfly, butmany do. Toequip yourmachine NMissue, extended damage tablesand fuel rules are the
engine table. a withaflightsystem, simplycheckthe numberof lift poinfs orders ot the day. See you then.

1 Upgrade Level = vIMA or +I MY

2 Upgrade Level = +2MA or +IMA and +1M
and so on

Upgrade Level@) Cost (in CP's)

1 1X Upgrade Multiplier
2 3x ':
3 6X 'I

4 ax
12x '*
16X ''
2ox Ir


20-29 3 1
30-39 6 1
40-49 6 2
50-59 9 2
60-69 9 2
70-79 12 3
80-89 12 3
90-99 15 4
100-7 09 18 5
110-1 19 24 6

P for every 1 Pt of lift. Base MA 12

Fans cost 1 CP for every 2 pfs of lift. lase MA 8

Wings add +2 MA
Fighters add +6 MA

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

" "

RMS 141 - ............ - .... - ...... -. .....................
f 7

150 MM RA -

TQ introduce and show off our new mecha construction

rulesfor MeMon, we usedthem to design ane mechafrom
the Gundam Sentinel novel

The XEKU-EINS is a rnodufar mecha. each version share

the same components, but differs in armament.

TheType Auses the new fuel rules. which will be found in

nexl issue. If you do not wish to play with them. the Type
A only cosfs 145 CP's.

NAME: ........................... XEKU-EIMS

TONNAGE: ............A: 72.5 B 80 c: a?
W1GtPT MULT.: ............................. 1
TECH WLT,: ................................. 2
V. Y . v. 1 v r ". 1 M C. 176
.................h. i Q 7R*
IVV". 1 1 7

*?-."-...................... *- .............. -. .
ARM (2) .................. HS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ A H
LEG (2) ................... LH .............. LH
..... - ......................... . ..................


EXTRA S E M R S .... MB .................-
. . . . FLIGHT SYSTEM ..L.L,MB .......... JET
... I .I . . . . . . . . . ,.. . ~. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

..~ ..............................
. .

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ruinsofa pyramidtemple Weewereall over it. Wehllthelibmries,
scanned the art and slowlyeyofvedTIEi d m you'll find in the
1 sourczbook mcbon of Mecha'and Spir~fWarnurEtnpire The
m ideainshotdnalim raced~idesthat\~rringzmonastitself is
Smntt Street G a m is based on a fw sound ideas. First, too dkztrous io their sociev and he universearound thm.
games should k tun. Fun to us mans simple to play and fast They decide to split up into 400 dflerenb clans and scour he
enovgh to km the interest of players h e n il's not their turn populated galaxies lor ' p m " races lo decik their battles on a
Meha! is a tabletop miniaturesgame simulating the look and I Smndly, he game shouldbe original. Nohdy needsanoher small. wntrollablelevel.Oneoftheseclans ofaliensfinds ht!-
tee! of japavs aniw That's the oflicial line. \VM it's really L rehash or ria-off ofthesameold nrlesalreadyfloatingaroundin aid the Aztecs. Tbe dztecsare perfect for their needs: warfite,
about is fun. Wher we fist M a n creating the game, it was a the gaming world And thirdly. ivdrenot jus1 doing this for QUT agwsive,honorab!e. and firmly entrenched in worshipping
beczuseall the other games in 'he genre plwslow, long, and E pleasure.!~eearesincerelyinterestedinwhatourcvstomershave m i ~ / m i W g o & . T kaliemanpearbefore~ p z t e cass t hose
cornolex using a sort d "'giant robots = fanks with legs' tosayaboutthegameswei~ite.Mostof u s h b e e n involved gods and demandthat 1.000of than W e n d to& hams"to
approach.But. kingfansof apaneseanirne.weknewthe correct in w i n g for over 10 years and know a thing or hyo about fightthegdienemies Theb~avevolvnteersare~4entoaplanet
approachshouldbe"giantrobots=re3llybi~~u~w~hgunsand designing afun lame, but we knowall too well how many Bme farolfinthegalaxymdse~ledtherc Theyare taughthwtause
metalskm."CZrlth!hatid~,r~fumrula~rulest~t~~verenotonly n companies build an ivory towecwith fhe athtude of 'k how technology, but not how to crde it This way, the aliens haw
fast, butsimpleandmy to Iearn.~ensveraquestioncarneup khbyoulikeandyou'lllikewhatwewrite."Iwemkeepifilouch morecontrolwertheirpawns.Thus,theAztecjh m e m e c h a
on hwa rufe should be fashioned,IW chose to a c M l y ignore wi~~~egamersplayingourproducZs weshouldbea'bletoiwmte nizec Wile still maintaining tfreir ownculture and traditions.
physics in favor of what IW hd seen in mime combat se- the gams you wnt to pray
quences. Wwatched a lot of hours of untranslated fwtageZP It sounds a littlesimplisticm summarized form, bvtthakwhy
find manewers and tactics and get the broadest pmible base But inanutshell,ourgmlrightn~,~~istocornevpwiZh nm fresh w've written o w 90 pages describing the political intrigues
of knowledge. Although some of it ws shelved tmporzrily ideas that are a lot of fun to play. technologies. alien ernpim. methodsohar,city-statecultures,
because it im too specific for an adaptable game, we tried to and backgound of this transplmk curture.
include wery'hing we had s ~ and, n of course, fried to kw it I Bemuse the giant robof genre has k e n tackled bebre (with
simple enougb to be easily I m x arld not forgoften.

Wx! came out ws an enormously fun gam.which {ye Were

mlling Mmha~MtxMM~ha~as asort of joke tribute to Tour
Tim! Tam'. We showed it at a fw rml maming groups and a

di~veredt~atneoplereai~likedourpetproject Dmppingtwo- *
thirds of he title, w began simplycallrng it Meckknd began
feling the first stirrings of 'The B!g Dram.'

We thought, 'Wkynot try to make a go of this and s% if VEcan H

sell this thingr Mmt of ourfrisndstold us wewe mad, but we a

devtlom a prereleaseversion(68pzges) and took it to a fm I

gaming m M i o n s To simulatefl;ghi,w developed a hree

dimensionalm m e n tsjskemthat usedMtkp/esiosusoend
the rninizlures highabwe the table so the visual smhcle of a I

!hmwmprimihvewcaidoweIconstructs thaftendedtotip o m a

w k n s o m m e breathed hard and we used minifires b a y e d a

togetherfrmRmlI olastickits, butpeoplestilllovedit Itseems
obvious now but Wmrs were (and are). tired of miniatures
games mt 84e wer six hours to play Not only ws M&! 1

considerablyfastertuplaytkn that(aroundthrE houa on the 1

averags), but you could play bigger M l e s in thattimandorw I

q&rn w fm-dimsiona/!We k d ffigbt. transforming L

mscha, large explosions, and sudden death. Garnm ate un

So back to Ihe shoo we mt.This time WEgot serious about it. 1

'Refusing to liskn to any rqgazive comments, w hammered

m y a t the mlesandcreatedanoriginalbackgroundsoumbook W

for usewithhesystem< altvhilemakingsure gzmerscmldplay 1

any background t h q wanted with the same set al rules We
developed a profession? LM!pkmffrom clw acrylic avd
beFnnulpting miniaturestofittheM&mkgroundwmre
wifing Thm VRscroungedtogether every mt we had, gritted
our teeth, and paid theminter.

