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Jaypee M. David, ECE | Holy Angel university | email: | website: www.enjayneer.


Mathematics + elements at inverse

y=b horizontal asymptote

x=a vertical asymptote

Row = 4
maximum/minimum extrema or absolute max / absolute
Column = 0
Mathematicians toolbox mathematical induction
trichotomy a>b, a<b, a=b
Recursion preceding
t=20 min =48 lb

R=6371 km or 3595 mi
, if not stated
Analyzing, interpreting - statistics

(x+y)+z = x+(y+z) associative

x+y closure

multiplicative identity = 1 = parallax

additive identity (complex) = 0+0j Archimedes spiral r=a

imaginary zero conjugate Descartes exponent

ordered pair ordered pair Georg Cantor theory of sets from study of infinity

nominal scale identification Euclid similar triangles, proportional sides

ordinal scale ranked Upper bound - 1

interval scale calculated & interpreted Lower bound - 1

ratio arithmetic operation Richter Scale:

quantitative variable - numerical

qualitative or categorical variable non numerical

For bacteria:
discrete variable countable
continuous variable can assume within a given range

Inferential statistics sample results

Descriptive statistics tables & graphs For C-14

Histogram rectangle representation Half-life: 5568 yrs

Freq polygon

Freq distribution -

Relative freq distribution

Riemann sum sum of area of rectangles

Points in a plane fund theorem anal geom.
c=escape velocity
m x n = size

m & n = dimension
Jaypee M. David, ECE | Holy Angel university | email: | website:


Histogram rectangular

Re = 3959 mi
Max=mean + k (SD)

Min=mean k (SD)

Chebyshevs Theorem


r=a Archimedes spiral

Parallax shift moon shift with an angle with background

Descartes credited for exponents

De Moivres theorem imaginary number raised to natural

number powers
3 leafed rose
Imaginary zeros theorem conjugate

4 leafed rose Function set of ordered pairs

Domain first set of ordered pairs

Range second set of ordered pairs

circle tangent to y-axis
Mode highest frequency of values
circle tangent to x-axis
Median middle number
=a, in line thru the origin
Fundamental theory of analytic geometry one is to one
r = a, center of circle at origin correspondence

Order order of the highest derivative Algebraic vector ordered pair (a,b)

Geometric vector plane, segment with a ray

Bounded enclosed in a circle

Unbounded cannot be enclosed in a circle

Sample selection of few elements

Representative sample represents the whole set of data

Population collection of all elements

Random sample equal chances to be chosen to represent

the set of data

Corner point intersection of two boundaries
Richter Scale:
Factored completely non prime

FOIL first out in last; used to solve binomial factors

Augmented matrix reduction of matrix

Differential involves functions and its derivatives

General solution set of all solutions of a D.E.