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Encrichment Chapter 11: Transformations

3. Diagram is drawn on square grids. Draw the image

1. In Diagram , Q is the image of P under a of triangle KLM under a rotation of 90 clockwise
rotation of 90 clockwise about the centre about T.
M. On the diagram in the answer space,
mark the point M.

4. Diagram in the answer space is drawn on a grid of

equal squares. On the diagram, draw the image of

2. Diagram shows two triangles P and Q, drawn
on a Cartesian plane. Q is the image of P trapezium PQRS under the translation and

under a rotation. State:
(a) the direction of the rotation
(b) the coordinates of the centre of the rotation

label it as P Q R S.
5. In Diagram , triangle KLM is the image of b) Given the area of OSTU is 64cm2 ,find the area of the
triangle KLM under transformation T. shaded region.
Describe in full transformation T.

8. Diagram shows two quadrilateral PQRS and PQRS

drawn on a grid of equal squares. PQRS is the image
under a rotation.

6. Diagram shows a rectangle PQRS.

a) Name the triangle that is congruent with

i) POQ
ii) QOR
b) Triangle POS is the image of triangle ROQ
under a transformation. Describe the
On diagram:

i) Mark V for the centre of rotation

ii) Describe the transformation completely

7. Quadrilaterals OPQR and OSTU are iii) Draw the image of triangle ABC under the same
congruent. POU is a straight line.

9. In the diagram, triangles PQR and STR are congruent.

a) Find ROS

Given RTS = 95 and RPQ = 32. Find PRQ