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As everyone knows, pollution is a great problem of our 9

planet. Carbon dioxide. smog. depletingozone layer and And that's where the Labors enter the picture. Condruc- ment decided thal in orderto maintain peace in thestreets,
such are causing us problems hat where not foreseen at tion workers areonly human and thesum of workthey can they had to develop their ohvn Labor technology. Cornpa-
the beginning of the industrial revoIution Moreover, the accomplish by fhernselves is very small. That meant that nies lilke"SchaftEnterprises','Hiishi'and"Manabe"rnade
Greenhouse effect will begin to affect the polar regions the"5abylonProj~t"wouldbeextremefylongtocompiete. L offers to construct thenewlpolicelpatl Laborsalsoknown
very shortly This entails the melting of the ice caps, ~ But time was running short and theengineers responsible as "Patlabor'. For reasons unknown to a lot of people,
quickly followed by a steep rise of the mean level, ~
for 'Babylon" knew very well that if only human workers 'ShinoHara Heavy Indushies' got thedeal Research began
threming coastal cities around the world with gradual were employed, the darns would never be finished on immediately and in October 1996,
flooding. For us, in the real world. this problem has not lime And then, the flash occured Why not constructa
surfaced yet. But in the "Patlzbor" world, it's already = machine that would give one worker the strength of a
happening. And one of the coastal cities we talked about a hundred?Thenecessaryhydraulic,electrt,electronic
is Tokyo, Japan. To make sure that the city remains sate ~ and robotic technologies already existed. Why not
from t heflooding,a gargantuanneoa projectwas rnitizled. create an enormous construction worker made 01
Initiated by a similar but smaller scale prolect that was metal and composite plastics? That's exar".. h.Jhn+

taking place in San Francisco, the Tokyo planners con- they did. Those machines. called Labors, WE
ceived the 'Babylon Project'. This project was to build beginning extremely primitive. being nothii
enormous embankments and dams to hold b x k the II than gigantic exo-skeletons, anable of liftin
swelling waters ofthe BayofTokyo,which would then be II up to 5 01 6 tons, ideal for the giant emban
sealed off from the ocean and drained, transforming the LII
called for by the 'Babylon Projecf". Soon.
area inta usable land,ivhereadditionnaihousingcould be b e t m e a common sight in the streets of Tok
* other major cities But, with the m y availability 01
= Labors however, entirely new problems begzn to
I surface. Drunkenorun-
ruly construction workers.
criminals and even terrorists
could now wreak havoc with
enormous machines, capable \L

of punching through mlalls. *

ripping mrs in half or playing

MPL-96 "Asuka' I ~ put

S into
service. It was followed, in November 1997, by the MPL-
~ 97S'Python', oroduced by "ManabeHeavy Industries', a
Laborspecialized in anti-riot police actions These mechas
where used by the 'Mobile Police", an elite corps of
officers specializing in tabor crimes

By 1998. the "Asuka' was dKlared obsolete by work

I Labor standards. In April of the same year. "Shinohara"
began production oi its advanad "PaElabor', the AV-98
"Ingram". which was first put intoservice by Section 2 of
' the Special Vehicle Division (SVD). The "Ingram" was a
e highly sophistirated machine, a light-weight. high per-
N 11 forrnance Labor, the most maneuverableever made. But,
1 I of course. others followed, even liohter and more

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

maneuverable than the "lngram" A good example is the
AV-XOtype 'Zero" which later went into production as the
AV-0 "Peacemaker' Military Laborsalso began to appear
with the now famous ARL-993 "Helldiver", as well as the
less known Type 7BRB Brockenfrom "Schdt Enterprises
EUrQOe', and the AL-97 'Samson' heavy combat Labor
produced by "Hiishi Heavy Industries". New Labors are
being designedand put into service, while their range of
utilization broadens everyday. Deep sea research, resew
missions, lire fighting and even recreational needs are
now being met by many Labors createdfor these activities.

Some people are asking 'Why don't we have Labors? We

alwady have that kind ottechnology, don't we?" In clear,
the response 1s:wedon't have Labors or mechas because
we don't need them yet' The cost of building them wodd
far outweight their advantagesand to think that we already
have the technology to createthem issimply ludicrous. A
"Mobile Suil' from "Gundam" may be possible and even
then, it would be used only in space, but yet again, what's
the uiilityfor such a machine in our world in 1992? You
can love mechas (likeme) but you also have to be realistic
about them. You can dream of seeing one in your lifetime
bul don't wait for themi

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2
trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2
trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2
a 6zHwsmm = SEHSOA CAMERA:
* Hyper NerveSrjlm .kbas t~nervous system oftfiermhine,
* Situated in the head, thoseare the eyes offhemecha They
pmtting great speed 8 will as extraordinary pmisim of usually consist in two camera units (one principal one
movements. C o n E d by Sch'dEnteprise,Europe,tfrissystem
backvp) equipped with various optical systems such as

eclipsesin~cienclarrdreliabilitythe"H0S-s~m~igned~ infrared. therm-imager and night vision optics

Shinoka lor its AV-XO 'Type Zero" pmtotvpelabor.
= "HOYSrnM: Made of light but strong alloys. they protect the antennae
HyperOperaConSystem.Eiji Hoba,chiefcomplnerproglammer 41 and scopes In Pahlabor. they onen take the appearance of
for Shinohara is responsiblefor the mearcha on this more 4t big rabbit ears
Hereafter,you will find a brief explanation of the technical primitiveversionoftah "HNS"and"NNS"systwns.~"HO~,

expressions frequently used in Pallabor. designedfor thebV-XO "Type Zero" Labor, is nothingmorethan 8H8ELgl:
extremelyadvancedcomputerjusingsupemnduchwtechnol- Used by military and police Labors. they come in all sizes
LL ogy and special programs. which prom informations much * and shapes, from the AV-98 Ingram's small hand to hand
A q&rn eswially conceived by Schaft Entreqrise,Japan. for = faskr tlm ordinaq computers and programs, allowing an 1 cornbattype to the nearlyfull body protectiongiven by the
the nowfamous tyne J-9 "Griffon' Labor. It consists of a helmet I exponential increase of manewerabilily and speed oi move- ~ MPL-97S"Python" riotlabors. Madeofextremelystrong
directp linked to the mech's computer encasing a *virtual m
ment, when compared to the AV-99 "Ingram- and light alloys (can be made of composite plastics).
wckpir system,which m e m that all the informations neces-
sary lothe pilotaredisplw insidelthe helmet.Thissyslemalso
permits the head of the labor to follow the movements of he
pilot's head. BatheMfeature of all isthattheimages the pilot
- H Y r n N f C RrnkrnAW HMB !WTtM:
This system permits the labors equipped with it to grab their
firearms with great speed and minim1 movements, thus rnini-

Often made of armored, bulletproof glass, these are pro-
tecting the sensor cameras placed in the head of the
wouldsee on muWipleW i n g s c r m in anormal laborwckpit, I mizing the stress OR the frame It is also used in hand 20 hand a mecha. Sometimes, they even resemble theshape of acar
are actually seen inside the helmet,giving he pilot the strange E
cornkt as a "power punch" (a AV-XO " l y e zero" qxcialty). windshield. A case that comes to mind is the AVS-98
feelingof beingthelaborhimselilThe*RFura"systemisthemain extendingthermch ofthehandbynearly1 5 rn. A nastysurprisel "Economy Type" patrol Labor.
I m
reason lor he Griffon's incredible hand to hnd combat ability,
lor pilot and mech are (wrIy)asone. U

Giant, metallic humanoid machines firs! used for construction

" D O W ELIE on the '&Babylon Projecl' sOon,thg b e m e tools ofterror for ~

Mmns DualOverHmdCam lfsnothingmorethananzdvanced the bndits and terrorists, forcingthe

piston engine. used inwork labors ft should be mentioned tht aswell. Oi course,thernililarydidnot ig
this tyue Q! engine alrady exists. tu! new technology and bqan to work on t
Labors. The Labors are mer srnafl
TCM" SYSTEW taller than 12 m. Theirweightmay vary hewn 6 and 15 to
Elmunic Counter Measures systm R qskm desiDwl to (biggeronesarehownbutrareland
confuse enemy elmonic detection systems Achx~Ilyin use on vary (from 2 to 6).
milihryaircraband helicopters.
: i
FUGH B K K PACK SmR The maximum wight a Labor can Irft without rumring ils
EspecialIy d w g d the J-9 'GriVon" Labor, this system a articulations and frame.
consists of two tu b meactor enginE. equipped wjth after- a
burners,and~omwablewingslorzerial manewmability.The I "WM$" SYSTEM:
back pact is very light. being made of composite plastic (fiber Neuron Network System A more advanced versicm ofthe
reinforcedp1astic)andlightalloys. ltmbeejecteditneed be A ' "HOS which, instead of superconductors, employs neu- =
ditf~mode~ismoun~BdontheR13DI'Phantom"RoboZ.The rms to channel informationtowards thecomputers. Faster =
"FBP" sp.m is a vita pari of the 'Griffon" projst. than anything ever conceived (even the "HNS') the "NNY I

nevertheless has a flaw its tendency ta overheat eas~ly.


