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What is your reaction when Nora, at the end of the play 'A Doll's house' slams the door

behind her? (25

marks ~400 words)

Things brimmed to full and then Nora decided to slam the door behind her. In doing this, she closed the world

which only concentrates on appearance, rejecting the inner realities. What is right conduct and what is wrong? Nora is

completely confused at the Torvald reaction. She will not be dependent on any male from now onwards.

Henrik Ibsen was lauded by feminist and women right activist for A Dolls House, but he simply said for me it is

not a matter of gender rights but of human rights. He always emphasized on the equality of both men and women.

The thematic structure is quite tight and logical where important things have already happened in the past.

Nora borrows money by forging a sign but for the well being of her husband. She saves from the home

allowances to pay the loan back. She might have gone with very difficult times arranging finance and paying it back

and that too without her husband knowledge. For her and even for readers it was an act of sacrifice. Nora is morally

right but Torvald reaction when he comes to know about the contract makes her confused. Being called hypocrite

liar- worse, worse- a criminal, she finally decides to speak her mind and later decided to leave this world.

Nora finally admits that she has been wronged first by her papa then by Torvald. Infact both treated her like a

doll, making her dependent on male members. Torvald loves her dependency on him. He chides her for wasting

money and then gives her more. It is his feeling of possession of her doll that makes him overjoyed. Torvald cannot

face grim realities; in the world of Dr. Rank he is fastidious. He loves appearances of his life, of his marriage. When

he saw an independent lady taking right decisions without her support, he feels that it is an corrupt act and she might

corrupt her children as well.

But it was not his fault but the society which expects particular roles and conduct from women and that too

according to their point of view. Act of slamming the door is an act of negation, an act of rejection of this society by

Nora. Now she has understood that Torvald never loved her, he loved his appearance as when he gets the Nora

contract in second letter by Krogstad, he again feels that his veils are intact. But by then Nora finally leaves tearing his

masks to make her own meaning in life.

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