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Different Types OF Validations For Value Set Definitions:

There are several validation types that affect the way users enter and
use segment or parameter values:

None (not validated at all)

Special (advanced)
Pair (advanced)
Translatable Independent
Translatable Dependent

Attention: The Accounting Flexfield only supportsIndependent, Dependent,

and Table validation (table validation
cannot have any additional WHERE clauses).

You cannot change the validation type of an existing value set, since
your changes affect all flexfields and report parameters that use the
same value set.

2)Can Zero padding be combined with format type 'Numbers" and 'Numbers Only'

This option affects values that include only the characters 0-9,
regardless of whether you select the Numbers Only option.
This option has no effect on values that contain alphabetic characters or special
such as a period or a hyphen.

3) What Does enable long list do in oracle Applications?

Check the Enable Longlist check box if your value set should provide the Longlist
where a user must enter a partial segment value
before the list of values retrieves all available values.
You may not enable Longlist for a value set that has a validation type of None.

4) What is the example of a special value set in oracle Value set?

Oracle Applications provides two predefined values sets,

FND_STANDARD_DATE and FND_STANDARD_DATETIME that you can choose for your segments.
These special values sets ensurethat you enter a properly formatted date, instead
of any set ofcharacters, in your flexfield segment.
These value sets have a validation type of None, so they accept any date value in
the correct format. Date values using this value set will appear in the users
session date display mask.
If your flexfield segment or report parameter
it must have the correct length for the display format to avoid truncation of the

5)can Special value sets be used for accounting flexfields?

You can use this region to define a value set that lets your users enter an entire
key flexfield combination within a single report parameter. For example, you may
want to pass concatenated Accounting Flexfield segments as a parameter to a report.
With this type of value set, a user can enter the report parameter and then see the
normal behavior of a key flexfield, such as the key flexfield window and segment
validation associated with that key flexfield. You use Oracle Application Object
Library flexfield routines for these special value sets.

6) can table based value sets can be used for accounting flexfields?

Table validated value sets with WHERE clauses cannot be used with the Accounting

7) Paired Value sets can be used for reporting activities?

Special and pair value sets provide a mechanism to allow a flexfield within a
These value sets are primarily used for Standard Request Submission parameters.
You do not generally use these value sets for normal flexfield segments.

8)Precision field is mandatory while defining a date value set?

For value sets that contain numeric values (Number format, or Character format with
Numbers Only
selected), this attribute represents the number of digits after the radix
Values are stored with exactly this number of digits following the radix character,

with zeroes added or rounding applied as needed. If this field is left empty (NULL
then the radix character may appear anywhere in the value,
as long as the other size and value constraints
are met.