"rnG-9'' ARMOW: The AV-0 "Peacemaker", Shinohara's latest offering in

Equips the 78,PB"amken" Laborsusedl@tralfamous G m police Labors, is equipped with this system
Counta-TerroristsSqmd. ltccnsistsofan alloy 'kit7,which is
snapped on Ihe Labm's torso and shoulder units The 'vest" is = MlglMuM REWLYIIO wwo1u3:
i m p w i m to weapon fire up to 40 mwliber. A helmet is a k .i The smallest surface a Labor USES to turn on 360".
mprised in fie kit. manufacturedby schaff Enterprise,Europe
Also known as "Sensor Pack". This is the name of the
entire range of sensors used by a mecha. That usually
= consists in radio, radar, infrared thermo-imager, night
vision o m s , external audio pick-uu and video surveil-
= lance syslem.

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

doesn't help hiscase in any way In facE, he loves weapons
so much that he had Shigeo Shiba, section 2 5 armorer,
built him a special 90 mm shot gun, know as the "Riot
Gun", which he uses profusely Restraint doesn'i seem io

T be a part of his genetic makeup


. . . . .

Noa Izumi: The Principal character of Pa!/~bor,Noa is

quiteapieceof work1 She'ssalsothe pilOtQfthElngiam No
1. which she named "Alphonse" after her beloved

Principal ehancfers

* ..........................
: :

I. I
. . * -. - - -. ,
, .
Noa Izumi's backup, k u m a is the son of the president of
1. "Shinohara Heavy Industries". bsurna's relation with his
ii father is certainly not on the sunny side. far from it! In fact,
his presence in the police force was caused by his father, . .. . . . . .
I - - ,
who tricked him into enlisting and then, had him assigned ,...
. .
. . .
. :
. .
. ..........
. . . . . . .
to section 2, primarely out of spite. One of the reasons for . . . . . . . .

e this feudwould be Amma's negativeposition aboultwofhings

= that his father admires: the "Babylon ProjecT,and the military. Boy?Doa thisguy ever lookbored! But underthat low lided
Asurnam namedin honor of the Gunma Prefecture.a n W l gazeof his, Goto is extremely intelligent and quick minded.
home of the Shinoharafamily. He currenffy l i i inTokyo. He's just likean old fox who know alF the tricksandsimply
isnY impressed by anything anymore His "don't get ex-
cited" personality is the perfect foil for section 2's bunch of
excited brats. But as far as his lovelife is concerned,he's got
a problem. Shinobu Nagumo. his dream sweelheart, is the
captain of section 1 and isn't really interested in any
personal relationship with him. But Goto is a patient man!

, . , . .
, . . , t. ~..~.... . . . .
, .
, . . , . .

family dog Enthusiastic, determinedand sometimes a bit

childish, it seems to everyone around her !hat she cares
only for her Labor, which is certainly not the case. Noa
maintains a deep feeling ot friendship (and maybe more)
toward Asuma Shinohara, her held commander and best
friend. Cute,charmingandwinsorne, witha boyish haircut
and big blue eyes, Noa is not the kind of girl that likes to
be ignored, least of all by Iter father, who thinks that the
police is not the kind of occupation tor a girl. And she
certainlytrieseverything in her power to prove him wrong. w
Uoa was born in Toma Kvmae, Hokkaido She grew up Ota is hepilot ofthe lngram No2 Ovenealous,loudandslightly
there. and still goes there for her vamtions. insane, hs venerates only hvo things: M i c e and lmy fire
f power. His sense of honor beingwounded quite easily, he oflen
IEE CORtrOF and gets himself in bigger kQUblethan he wn
I handle His tendancy to use irresponsible gunplay cerhinly ,.<
, .
..,. .
. .
........... I .. , .....
, .

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Kanuka Clancy: Chief of the investigation section of the Hiromi Yamasaki: Hiromi is the gentle giant of Section 2.
New York MetropolitainPolice Department,Kanuka is the Too big to fit into most labor? cockpit, Hiromi is, sadly,
perfect police officer IntelI igent, resourcefuland sharp as m in the obligation to assume something of a back up rQk.
a whip, she often seems coId and unfriendly but that is a
A native of Okinawa, he's a shy and unobstrusiveman who
only a camouflage for her fiery spirit. Kanuka loined doesn't seem to be interested in making too many waves

Section 2 aRersuccesstully completing a mission given to But when he talks, everyone Iistensi They figure that if
herby the N.Y.M.P.D. and from that moment on, a certain
someone as usually silent as Hiromi has something to
rivaltity surfaced between her and Noa Izumi. Her family
4 say, then the situation must really be desperate' Hiromi
are third-generation Japanese from Oahu, Hawaii. tn the II lost his father when he was very young and his mother, a
animation, Kanuka is always present, lending a touch of a strong willed Fittlewoman, had to raise him all by herself.
class to a parody like atmosphere. I

, -
..... .....,..>
. .
, .. . .
, .
. . . > . . . > . . '.
, .
................ ,, .. ?. .j

.... , . .

........... - .~..

- < . .. . ... .:. . . . . . . . . "..."

. .... .
, , .L
. . . . . . 5
. .
, . . . . . . .
a , . ,
' i i i

Mikiyasu Shinshi. Mikiyasu is Ota's back-up and field
* commander. He must offen be called upon to restrain his
m trigger happy comrade from indulging in his fondness for
nuhoid gunplay. Nobody should judge Mikiyasufrom his
weird looks. He's got temper that explodes onEy once a
year. But what an explosion! He's the onty member of
Section 2 who has the good fortune (7) of being married
. .
a but sometimes he strong1ywishes he'd never tied the knot,
-, , : . . . ..,, . ... . . . . . . . ,,. .... ... , --

, . . for his wife (who likes to exteriorize her feelings a lot!) is
somewhat jealous of the time he spends with her.
Shinobu Nagumo: The chid of SecZion 1 (the elite of the *
special vehicle division) Shinobu is a seriouswoman,as
good a pol ice off iceras Kanuka but much moreconscious
of her rank and quality. Probably too much conscious L

She's beifig chased after by Kiichi Goto (captainofSection m Shigeo "Shige" Shiba: Section 2's armorer and labor
2), whom she considers to be both her professional and a mechanic in second, Shigeo is as excitable as his boss,
social inferior. That doesn't mean that she's not warming w
Seitaro Sakaki, is stoic. Hetendsto go hysterical on tense
up to his toughHul and delicatecourtship, on thecontrary situations and freaks high tech gadgets such as his
The barriers won't be holding up ~ Q long
F between those "oxygen-destroying bomb" and the 90 mrn 'riot gun"
two! Atfirst, Shinobu is disdainful of Section 2's motley n which took him four months to construct. Shigeo is also
crew and even hales their guts bemuse they are the ones n amaster computer programmer, askill he uses with great
receivingthe new labors. That feeling doesn't lasl lor long, a proficiency in "Patlabor: the movie"
thoughand Shinobu leamsto like that bunch of weirdos.
Seitaro Sakaki: Chief mechanic and "MKha Master" of
Section 2, Sakaki is a veteran engineerwho loves toying
with new ideas. His "nuts and bolts" apprQaGh to me-
chanical and engineeringproblems is legendary Laconic,
with his eyes eternally hidden behind minor sunglasses,
he oftenthinksaboutthe good old times. when h e w s one
of the chief engineers Working on labor development He
likes to give advice based on his many past experiences.
L In the animation, he's always present but rarely heard. If
rn you look for him,you'll find himsitting nearthesea,under
a white and red beach umbreila

