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Loss incurred due to low Steam Economy in Evaporaor for the month of Dec-16

WBL received 79365 M3 Steam consumption required to evaporate 64516 MT@ 5.90 (St.Econ) 10935.0 MT
Stock diff (2760-2235) 525 M3 Actual steam consumption 13181.0 MT
WBL processed ( 79365-525) 78840 M3
WBL avg. Density 1.06 Kg/M3 Excess steam consumption 2246.0 MT
WBL Processed in MT (78840*1.06) 83570.4 MT
Solids processed (83570.4*0.1368) dry 11432.4 MT Cost of steam @ Rs.1400/MT 31.4 Lacs
SBL made(11432.43/0.6) 19054.1 MT
Water evaporated (83570.4-19054.1) 64516.3 MT
Steam consumption 13181 MT
Steam economy ( 64516.3/13181) 4.9 MT

Reasons for low steam economy

1 WBL solids in inlet are high

2 Always one of the 2nd effect body is under cleaning and the other three are getting overloaded.
3 During sulphate addition in the month of Aug & Sept-16 the WBL quality had been affected and caused hard jamming in 2nd effect, finishers & LHT plant.
4 During Dec-16, everyday one of the 2nd or Finishers bodies were cleaned to overcome the problem
5 Accumulated sludge in WBL tanks is affecting the performance of the evaporator, which required cleaning.