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POWERSCAN 2PRO /Sniffer xr-71 based MD/ is a professional metal detector ( pulse induction ) The detector works on the principle of pulse induction and is one of the apparatuses which can be used for a very deep seeking of metals. You can work very easy with the device, ground balance is not a problem for it, the detector can work with very different coils:

square coils 40X40cm, 50X50cm, 110x110cm,150X150cm, 200X200cm, and also around coil of 28 cm for digging coins.



Pulse-induction system Work frequency - 100Hz Impulse power - 210W Terminals for coils and for charging Supplying device with built in accumulator - 12V/1.2Ah Working time with once charged accumulator - 10-12 hours Automatic charge device with led indication Time of charge battery -10-12 hours Battery testing automatic light test control Sizes - 203 x 166 x 66 mm Net weight - 1500 gm Maximal deep for large target up to 6 meter whit 1x1m. coil Consummation of coils 28cm, 40X 40, 50 X 50 with - ~130 mA Consummation of coil 110 X110cm - ~190 mA Voltage - 12V


 POWERswitches the detectors and regulates its power .

There are ten power levels as it works mainly on 9 or 10 level. GAIN regulates the power of gained signal. When the soil is normal it works mainly on level 10. THRESHOLD a threshold tone. In dry soil it normally works on level 9 or 10. When the moisture is high it’s good to work under level 8. SIGNAL eliminates soil mineralization. When soil is normal it’s good to work on level 8 to 10, while the soil is highly mineralized it’s recommended to work on level 0 to 3. NOISE eliminates influence of Roman pottery over the apparatus, it’s used in combination with SIGNAL. FAST ZERO press this button for about 2-3 seconds when the detector is ready to work with and the coil is over the ground. Pressing this button eliminates ground mineralization and the detector chooses itself the most suitable depth for searching. While press the button “fast zero” you must be sure there is no metal objects under the coil. We recommend press this button every 4-5 minutes. LOW BATTERY if the light switches on while operating, it shows it’s necessary to charge the battery. If it happens, please, do not use the detector. COIL a coil jack.


Unfold the coil and put it into the openings. While stuff in the pipes one into another you have to work very carefully. Stuff in the cable very carefully into the last pipe. Fit the cable of the coil to the coupling “COIL/turn it carefully till the end. After buying the detector you have to charge it using the enclosed charge device for few hours.


For reaching better results while searching in deep soils, you have to keep the following instructions:

Walk out away in a place where there are no metal objects. Take up the coil in the air, set the buttons “POWER”, “GAIN”, “NOISE” and “TRESHOLD” to 10, and the button “SIGNAL” to 0. Put the coil close to earth and set it still over 3-5 meters over earth. Press the button “ZERO” for about 2-3 seconds and release it. The signal tone slowly disappears or some occasional short tones can be heard in the “SPEAKER”. Keep the coil steady over the ground for some minutes. If the signal tone or

occasional short tones appear again, then slowly decrease to the left the buttons “POWER” and ”TRESHOLD” while they can hardly be heard. For

the detector is constructed for a wide range of searching, to find the proper

situation of an object we advise you to set “SIGNAL” and “NOISE” on a position 5, where the signal tone will be just over the object. It’s reasonable to use the detector when the situation of an object has been localized before. You can also tune up the apparatus to be very sensible towards very small objects-nails, caps, foil and other trash - so they can’t be caught out by the detector .Such discrimination is necessary when

digging huge range of soil for finding great finds, not necessary while searching spare coins. If soil

is highly mineralized you may her different disturbances. You will realize

that if the signal of the apparatus increases and do not disappear in some meters. This shows that under your feet there is a huge object and signal comes by the highly ore

soil. So press the button FAST ZERO” for 2-3- seconds and keep the coil steady over the ground. Automatic settings will make operation with the detector normal and you will be ready to continue working in this region. If you use one or two meters square coils you have to know that their working position is 15-20 cm over the ground. In this position if you hear

a heavy and short signal, walk back and raise the coil some more 15-20

cm over the ground; if you loose the signal it will mean the object is too

small. So you use your own judgment if you will continue working. If the signal is still loud and long it means the object is bigger and deeply buried. When lifting the coil over 30-40 cm over the ground the signal will not disappear. If using the one meter coil you happen to find a short signal you can find the proper situation as you keep the following instructions: Walk

back, wait for the signal tone to disappear and then walk ahead to the possible object. When you hear the first signal you have to stay still and mark with a nib a line on the ground. Then walk to the opposite side, i.e. 180 degrees of the place and walk toward the object. After hear the signal, mark a second line. If the distance between the two lines is some centimeters that shows the object is too small. For precise location of the object make two more measuring to the left and to the right at 90 degrees. Another way to localize a small object is to lift up the coil at 90 degrees, i.e. keep it parallel upright to yourself. Catch the coil with two hands to the two opposite parallels. Bring the coil near the ground, press “FAST ZERO

for 2-3 seconds and walk ahead as you measure the same way mentioned

before at 90 an 180 degrees.


1. Signal tone rises fast over a small parcel, it slows down fast and then rises up again. This indicates for a very small object on a low depth.

This indicates for a very small object on a low depth. 2. Signal tone rises slowly,

2. Signal tone rises slowly, covers a huge parcel and then slowly goes down it indicates for a huge and deeply buried /in a range of 2-3 meters/ object.

a huge and deeply buried /in a range of 2-3 meters/ object. 3. Signal tone rises

3. Signal tone rises slowly over a small parcel and then slowly does down. It indicates for a middles big object buried in a range of 1-2 meters.

You can make your measurements as you bury different sized object in different range of

You can make your measurements as you bury different sized object in different range of depths at least 1meter on another for testing small coils, and at least 4 meters for testing one or two meters coils. While working with the detector be consistent and keep notes for all your measurements as you point the parcel and its structure of soil, the depth of buried objects, and the kind of the object, the settings of buttons that localize the position of the object…. As more experiments you make as much you will form your professional experience.


POWERSCAN 2Pro possesses a rechargeable storage battery. If a light "Low battery" /red led/ switches on while working with the apparatus you must spot work and recharge the battery. Plug in the jack "CHARGE" of the charge set into electric net of 220V. After some hours the battery will be recharged. The charge set will automatically switch off when the battery is ready so the battery can’t be damaged if it stays longer in the charge set. When it’s ready, in the reverse order take the jack back of the "CHARGE".

PRECAUTIONS: While searching in different regions it is possible to come upon different ammunitions -shells, cartridges, mines so be careful while dig any object. You must dig found object very carefully and do not allow children around! The producer and the salesman do not answer for your actions! Do not search for objects protected by law!