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Hydraulics are basically similar to pneumatics in lhat a Electro-mechanicalactuatorsare probablythe best known:
fluid transfers forces from one part of the system to theyaresimplyelectric motors. Thay produceforceby the
another. The main difference is that insteadof using a gas interaction of the eleclric field generated by a series of
as the active agent, if is a liquid Liquids are not com- static coils (the siztor) on mobile coils (the rotor). This
pressible, meaning that if you push a one litervolume into interaction causes the rotor to, as its name says, rotate
a piston, it will force the piston out by the amount around an ais that can be connected to any mechanical
necessaryto open up one liter within. This, and the little device"
loss of energy through friction and valve interference.
Here is the second in a series Df articles explaining the makes hydraulic actuators a prefectpowertransfersystem. Thistypeofactuatorhasavery highefficiency, oftenin the
basics .ofthe engineeringbehind mecha. In this installment, order of 95 to 98 percent at its designed speed and load.
acfuators are the main subject. Hydraulic systems can generale linear movements, using Unfortunately, this efficiency drops off sharply when
pistons, or torsional forces with rotors These rotors can either the load or the operating speed deviates from the
There are four types of actuators: pneumatic, hydraulic, eilher have an unlimited or finite angular travel. The norm They also require extremely high currents tor low-
electro-mechanical and polymeric. The first Iwo involve interesting thing about rotors is that reversing the fluid speedhightorque applications, which can easi ly overload
the use of a moving fluid. the third is a conversion of flow will reverse the rotor motion with no loss 01 force OF any power source. Another problem is that electrical
electricity into mechanical force, and the last isa peculiar efticiency Unlike rotors however. pistons are more motors are deslgned for a specific operating rotational
apolication of plastic fibres. effective in one direction than the other because on one speed. When this speed is not maintained, not only does
side, the rod occupies some space that cannot be used to the efficiency drop as it has already bsen mentioned, but
apply force. Laborsuse hydraulic rotorsalmost exclusively so does ths force generated. To maintain this optimal
for most joints speed at all times would require complex gear systems
The total system would be too heavy and require sa much
A pneumatic actuator uses a compressed gas to push or On the lngramforexample(seethepartial cutaway)<all the maintenancethat it could not be kept onerational verylong
pull a piston. This piston can be atiached to a lever am and leg flexions and rotationsaregenerated by finite- in the field.
mechanism or to trrgger electrical relays. The force with travel rotors, except for the shoulder front-to-back and
which a piston can push is a function of the surface of the up-down motions. Robots have often been represented There are also electro-mechanical actuators that function
piston and the pressure within it. If the available space with off-axis pistons 40 create the in a purely lineariaashion. These are called linear inducfion
limits the size of a piston, a greater force wirl therefore isfhecase with C-3POand the Terminator mQdel5 This is motors and are similar in principle to a rail-gun or coil-
require a greater pressure. This is the major problem of also a viable solution but requires a greater number of gun They basically resemble a stretched out motor, with
pneumaticactuators Since gases are compressible. they flexible linkages. the coils unwound and the rotor being inside the stator
occupy less space at higher pressures, the required loops. I know of these being in prototype form, but I have
pressure increases far faster than the force they produce. The head mounting and torso-abdomen attachments are yet to see an operational linear induction motor.
and so does the quantity of gas within the system. This six-axis, six-piston arrangements similar to those used
usually lrrnits pneumatic actuators to relatively loiver on flight simulators, This system allows for a complete
power applications like opening panels or pushing sur- motion range The hands also make extensive use of
faces (like brake pads) info contact. Pneumatic pistons rotors The wrist is an unlimited-travel type that allows
can generate quite high forces as I have seen in some the twirling motron required tor some offensive actions Palymericactuatorsare used only in a few environments:
printing machinery, but can rarelysustain such forces. If and each finger joint uses a 90 to 135 degree limited that ~f the Battletech game world and tor the android Data
rsstill insutficientin relation to fhDX involved in moving rotor AI! these rotors are fed by hydraulic pumps and from Slar'lrek: TNG InBattletech,they arecalled myomers.
multi-ton machines around. The one advantage of air- reservoirs located in the backpack (not shown)as well as me principle is that, when subjected ta an elmctriwl
filled pneumatics is that they simply acquire it from the many booster pumps, valves, overtlow reservoirs and current, certain plastic [or polymer) fibres contract, cre-
outside atmosphere and do not require any storage con- heat exchangers disseminated in diffarent areas of the ating a tractive force OR the loose end of the fibre. If this
tainers. mecha sounds like an artificial muscle, it may be because that is
not far from the truth The muscle's action is electro-
Another use of pneumatic pistons is for energy dissipa- The main disadvantages of hydraulic systems is the chemical in origin where that of the myomer IS purefy
tion, as in shock absorbers. In this case, the gas simply quantity of support hardware they require. This is electrical Attaching tha myomer to rods can generate
passes from one side of the piston to the other either particularily true of fluid storagesince a largevolume is linear movements, winding it around a pullsy permits to
through small holes in the piston end plate or through an required at all times and it is impossible to completely obtain torsional forces.
eKternal pressure limiting circuit. A sudden movement of eliminate leaks. Such a system would basically be a
the piston torces the gas to pass through either limiting closed loop, with the fluid going from the storage This may seem far-tetched After all, plastics are non-
system and the pressure increases, slowing the piston as reservoirs through the pumps and valves directing it conductive, they block the passage of electricity.and whc
it resists This resistance changes some ofthe force into through tha appropriate actuators and then back to the has ever seen a plastic jar change shaoe when electrified?
heat. which must be dissipated, which is simpler with an reservoirs. Once the system reaches teh comolexity \Ve411 hold on toyour socks because myomersexist, more
external pressure limiting circuit. Gas pistons are not required to raoroduce humanoid movement, it i ~ i need
ll or less. By implanting certain rmpurities into a polymer
nofmally used purely for shock absorption buf as a many bleed tanks, auuxiliary pumpsand boosters These matrix, it is possible to make them conductive. This is
damper in conjunction with some form of spring, keeping can substantially increase the weight and volume of the presently a subject of research for a number of applica-
the laRr from rebounding on Forever. systeni tions And more importantly, some plastics have been

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

. . . . ...
. .

" x x x x I ^ I . ...........
observed to contract under the influence of an alectrical , . I ....; . , . . . . . . . . . . . .:.

field. Unfortunately, this contraction is in the ordsrof one . .

. . . .- .............

hundredth of a percent ( 0.01 ). At that rate, it would .

,-- - - - -:

require about 10 kilometers (6.25 miles) to obtain 1 . .

millimeter (the thickness of a dime) of displacement

There is also the low strength of ihe plastics to contend
with. Although there is some research going on to make
these applicable 10 prosthesis. considering the three and
a half centuries in the Battletech history before such
usable systems are developed, that makes the idea quite
plausible for the Qame

Mechadesigns have evolveda great deal in the past, going

from largelygear-Ioinkdrobotsof thesixtiesandsevenles,
to ihe hydraulic piston and rotor powered mecha of
PATLABOR. They have followed a growing trend towards
greater realism, up to the poini where t h y seem almost
feasible. 01 course. there are a number ol experimental
technologies involved, mainlywhere Labors are concerned
since the time differential is negligible. But the sublect of
research todaywifl becommonplacesoon,perhaosasSQOn
as tomorrow. dust look back a century and see.

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

-he' Patlabor Mecha? If we compare it to the "dsuka': (its of a special hatch and head-up display, can operate the Labor w!h his or her head
predecessor). the "11 )gram" is very tali! Its head IS certainly its predominant c h a w outside. A winch is plaeed on the mcha's 1:ratch. for rescue operations and escalade.
- . sensorpoa
teristic. wrth along rauuitear-trKe
LLl. LII"". .
I nesenSOI camerasare situated behind ~ The legs are stmgty buitt, to withstand all the punishing tasks the machine has ro
a vtewpane made of bullet proof glass. which 1s itself protected by a special armored endure from street fig rrot cmtrol and pat~51operations, An armored ,-ompan-
visor during cambat. The telemetricafite?naeare on the right side of the head while mentis builtontheext ide of ea&, lol,erleg, the right onecontalningthe revoli!er-
the radio antennae are on the left side of the neck which shoivs all its mechanical and the left, the arnm , Thearmament consists in, 337 mm revolver, a 90 mm

actuators (probably for easy maintenanci3) The shoulder units are well armored, w i h and a smafl shield (See didrowly forthe hrst three) It should
a red signal lamp unit on top of saGh af tlw . T h e arms are as humanoid as possrtrre ere arethree tvPesof "lnarams", beina diVerentiatd onl?l hv
(not too long not too short) and the riight one possesses a hydraulic system tCat
~ ?runits There's the .'Ingram N o 1" (AlGonse), "Ingram Nb 11''
enables the mechato draw its firearm froin any position except while running.The lefi (specially retrditfed fcirlSbOOTA) and 'Ingram No 111". which seems to be aslightly
arm IS equippedwith a smalt shretd. whrc,h comeatsthe "stun stick" [see dictionary). updated version of the,first two The "AV-98 Ingram' was put on a c h e duty IR 1998
. ThecockDitrs located in the torsoe.which opens i n h v ~ c t i o n S t revsallhe
o pdmeat ~ and 'Sectian 2" of the Special Vehicle Division. commanded by C a ~ h KnI IChi Goto,
and control screens. The seat can be etev;ited ~nsuch" a way
that the pilot, with the k l p were the first to use Itlose Labors. " " I

~ ...... : .........

MPF-96AV 'Asuka": The first LaboIr put on.

activeduty against Labor crimes,fhe "Asuka'
is the most primitive of all polbcf! Labors
actuarly insemice. Technically. it shctvld have
been reformed and pu2 oft the Duty RU>IBI

very year it got OR IKCompaatively to its

_ _ sibling, the AV-98 "Ingram", the "Asuka" is
short and broad shouldered, with nearly no
head t o speak of. The cockpit is pnrnitive.
with no sensors or monitoring screens. The
arms are long and thin, with a small shield on
each Forearm.Asforthe hands,theylooklike'
* thEy were made out of wtresl The engine is Manufacturer: Shinohara Healq lidzrstries .
quite small, making the 96-AV extremely Official Code: MPL-96kV
slow. And the trme/response ratio of the
controls ISsa ponderous that a bigger work
Labor can run ctrcles around rt' The arma-
ment shows the riot cooIra[ origins of the,
machine, with srxgas g renade launchersand
an efectrified "stun s t i c k (see dictionary).
The MPL-96AV "Asnka'. was ftrst put into Maximum Weight Lifting Capacity: 1 2 Ions
service.UI Sechon One. Special Vehicle Divi-. Standard Equipment: Grenade launchers x G."SLunSlick"
er the command of Caatain Shinobu Minimum Revolving Radius: 5,; fQ meters
' Color. w hit? a i d black or dark Q ray and white

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

"zero" prototype Labor. Slightly biggerfhant heAV-
98 "Ingram", the AWO also ha5 a more high-fech
look The ' ~ ~ ~ ~ C e M a ~ ~m m ~ ai r ~e ~ ~ s ~ ~ q u i ~ ~ ~ d
sensor gear than most of the other p o l i ~ etabors.
Many of those sensors are concealed in t w rabbit ~
ear-lrke pods mountad on each sideof the head and
thecamerasare protected&a bullet proof viewpane.
inf;rct,thehead isahybrid d AWXOand AV-98 ThE
shoulders are broad. w t h modified red signal lamps
on top of each of them. Contrarilyto the "Ingram",
the 37 rnm revolver and its ammunrtronsare inside
the torso, on each side ot the cockpit, the revdvw -
on the left side andthe ammoon the right.Thaf kind Manulacturer: ShinoharaHeavy industries
- disnosition
nf - -r-- means that the "aeace maker" can Official Code: AV-0
grab its firearm whrle running, something the Prodmiion CDde: "Peacemaker'
"lngrarn" cannot do. The legs-are long snd bin, - -RBI1 Out: Fsbruary
_ _ permitting extremely long strides and very good 'Use: Against Labor Crimes . .
maneuverabilibl. The AV-0 is a[so equipped with Height: 8 2 0 meters
the "NNS'svstem[see dictionary), giving thb mecha Widlh: 4 45 meters "

an astonishingly short timelresponse ratio as well Weight: 6.10 tons dry/ 7 DO tons full load
as an extremely reduced minimum revolving ra- Maximum Weight Llfting Capacity: 218 tons
dius. The armament consistsof a37 rnrn revolver, Standard Equlprnent: 37mm mvolwer (6 rounds),
a 90 mrn riot gun, a "stun ~ t l c k "(concealed in leff ".R r: Gun?,"Stun Stick"', Large Shielfl. "MNS' syste
forearm and a large shisld-(see dictionary for the - M~nirnumRevolvisy Radlus: 3.00 meters
.first three). The AV-0 1 ~ 1 1 1 be put into service in Color: White and black
February 2[100.

AV-2 (AV-XO) "CtasfrBoster": This is the Laburused by the New York Metropoltan PoliceOepartment to corrtrol Labor crimes.
This is the list and shor! description of the sensory Glimmer than the AY-0. the "buster, as it is often called. is atso faller by 12 centimeters and bear5 an krnrnense resemblance
to the AV-XQ prototype police Labor. The rences behwen the twq being a full face armored visor, longer "ears"
eauipments used by the Labors Sensor pods), the armament and the pai ich is blue, like the signal lamps. The 37 rnrn revolver is replaced by a 44
COMBAT COMPUTER Calculates stores. and
-mmMagnurn autocannon. Otcwrse,-the k'(see drclitionary) and the shietdare shtlpreserrt The TtasC BusWberng
an OHshoot ofthe AV-XD, there's astrong passibilitythatofker Kanuka Clancv,first wlat ofthe type "Zero",was the instigator.
Irzrsrnitsdataorltowmcbnmpu!erscreen o r b d of the dscrsion taken by the N Y M.P.D. to buy those Labors.The AV-2 w a s p ut on the duty roster in September 1999.
up diqlzy (HUD) P 2 k k in with targding mpu'er
TRRGE'IIWB; 60MPmER Assists in the tracking
of enemy fargets.
" "
SYSTEM range oi 600 m. field of vision of 6 m

S H I W E R WOnlQiHTSrange ol 200 m . . ^ _ _ . . "

LOUDSPEAKERS. can amplify the pilnt's voice up +

to 90dwibels
" " " " "" "

IISFRAREO 3PtiTLIGW rznge of 600m I: emits

an infraredlight beam tb2! is sensible to the norwal
eye. Smoke impairs vision
ManafaFforer:Slnnohar2Heay lndtlstries
MRMUIQ-IMARER range of 6OU m. A soecial Dffitial Code: AV-02 (rnodif!ed AV-XO)
Production Code: "ClashBuster"
op$cal heat sensory unit that allows Ihs infrared Roll out: Sep!ernber 1999
!adlation 01 vmrm objecls to be converted into a Use: kgatnst Labor Crimes -
visible image It a h enables the pilot to sse in Height: 8.32 me:ers ~

Widlh: 4 51 meters
darkness. shadovi and through smoke Weight: 6.21 tons db/ 8 98 tons full loa?
M a x i m Weight Lifting Capacity: 3 02 tons
K I Mm B
!FBW B Ar? image intensikr that is Standard Equipm m "Magnum" autocannon. "Stun
pssm,m l n g i ? ~ d m i h n oIigMof& m.h u
t~ 1 3 Stick' Large S i i e " system

onamhianliighit\hich i s e l e c t r o n - ~ l ~ a m p l i f ~ ~ ~ g ~ e a Minimum Revolv us:3 20rni.
Color: Btuewith ivhtk markings
mibk pidure \ns'ur cannot MI?[ ii &ol& . _

rkrkm(but tohared ard thmwimrsm)

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

AV-XO Type Zero test Labor: One of the most beautiful n n
mecha ever creared?Beinq a totype. the Tvpe Zero is
also the father of two othe; Labors, namely the&-2 Clash
buster and theA\/-O PeaceMakar which willbe m s m c e
shortly in many police forces. The AV-XO was the first Labor
equipped wrth the WYsystem (see dictionay), makinq
i t an extremely dangerws opponent in hand to hand
cornhat.The mecha is quite strikina to lmkat with its head
being fitted with two big sensorpD&, which took like rabhit
~ ~ ~ Fv .
e& The sensor camera fthai looks more like an evcwhen
--mwhng is Itfled) is sttuared behind a U shap&bulit
praofviewpaneand is vevjwell p:otectedfrem shocks Tbe -
shoulders are wide, with a signal lamp on top of each. The
main body I$ thin but the cmkgt is powerfully armored. Mi .. . - - -- , I

beingabte toSustarncripplinq damaqes and still protect the OlfificialCode: AV-XQ

pilot adequafely. The legs are longand thin,giving good , Production Code: Zero
speedand manem,erabilib,Yrhilethefeetareequippedwith Roll Out: By theendof2000asRW-0 Peacemaker
special soles, allowingaaood grip manuterrain. Likeeverv Use: Test J V D Patrol
~ Lahnr
police and mititary Labors 1% Type r e r o possesses a Height: 8 32m
winch. a piece of hardware datina far befare.the Labor W i d t k 4 51 m

will be the mass production type, entering the sewice in nimurn Reuolulnfl Radius: 3.2 m
February 2000 The AW2 ClashBuster is already on the Color: Whix and black
M.Y.M.P.Ds Duty Roster, havtng been introduced in Sep- ~

ternber 7999.

SEd Type J-9 Griffon: With the AIHU,


thls is one of the mast technically ad-

- vanced (and certainly one of the less
known) Labor ever made The ;griffon
wears its name perfectly, withan incred-
iblEaum-uf mystery aftached to it. Black
as midnight,with a red viewpane for its

Sensor cameras, the griffon often ap-

pears from nowhere and disappear just
as easily it Seems that the design itself
was madefa inspire terror, with a head
unit no less than demonic in appearance, .. ....... . , .. ,
flared shoulders, hips.lowerlegs, and of
~ course. its exclusive feature: immense ~ .... . . .

wings, forthisisa Labor designed toflyl , > - -

Equipped with the Asura system (see

dictionary), fhe lirilefresponse rafio of
the contrds is solow[neatly tnstantaee-
~ ous) and ganeuyembility is sogreat that
no otherLaborcan approach itsincethe
grrffon I$ a secrtt prolect, details cun-
cernhg kS armor CoIllpOSitiQnand the
reason of its creation are unknown. One
of the possibrlities would be that it was
conceived for the mitrtayas a steakh
I Labor. But there seems to be less and
less reasons 10 think sa, since the mili-
tary did nothing to recuperate It when it
wasstolen by a Qroupof terrorists. Lately,
has reappeared and stil
nightly raids on Tokyo.
ile polices Labors simply id

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

SEE Tvoe 6 W C "Ghimaera". Altholrah still Drtrnitive in
ckesiqn'and equipment, the "Chimaera '6 afarcry from its
SEE Type 5G!C ''GrayBear'l:vOne of the ugliest ~
aiICEStDr, the "Grau Bear" Visibilib from the cockpit is
Labor ever designed, the "Grau Bear" is also one much better, witfi a large armored glass viewpane while
bf the widest, with its 6,43 meters 3t fhe shoul- speed,and maneuverabihtyhavebeen trememdouslyaug-
ders Fora rni~~ryCa~or,thearmamentisn'tuery Fire power has also been dealt wrth, the "Chi-
impressive because there i$n t any! of Course, eing equippedwilha40mm autocannon installed
technically, the three-fingered hands could be the right shoulder. The handshave been upgraded, both

DSed to punch or crush anotHer Labor But, in ftexibihly and abtlily. The "Type 6QQC has suppasedly
hand tohand com4aWhs "Bear" issluw,with-dn en replaced by the "Type 78/26 Ergckgn': on the battle-
eedingly high timelresponse ratio and mini- field but isstill used by manythird world and [ow budgeted
m revolving radius. Cmcened and used by countrresaround the world as a main battleand foot soldier
milifap/ personnel, its Took i0:asn't really taken ~
Labor. The"Chimaera"ms introduced inthewodd market
into aCGOUTIt during develo~msnt.Equipped with by "Schafi Enterprise Europe" (SEE) in 1997, .~
*asmallsensor camra, theYType 5 G C also has
acertain difficulty knowrngwhere it's going This
Wbor i^s deTinifely not a good representaTion of
what "Schaff EnkerpiseEu rope " (SEE} can come
.up with. The "Grau Bear"
October 1997.
... I r
................. ......~.
. ..,.
..... - ............
.. . ~ . . .
drlfl7.22 tans full load
Maximum WeigM Liftina Capaclty: 4.3 tuns
....... Standard Equipment: 40 mm autocannon
- . f
Minimum Revolving Radius: 3 95 m
... . . . I .... C o l o r Dafk G r e W Light Grey
.... , , ,. . .

.. . ~.,

... ......

Entreprise, Europe _" x x I

Official Code: 561C

ProduGfion Cndde: "Grau Begr* (Grey Bear) e foot soldier,of fie Labors, the "Bmken" is heavily armored
Roll Out.Ociukf 1997 ._ ". ly shaped with a strangelittle head, the 'Brocken" is a wicked
- -to IlanNcombat becauseQl its flrenghr, ~ x x c e l l e ~ ~ l m e ( r ratio o ~ ~speed.
~ s pand ~ Two armored sensorpuuds are
lacatsdOR tha back b f the rnecha and contain "ECM" and radio equipment. Thsarmament usualtyseen on the
"Brockan" isa40 mm machinegun ora 105 rnm autocannon (both upscaled ver of iveaponsalready in use
nn the German army of this very moment). Aspecial high caliber sniper rifle ivith Iin ked to acockpdscreen
is also available wher)?he ~ttvatmndemands it The "Brucken" 1s t"ily used as a multi-purpose machine bythe
German army whde theJapanesesell defense formssernstu prefsr thedRL49B"HellDtver Y The first 'Type 781
MinTmum Revolving Radius: 5 m 28" appeared in a Labor show as a prototype rn 1998.
~ ~ ~ x x " "



Manufacturer: Schaft Enlreprise, Euro

Official Code: 78/28 < *

Broduttion Cede: "Brocken"

Rnll Out. January 1998
Use: Militar: Labor
Height: 8 68 m Width: 4.69 m
~ Weight: B23fons dr$8 92 tons full load
MaximJm Weight LiRlng Capacily: 4 tons
StandarCEqulpment: 40 mm autocannon,
. snmer rifle with special optics
"GSG-Y Special: 'Sway type armor and helmet Smoke
Minimum Reuolvlng Radius: 6 2 m
Color: Bright red (Prototyge), Production Typa
de eendtnig of multiple fa crors (ground, weather. e&-)

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

ARL-99 B "HetlDiver": The airborne troooer and ' Green

"HellDiver" is extremely well equipped far any military

tasks, ranging from airborne assault to militarj, police
duties.Themost remarkabletraitofthis mechatsits head.
which TS the near exact replrca of a heticopter pilors
helmet with a protector shield that can be lowered in
situations. The boUy'sAforrnsare simplistic and
or, very efficient The legs are powerfully built.
viith a shock absorber and movable air-brake system
pecially conceived for the parachute drops that are the
eciafty of this Labor, hence the name "HellDtver" The nufacturer: Shinohara Hea
rachute pack was designed to be easy to dispose of Official Code: ARL-99B
er use and is-euurmed iwtr four bra kina thrusters for ' Production Code: "HelfDiveT
deceleration during 'the drop. The mecha's armament I Roll Out: Qcioller 1999
consists in a Use: Airborn Trooper Labor.
forearm. It is Height: 7 95 m
" .
ofcourse.~pilot~asaccess Width: 4.55 rn
optical sensorx An early prototype, the AL-XS9, was Weight: 5 75 tons dry/ 6 81 to
develooed for the "HellDiver". It was m m oowerfullv Maximum WelaM Lifflno Can

by a fully armored cockpit. The ARL-995 "HeltDiver"

- ^ began to roll out of the assembly line
is built by Shinohan Heavy lndustrie
J S.D F (Japanese Self Defense Forces). c
Color: %no" Green ~~

. -- . .,.. .. . .....
- ,
. ..... ,.....

- ,
..... . ..... .. .. ... .. .:.. .....
, ,,.. ... . ..
- . ..~.

AL-97"Sarnson"~~htverslonand "Sversion mam oanie raw 01 me Lanor world, We samson nasacerrarn resemolancemls w i a c m counterpaw, me ' uesmtas very rail
and rnassrvely built. it was especialiy conceived lace the conventionaltanks and be the companm of the "HellDiver" on the battlefield. T\w vermns were CWM. The fitst one, the
61-97"Light"could becomparedtoahmyassauk helicopter (the RussianM1-24'Hind"comestomind)vjrtha20 mmgatlinggunrmtheshoulder,at2mmanda7.62mmmachinegun
- x asarmament~t'salso~qappedrnthabul~etpruofglass cockpit canopy fortwocrewmembers.onepilotand~eeleetranic~tepna~rator~gur#ler The"AL-97S' IS muchheavier.weighting -
neady 2 IR tons mom than the fight version This ISdue tathelhickerarrnor, the replacemefitDf the glass m o p y b y a metallicarmoredcackpdydrthvlsian blocks. and finally to tk presence
of the 90 mm tn-tube autocannon instead of the small calrberweapons Thisautocannon hooks up on the mecha's bumper. Of COUE~,speed is notvwy huh and maneuvwabikty, already

a _ " - -

.- - . .. .

... - .

20 M m Gatling cannon

ischargers x 6 , extra sensnrs

:90 n m Tritube autocannon,

-- - .. ..--. .. .. , , ..

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2


l o b b i e S a n d I o Y s : c



1531 B 10th Avenue

San Francisco, CA 941
Tel.: ($15) 731-3077
Store hours=
Sat. and Sun,: 10:30AM to 6:
Mon. to Fri.: 6:30 PM to 9:3Q

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2


Like the G-Cannon, the Denan'zon isa wonderful kit Well
detailed,great looking,very mobile, il proved to be rugged The Gundam is supposed to be the star of the series;
and easy toassemble. The only potential problemsare the unfortunately, Bandai tried to dD a litfle too well. The
rubber joints of the wrists. paint may or may not stick to mechacomes complete with a full choice of weapons and
them, depending on the type you are using. interesting options and details (like a choice of two
Appreciation: ***** heads), but its proportions just don't live up to the "hero
image" of the movie Assembly and painting are compli-
cated by the "Systeminjection"process used to mold the
kit: several hard to paint paris arealready glued. Mobility
is just below average, with IittEe movement possible
(especially the head).
Appreciation ***

The first model in Bandai's all new "F-91" model kits

series, the G-Cannon is also one of the best. Very easy to
assemble, it is molded in three different colors, with great
details, Mobility is above average. due to the well de-
signed joints The onlydisappointrnentwas the'ktickon"
tyoe decal sheet, but it is nothing more than a minor
annoyance All in all, a good model. *
Much smaller (and cheaper) than the other kits in the
Appreciation: I**** II series, the little Guntank is somewhat diiferent: if is R

= variable, from mecha to tankand reverse This increases

the complexity of the model a little The tank treads are
especially frustrating,since they are molded in rubber. A
Rice touch is the inclusion of some diorama accessories:
a missile (with dolly), and spare shells
I Appreciation

An honest model, the XM-05 is melded in black and

_ * Y Y . .a. Y.."., ....
I. a".. m. u"I
purple plastic, with the usual Bandai quality, Relatively
easy to assemble, it sports nice details and average
defect rnobihiy The prooortionswill wed somereivorking to get
*+* Many defects, but still a good the "movie" look, however.
E Appreciation: *-**

i f
Challenge for the model
'bu i I de r
Bandai seemed to have some troubles finding the plastic x
Pots of work required to
for the kit. It rssilvery-white,and doesn't seem to conform *
well to the mold because all the kit's details are poorly * make a nice model
defined The mecha is good-lookingfhough, with average X Waste of money
mobiliiy. II

Appreciation: -** il

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Not much to say about this one, it is ezsy to assemble
(except maybe !he shoulder's rubber iubings) and basi-
cally looks very good. Only problems are the Iront hip
plates.which are moldedwith the main body: they restrict
the leg's mobilib. The stickers are provided for both
versions of the machine, CrOSSbQneSVanguards and
Aporeciation: ****

The last kit in the F-91 series (for now), the Hwvy gun is
also one of the best. if not the best Great details, excep-
tional mobility very easy to assemble, it scored perfect
everyhere on my list. A must-buy for every modeler
Appreciation, *-***

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

Actually, I have never ssen such 2 disolay of technological
mechanism before. Not even in more flrtunstic and vely
popularseries like GUNDAM In those series, Ifound they
have a great tendency to mystify the functioning of their
machinery. But not in MAOOX-01. It is all clear and
What else can one think when you are first treated with 4
minutes of seriouslytantasticcomputerized technical dem- This introduction to the MADOX-01 is then followed by a
onstrations and very realistic battle field wpabilities simu- demonstiationof its fighting mpabrlities. Thesilhouette of
lation. Then lorlowed by some 20 minutes of a not so three fast moving moderntanks appearsnexton thescreen
serious and so realistic story. They are rushing towards a ghost city where the prototype
awaits its time of glory.
You see. MADOX is anothermecha design The 01 stands
for. Firsf Prototype. When 1 say prototyne, I mean it is still The fight mat follows is one where movement, speed and
going through some testing. Accordingly, the first four blast effects feel right. The length of the batZle is also
minut= of the movie reflect this fact: realistic, according to todays standards The creatur(s) of
this movie has(ve) even paidattentiontothe fact that no one,
Cornputerjzedtesting of the hands and arrnsactualors. with just a bit oi sanity, would actually take on the field for
Computermonitonngofffielegsrnainshockabsorbers a real action demonstration against any situation enemy
hydraulic pressure. whose guns would be loaded with live ammo.

* Verification of the power output of the turbine.

Instead, the tanks are remote-controlled by othef tanks.
Mezsurement of thewatking speed capability and of These are confined in holographic rooms and set on
the resulting stresses movement simulators. On the other hand. the prototype is
9 Fine tuning of the main gun tracking and targeting pilotd This totally representingtodays idea of proving to
systems. some potential buyers the confidencea corporation has in I

its oroduct. Anways. the MADOX-01 shows, after lust a II standing out of the top hatch, blasting frantically at the
incoming prototype, k i n g shot by the MADOX-01 at the
same time, and coming out of it without even a scratch!
Come on!n

They begin by giving usataste of technological marvel and

then theyf loodthewholeidea with a cheap story. This is not
serious Someone must have gone delirious in front of the
obvious success the first four minutes of this Japanese
animated moviewould bring. This same person panicked
for some reason and started to put some pressure on
everyone to release the animation as soon as possible
Thus resulting in a diminished quality of the last twenty
minutes of the scenario.

Another possibiliiy could be that the first minutes were

plannedby a different person. That would easily explain the
huge difference that exists between the beginning scenario
and the remaining running time scenario.

Anyway, once you have finished watching this animation,

you are left with a general feeling of disappointment. It
promises so much at the start that there is no place, after
viewing the mt, for any other feelings.

METAL SKIM PANIC MADOX41 is not a bad movie, t

from it. The first four minubare reafly worth takinga look
at. 3lrt their ingenuity are offset by the somehow more
ordinarytwenly other minutes that follows Still, MADOX-
01 is a Japanese animated movie that any mecha fanatic,
like me, must see.

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

though 1 do not read Japanese. the intrigues are quite
m simple and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed that
m 150 pages manga and hope that you will too.
This is the first installment of a series of 'Gundam"
mangas by Kazuhisa Kondoh. "The Revival of Zion" is
quite specia1 in many aspects. *I

Although this 0.VA. has been out for some time
now(aboui2years) Iwasabls toseei:onfyafew First, the story is about war seen from the Zion side
days ago Yes, the mechas are beautifully de- (usually it's the conlrary) and the operations done by MS
signed and the story is quite interesting. But Commandos Second, the setling is very World War II
behirld all that show-off (very #ell dons!), I was style, with many operations done by parachuting the
able to disceir?a descendant of the :vs!l known Mobile Suits on the battlefield. Third, nearly all the ;

"Mazingsr", Tombattler \r and other shows of rnechas are reworks from already existing MS. The Suits, 1

the szr?e direction Now, don't get me wrong' theway Kondoh redesigned them. are much bigger sport 3

"Zeorymer' is a yea! anima:ioi. with good a lot more armor, thrusters and fire power, as well as II

drawings, interestingcharactersmdtru!y original having "carno" paint jobs.


mecha designs The interesting part of the plot is

fhat "Zeorymer' {it's real nane is "Zeorymer of The story IS also extremely realistic, with plans and 1

the Heavens") is pari of a team of 8 mechas, tactical drawings. Of course as in all Gundam Slories,
which forms the "Hakkeshu' Robot learn utilized when a Suit gats hit. it explodes! m

by the "Haudragon" congtomerate. wbwmts to a

dominate the world. But "Zeorymer got stolen It should besaid that the first story looks suspiciously like
and all !he O.V.A. episodesdescrbe theattempfs the first battle ot -The Empire Strikes Back' fromthe "Star
of "Haudragon" to rxuperate it Wars" trilogy (a Zion ground base is attacked by the .

Federation and as a coincidence, it's in Antarctica). Al- .


This seems to be Boot Two of a collectionof "Gundam"
mangas made by Kazuhisa Kondoh The first one, I

"Revival of Zion". was mads of wany short stories

describing some of the side opsrztions run by Zion
MS commando t e a m "Dogs oi War" &o deals wilh
commando operations but all !he action ssems to be
cerlleredaround one s m l l team olveisrans (whome
rea' nasty MobilgSuitslikeAMS-119"GearaDogzs"
apd a PMS-107 '*Jaguar" especially designed by
Kondoh)w h o x e trying to find out !he locationof two
G w d m Mobik armor (they look 11ke fortresses!)and
to 9esiroythem They otten hzvesornetreubleduring
their ops (!he last one is a rout. only oneof the guys

As in the first book, Korldoh was able to give us a

glinme of what a real MSmarwould be like AII the
designs zre extraordinary t'le b s t ones being the
PMS-007 "Jaouar", Zion MS and the modified RGM-
2ie x - h ' ? r i + y of 1h.s 0 V & 1s t i e nares ofthe 89 Jegans If you have the chance to find this boo4
~ec'lasNams fikE ' Lanstaro f h e Wind', 'Qrnmk and area WYFI History freak. this ivill really be one cf
of ttle Thunds-", "Dlnocks of the Ezrt'l' or my' your favorite rnanga.
favorite "Rose c'esi l a \lie Of The Mooi*lAll this
to say. I' yo^ h m tfls chance to sse "Project
Zeoryme? do it 1 assure you will rlot regret I'

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2


I Unique features indude:
Real three-dimensional combat
(not just counters)

I Fast playing times

(less than three hours is normal)
Simple construction rules for
creating your own mecha

I All the weapons and defenses

of anime
(missiles, beam weapons, energy swords,
shields, force defenses, transformable
mecha, and more)
Two campaign systems to satisfy the
tastes of both the strategist and the
roIep Iaye r
Easy to learn, and above all, FUN!

For more information, or to sign up for our newslet-

ter, write to:
Seventh Street Games
P.O. Box 720791
I Sam dose, CA 95172-0791
Mecha!TMis an authorized trademark
of Seventh Street Games
Ask for it at a game store near you'
Retailer note MechaWs available from:
Berkeley Games The Armory
(510) 845-9851 (1-800) 669-4263
(wholesale inquiries only)

trevor boyd (order #2878858) 2

I n the year 2010, the earth has been
encircled by a toxic cloud so noxious
as to require the population to wear
gas-rnaskr. Human morals have fared no
better-a violpnt crime is committed every
36 seconds! Leading the attack society
are the cat sisters Annapuna and
Unipuma, Sexy but ruthless, these bio-
engineered commandos ally with
grotesque hatf-human, half-cyborg gang
leader Buaku in ceaseless, naked

Enter the Tank Police. led by "Mr.

Squad Commander" Britain, this space-
age law and order patrol welcomes its
newest member, Lema, during a round
of ''grenade golP' which puts the '"terror"
back into their "interrorgation" of a
suspect, However, these extreme tactics
are necessasy against the notorious
Buaku Gang, This gang stoops so low as
t o terrorize a hospital in order to steal
the urine samples of people unaffected
by the toxic atmosphere. They only
escape the fearsome Tank Police by virtue
of a deadly strfp-tease performed by the
feline crime sisters.
Don't miss this action-packedtale of a
girl and her tank, fighting the forces of
futuristic terrorism. (While you're at it,
don't miss the terrorists themselves-you
never knew evil could be so sexy!)

.Cat, NO, VWF2333-85551-3

U.S. Manga Corpsmr

P - '

306 W. 53rd St. Suite 13E
New York, NY I0019
To Order:
(800)833-7456 between 9AM and 6PM Eastern

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. . _- 2
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HOBOTECH '' : Southern Cross starting October I 7 1 1 ;

That's right. this f a l l rhe Southern Crosq p>flian ( i f thu Robotech trilogy
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the idcntical. high quality a h the New Generation videocassettes
Snuthcrn C r o s s takes place 20 years altcr Macross. The REF has lek Earth
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that ha< hnd liIrlc canibat expericticc. but is s m x . cncrgctic and possc.sscs a
vai-icty of ncw mecha.

riie to ~ ~ l i x ~ mcct
i l y the challungc of this new alien atticker. but :ire iiui
prtp:lred fur the superior iirepuwer and advanced robuicctmulogy ai the linger-
tips of lie iiialeficerit Koboiecti Masiers.
Thc mos~nntahle diirictcrs include nana Sterlirig (Max 6r Miriya StcrlinE',
dnuphter). Rowie Grant 11hc younger brother or Claudia Grant of XUF-1
func), thc cybcr-punk Louie Nichols, [he tough Nova Satori, tlic fatherly
General Rolf Emerson. the bellicose Supreme Cumrnander Leonard, nnd
the enigmatic Zur Prime (a clone of the original Tor-!1.
M w h a inuludzi the Veritech Hover Tank, Veritech Copter, Veritwh
I.ngan, a s well as nlher war vthicle.c. jets. spaceshipa and hattlui(ls! I.cits of
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